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Is historic meeting of 260 U.S. ambassadors related to UFOs and ET life?

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Hillary Clinton meeting with Laurence Rockefeller in 1995 to discuss UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Photo: President Clinton Library

On Monday, Feb 14, in the first meeting of its kind, 260 U.S. ambassadors began meeting in Washington D.C. for a week long conference to discuss foreign policy priorities for 2011. Among the priorities scheduled to be discussed are regional political upheavals, the rising international influence of social networks, and leaks by Wikileaks. Hillary Clinton will address the ambassadors on Wednesday about “leading through civilian power.” The meeting was first reported by the Associated Press on January 31, less than a week after the conclusion of the Global Competitiveness Forum where world business leaders were given an informal briefing about UFOs and extraterrestrial life by a panel of experts. Perhaps even more importantly, the Ambassadorial meeting was announced only three days after a spectacular UFO was filmed over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The question that arises is whether the historic meeting of 260 U.S. ambassadors is in some way related to UFOs and ET life?

This is what Politico had to say about the agenda of the Ambassadorial meeting:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called top envoys from U.S. embassies to gather in Washington on Monday for a wide-ranging foreign policy meeting. Ambassadors from almost all 260 U.S. embassies, consulates and other posts in more than 180 countries are expected to convene at the State Department for what’s being billed as the first meeting of its kind…. The ambassadors hold meetings with their regional bureaus Monday and Tuesday. Clinton is set to address the ambassadors Wednesday about “leading through civilian power,” after a welcome from her chief of staff and counselor, Cheryl Mills. U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice will then forecast the year ahead at the United Nations, and Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Bill Burns will do the same for the year ahead in foreign policy. The ambassadors will also hear from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen on civilian-military operations in the 21st century …

According to official releases concerning the agenda of the Ambassadorial enclave, there is nothing that hints at the UFO phenomenon being discussed. The timing of the meeting, first announced less then a week after two extraordinary world events, however, does point to a likely UFO connection.

The first event was a meeting of the Global Competitiveness Forum held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from January 23-25, 2011 which had for the first time a panel on UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Five panelists were heard on the opening day at a plenary session, where most of the conference participants, comprising world business leaders such as former British and Canadian Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and Jean Chretien; Jim Albaugh, President and CEO of Boeing; Andy Bird, chairman of Walt Disney International; Jared Cohen, Director of Google ideas, and many others were told about evidence of UFOs and ET life. In short, world business leaders were told that flying saucers were real and that the advanced technology of extraterrestrial civilizations made possible a special kind of UFO for astute entrepreneurs – Unprecedented Financial Opportunities. A mystery participant to the GCF was former U.S. President Bill Clinton who spoke about advanced energy systems that await international development.

The second event concerned video and witness testimony of a spectacular UFO over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem on January 28. The UFO was filmed by up to four independent sources, and witnessed by hundreds. The UFO appears first to descend directly over the Dome of the Rock, and then shot straight up in a spectacular flash of energy. Controversy has arisen over whether one or more of the videos is a fake. Credible Israeli researchers such as Barry Chamish, however, say that at least the first two of the videos are genuine and well supported by witness testimonies.

The significance of the Dome of the Rock cannot be underestimated in terms of a UFO sighting. It is a site holy to the world’s three major monotheistic religions: Islam; Judaism; and Christianity. A UFO appearing over the Dome of the Rock may well have the principal function of uniting humanity in response to the appearance of extraterrestrial life. Alternatively, it may be setting the scene for a Second Coming type of event that some believe is part of a covert operation called Project Blue Beam using holographic technologies? Was the UFO conducting a form of galactic diplomacy in preparing humanity for events that will point to the existence of extraterrestrial life? Or was it a scene setter for a contrived Second Coming and contrived alien invasion?

Adding a further element into the hiddent agenda behind the U.S., ambassadorial enclave, is that the current U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has a documented interest in the UFO phenomenon that goes back to her days in the Clinton White House. Hillary supported an initiative by deceased billionaire, Laurence Rockefeller, to get the White House to release government documents concerning UFOs. This raises the question, was her summoning of a historic meeting of 260 U.S. ambassadors from around the world done so they can be briefed in a secure environment on events about to unfold around the planet? Are these events related to the Dome of the Rock UFO incident and the Global Competitiveness Forum meeting where World business leaders were informally told of the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrial life? The need to have nearly all U.S. ambassadors flown in, rather than participate in an internet linkup suggests momentous events needed to be discussed in a secure leak-proof environment.

Hillary Clinton will speak tomorrow, Wednesday, February 16, to this first-time assembly of 260 U.S. ambassadors from around the world. Will she brief them about UFOs and their relationship to events about to unfold around the planet? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, look to the skies – especially if visiting Jerusalem.

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Assange arrest impacts on impending release of classified UFO cables

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Julian Assange arrested in London on December 7, 2010

On Tuesday morning at 9:30 am, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was placed under arrest and denied bail by British authorities for allegations of rape being investigated in Sweden. A new Swedish prosecutor had reopened an investigation against Assange despite a previous prosecutor deciding against pressing charges. One of the women involved in the case had after the alleged rape incident thrown a party for Assange’s benefit. That and other actions by the women involved persuaded the original prosecutor not to charge Assange. One of the women has been found to have connections to the CIA suggesting Assange may have been set up in a ‘honey trap’ operation. The arrest and detention of Assange creates confusion over how and when future diplomatic cables will be released. Of special interest, are those concerning UFOs.

Wikileaks had come increasingly under pressure from the U.S. government and major allies such as Australia, Sweden and France to prosecute Julian Assange, and/or curtail internet servers hosting leaked classified U.S. diplomatic cables. Amazon.Com, Paypal, and the internet service EveryDNS.net all quickly jettisoned their connections to Wikileaks after pressure from U.S. authorities. All this has occurred despite the fact that many believe the documents released so far are pretty innocuous and amount to little more than diplomatic chatter. Some Wikileaks critics had gone so far as to claim that Assange is actually aiding and abetting a major U.S. ally, Israel, by selectively releasing documents. Others viewed the Wikileaks release as part of a false flag operation to justify internet censorship. The most recent response by U.S. authorities to request diplomatic and military personnel NOT to read the Wikileaks material is deemed by some to be a panicked over-reaction that may in the end only help Wikileaks grow in popularity. If the diplomatic cables released so far are innocuous, helping a major U.S. ally or a false flag operation, as some claim, why the panicked response by U.S. authorities? The answer may lie in a brief response Assange gave to a question in a Guardian newspaper interview. Assange said that some of the diplomatic cables soon to be released contain references to UFOs.

In response to a question about whether any of the documents sent to Wikileaks discussed UFOs and extraterrestrial life, Assange began his response by dismissing the relevance of much of what he had received:

Many weirdos email us about UFOs or how they discovered that they were the anti-christ whilst talking with their ex-wife at a garden party over a pot-plant. However, as yet they have not satisfied two of our publishing rules.
1) that the documents not be self-authored;
2) that they be original.

Just as it appeared that Wikileaks had no credible documents about UFOs, Assange made a bombshell admission: “However, it is worth noting that in yet-to-be-published parts of the cablegate archive there are indeed references to UFOs.” Assange did not elaborate on the context of the UFO related documents, nor did he give a time table for their release.

According to a number of confidential insider sources known to alternative science researcher David Wilcock, there has been a furious behind-the-scenes struggle over the pace and extent of UFO disclosure. He claims that Wikileaks is likely to release enough information about UFOs to bring a rapid end to the decades-long secrecy surrounding extraterrestrial life and technology.

This is very, very interesting. Disclosure is happening now. It hasn’t gotten into UFOs just yet, but we’re already seeing the signs of what true Disclosure will be like – an explosive burst of new information that the insiders do not want you to know, all coming out at once.

If Wilcock is correct, Wikileaks is poised to transform the world as we know it. That would explain the panicked reaction to the Wikileaks releases by U.S. authorities, and may even be related to the apparent honey trap operation that has resulted in Assange’s arrest.

Prominent figures on the right wing of U.S. politics such as Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh have gone as far as calling for Assange to be hunted down, tried and executed for the damage he has caused to U.S. national interests. The FOX news network is most prominent in advocating a draconian line to be taken against Assange and Wikileaks. What is not well understood is that FOX news has been instrumental in creating a debilitating partisan political environment that has hamstrung the Obama administration in its policy initiatives. FOX news represents the interests of prominent political and industrial figures that have long been associated with the cover-up of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

Hillary Clinton with Laurence Rockefeller in Wyoming August 1995
Hillary Clinton with Laurence Rockefeller in Wyoming August 1995

At the other end of the political spectrum, the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has tried to make lemonade out of the Wikileaks lemon by focusing on what it reveals about the professionalism of U.S. diplomacy. In a recent dinner she praised the “full breadth and depth of American artistry and diversity,” adding in jest, “I am writing a cable about it, which I’m sure you’ll find soon on your closest website.” What Clinton is not revealing is her own past role in endorsing the release of UFO files as First Lady during the Clinton administration. Hillary, along with President Clinton, met with Laurence Rockefeller in 1995 in Wyoming. The Clintons were given an informal briefing about why it was in U.S. national interests to disclose information about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. FOIA documents confirm that Hillary then became Rockefeller’s point person in encouraging the Clinton administration to move forward with such a release. Political contingencies led to the Clintons eventually failing in their efforts to have UFO files released. Similarly, the Obama administration has failed to make much headway in behind the scenes efforts to release UFO documents partly due to the highly partisan political environment created by the FOX news network.

Hillary Clinton is very aware of the contents of diplomatic cables yet to be released. If some concern UFOs, they may well be the catalyst for the collapse of secrecy surrounding the truth behind UFOs and extraterrestrial life. That may help explain why Clinton is more muted in what punitive action should be taken against Assange. Clinton, along with others in the Obama administration, privately welcome the release of documents that bring to an end the secrecy surrounding UFOs. However, the prominence and influence of many right wing commentators associated with the FOX news network, the Obama administration has to be seen to be taking action to put a stop to Wikileaks. Hence the dubious legal effort to investigate bringing criminal charges against Assange, and attempt to prevent diplomatic personnel reading online the classified documents released by Wikileaks. The official U.S. response to the Wikileaks release is not well thought out and is predicted to very likely increase public interest and support for the Wikileaks material. The U.S. response very likely reflects conflicting reactions of panic and elation among senior policy makers over a possible catastrophic collapse in the secrecy system surrounding UFOs.

Assange’s arrest in Britain creates uncertainty over when and how future diplomatic cables will be released. The denial of bail to Assange on flimsy legal grounds is likely to be used as a lever by authorities behind the scenes to prevent or slow the release of some of the more damaging diplomatic information. The result however may be the so called ‘nuclear option’ Assange has threatened where all the diplomatic cables will be released at once without any redactions or filtering. Despite Assange’s arrest, Wikileaks continues to function and today tweeted that the gradual release will continue. So whether the nuclear option happens or classified information continues to come out gradually, the eventual release of diplomatic cables concerning UFOs may lead to a collapse of the secrecy system surrounding UFOs and extraterrestrial life. That will change the world as we know it.

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