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DR. ROGER K. LEIR Podiatric Surgeon DIES: His Contribution is Historical

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Dr. Roger K. Leir died on March 14, 2014.

Dr.  Roger K. Leir, Doctor in Podiatric Medicine and a podiatric surgeon made history because through his efforts 17 truly anomalous objects were recovered from individuals claiming to have been surprised in their lives by alien abductions. The analysis of these objects were carefully done in a scientific manner in several accredited and serious research institutions and labs and showed a series of anomalies that still deserve to be studied.

Various results as to the metallurgy, the lack of foreign object/immune response rejection and of any signs of port of entry on the skin being medical mysteries, electromagnetic radio emissions at several frequencies detected while inside the body, hexagonal single wall carbon nano tubes associated with metals, a unique meteoric iron isotope and combinations of other isotopes that don’t naturally occur  on Earth, orthorhombic sodium chloride crystals,  and other truly anomalous, unique features were found. There were metallic objects coated with what appeared to be a biological material. There were attached filaments filmed following a magnet when some objects were removed from the body. There was so much more that needs to be understood! Why wouldn’t this already be the “smoking gun” evidence?

Dr. Roger K. Leir’s work deserves to be continued. It behooves us all as humans and it behooves honest scientists. We need to find out! Are we being tagged by some varieties of ET without our permission? 

Dr. Leir thank you for your devotion to the truth for the collective good of us all. Thank you for trying to find out what might these “implants” be for by trying to find out their characteristic for so many years! We need to know who is monitoring us or for what purpose some individuals are being “implanted” with unique objects that are nor rejected by the body and that emit electromagnetic waves while in the body!

In a recent interview at the Joshua Tree “Contact in the Desert” Conference (2013) he told me that some scientists in Brazil were beginning to associate themselves with him for this research.  There were new vistas opening up. This research must continue. More people must be interested! It shows PHYSICAL EVIDENCE of a unique technology which – in conjunction to other forms of physical and non physical evidence – shows that  the extraterrestrial hypothesis (an intelligent extraterrestrial presence on Earth) is indeed quite plausible and rational. Why would the speed of light be the limit our scientific understanding places on older, more technologically advanced intelligent beings? Why would we expect them to show up to us as we would show up to them if we were the ones travelling to an alien world?  Shouldn’t EVIDENCE on its own terms be what really guides our scientific and intellectual attitudes?… YES!
Given the general lack of interest and response from the mainstream medical and scientific community Dr. Leir’s work is highly commendable. He represented the courage and honesty missing and was a trailblazer with the strength of character to continue moving forward sharing as much information as allowed by our society… as it should be. He was a true American, a true Man and a true World Citizen! Dr. Leir manifested a healthy search for honest-to-God knowledge and ethical scientific procedure as it should be! He was a dedicated scientist that first of all cared to find the empirical facts to guide him beyond any attachment to established or conventional theories and social conventions in the “scientific” milieu. facts were first even if they surpassed theory.

Dr. Leir was a key figure bringing legitimacy to the extraterrestrial issue, contributed greatly to the disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and did much to end the formal institutional academic-political taboo on the extraterrestrial subject. His work will continue serving that purpose. It will continue blossoming.

He didn’t want to be the only accredited scientific person in the world working on probable alien implants. Let’s join him in the effort.

Dr. Roger K. Leir worked with a team of valiant researchers. He lectured in many UFO conferences and among other books wrote seminal books titled “The Aliens and the Scalpel: Scientific Proof of Extraterrestrial Implants in Humans” and “Casebook: Alien Implants”  on the subject of alleged implants. He testified at the  2013 “Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure” at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. along with a number of scientific and academic experts, former government officials, retired military personnel and pilots. Shall we open our eyes to the truth and its implications?


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Giorgio Piacenza

After a clear UFO sighting with multiple witnesses within 300 feet in the Peruvian coastal town of "Chilca" in 1975, I participated with the Mission Rahma contact group and befriended several contactees from this and other contact efforts. I also researched many aspects of the UFO phenomenon for several decades and feel inclined to contribute in the confluence of philosophical and scientific perspectives.

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  • BobbyBaxter HCVeteran&MarihuanaFelon

    All very simple, I wanted to upload an image for you, speaks for itself, but I was required to ‘register’, and still cannot upload the image. Thank You

  • A well written piece by Giorgio.

    The implants are not really alien and that’s a bit of a stretch given the speed of light limit which is very real. They are a different technology produced by a different race that is certainly present within the earth.

    Meteoric Iron is scavenged from the atmosphere as a byproduct of meteorites that burn up. It is also used in the formation of crop circles to magnetise the wheat rather like magnetic tape. The images are then formed by plasma vortex and the power concerned has the capability of manipulating gas plasma (the burning bush & fire from the sky: aka Jehovah and his people).

    Clearly then the people who use this technology are an advanced local race and if they tag us then perhaps we are their property as a form of biological robot, a sort of created species. Abductions must therefore be quite local and the cover of Aliens is probably by design to mask the true identity and location of the perpetrators.

    So the human race are the ‘bunnies’ trying to understand the tag through the ear applied, by some other species – through analysing the tag. Nuff said!

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