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Why Astronomers Don’t See UFO’s

January 19, 2019                   (dailygalaxy.com)

• There are innumerable astronomers who gaze into telescopes all night to look at the sky. Why aren’t they picking up the UFO’s that others report seeing?

• Astrophysicists such as Great Britain’s Martin Rees and Paul Davies at Arizona State University suggest that it is because these advanced beings who traverse our skies are so highly evolved that they aren’t subject to our laws of physics and we simply cannot recognize them. Davies believes that advanced alien technology may exist that is “beyond matter” with no fixed size or shape.

• Astrophysicist Jason Wright at Penn State University thinks it is a simpler explanation. He believes that there are no UFOs out there to observe. Says Wright, “[A]stronomers study big swaths of the sky all the time, and with much more sophisticated equipment than the cameras that have captured those iconic images of extraterrestrial UFOs. I tell them we don’t see any UFOs.”

• Wright says that when astronomers do find an anomaly, it is quickly identified. NASA doesn’t send its “goons” to quiet the astronomers, or photoshop the UFO anomaly to destroy evidence. Wright is certain that UFOs simply do not exist.

[Editor’s Note]   This is classic obfuscation by the mainstream science community in its ongoing effort to debunk UFOs and the alien presence. Professor Wright claims NASA hasn’t photo-shopped anomalies? We know from Donna Hare, Karl Wolfe and others that, oh yes, NASA does. He ridicules ufologists who are closer to the truth than he will ever be by joking about government “goons” who enforce the Deep State moratorium on the truth. Yes, Professor Wright, the government does ridicule and suppress the truth. And on the other end of this debunking apparatus are so-called “astrophysicists” such as Martin Rees and Paul Davies who come up with theories that are so fantastically outlandish that it puts the argument back in the realm of the ridiculous. This is just another way to ridicule people honestly seeking the disclosure of the truth. If they didn’t duly debunk aliens and UFOs, they would lose their jobs at these Deep State controlled institutions. So they lie. The evidence of UFOs and the alien presence is too overwhelming to believe that, somehow, they are not aware of UFOs. They lie. And one day, when we all learn the truth, they will be exposed for the liars and Deep State stooges that they are, and how they conspired to keep humanity in the dark for so many decades.


Why is that of the tens of thousands of reports of UFO’s since the iconic radio broadcast of Orson Welle’s “War of the World’s” terrified the nation in 1938, have none been reported by astronomers manning the observatories across our pale blue dot?

                Jason Wright

Is it because some leading astrophysicists such as Great Britain’s Martin Rees and Paul Davies at Arizona State University, who believe that advanced alien civilizations may be a billion or more years older than the human species have technology that would be unrecognizable by our primitive means?

Davies believes that advanced alien technology may exist that is “beyond matter.” That might have no fixed size or shape; have no well-defined boundaries. Is dynamical on all scales of space and time. Or, conversely, does not appear to do anything at all that we can discern. Does not consist of discrete, separate things; but rather it is a system, or a subtle higher-level correlation of things. Are matter and information, Davies asks, all there is? Five hundred years ago, Davies observes, “the very concept of a device manipulating information, or software, would have been incomprehensible. Might there be a still higher level, as yet outside all human experience, that organizes electrons?

                             Martin Rees

If so, this “third level” would never be manifest through observations made at the informational level, still less at the matter level.

Closer to the reality of 2019, astrophysicist Jason Wright at Penn State University has an solid, verifiable answer: astronomers haven’t observed any unidentified objects. It’s that simple he says. In a 2013 post, Astronomers and UFOs in his AstroWright blog, he wrote that “astronomers study big swaths of the sky all the time, and with much more sophisticated

equipment than the cameras that have captured those iconic images of extraterrestrial UFOs. I tell them we don’t see any UFOs.”

             Paul Davies




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Paul Davies: Exopolitical Prescription – Part 2

By Neil Gould.

Part 1  of this article presented Dr Paul Davies, Astrobiologist as a man whose vision is embedded within the current imposed and skewered worldview. On Coast to Coast radio, Davies debunked and ignored the exopolitical evidence that Ets engage our planet. In this article the exopolitical prescriptions are presented so that Dr Davies has an early opportunity to dig himself out of his politically polluted worldview.

“Is Davies a typical example of the gatekeepers that Hawking sought the human race to circumvent? I say yes and suggest that Dr Davies embraces the processes available within the multidisciplinary field of Exopolitics.  

“Through collaborations and meetings with clinicians, “experiencers”,

psychologists, Epidemiologists, historians, pgysicians, philosophers,

anthropologists, physicists, Theologians and political scientists,

Dr. Mack has encouraged members of different disciplines to bring their talents to this exploration”.  

Below I present to Dr Davies an “Exopolitical apical bud of knowledge”, beginners tools that he could use to begin his reeducation as to the existence of UFOs and their engagement with planet Earth; perhaps a process adopted by ET anthropologists and geneticists who are following a principle of non [mass] intervention with a fledgling species who appear to be aiming ballistic missiles at themselves whilst their mainstream scientific community peer through a single telescope lens with both eyes.

Disclosure Project

At an event  organized by Dr Stephen Greer at the National Press Club in 2001, over 400 military and corporate witnesses with security clearances testified as to the reality of military involvement with Ets, back engineering of ET craft, alternative energy and advanced technology some of which could advance astronomy and astrobiology.

ET Beacons

a) Dr Paul LaViolette  argues compellingly that the interesting and quite intricate behaviors of pulsars fit much more easily with a model of an ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) beacon carrying information. The neutron star lighthouse model predicted that pulsars would be formed in supernova explosions and in fact several of them have been found near supernova remnants.

“The neutron star lighthouse model predicted that pulsars would be formed in supernova explosions and in fact several of them have been found near supernova remnants 

If that were truly how they were formed, one would expect to find pulsars concentrated toward the center of the galaxy where most supernovas occur. However, LaViolette has noticed that the distribution of observed pulsars in the galactic plane differs markedly from that.”

“The position of these anomalies at a one-radian angular distance from the galactic center (g.c.) is especially odd because:

1.       the radian is arguably a natural angular unit that would be recognized by many societies

2.       this particular angular position would exist only from a point of view located exactly where we are – giving the impression of a deliberate signal or sign to our society or any society at our location”

“This strongly implies that the pulsars appear where they are by design, and furthermore that the design is intended to get the attention of a society that lives exactly where we are.”

b) A  ‘monolith’, was snapped from 165miles away using a special high resolution camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Fuel was added to the flames after Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, alluded to a similar monolith detected on Mars’ moon Phobos. In the video below Aldrin commented:

‘When people find out about that they are going to say, “Who put that there? Who put that there?” Well the universe put it there, or if you choose God put it there.’

Little green men

Whistleblowers testimony to western legal standards, by people who stand to face ridicule or even worse, lose their pensions cannot be ignored. Sgt. Clifford Stone gives testimony  to his involvement in black operations where he retrieved UFO craft and their occupants that had been either shot down by exotic weapons or had simply crashed. The testimony of Charles Hall  a meteorologist who worked at Nellis Airforce base. Hall interacted with ET beings “Tall Whites”, guests of agencies within the U.S. Military.

Charles Halls Testimony “Fastwalkers”


Alan Hynek

In an interview  with research journalist and author Paola Leopizzi Harris she told ZlandCommunications:

“My recollection is that Hynek said it was backstage of one of the many Johnny Carson Tonight shows [Carl] Sagan did. He basically said [to Hynek] in 1984, ‘I know UFOs are real, but I would not risk my research [College] funding, as you do, to talk openly about them in public.[…] “I had started out as an outright ‘debunker,’ taking great joy in cracking what seemed at first to be puzzling cases. I was the arch-enemy of those ‘flying saucer groups and enthusiasts’ who very dearly wanted UFOs to be interplanetary.” Hynek, J. Allen. ‘The Hynek UFO Report’. Dell Publishing Co. 1977”

Sleep paralysis and Abduction

In a paper by Caroline McLeod, Barbara Corbisier, and John E. Mack, A More Parsimonious Explanation for UFO Abduction, the writers make it clear that abductees are not victims of sleep paralysis.

“Furthermore, sleep paralysis and hypnogogic hallucinations of such long duration tend to be symptoms of narcolepsy -a neurological disorder characterized by an overwhelming desire to sleep at any time. Individuals with narcolepsy also suffer from cataplexy -a sudden loss of voluntary muscle tonus with full consciousness, often during emotional events (Carlson, 1994). Individuals in our sample of experiencers deny such symptoms. Those experiencers who have undergone electroencephalograph (EEG) testing in an attempt to find a neurological cause for their experiences report no significant findings. Thus, there is no evidence that sleep paralysis can account for the abduction phenomenon.”

Psychological Inquiry, Vol. 7, No. 2, 1996


A reason as to why UFOs would come, especially when the human civilization is just beginning is made quite understandable by the NICAP reports of UFO sightings at ICBM sites and nuclear Weapons Storage Areas. Robert Hastings  provides all his sources some of which make up the hundreds if not thousands of UFO sightings around nuclear installations including the shutting down of missile launch systems as in the case of Capt. Robert Salas. The Ets are mentoring us; they are awakening us to the dangers of the nuclear age.

Artifacts left behind by ET civilizations

The Dogon tribesmen of Mali, West Africa, contain astronomical knowledge which the native people could have neither learned by themselves nor guessed. Dogon legends speak of Jupiter’s four moons and Saturn’s rings, which were not seen by human beings until the invention of the telescope. At the temple of Abydos, Egypt highly developed crafts, specifically a helicopter, a submarine, some form of flying saucer, and a jet plane. In Iraq there are 5000-year-old Sumerian seals that depict our solar system.

Dr Davies is part of our scientific community, most of whom have a cycloptic and 3-D view of our reality imposed onto them by the politics of ontology. It is an insult to our experiencers and contactees and proves how effective the ET media truth embargo is and how mankind’s progress is being retarded. When official disclosure takes place one day, you will hear our mainstream scientists say; “Well what I really meant was…….!!

Neil Gould is a Member of the Board of Directors

Exopolitics Institute.

Dr. Paul Davies: Critique – Part 1

By Neil Gould.

This article discloses a dark reality behind mainstream science that misrepresents to humanity, so called changes of attitudes towards the reality of intelligent life in the universe. The true agenda is to seek confirmation of ET life, unintelligent life, which includes microbes and viruses. Mankind does not read the small print. The article focuses on scientific hero, Dr Paul Davies, a contributor to recent conferences hosted by the Royal Society and the Vatican. Recently interviewed by a popular radio show it becomes clear that the mindset of Dr Davies is nailed to the existing imposed and skewered worldview dominated by the politics of ontology. The credentials of Davies are presented, but so are his views on intelligent life in the universe. Davies debunks ET visitations, abductions and UFOs but prescribes processes, which include multidisciplinary studies on the phenomenon, and dares to ask people to keep an open mind whilst being skeptical.  A conundrum is it not?

Early this year there was immense excitement amongst Exopoliticians: 

 “The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences  had organized a 5 day conferences involving physicists and Astrobiologists on subjects as varied as how life might have begun on Earth; what newly found microbes living in harsh places on our planet might tell us about possible life on others; and how life forms might be detected in our solar system, or how their bio-signatures might be found on and around the many distant exoplanets.”

 There was further elation at the announcement by the Royal Society that they too would be holding a 2-day conference on extra terrestrial life.

 “A line-up of world-leading astronomers, biologists and astrophysicists including SETI founder Dr Frank Drake, principal investigator for the British Beagle 2 Mars lander project Professor Colin Pillinger and Director of the BEYOND: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science Professor Paul Davies, will be discussing man’s search for extra-terrestrial life and the consequences for science and society”.

 Professor Paul Davies  a British-born theoretical physicist, cosmologist, Astrobiologist and best-selling author.

“He is Director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science and co-Director of the Cosmology Initiative, both at Arizona State University. Davies’s research interests are focused on the “big questions” of existence, ranging from the origin of the universe to the origin of life, and include the nature of time, the search for life in the universe and foundational questions in quantum mechanics. In astrobiology, he was a forerunner of the theory that life on Earth may have come from Mars.”

Listeners to his interview on Coast to Coast radio,  were treated to a typical case of “blindfolds and earplugs” by a self centered scientist who chose to ignore the overwhelming qualitative evidence on ET life already in the public domain. [The evidence will be discussed in Part 2 of this article]. Dr Davies made it clear that Astrobiology is the search for life beyond earth, distinguishing itself from SETI; the search for intelligent life beyond earth. Despite SETI 50 yrs of eerie silence Davies gives them a pat on the back and believes we should extend the search for ET beyond looking through telescopes because the clues might be very subtle. Davies advocates that we should look for any signature or technological footprint of technology that shows up such as beacons and possible ET probes.

On this topic of Fermi’s paradox and ET beacons, here is what Davies had to say in the Astronomy Now magazine :

“What I think is a big lacuna in the search so far is that beacons have not been actively searched for. It is much more probable that we would pick up a multidirectional beacon than random messages between civilizations or domestic radio traffic or anything deliberately directed at us. All those scenarios don’t stack up, but beacons do. [..]There really has been no systematic search for them, and yet we have the technology to do that.”

Davies described Hawkins recent remarks  as Foolish; “There is no way of knowing if there is intelligent life out there. On the claim that aliens want to come here to use the resources of the planet, they could have taken them billions of years ago”. When asked by a caller about those who believe they saw UFOs or had been abducted Paul Davies reply was; “Little green men and flying saucers belong in the realm of fairy stories”. In defense Davies explained that he knew Alan Hynek, who for 20 yrs assessed thousands of reports, some of which he personally had been able to account for. Davies went on by saying, “Most alien abduction is explained by sleep paralysis, sleep disorders” and he has had personal experience of this himself. He was keen to place his peg into the sand and stated unequivocally that “the lights in the sky are weather phenomenon” and that these reports tell us more about ourselves as humans than anything else.

Davies was asked about artifacts left behind by ET civilizations. “We cannot find any historic relics from the last 100 million years. The surface of our earth is restless, tectonic activity, glaciations, and erosion impact by asteroids”. When pressed on the emergence Sumerian civilization with the associated ET intervention [as seen on the 5000 year old Sumerian Seals and Cuneiform tablets], a civilization with knowledge of the planets, Davies quashed any speculation of Ets arriving 400,000 years ago as he would be astonished that it would happen within this period which in astronomical terms is to close to the present. “Why would they come especially when the human civilization is just beginning? Too much of a coincidence”

 The arrogance of Dr Davies continued in two messages to his audience; the first being that scientists must draw from a list of all the scientific disciplines and the second message was that Scientists should always be open minded but also skeptic; but never close our minds that one day the evidence might be forthcoming! 

This mindset ensures humanity never sees the light of day whilst drowning in their own smog, addicted to fossil fuels and never being allowed to grasp the essence of a universe teaming with beneficial intelligent life which in all probability are responsible for the seeding of life in the universe; Is Davies a typical example of the gatekeepers that Hawking sought the human race to circumvent? In Part 2  of this article I present to Dr Davies the Exopolitical Prescriptions that will lead mainstream Astrobiologists, anthropologists, Cosmologists and physicists into the new paradigm; arguably the most important juncture ever, for mankind.

Neil Gould is a Member of the Board of Directors

Exopolitics Institute.

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