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Alien Civilizations Might Be So Advanced That They Might Use Black Holes To Power Their Spaceships

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by Erin VanDyke                 March 10, 2019                 (canadianhomesteading.ca)

• In a 1975 novel, Imperial Earth, science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke first put forward the idea of advanced alien civilizations utilizing a black hole-powered spacecraft. Charles Sheffield presented a similar idea in his 1978 short story, “Killing Vector”.

• Ten years ago, Kansas State University mathematician Dr Louis Crane, and physics grad student Shawn Westmoreland, co-authored a paper entitled, “Are Black Hole Spacecraft Possible?” which explored the possibility of using the Hawking radiation emitted by an artificial black hole.

• Dr Crane has now authored a new study entitled “Searching for Extraterrestrial Civilizations Using Gamma-Ray Telescopes” suggesting that spacecraft could be powered by the Hawking radiation from a tiny artificial black hole found by using gamma telescopes, which can also aid in the search for alien civilizations.


Scientists are always challenged to think outside the box, but when it came to looking for possible signs of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (ETI), it was even harder. One conclusion that scientists came upon was that many alien civilizations would be more technologically advanced than humanity since they might be older than us. People (who are) part of the Search for the Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) have to consider that the extraterrestrials might be more advanced.

One radical idea would be that spacefaring alien civilizations could harness radiation emitted from black holes (Hawking radiation) to generate the power they need for their spacecraft. Louis Crane decided to build on this, and as a mathematician at Kansas State University (KSU), the researcher recently authored a study that suggests evidence of spacecraft powered by tiny artificial black holes could be found by using gamma telescopes.

“Searching for Extraterrestrial Civilizations Using Gamma-Ray Telescopes,” as the new study was called, is now available online. Dr. Crane had published another paper before on the subject which was co-authored by a physics grad student with KSU, Shawn Westmoreland, titled “Are Black Hole Spacecraft Possible?” and published ten years ago.



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