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An Encounter with Antarel at Mt Shasta

By Paola Harris
September 29, 2014

As in the movie CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, I was invited.

This 1977 film began my life as a researcher because I went to find the father of Ufology, Astronomer Dr. J Allen Hynek, and I worked with him for 6 years until he died. So it is logical that the film invitation would be followed by a invitation to experience actual contact 34 years later on September 21st, 2014.


This past year, I was researching Contact from the Stars and Spacebrother / Human-type alien interactions when I encountered Ricardo González from Peru. I interviewed him for my Italian magazine X-TIMES.

His Extraterrestrial contact is the three meter tall, muscular Spaceman named ANTAREL from the Alpha Centauri system.

Ricardo is perhaps one the most prepared, brilliant researchers in the world. He is impressive with his commitment to world peace and his search for truth and his many travels around the world. He is a Peruvian who lives in Argentina with his companion SOL SANFELICE , who has the singing voice of an Angel.

Ricardo has a group of 7 confidants, including SOL SANFELICE, his companion. Corinna Muzi was my Spanish interpreter as she speaks Italian, my first language. She was another of the 7 confidants —  friends who travel with Ricardo and with whom he has recently returned from ALTAI in Russia. They all were very aware of the precarious, geopolitical situation that interests, not only us, but the star people. In three days on Mount Shasta, we surrounded the planet with light, chanting OM and meditating and praying for peace.

Ricardo and Sol, Mt. Shasta, September, 2014

In August of this year, Ricardo wrote me that he was holding his annual Mount Shasta meditation seminar and that Antarel asked I be present. I have always wanted to go to Mount Shasta, and for three days that I was there with 165 Spanish speaking participants. It was an emotional experience.

We were sleeping in tents under the stars, fasting — with little food — to raise the vibration, and meditating on WORLD PEACE most of each day. It was here that I experienced a life changing moment. I was quite content to be part of this wonderful group of Hispanic light workers, knowing that Extraterrestrial craft was flying over our heads — at times captured by Ricardo’s night vision equipment. At 20:00 hours, two UFOs flew parallel over our heads as predicted [see video above].  It was an omen of things to come.

Around 22.30 PM, the night of the Autumn Equinox, Ricardo asked us to do a most unusual exercise. We were to chant OM in the Sand Flats under the stars, not using any flashlights, with no full moon in total darkness. We were then to disperse and walk in a limited area for one half hour. In that time we were to select a small rock to place on the peace flag which was created out of stones in the main camp site. Then we were to return to our chairs.

The WoodsI noticed my interpreter, Corinna, was missing. It was that moment that Ricardo rushed over to me and said “Antarel is here. My people are with him, do you want this contact? Can you handle it? Can you come to the Forest Area with me?”

It was a terrifying, split second decision that would change my reality forever. My heart was beating very fast.

Antarel had invited 2 more ladies and all three of us held hands, walking toward a corner of the dark forest on Mt Shasta. Ricardo shouted back to his Group to continue meditating with a friend, who he put in charge. It was quite unexpected for him as well. I was on the right side of the group and as long as I my right hand was in the hand of the other woman, I felt safe. From far away, I saw a light mist rise from the ground, on the left side of a spruce tree. Ricardo explained to me that a porthole had opened called a Zendra.

Mt Shasta ET contact

I then saw Corinna and, next to her, Sol Sanfelice, whose arms were stretched out. She was standing still, looking at at a three meter giant in the woods. Sol was inching her way towards him because that was the first time she had seen him in the physical form. She told me later she wanted to embrace him. I was asked to drop the hand of the woman on the right. As I stood in the darkness, that was perhaps the most terrifying moment of all, that feeling of being alone. I could hear Ricardo chanting in the background, as he was not to be part of this encounter.

It was an invitation of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS and a moment in time that transformed a human like me to awareness that the forest, the people, the stars, Antarel and the group were ONE!


Antarel spoke in a language I could not understand. It was an echoing voice, much like a radio transmission. I tried so hard to hear his words that were coming from high on the trees to the right of me. Two words were very very clear “THANK YOU”! They echoed in perfect English. They were perfect and clear and came in an Echo.

We all felt him, some saw him…and he spoke to me. It was Contact. “Thank you” was for all of us. It was what this phenomena is all about. There is no separation.

As terrifying as the darkness, the forest and the situation was, it is that moment which changes everything. I remember when I first met Colonel Corso in Roswell, New Mexico in 1997. He told me that he had contact with an Alien being in Red Canyon and that the ET being asked the colonel to come aboard the ship. The Colonel asked him “What do you have to offer me?” The Extraterrestrial being answered “A NEW WORLD, IF YOU CAN HANDLE IT.”

Seventeen years later, Ricardo González asks Paola Harris,“Can you handle this contact tonight?” It comes full circle in the human experience of my research.

The answer is “YES!” Yes to contact and yes to the Paradigm Shift.

Grazias, Ricardo and your friends.

Thank You to Antarel.

I recently found out that there was a psychic transmission, on September 16th, of this event, which one of Ricardo’s friends drew on paper. There are 3 drawings depicting this very event with my name, marked “Harris,” standing next to that spruce tree in the exact spot I was standing on September 21st. It was all pre-programmed. All I needed to do was
to say “Yes!”



This is a news report which I’m translating from contactee Ricardo Gonzalez. Citizen contacts with benevolent beings are indeed happening and increasing in Latin America. Talampaya is a special energy vortex and mystical-spiritual place in Argentina. Information of friendly and BEAUTIFUL contacts like these should also be known to counteract so much negativity and information about aggressive ETs, misguided secret control groups, technological abuses, enslaving Annunakis, dangerous, atrophied, service-to-self ETs (of which – to be fair with a large amount of credible data – there are some) and things of that nature. Positive encounters which are gradually on the rise also are objectively genuine and only irrational predispositions toward paying more attention to sinister aspects of Human-ET contacts will give us an incomplete picture keeping us in a state of fear or a fixated willingness to fight. As much as fear-based events do occur, LOVE-based ones are more substantial, verifiable and promising of freedom, truth and justice in the long run and as a wiser form of Exopolitical development in human-ET relations.  We can truly say that simple, well-intended humanity is also being gradually contacted accross the world in a form of unofficial disclosure as groups of people are verifying good, beautiful and truthful forms of contact happening now.  The ensuing healing associated with these good types of contact (contacts that involve gradual preparation and respect) should be encouraged much further in order to awaken to our best capacities as a unified human species and wiser citizens of the Cosmos. The nature of these contacts is not about depending on ETs or about putting them on a pedestal. It neither is about condemning them or perhaps going to war with them. It is not about being assimilated or destroyed as a civilization. It’s about ending the conflicts and achieving an equally respectful, caring friendship with ourselves and with all of life. It is about waking up to our most wholesome potentials and not allowing abuses while healing and becoming examples that heal ancient conflicts in the Cosmos. It is about allying ourselves with defenders of the original human plan and with its Divine purpose.

Giorgio Piacenza  C.



The encounter suggested by the extraterrestrial Guides has been an extraordinary and unforgettable event. Us, more than 250 persons from 16 countries (arriving from different places of Europe, Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Caribbean and a large part of South America) gathered from 7-9 September in that important sanctuary of the White Brotherhood in order to radiate light to the world.

The dates had been given by the elder brothers of the Cosmos. And so we informed others about it since the moment of receiving this information more than half a year ago in a place called “Sierra de la Ventana.” Later on, they gave us more information telling us about the importance of Talampaya in order to envelop the world with peace.

As we remember, the dates of the encounter “coincided” with the crisis in Syria. The extraterrestrials had anticipated it and, for some reason, they wished that country not to be attacked on those dates. This is a theme that I’ll further develop later on. Moreover, Pope Francisco requested a day of prayer for the tension in the Middle East for September 7th, the same date we had been given. If this weren’t enough, Obama waited the for the approval for the military strike on the 9th. Today we can see that none of this occurred.

It depends on us maintaining the energy and optimism to affect world events. Some of them can be avoided and the intensity of others can be diminished or be postponed in order to secure a better evacuation of the civilian population. Be as it may, the saying that we can create what we believe becomes a fact.

That was the main objective of the international encounter in Talampaya. An encounter that was open, free for every walker in the path that resonated with that task. We gather without names and labels. There, all of us were a single group.

The elder brothers allowed themselves to be seen during different sightings. Some of these apparitions were registered by two professional photographers, Christian Belluco and Matías Zubrzycki, both equipped with cameras which were sensitive to the light. Thanks to them we obtained extraordinary registers in which we can see the trajectory of the luminous UFOs glistening the starry laden sky in Talampaya. The light of these objects was so intense that it stood out over that of the stars. We signaled them out with a powerful laser light in order to have a reference point in the photographs, in the same manner as we had previously done in Sierra de Ventana. The support of the (ET) guides during the three nights was unequivocal.

On the 9th, 60 of us went to Ciudad Perdida (Lost City), an earth energy enclave located at the Talampaya National Park. We had received telepathic instructions to go there and to perform a connecting task at the pyramidal hill in order to connect it with the blue crystal found in the underground city of Erks (in Capilla del Monte, Argentina). This hill is the ancient nucleus of a volcano that protects one of the 13 solar discs. This experience – which was supported by the other participants forming the remaining group at base camp in Talampaya – was extraordinary…

It has allowed us to understand why Talampaya was the first place where the intraterrestrial retreat of Erks functioned; why for some time it was separated from the sanctuary of the Uritorco Mountain (in Capilla del Monte, near ERKS) and why they “joined” now as a single center of power.

The presence of the guardians from Talampaya and Uritorco was remarkable. We could hear their voiced singing mantrams while an aroma of flowers inundated the pyramidal hill. Furthermore, some persons were touched by invisible presences that made them feel a profound level of peace.

The support group that remained at the campground also lived through very important experiences. Not all of us could go because the National Park only provided authorized transportation for 60 persons. Here I must say that a large part of the contact group in Buenos Aires – a group that had been preparing for the encounter since January – gave up their place for brothers from other countries to be able to go to Ciudad Perdida (Lost City). This was an attitude of responsible surrender-commitment which I value and admire very much.

We created the (adequate) conditions to receive communications in a simultaneous manner. The contact took place and in the communications we were announced that in the second half of 2014 there would be an expedition to Belukha, in the Altai Mountain range. This would be a journey which, according to the extraterrestrial Guides would allow us to complete the crucial information about the Cosmic Plan and the human role in the new time.

Furthermore, the received messages – half a dozen receptions – notified about an experience for 9.00 PM. According to the Guides, some persons would receive the Cesium Crystals and other, an ethereal element, a sort of small crystal made of a rhomboidal shaped light which would act as an “amplifier” of the faculties of the Pineal Gland, which – as we know – relate with co-creation and healing. As far as we understood, this element would be temporal and only to show us what we are capable to do if through discipline and a mystical preparation we activate our psychic abilities through our own merits.

And thus it occurred: At 9.00PM, after the presence of the Guides in the skies of Talampaya, persons in sets of tens received this initiation that was coordinated among the extraterrestrial Guides and the guardians of Uritorco and Talampaya which, by the way, during an excursion to the canyon, I could photograph. I’m referring not just about those guardians shown to tourists but the original/previously unknown ones. I had already obtained a partial register of that in 2002 but during this journey I was able to take high resolution pictures of the “prohibited” petroglyphs.

Due to the importance of the experiences we have lived, the information received and the images achieved, I feel that I must write with greater detail about what Talampaya really is for it to be known. Starting tomorrow I’ll write a small book about all of that hoping to publish it in about two weeks. People will be able to download the text – which will be illustrated with images – for free. The message must reach everyone.

The encounter finished with an atmosphere of much peace and also of nostalgia due to the farewells. I got to known extraordinary persons and it was beautiful seeing different spiritual groups, contact groups, UFO research groups (as the friend from the Pedro Romaniuk Foundation) or persons unconnected with these themes but imbued with a strong sentiment of participating by working all of us, united.

After the encounter at Talampaya ended, we got into our vehicles and took the return road. While in the route, our minibus driver pointed toward a violent accident. We could see a wrecked car. Perhaps its driver had lost control and turned over. That route was veru dangerous and had many precedents of cars that came off the road due to speeding, animals crossing, etc.

Later on we found out that four of the participants in the encounter had been in that car… We found out that two of them were well but that the other two had suffered grave blows. They were in a serious condition and had been urgently taken to the Enrique Vera Barros Regional Hospital where they would be operated upon.

After gathering once again at Capilla del Monte, more than 30 persons performed a healing task. We asked help to the guardians of Talampaya and to the extraterrestrial Guides. In this way we could visualize our brothers healing and coming out well in spite of the serious situation.

Later on we received a phone call: Our brothers had recuperated. The doctors could not believe it…They had very serious internal wounds and these had healed. Bewildered, the physicians didn’t carry on with the surgery and they were released from the hospital. We have the previous evidence and all the documents that give credit to this.

Photos by Christian Belluco, Talampaya, 09/2013

<p>Foto: nave surcando el cielo estrellado de Talampaya, señalada con un potente láser como referencia. (Cristian Belluco / 2013).</p><br />
<p>El encuentro sugerido por los Guías extraterrestres ha sido un evento extraordinario e inolvidable. Más de 250 personas de 16 países (que llegaron desde distintos lugares de Europa, Canadá, Estados Unidos, México, Caribe y buena parte de Sudamérica) nos congregamos del 7 al 9 de septiembre en ese importante santuario de la Hermandad Blanca para irradiar luz al mundo.</p><br />
<p>Las fechas habían sido dadas por los hermanos mayores del cosmos. Y así lo informamos desde que lo recibimos hace más de medio año en Sierra de la Ventana. Posteriormente nos dieron más información, señalando la importantcia del encuentro de Talampaya para envolver en paz al mundo.</p><br />
<p>Como recordamos, las fechas del encuentro “coincidieron” con la crisis en Siria. Los extraterrestres lo habían anticipado y por alguna razón deseaban que no se atacara al país árabe en esas fechas. Es un tema que desarrollaré más adelante. Además, el Papa Francisco pediría una jornada de oración por la tensión en Oriente Medio para el 7 de septiembre, la misma fecha que nos habían entregado... Por si ello fuera poco, Obama esperaba la aprobación del ataque militar el día 9. Hoy vemos que nada de esto ocurrió.</p><br />
<p>Depende de nosotros mantener la energía y el optimismo para afectar los acontecimientos mundiales. Algunos de ellos se pueden evitar, otros, disminuir su intensidad, o postergarlos para asegurar la mejor evacuación de población civil. Como fuere, se cumple aquello de que podemos crear lo que creemos.</p><br />
<p>Ese fue el principal objetivo del encuentro internacional en Talampaya. Un encuentro que fue abierto, libre, para cualquier caminante que resonara con esta tarea. Nos reunimos sin nombre y etiquetas. Todos allí fuimos un solo grupo.</p><br />
<p>Los hermanos mayores se dejaron ver en distintos avistamientos. Algunas de esas apariciones fueron registradas por dos fotógrafos profesionales, Cristian Belluco y Matías Zubrzycki, ambos equipados con cámaras sensibles a la luz. Gracias a ellos, obtuvimos registros extraordinarios, en donde se puede ver la trayectoria de los luminosos ovnis surcando el manto de estrellas de Talampaya. La luz de esos objetos era tan fuerte que resalta por encima de las estrellas. Los señalamos con un potente rayo láser para tener una referencia en las fotografías, tal y como lo hicimos anteriormente en Sierra de la Ventana. El apoyo de los Guías, las tres noches, fue contundente.</p><br />
<p>El día 9, un grupo de 60 personas acudimos a Ciudad Perdida, un enclave telúrico que se halla dentro del Parque Nacional Talampaya. Habíamos recibido instruciones telepáticas para ir allí y hacer un trabajo de conexión en el cerro piramidal ⎯el antiguo núcleo de un volcán, que protege uno de los trece discos solares⎯ con el cristal azul de Erks. Esta experiencia, que fue apoyada desde el campamento base de Talampaya por los otros participantes del encuentro, fue extraordinaria…</p><br />
<p>Nos ha permitido comprender por qué Talampaya fue el primer lugar donde funcionó el retiro intraterreno de Erks, por qué estuvo separada un tiempo del santuario del Uritorco, y por qué ahora se “unían” en un solo centro de poder.</p><br />
<p>La presencia de los guardianes de Talampaya y el Uritorco fue impresionante. Se escuchaban sus voces cantar mantras… Mientras un olor a flores inundaba el cerro piramidal. Incluso, algunos fueron tocados por invisibles presencias que les hacían sentir una paz profunda.</p><br />
<p>El grupo de apoyo que quedó en el campamento también vivió experiencias muy importantes. No pudimos ir todos porque el Parque Nacional solo habilitó transporte autorizado para 60 personas. Aquí debo decir que buena parte del grupo de contacto de Buenos Aires, que venía preparándose para este encuentro desde enero, cedió su lugar para que hermanos del extranjero pudiesen ir a Ciudad Perdida. Una actitud de compromiso que valoro mucho y admiro.</p><br />
<p>Creamos las condiciones para recibir mensajes en simultáneo. El contacto se dio, y en las comunicaciones se nos anunció una expedición al Belukha, cordillera del Altai, para la segunda mitad del 2014. Un viaje que, de acuerdo a los Guías extraterrestres, nos permitirá completar gravitante información sobre el Plan Cósmico y el rol humano en el nuevo tiempo.</p><br />
<p>Además, los mensajes recibidos ⎯media docena de recepciones⎯, advertían una experiencia para las 9:00 pm. Según los Guías, algunas personas recibirían los Cristales de Cesio, y otras un elemento etéreo, una suerte de pequeño cristal de luz romboidal, que actuaría como “amplificador” de las facultades de la Glándula Pineal, que involucran, como sabemos, la co-creación y sanación. Este elemento, por lo que entendimos, sería temporal, sólo para mostrarnos de lo que somos capaces si a través de una disciplina de preparación mística activamos nuestras habilidades psíquicas por mérito propio.</p><br />
<p>Y así ocurrió: a las 9:00 pm., luego de la presencia de los Guías en los cielos de Talampaya, decenas de personas recibieron esta iniciación, que fue coordinada entre los Guías extraterrestres y los guardianes del Uritorco y Talampaya. En medio de esa sentida experiencia, me vi proyectado, astralmente, en un “viaje” espontáneo y súper vívido hacia el interior del Belukha. Allí tuve una breve pero valiosa entrevista con Emuriel, el ser que conocí en la expedición al desierto de Gobi, Mongolia, en 2007. Emuriel, quien ya no se encuentra en cuerpo físico en el Altai, me entregó pautas para el viaje al Belukha y me hizo comprender el trabajo que habíamos hecho en Talampaya.</p><br />
<p>Escribiendo estas líneas, una gran cantidad de información surge en mi mente. Ahora entiendo mejor el significado de los desconcertantes petroglifos de Talampaya que, dicho sea de paso, durante una excursión al cañón, pude fotografiar. No sólo los que se muestran al “turista”, sino los inéditos. En 2002 ya había obtenido un registro parcial de ello. Pero en este viaje pude fotografiar en alta resolución los petroglifos “prohibidos”.</p><br />
<p>Debido a la importancia de las experiencias que hemos vivido, la información recibida, y las imágenes que logramos, siento que debo escribir con mayor detalle lo que es realmente Talampaya, y darlo a conocer. A partir de mañana escribiré un pequeño libro sobre todo ello, que espero publicar digitalmente en unas dos semanas. El texto, que será ilustrado con imágenes, podrá ser descargado libremente. El mensaje debe llegar a todos.</p><br />
<p>El encuentro terminó en un ambiente de mucha paz, y también nostalgia por la despedida. Conocí personas extraordinarias. Fue hermoso ver a distintos grupos espirituales, de contacto, de investigación ovni (como los amigos de la Fundación de Pedro Romaniuk), o personas ajenas a estos temas pero con un sentimiento fuerte de participar, trabajando, todos, unidos.</p><br />
<p>Luego de que terminó el encuentro en Talampaya, subimos a nuestros vehículos y emprendimos el viaje de retorno.</p><br />
<p>En la ruta, nuestro chofer del minibus nos advirtió de un violento accidente. Se veía un auto destrozado; al parecer, había perdido el control y volcó. Esa ruta es muy peligrosa y tiene varios antecedentes de autos que se salieron del camino (velocidad, animales que se cruzan, etc).</p><br />
<p>Luego nos enteramos que cuatro participantes del encuentro se hallaban en ese coche…</p><br />
<p>Nos informamos y supimos que dos de ellos estaban bien, pero los otros dos ocupantes del vehículo habían sufrido serios golpes. Estaban en grave estado y por ello fueron traslados de urgencia al hospital regional Enrique Vera Barros, en donde se les iba a operar.</p><br />
<p>Ya reunidos en Capilla del Monte, más de 30 personas hicimos un trabajo de sanación. Les pedimos a los guardianes de Talampaya y a los Guías extraterrestres su ayuda. Así, pudimos visualizar a nuestros hermanos sanándose, saliendo adelante pese a la gravedad de la situación.</p><br />
<p>Más tarde recibimos una llamada: nuestros hermanos se habían recuperado. Los médicos no lo podían creer… Tenían heridas internas muy graves, y éstas se sanaron. Desconcertados, los médicos no hicieron la cirugía y les dieron de alta…<br /><br />
Tenemos las pruebas previas y toda la documentación que acredita esto.</p><br />
<p>Luego supimos que nuestros amigos accidentados trabajaron también consigo mismos, poniendo en práctica todo lo aprendido y recibido; sintieron nuestro apoyo y hasta escucharon nuestras voces. Además, un ser de Talampaya se comunicó con ellos y les apoyó…</p><br />
<p>Todo ha sido extraordinario…</p><br />
<p>El mensaje, una vez más, prevalece: en medio del pesimismo, hay razones para creer y crear. </p><br />
<p>Gracias por el apoyo. El encuentro en Talampaya ha sido un evento extraordinario.</p><br />
<p>Sigamos trabajando por la luz. Aún hay mucho por hacer…</p><br />
<p>Ricardo González en nombre de todos.

Ricardo González
You Tube Channel

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