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When we will we ever learn? The gulf spill and UFOS.

By Paola Harris.

2006 Photo of former Alitalia pilot Max Poggi as he is following his daughter’s plane in Rome, Italy
Captain Max Poggi.

A popular 1960’s Kingston Trio folk song went something like this:

“ Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing. Where have all the flowers gone?  Long time ago? Where have all the flowers gone? Gone to graveyards, every one. When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?”

 The BP gulf coast oil spill requires a gargantuan response to a gargantuan problem. Activism in various forms never really dies and some people on the planet will leave their comfortable lives, TV sets, iPads and mobilize. Some will even get minimally involved, while others will jump in with both feet. On the southern coast of America, 17,500 National Guard troops will be authorized for deployment; 20,000 people will be working to protect waters and coastlines; 1,900 vessels in the Gulf will be assisting in the clean up; 4.3 million feet of boom will be deployed with another 2.9 million feet available, enough to stretch over 1,300 miles; and 17 staging areas will be set across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida to rapidly defend sensitive shorelines.(CNN). The Planet just shifted to crisis mode. But what does this have to do with UFOS?

On another front, Steven Bassett, Paradigm Research Group organizer of the Washington, D.C. X-conference, recently released a statement to the media calling for the immediate access to the “exotic” back-engineered energy technologies, occulted for many years .

UFO Film producer James Fox, I Know What I Saw, left for the gulf coast  in order to document this dark chapter in our history. He will directly upload film footage on his Facebook page. On the east coast, Dr. Steven Greer is mobilizing his Orion Project staff and science consultants to accelerate the research of “free energy devices.” How is it all related to UfO research?

Simple.  All the above are possible solutions to a global crisis. It has to do with a huge paradigm shift that humanity may need to under go in order to save itself and this planet from environmental catastrophe. It concerns the timely release of hidden alternative energy sources. The military industrial complex knows that these craft, seen by pilots, astronauts and credible witnesses, are flying in our skies and are not using petroleum products, nor do they cause environmental catastrophes the magnitude of the BP oil spill. Research shows that their propulsion systems have been studied since the 1950’s and probably have already been  back-engineered in deep black projects.

It seems that this wakeup call has come in a timely and appropriate fashion. It is an example of what could happen if we were to have further accidents on a global scale. It is a reminder that change comes hard and that evolution is transformational. 

The Canadian ex- minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer, said in a recent interview with this reporter, “My advice to the young people of the world would be that it has to start with individuals. I used to describe this sort of thing like a beach. If the majority of the grains of sand on the beach are clean, it will look beautiful and be very hospitable. If the majority are covered with oil slick, dirty, or translated into the wider problem, evil or uncaring or self-centered, then you have a dirty beach which is very unattractive and that is much of what is going on in the world today. We have very little personal integrity… But this has to start with individual people and it has to come from the bottom up, not from the top down, and I must say that good leadership is very important and if we can get somebody with high moral and ethical standards at the top, this will rub off on some of the younger people. But basically the young people have to change the world one at a time, individually, and try to make their motto, to leave the world in a little better place than when they found it. 

Tell this to BP CEO, Tony Hayward and maybe he could get his life back, a stronger life molded by these challenges and alternative solutions to the problems created by BP, by other oil companies and by man in general. The potential here is that Hayward and others can help us lead the way in that cosmic leap toward a viable future. Then the flowers will remain.

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