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Mary Rodwell RN- Video: My Mum Talks to Aliens – full Documentary

4 December 2010

Mary Rodwell RN is Australia’s leading abduction specialist and hypnotherapist, with over 1600 alien abduction cases to her credit. Chris Rowell, Mary’s son is a vetinary surgeon, and self-confessed alien skeptic; their relationship has reached a critical point and something has to give. Mary’s beliefs led to a divorce. Chris scarred by the family breakup has agreed to take a look at Mary’s world so she can prove to him that aliens exist. They endure tough meetings with scientists; abductees who are put through rigorous polygraph tests. Chris watches his mother take part in a heated debate with university professors and the viewer is brought face on to heart wrenching discourse between mother and son. The final interview with an abductee brings about an enormous surprise; it’s so far out, yet proven true by a polygraph test. This documentary is at the edge of abduction research. Mary has given us yet another incredible insight into the reality of Aliens interacting with humanity, with the empirical evidence sort for by her skeptic son.

Disclose.tv - My Mum Talks to Aliens (full doc) Video

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  • Many scientist’s are the most close minded people on the planet. Why do we waste millions of dollars per year on SETI and trying to make contact with entities that are already here and have been here longer than us. The reason few know about this is the governments and the power’s that be don’t want this out as they have the technology and they aren’t sharing. CHRIS BE VERY PROUD OF YOUR MUM..SHE’S A BRAVE LADY

    From Ron in New Orleans, Louisiana republic

  • I must say I enjoyed this Doc. I really beleive that as our universe is so vast, how ignorant are we to say that its only us. I do not believe aliens are Green little people or lizard like as depicted in our movies. However these beings who have sexual intercourse with man I would question that. You would think that if such high intelligent beings, why have sexual contact? why not help society in helping us intellectually learn more advance things. Or is our human mind not able to cope. You could call that Alien Rape. And that does not seem like intelligent life to me. Any one out there have any other idea.

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