Who Controls Secret UFO Research?

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Reflections by Giorgio Piacenza on recent declarations by Mr. William Mills Tompkins

If the declarations by William Mills Tompkins as heard in the interview posted by Dr. Michael E. Salla in YouTube (see link below) represent true facts, is there a secret “council” (Majestic-12, MAJIC, SIG?)

tompkinspiclinked to a legitimate U.S. Government effort exclusively dealing with a combination of service-to-others and service-to-self extraterrestrial entities? …A secret (civilian, military, intelligence) “council” with some delegated executive branch independent capacities whose original purpose is noble and that of protecting The People? Is it legal and constitutional or questionable and legally over-extended; perhaps originating through an abuse of presidential executive orders?

In case of this being a non-supervised unacknowledged entity can it still be part of the formal U.S. Government? Is it (due to the personal attitudes of some of its members) also partially working for the service-to-self variety of reptilians and associates by means of shared interests under a law of “like attract like?” And, is there another similar secret council working more specifically and exclusively with the service-to-others Nordics (and associates)? Would this latter council be more directly associated with the U.S. Navy and its alleged secret space program as explained by Corey Goode and William Mills Tompkins?

William Mills Tompkins is the author of “Selected by Extraterrestrials” and shows credentials that validate his role as draftsman for the U.S. Navy. He appears to have legitimate, verifiable credentials of having worked for the U.S. Navy and for McDonell Douglas for many years. At least some of his non-controversial statements have been verified by Dr. Robert Wood who also worked at McDonell Douglas. His declarations have been researched by Dr. Michael Salla and seem to coincide in many ways with those of other alleged whistleblowers, not only like Corey Goode but like Randi Cramer. Are we being duped? Is this disinformation? Or is it sufficiently true and the information is now being allowed to be released in public to “The People?” 

More unique (if true, extraordinary) statements have been added into the “pot” of extraordinary possibilities linked to the UFO-extraterrestrial cover-up. From these we can ask if there is an alleged ET convergence of benevolent “Nordics” and their associates indirectly assisting technological development to counter-act the effects of technology directly given to the Nazi by the service-to-self reptilians as purported by Bill Tompkins et al? Thus are they minimally (or in a least interfering fashion) assisting the U.S. Navy to counteract negative extraterrestrials through secret space and corporate projects?

Are there other projects related with working directly with service-to-self gray extraterrestrial varieties (and associates) also overseen by Majestic-12? Is Majestic-12 (or what may be actually called today) practically capable of overseeing all these efforts on its own on behalf of The People or – in case it cannot – is this why there may be at least one more other important overseeing council, perhaps one strictly related with the U.S. Navy? Would these secret councils together constitute a different (legal or semi-legal?) “branch” of the U.S. Government, freeing regular politicians who do not want to deal with ET issues (for fear of ridicule and loss of career and prestige) even “with a 10 foot pole?”


Would not handing out the ET technology directly but instead allowing some level of – for the most – self-generated discovery effort be compatible with the service-to-others’ idea of not creating dependencies (unlike what happened to the Nazi that would now depend on the reptilian overlords). Would the “Nordics” referred to by Bill Tompkins be the same ones that allegedly met with President Eisenhower during his alleged “first contact” (first direct physical contact) in 1954 at what is now called Edwards AFB?…A contact with beings that wanted nuclear disarmament and the stopping atomic explosion tests as they offered assistance in a disclosure process that involved public education and the awakening of humanity to its lost history, its own potentials…assistance related with beings unwilling to directly hand out technology until we would be ethically and culturally ready for it?


It is generally thought that the efforts of the Majestic-12 are (on the whole) “negative” and inimical with democracy, with the consciousness expansive education that humanity needs to unify in solidarity and to protect the planet; inimical with The People’s freedoms and rights but with Bill Tompkins and others (also as researched by Dr. Michael E. Salla) we get a plausible explanation that, at least some of the efforts that can be connected with Majestic-12 or other such institutions are well-intended and in fact necessary to defend The People from service to self, selfish, will-to-power Nazi and specific reptilians ETs willing to take advantage of an unaware (perhaps genetically blocked) humanity. 

Please understand that I do not think that all “Nordics” are necessarily benevolent or that all “Reptilians” are necessarily malevolent. It seems that there are overall patterns but also subtle and complex differences. Comparative studies from multiple sources and statistics from surveys such as those conducted by the FREE organization with the help of contact experiencers (experiencer.org) can help us acquire an overall idea on who the various ET intelligences may be. I also think that comparing alleged whistle blower information gathered through interviews – such as those of Dr. Salla – is also a key aspect of trying to bring (as neutrally as humanly possible) the “pieces of the puzzle” together. Go to the following links for a series of interviews and judge for yourself. 


Also:   http://exopolitics.org/exopolitics-articles-2/ 

On the issue of long-term exopolitical consequences, perhaps, by not accepting in 1954 the proposal from benevolent ETs regarding an open Disclosure (a Disclosure that perhaps would have entail direct protection from service-to-others ETs) and, in order to protect the nation and humanity at large from undue ET interference, President Eisenhower would have had to continue pursuing secret technological development indirectly given or inspired by benevolent ETs. He would also have to continue a parallel pursuit of reverse engineering downed and possibly service-to-self extraterrestrial vehicles from various civilizations perhaps associated with the negative reptilians.

And Majestic-12 would have had to research, know about and relate in different ways with both major extraterrestrial groups while retro-engineering downed, negative ET vehicles in various secret (mostly) underground labs around the U.S. and specific areas such as within the Nellis Range (not Area 51 but maybe S-4, perhaps “Grand Pond Dry Lake Bed”and in other possible places like Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah).

But unsupervised and non-reporting secrecy (by individuals serving special interests and/or thinking that most politicians cannot handle the truth) may have worried President Eisenhower (as revealed in 2013 by who seems to be a credible whistle blower code-named “Anonymous” as interviewed by Richard Dolan and – previously – by Linda Moulton Howe). Thus, were for unknown reasons some key individuals “in the know” (perhaps having too much control behind a corporate consortium) unwilling to plainly reveal all key findings or were they perhaps making independent, dangerous decisions about them? A Citizen’s Hearing for Disclosure You Tube link to an exerpt of “Anonymous” being interviewed by Richard Dolan:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GX0FaindPPo 

Was the chain of command broken? Was Majestic-12 insufficient? Is it now subdivided; not completely in control as per U.S.-related activities; not privy to certain research facts? Or did it partially went rogue as a whole and stop informing the President? Is this one of the reasons why the original name may have changed, perhaps now being called “MAJIC” (the Majority Intelligence Committee) or perhaps “SIG” (Senior Inter agency Group) according to Dr. Greer?

But are there rogue, private, unsupervised, financing, corporate and hired special forces connected to this extreme secrecy and its “unacknowledged special access projects” or “USAPS” (as Dr. Steven Greer informs us), now constituting (due to no-oversight and legal corporate privacy privileges) elements which have taken over part of the officially non-existing retro-engineering research, development and implementations? Is in fact Majestic-12, MAJIC, or SIG also pressured and menaced by associated rogue elements possessing dangerous technologies that can affect them?


But what would the role of the alleged Masons whose “plaque” (according to Bill Tompkins) was allegedly planted in 1969 on the Moon even before the U.S. flag was? Is this role protective and benign but more basic and prior to the U.S as they were to a large extent the founders of this Republic after all? Online, in conspiracy books and elsewhere we can often find both well sustained and wildly speculative, sweeping generalizations about a negative, masonic control of the world but could it be that some of the Masons are linked to service-to-others ET groups and still others to Illuminati and service-to- self reptilian influence? Is the true purpose of the founding of the U.S. an esoteric secret that needs to be finally revealed for its highest purpose to be accomplished?


Is the other alleged “secret council” controlling the alleged U.S. Navy’s secret space fleet in sufficient, complete or partial agreement with Majestic-12 policies or is it working semi independently by handling the situation under its own terms? Are there liasons in the regular/conventional U.S. Government to whom they have pledged allegiance, to whom they report to whom they obey? And to what extent does a corporate space fleet act independently as a “break-away civilization” while militarily defended by the U.S. Navy?


And what about similar secret space fleet efforts by the Soviets…or the Russians who arrived in Berlin at the end of WWII and who also allegedly went on to research the Nazi’s secret gravity-cancellation developments and their secret space program? Do they partially cooperate in extraterrestrial matters with the U.S.; perhaps with Majestic-12 and the U.S. Navy, in common defense of the Earth against a purported Nazi space fleet and their reptilian allies ? Do the Chinese have their own secret space program? Any other major countries “in the loop?”


And, is the power of some aerospace and weapons-development corporations working in these secret, ultra compartmentalized, irregularly funded, “unacknowledged special access projects” (as Dr. Steven Greer might say) out of control? Are they in fact forming (along with other key elements “in the know”) a “break-away civilization” (which might for all intents and purposes be in a futuristic timeline) as historian Richard Dolan proposes?

Are we today in 2016 (after a lost window of opportunity around 1954) in fact ready to officially know the whole truth or a significantly revealing portion of the truth about ETs and their technologies (for instance the practical harnessing of a zero-point energy that could be weaponized)? Over the last few centuries the number of democracies, individuals supporting human rights, the rule of law; improvements in education, income levels, health care and tolerance for lifestyles and differences have been steadily increasing over time as part of the modern legacy but as of 2016 we can’t help but notice a resurgence of atomizing, populist, nativist movements intensifying unilateralism while once again challenging the harmonious integration of the human family on a global scale. And, how could we welcome extraterrestrials with a unified, planetary scale, intelligent and independent voice under these circumstances? Could it be that, regardless of the daily news, more persons are gradually becoming more conscious and apt for this reality after all? 

I’m for Disclosure and for an accompanying integrative metaphysical, transdisciplinary, historical, scientific education of the human species but I’m also weary about releasing advanced space-age technology specially as of today given the recent turn toward nativist, nationalist, unilateral, right wing, fascist-like, intolerant political movements overtaking many Western democracies. Seeing that these movements are being simultaneously accompanied by various forms of religious, ethnic mono thematic, mono logical ideological intolerance and political authoritarianism, alongside anti modern and nativist insurgencies in the Middle East and areas of Africa I see good reasons for being jealously protective of certain technologies. Moreover, the current strengthening of a security state in China and repressive measures in Turkey also seems part of the same overall current patterns enhancing unilateralism in a divisive way to defend against a sense of loss due to advancing globalization, connectivity and rapid change.

And, unlike pluralist and universal principles-based “civic nationalisms” capable of more effectively harmonizing different ethnic groups, traditions, races, levels of understanding, social classes, religions and perhaps even forms of life, the current resurgence of “ethnic nationalisms” (whether linked to right wing or left wing political movements or to religious extremism) works to support particular ethnic groups, social classes and semi-integrated/coordinated collectives united by less obvious shared aspects like personal tendencies, levels of education, fears, frustrations and dissatisfaction. This situation would be incompatible with an opening towards the acceptance of non-human intelligent entities or towards an intelligent integration of exopolitical reality in a peaceful, mutually respectful manner.  

But could these atomizing, extremist political-ideological movements represent a resurgence of great resistance against socio-cultural evolutionary change essentially located not in particular beliefs and countries but in what Integral theorists like Jeff Salzman and Ken Wilber call an “Amber,” “Mythic,” or “pre-modern” stage of consciousness?  Is the mystification of competing ideologies not just a resistance to the dismissal of relativism but also fostered by service-to-self reptilians (and associate ET groups) that desire a fragmented humanity. Are they also manipulating sentiments and misguided elites, some of which may be partially “in the know” about the ET presence? 

As philosopher Wilber has argued (in his book “Boomeritis” and elsewhere), from a developmental psychology perspective, if postmodern, deconstructive criticism against the excesses of modernity and pre-modernity is in itself excessive, if it doesn’t clearly recognize those stages contributions and doesn’t offer reconciling solutions, the “Amber,” “Mythic” or “pre-modern” can utilize modern democracy to take over the social system. So, this could be one more reason why we are seeing a resurgence of ethnic nationalist intolerance. But this could be a temporary setback and, as more individuals become conscious of a post postmodern, integrative way of being, valuing and thinking, the conversation among cultures and perspectives stemming from different evolutionary stages can become more civil and amenable to human planetary harmony.

So it seems that those at the forefront of human evolutionary awareness currently need to hold on to their understanding and promote education and practices that lead to an integrative, planetary perspective. That perspective would not abandon judgement and the providing of improved explanations while recognizing and maintaining the positive contributions of peoples in previous stages of development, something unique in the history of humanity. According to Wilber, if at least 10% of the population reaches the next stage of psychological development, the social system quickly changes and adapts to this. Also, if about 10% were to reach an integral or integrative stage of psychological development, the social system would change and adopt that perspective. And that would be an integrated (truly et pluribus unum) national and transnational, planetary citizen perspective more capable of accepting the extraterrestrial presence.    

But then again, might we need to know more of the truth before that? Could it be that one of the key reasons in favor of accelerating formal, government (big “D”) Disclosure (as Steven Bassett might say) may be that, if we continue on a path of secrecy about human origins and about our cosmic neighbors/relatives, we may continue pestering and negating each other as pathologically subdivided human groups and fall into the hands of the service-to-self, “negative” extraterrestrial groups after all?

Quite likely, the current situation of secrecy naturally arose out of a combination of pre-modern and modern levels of awareness, still embedded in excessive dichotomous thinking patterns and insufficiently inclusive values.  And there seems to be a temporary setback and empowerment of the pre-modern over the modern. Then again, many in recent cohorts (like the “Millenials”) seem to have a natural acceptance of postmodern thinking patterns and values and are posed to continue evolving cultural perspectives into proper of a subjectively felt planetary citizenship thus entering post postmodern integrative levels of evolution.

Also, individual and collective awareness of the reality of the ET presence (a multi-level, multi ‘dimensional’ presence in multiple probable timelines) is increasing and, perhaps, a grassroots disclosure involving not only the best UFO evidence but – more importantly – personal, consciousness-enhancing, contact experiences may match what the “secret government” has been emphasizing in terms of exterior, technological means. And as these two approaches come to terms and meet, a point of no return, an inflection point against continued official and cultural-collective denial should come to pass. Then we’ll be able to move on to a more mature, integrated and practical exopolitical understanding transcending the possibilities of an excessive technological path (perhaps exopolitically limiting us to probable subsets of extraterrestrials with human-like conflicts).

Then, primarily guided by the vaster possibilities and probabilities offered by our potential reality relationships through consciousness (not by an over-reliance on material technology) we may discover how to connect with a much friendlier and less adversarial universe of civilizations with whom we can choose to relate. And by manifesting constructive, non-adversarial contacts with many more multi-dimensional, multi-level extraterrestrial entities than has been the experience within the military-corporate-intelligence-secret-mostly exterior, technological approach, we will discover that it is all of us through consciousness who truly are “in control.” 

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Giorgio Piacenza

After a clear UFO sighting with multiple witnesses within 300 feet in the Peruvian coastal town of "Chilca" in 1975, I participated with the Mission Rahma contact group and befriended several contactees from this and other contact efforts. I also researched many aspects of the UFO phenomenon for several decades and feel inclined to contribute in the confluence of philosophical and scientific perspectives.

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