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Extraterrestrial response to Obama remarks on Jimmy Kimmel Live

I watched a recent video posted [above] at exopolitics.org of Jimmy Kimmel interviewing on his show special guest President Barack Obama. In part, the interview was centered around inquiring what the President’s awareness is regarding extraterrestrial life and their advanced space-faring technology.

My contacts with highly evolved benevolent extraterrestrials and the Master teachers that mentor them have taken place for more than 5 decades. Because of this arrangement, I was in telepathic contact with Ambassador Torellian of the highly evolved human Seres extraterrestrial race while I watched the interview.

When Jimmy Kimmel asked President Obama if he checked into all he could about extraterrestrials after he was sworn in as the Commander In Chief, Obama replied as follows:

“You know aliens control the entire planet.”

“They won’t let it happen.”

“That would reveal all their secrets.”

“They keep a really tight rein on us.”

Jimmy Kimmel then asked, “Did you look? Did you see?”

Obama replied, “I can’t reveal anything. That’s what we are instructed to say.”

The most interesting thing is that the President did not blink when he jovially gave those replies, and he offered more replies than Jimmy Kimmel asked him to reveal. This is important because when a person is hiding something or outright lying about what they say, their eyes blink a lot.

After President Obama made his statements regarding extraterrestrials, Ambassador Torellian just nodded his head in the affirmative regarding the truthfulness of the answers. This means the President was telling the truth, while expressing cheerful lightness to mask a very difficult situation.

In addition, we must remember that what Jimmy Kimmel asked the President regarding the extraterrestrial issue was not exactly spontaneous – not with the President of the United States. What Obama stated for the first time by any President is very revealing – and it was meant to be.

There is so much taking place now off-world and from behind the classified scenes on planet Earth to bring about the actual safe circumstances for full disclosure (not the planned false disclosure) of the entire extraterrestrial topic to the worldwide populous.

Seres AgendaI have learned much from my personal contact experiences with Torellian and many other highly evolved human beings, Master teachers, and other benevolent extraterrestrials over the years. One thing is certain. True disclosure must also involve the benevolent but permanent removal of the classified (deceptive) system. This is essential because this system is currently but temporarily run by the direct controlling influence of a totalitarian extraterrestrial race. They gained covert control over an elite covertly classified second government group that officially came into existence during President Harry S. Truman’s and then President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s terms in office. This tyrant race has broken a 500,000 year old treaty that was created after the end of the last great galactic war between the vast majority of benevolent space-faring races and the few defeated totalitarian or tyrant space-faring races. If fact, this treaty has been broken so many times since then, always just short of starting another galactic war, it is not worth the paper it’s written on. This most ancient cold war is coming to a head or rather a permanent enlightening resolution.

What is taking place now that will ramp up is not the past prophesied Armageddon or destructive destiny for our planet, because that destiny was fortunately permanently altered for all of us living on planet Earth just a little over four years ago Earth time. What is taking place now is the beginning implementation of a very recently decided but entirely unexpected uplifting transformation for the first time in the galactic history of our Milky Way galaxy. Our currently subconsciously suppressed and therefore extremely backward human occupied world is part of this now underway great change.

What was genetically done to human beings long ago on and off planet Earth has been passed on generation after generation for many thousands of years. However, this continuing temporary suppression of the higher faculty in the vast majority of human beings living on Earth today to directly plug into the universe and know hidden truth with certainty is rapidly losing ground.

The good news is, this diabolical manipulation through the intentional misuse of extraterrestrial technology is on its way out permanently. Everything that was done can and will be reversed by those highly evolved off-world beings that have the spiritual development, dedicated will or driving commitment, new tools they did not have before, and the technological expertise to actually accomplish this wondrous feat in a non-destructive benevolent manner on a planetary scale.

My purpose or mission for being on our planet today, as a published book author and speaker/presenter on radio shows and in person at major hidden truth revealing conferences held around the world, is to reveal to others how to go about exploring purposefully hidden truth in a new protected way on a grand multidimensional scale. During this awakening, we discover the much greater knowing of the expansive love within it.

All human beings have conscious access to these faculties once they are awoken. However, first we must be set free from artificially created subconscious terrorizing implanted programs that were covertly placed in the subconscious mind or electromagnetic field that surrounds a human body on planet Earth. We are then able to directly plug into the universe to experience and then know with certainty hidden truths by our own direct experiences. We are able to actually connect to the underlying omnipresent living energy field that supports and sustains all life, and all that exists.

We literally begin to awaken, as if from a deep sleep, to once again know how to kindly utilize these special abilities during the gradual but permanent subconscious implant removal or neutralization process. In other words, they are dissolved back into the pure energy from which they originated. This process, now underway, will become ever more apparent to everyone living on planet Earth in the days, weeks, months, and over the next several years.

You are all truly wished the very best from me and from a vast host of highly evolved benevolent friends and Master teachers from very far out of town – that is from off-world and from higher dimensional realities.

R. Scott Lemriel
(Author of The Seres Agenda and the coming books of The Parallel Time Trilogy)
Website: http://www.paralleltime.com

Obama White House denied access to UFO files

Obama Podesta in discussion - access deniedJohn Podesta’s candid admission on Feb 13, his last day as Counselor to President Obama, that his biggest failure was to secure disclosure of UFO files raises many questions. The dominant response by the mainstream media has been to ignore questions of who, what, why a senior White House advisor was denied access to UFO files, and focus instead on Podesta’s long history of a fascination with the X-Files TV series. The Washington Post, UPI, The Hill, etc., have all made Podesta’s admission on Twitter a personal issue about his X-Files fascination, rather a serious policy issue concerning information denied to the White House.

For those that missed it, here’s what Podesta said on Friday:

 my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files.

The Washington Post’s Al Kamen wrote in response:

Podesta was a major fan of the “X-Files” television show. Our colleague Karen Tumulty asked him in 2007 about the FOIA jam at the library, and Podesta, through a spokesman, replied: “The truth is out there.” That’s the show’s tag­ line.

Amy Connolly of UPI writes: “In a nod to the long-running television show The X-Files, Podesta, who has had a longtime fascination with all things extraterrestrial, tweeted using hashtag #thetruthisstilloutthere.”

The Hill’s Julian Hattem writes:

John Podesta’s biggest regret on leaving the White House is not proving Fox Mulder right… The humorous tweet about his time in office came in a list of his top 10 moments over the last year,

Here are just a few who, what, why questions the above writers didn’t bother asking.

Podesta’s admission came on his White House Twitter feed while he was discussing initiatives related to his official responsibility of overseeing climate change and energy policy for the White House. Did Podesta attempt to gain access to classified UFO files possessed by one or more government entities due to its relevance to his official duties?

His admission suggests that UFO information has relevance to climate change and/or energy policy. If so, does that mean that UFOs are indeed interplanetary spacecraft that use energy sources far more advanced than anything offered by the fossil fuel industry?

If UFO information has relevance to energy policy, then why wasn’t Podesta able to gain access despite having all the power of the White House behind him? What government entity can deny access to information requested by a senior advisor to a sitting President in the performance of his official duties?

Thankfully, there are some in mainstream media willing to explore such questions. CNET writer Chris Matyszczyk asks:

Is it possible that both the president and Podesta know more than they (are allowed to) let on? If your answer is yes, that leaves us to speculate on why they’re not revealing it. Is it because we’d be frightened? Or is it because our belief systems would become so displaced that what remains of our social cohesion would dissolve?

These are just a few of the more obvious who, what, why questions raised by Podesta’s admission. Unfortunately, much of the mainstream media isn’t asking them because it is treating his admission as wry X-Files humor. We are basically being told that the Twitter revelation of a senior White House advisor is not something to take seriously.

Podesta’s involvement in a number of earlier attempts to learn the truth about classified UFO files points to a different conclusion. He was very serious. As a counselor to President Obama, with all the power that position conveys, he was still unable to pierce the veil of secrecy surrounding classified UFO files.

Podesta’s earlier involvement in a failed attempt by the Clinton administration to gain access to classified UFO files is well documented. FOIA documents gained by Canadian UFO researcher Grant Cameron detail a timeline involving President Clinton and Hillary Clinton seeking information from deceased billionaire Laurence Rockefeller on the topic. Strategies were developed for how the Clinton White House could gain access.

Podesta was involved in one of these strategies. The passage of Executive Order 12958 aimed at streamlining declassification of thousands of national security files, and involving the White House in the process. The goal was to shake loose some of the classified files hidden away in the national security archives of various U.S. government entities and corporate contractors and see if any could cast light on the UFO phenomenon. Podesta became Chief of Staff to Clinton, yet despite all the power available to him then, and to the President himself, access to UFO files was denied.

If a sitting President and his most senior advisors can’t access UFO related information relevant to policies being developed, then who is the real power behind the throne? Surely that’s a question worth a serious investigation by the Fourth Estate.

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MSNBC Recognizes the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure. Who Will Follow Suit?

By Giorgio Piacenza

image002On April 12, 2013, The Rachel Maddow Show from MSNBC gave us a full segment on the upcoming Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure to be held in Washington DC between April 29 and May 5, 2013. Her segment was titled “Watch This Space”  and mentioned that, not long ago, the White House was forced to respond (after receiving 12,000 signatures) to a “We the People Petition” to reveal an extraterrestrial presence visiting Earth. While the White House’s Office of  Science & Technology Policy responded in the negative in that “there is no credible evidence” for this.  Could it be that the White House will indefinitely represent the policy of official denial in a world in which Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Belgium, England and other countries are revealing part of the UFO report files? Can a simple denial from an Office (which  probably is neither informed, or has cared to carefully investigate) appease the general citizenry (perhaps for a few more decades) and that’s about it?

Probably, official denial won’t hold too much water this time as a 5-day marathon fake hearing in a room configured at the National Press Club to resemble a Senate hearing with the participation of 5 genuine former members of Congress.  This event invites us all who are convinced that there is serious credible evidence of the extraterrestrial presence to support -as Ed Komarek says-our leaders for them to come out finding the courage to treat this subject seriously. We should be healing, rather than negative about our leaders since we are all part of the same human situation facing an eye-opening reality. It is a big step for our leaders to take as initially worldviews are questioned and “orthodox” science (it wouldn’t be likely for ETs  to get here they say) which is the official “common sense” standard for most institutionally-focused persons would also be questioned.   However as Rachel Maddow showed (taking an honest initiative among the large U.S. networks), it may take a make believe congressional hearing to allow the Government to take notice move on with the issue (as the U.S. is one of the world’s last holdouts of official government denial of a major country’s interest in the UFO phenomenon).

This is news as it may well be a sure-footed beginning…not unlike taking a first step into a new direction that can change the destiny of a major journey; a first long-lasting, political-cultural step towards recognizing the legitimacy and respect for the issue of the many important (legal, scientific, philosophical, spiritual, political) implications of a genuine extraterrestrial presence. More news networks and opinion-guiding institutions should follow (unless told to keep away or to downplay it?) in one way or another even if their spoke persons -by training and habit- may still attempt to throw to us a reaction-provoking, tongue-and-cheek style, either to dismiss or simply to create a form of controversy.  Bryce Zabel and Richard Dolan’s analytically-adequate book A.D. (After Disclosure) might also become newsworthy, at least among the next generation of the daring intelligentsia trying to catch up with the Exopolitical issues that should have been recognized about 65 years ago (and are already being seriously discussed by individuals like Michael E. Salla and Manuel Lamiroy).

Rachel Maddow announced that the five former senators will be paid $ 20,000 each to conduct the hearings. I don’t know about that detail but I know that the witnesses in general are seriously reporting very real -even if incredible- aspects of a worldwide phenomenon that could be admitted in many objective and impartial courts and that has been officially and non-officially recognized since the 1940’s but which, in spite of enormous amounts of adequate evidence (including physically analyzed alien implants ) it has been largely ignored, debunked, laughed at and distorted by most of our cultural, political, scientific and religious leaders.  Let’s study the whole of the Exopolitical phenomena inclusively, both in its objective and in its qualitative aspects.

Other important pro-disclosure events (like Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project gathering of important witnesses in 2001 at the National Press Club) have taken place and interest has peaked and subsided as the media gave a lukewarm coverage to them. However, Larry King from CNN was valiant enough to interview several key witnesses as well. This time there is a greater opportunity for the issue to cease being in the entertaining fringe boondocks of Fantasia and to gradually (or even sooner) become a cultural “meme” as seriously considered as the national debt or other normal political concerns. The more respectable individuals like former Canadian Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer speak up, the less movers and shakers and regular folk will try to look the other way (so as to look respectable within formal culture). The less the issue elicits smirks, fear, denial or excessive, blinding enthusiasm , the more we’ll be able to collectively deal with its implications, change our selves on purpose as adults and (literally) soar to the Cosmos. My take on this is that dangerous technological secrets (one of the valid reasons for the cover-up/truth embargo) will still be kept for quite some time and -after some degree of official disclosure- we will continue with our lives while gradually opening up to a whole new world in which science, metaphysics and spirituality are seen as a more complete kind of knowledge.  Moreover, the possibility of strengthening positive, mutually-respectful relations with conscious human choice-respecting varieties of ETs could also come to fruition as this option would be in the natural interest of most people on Earth.

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