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Catchers of Heaven, Dr Michael Wolf

By Neil Gould.

Catchers of Heaven, A trilogy written by Dr Michael Wolf, (Kruvant), born of Eastern European Jewish immigrants. He was abducted at 11 years old, (I was not where I was supposed to be and I was not where I was not supposed to be either) later to find out that his parents were abductees. Wolf was one of the foremost whistleblowers with regard to the UFO/ET phenomena within the secret government.

 Dr Wolf brings tremendous insight to the reader, as a member of the secret government, MJ12 and head of the Alphacom Team assigned to interface with the extraterrestrials and to find out more about them, their physiology, and purpose etc. Some of whom he worked with at secret bases in the USA. Dr Wolf’ explains how his education was part paid for by the CIA, since his early talents were recognized. He achieved an MD in Neurology, PHD in theoretical Physics (it was like entertaining god), a degree in computer science; he had flown missions in Vietnam as a flight surgeon and acted in a Frederico Felini film 81/2 as an extra.

He pioneered the Gateway treatment, the higher mental powers development project; a method that expanded the use of the mind (current use is 10 –15% of the brain neurons) thus giving “our side” greater advantage against “adversaries” . His bosses removed all traces of his education, something that is quite common where credible people have been exposed to Black Operations.

Dr Wolf explains how he decided to “tell it all”, after his wife and son Daniel were tragically killed in a car accident (terrorist attack) and Dr Wolf himself was hospitalized whilst in a 2-week coma. He began writing the book in 1953 and first published it in 1993.  . Deeply affected by his personal tragedy Dr Wolf decided his book’s proceeds go to, “The Daniel Wolf Memorial Foundation for the Children, Inc

Having contracted cancer and having left his employ, he talks of no longer being able to obtain his life giving “honey”, and was on a slow road to death. With this in mind Dr Wolf began the tell all of his life from the days of study, when he would act as a courier to Eastern Europe on behalf of the CIA to his operational work which involved weapons technology, interaction with ET and the cloning of a human being (GI) called J.O.E whom he helped escape when it resisted an order to kill a dog. The genetic material was from Dr Wolf himself. Dr Wolf worked at S4.

At times, Wolf seems to slip in and out of reality as would happen to any cancer sufferer who undergoes the pain killing treatment with halucegenic drugs. However, he never strays from the high level of descriptive information and uses all the technical words, competently, thus giving credence to his testimony. ( wave particle duality, Fortran 77, DARPA, 130 SS-19s, MJ12SSG, Project Dart, underground facilities at Dulce, Viewtree mountain facility, Sandia National Labs in New Mexico, to name a few)

His goals are expressed at the introduction to the book; the study of a history of time in the universe; the natural laws and forces of the universe; an argument against the Big Bang Theory of creation of the universe; and an argument for a new Grand Unified Theory (GUT) of everything in the universe. This work describes the neighbors in the universe that have come to visit man and how they are able to get here – the nearest neighbor being thirty to thirty-two light years away; and why some of these neighbors chose to come to this planet (specifically those who have a interest, vested or invested, and those who are only tourists passing through).

Dr Wolf explains, “The extraterrestrials traverse the galaxy by manipulating space and time to pull their destination towards them. Time is reduced to zero, and acceleration is increased to infinity.”

The reader becomes aware of the extent that this government has hidden its ET technology which could advance science and prevent damage to the planet. Wolf discloses the existence of zero point energy, a free energy from the quantum vacuum of space which could set man free from his addiction to oil. A conflict is reported between the aliens and the military in which deaths occurred on both sides. The existence of bases where ET and humans work together is disclosed. When a dying man lays testimony to these revelations, with the proceeds of his book going to charity, it is hard to accuse Dr. Wolf of profiteering.

Dr Wolf’s pain never leaves the reader. His losses, his regret over his work for the secret government; his lost time away from his family especially his deceased son Daniel. Precious lost time that he could never retrieve. His absolution is obtained by his emphasis on unconditional love for others and a love for kids. Throughout the book, one feels Wolf’s desire to be reunited on the “other side” with his beloved family.

Neil Gould is a Member of the Board of Directors

Exopolitics Institute

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  • Ironically, Wolf said he was abducted, his sperm removed and used beyond his awareness by the grey alien alignment. Nonetheless, in his book Wolf touts his love for certain aliens of that alignment—specifically, Kolta—a grey alien whose life Wolf saved, and “Prince” Anon Sa Ra, a Nordic alien Wolf said is from “the Corporate,” a sub-group of the grey-related alien alignment. Wolf has a photo of Kolta on the front cover of his book, the human-looking Nordic named Anon Sa Ra on the back cover. The Nordic alien Anon Sa Ra told Wolf that his aliens scooped out some of Wolf’s flesh and genes during an abduction and kept it in stasis—to be used as an imprint, a psychotronic communications sample used to locate Wolf. During other onboard visits with aliens, Wolf said he was clear and conscious. On one occasion, a little grey said “we come from Reticulum 4, the 4th planet of binary star Zeta Reticulum.”

    In Catchers of Heaven, Wolf wrote that he made trips as a courier for “the bank” in Langley, VA (CIA). He mingled with “the jet set” and lived in numerous countries. Wolf said he was assigned a NASA Lear jet with a desk and files on it. Sometimes he flew with the Alphacom team on an airborne command post B-52. The Alphacon team was reportedly tasked with working on alien projects. Early in his career, Wolf was given “Cosmic top secret” clearance for his government work. Eventually, he says he served as President Bill Clinton’s national security consultant regarding aliens. Wolf writes about direct US government involvement with (and joint basing involving) aliens.

    Wolf wrote about two aliens he was especially close to. One, named “Prince Anon Sa Ra,” a Nordic, told Wolf that he (the Nordic) was a prince of “the Federation of Worlds,” also known as “the Alliance” or “the Corporate.” That wording troubles me. When an alien says that his alien sub-group, Nordics who appear to be hybrid products of abduction-and-breeding, refer to themselves in terms of old human royalty and a “corporate” context, it all sounds fishy, to me. I don’t necessarily doubt that a Nordic said that to Wolf, but I see how an abducted, manipulated and intel-indoctrinated man like Wolf might be easy to deceive by a materially-motivated group of aliens.

    Most of the information that we have, to date, suggests that aliens capable of arriving here would have nothing to do with royal titles or classist notions of the sort. It’s doubtful that such pretensions survive a typical planet’s technological coming-of-age. Numerous aliens have stated that a royalist society is unlikely to survive the interventions and manipulated phases that older, established alien societies engineer in order to eliminate dangerous, destructive tendencies in an emergent population before it can go space-faring and become a threat to civilized order—out there. So it appears that Wolf was being patronized, but why was that done in archaic “Prince” terms?

    “Prince Anon Sa Ra” was close to Wolf, who nearly idolized him. Wolf thought the Nordic was connected to an afterlife—an eternal order, which Wolf yearned to immerse in during has last, dying days of cancer. Ironically, Wolf reportedly suggested that he may have gotten cancer by being in a room with Carl Sagan (who also died of cancer) and other researchers who were trying to analyze an alien beacon, a large object seized from orbit by a US shuttle mission then brought down for secret study. Being alien, the object would have emitted tightly concentrated scalar energy waves (also known as electrogravity/magnetogravity, or zero point energy), which is easily mutagenic and can lead to cancer. But neither Wolf nor Sagan would have known that, at the time. The question is, if Wolf was favored throughout his life by aliens—aliens chased off North Vietnamese fighter jets about to shoot down Wolf’s jet—why didn’t those same aliens tell Wolf: Watch out! Stay away from that captured alien beacon object, or possibly die, as a result?

    Wolf and others were apparently given some bad information. Believe it or not, the US military (especially the Air Force) were led to think that a few tiny, genetically-designed alien-surrogate populations that interface with US black budget sectors are divided into three groups: the Corporate (a “Nordic” alien group that, if it is as many sources report, appears to be a human version abducted then hybridized yet still human in appearance), the United Races of Orion (also a hybrid group that looks very human), and finally, some sort of “galactic federation” (again, Wolf calls it the Federation of Worlds). All three are intertwined under the same grey-alignment umbrella, said Wolf and other military-intelligence reports. They’re part of the same alignment. However, competing alien sources and the direct testimony of numerous abductees interviewed by qualified researchers suggest that the grey-alien related “federation” isn’t even from this galaxy. So, if that’s the case (see Philip Corso’s and Phillip Krapf’s books, Marrs’ Alien Agenda re remote viewers, and Gen. Douglass MacArthur’s farewell speech re: some other planetary galaxy), then the US black budget regime has been duped, big time—made to think that a few minor, artificially designed alien contingents are predominant in this galaxy.

    Dr. Michael Wolf was reportedly President Bill Clinton’s advisor on alien subjects, so even Clinton would have been fed the same bad information. Through Wolf and perhaps others, Clinton would have been led to think that the greys’ “federation” of sorts is native to this galaxy. It clearly isn’t. The US Vice President was also informed by Wolf. And if officials at that level are under the illusion that a small group of surrogate populations (and greys) literally designed and tasked by a population from an entirely different galaxy group (14 million light years away from our galaxy–as Krapf was told by those very same aliens)—if US presidents were led to think that those small surrogate populations represent this galaxy, then the US government is wearing blinders.

    Wolf wrote that MAJ 12 briefings he personally gave to the President, Vice President and other high officials in the US and abroad used those same Corporate, United Races of Orion, and Federation of Worlds terms. Wolf said he made joint US-British presentations at the British Prime Minister’s 10 Downing St. address in London, which suggests the British leadership is being fed some of the same bad information.

    Wolf wrote that when Gerald Ford was president, on May 1, 1975 there was a “fire-fight” between US soldier-guards and greys on May 1, 1975 in Nevada. Wolf said that the incident erupted during a dispute between “guest” (captive) grey aliens and US military guards in a Nevada base containing some grey alien disks being studied by the US military. When greys asked guards to remove their guns while greys experimented with an alien disk’s power device, suspicious guards reacted by killing a grey. A “Col. Etienne DuPont of the French Secret Service” was present when Wolf gave a high-level official briefing about the firefight. Wolf told high-ranking officers at the briefing that one grey alien was killed in the fire-fight, and two human scientists plus 41 soldiers were killed. Wolf showed his awe of greys and his own naivete when he explained that in the firefight “all humans died of head wounds and resultant damaged and dysfunctional brain matter, and no alien weapon seemed in evidence… I should think it a theoretical possibility that their (alien) brains were their weapons…” Wolf then waxed apologetic, “They killed the scientists—it is my thought—to show us just how serious it might be if we were to cause an unstable reaction to occur.” In other words, Wolf was trying to say that the (captive) greys killed US soldiers to underscore how dangerous it might be if the two human scientists caused an unstable reaction in an alien disk’s power reactor.

    Thirty-three years after the incident, we know that greys probably didn’t kill the humans by simply using their brain energy. Instead, the greys would have been in contact with either a remote alien craft or a technology network that simply targeted all the soldiers at the same time with fluctuations of scalar energy that ruptured their brains. Stability of the alien reactor wouldn’t have been much of an issue.

    Wolf reports that Bush Sr. covered for greys by keeping down public awareness of a broad daylight grey alien landing and walk-about in a village in Puerto Rico. Bush Sr. also covered for the grey alignment via his bizarre extremes of corruption and murder, his compulsive secrecy and exclusion of honest Republicans and Democrats from involvement in alien-related matters, his sabotage of international law cases (thus hampering independent human sovereignty), and Bush Sr.’s work to concentrate secret, unchecked power in the hands of a tiny elite.

    In Wolf’s 10 Downing St. meeting with the “Majestic Twelve Special Studies Group” that he was part of, Wolf shows his friend, MI6 agent Dr. Luke Bryce, reading aloud a memo about a personal relationship between Wolf and a (named) grey alien K. (Kolta). The memo said: “Notice for new arrangements, i.e., Reticulum Four Representative thanks Dr. Wolf, and says he will meet with him anytime he (Doctor Wolf) wishes. He, the Emissary, (Ret. #4) expresses gratitude, also sends ‘personal regards,’ signs ‘K.’” At the meeting is the US Vice President, and the memo is initialed by the President, the S Committee, and Staff D. In other words, not only was the grey alignment allowed to dominate and apparently misinform US government policy regarding aliens, the situation had developed to that point that personal relationships with grey aliens were discussed. At the same MJ 12 SSG meeting Wolf shows the Vice President (Al Gore?) dismissing the notion that Wolf was betraying humans to the aliens as nonsense. The Veep describes Wolf as “The Alphacom team leader.”

    Why would the Veep have so much confidence in Wolf? Wolf’s book says Al Gore’s child (critically injured at age 4 when hit by a car) was cured by the aliens and that Gore had an encounter with an alien.

    Here’s an interesting Wolf quote. Despite his life-long interactions with greys and their affiliate aliens, Wolf said that the greys “all look alike to me.” *Greys are reportedly cloned, hence their outward similarities. Wolf emphasizes the fact that greys and Nordics (hence “Pleiadians” and Semitics) are all part of the greys’ alignment (in which greys are but a minor sub-population, reports Krapf). Further underscoring the grey-Nordic relationship, at one point in his book Wolf addresses the grey Kolta and the Nordic Sa Ra at the same time, first one then the other. Later, the grey Kolta, tells Wolf “I can call him (the Nordic Sa Ra) if you wish him to be near you.”

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