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A Worthy Attempt to Solve the Enigma of Extraterrestrial UFO ‘Propulsion’

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I felt compelled to make a summary of engineer Robert L. Schroeder’s thinking about a scientific basis for the technology of ET spaceships. If his predictions and general ideas are verified through predicted measurements and further experimental advances in particle accelerators, his work will help demystify the concept that scientific laws related to General Relativity make it impractical to “travel” between great cosmic distances. Schroeder’s concepts might show one of the various associated mechanisms used by UFOs. I have written about other plausible aspects of these mechanisms (such as longitudinal waves and that consciousness may be central to “transdimensional” and “holographic” technologies) in Exonews. The point is that we might begin approaching a physics of “UFOs.”

Here the acronym “UFO” will be basically equivalent to “extraterrestrial space vehicle based on gravity control.”         

Mr. Schroeder usually starts his lectures by affirming that the universe known by standard physics is rather simple in that it has 3 types of main components: The 4 basic particles of matter, the particles that transmit the 4 known forces of nature and space-time.

Then, the “messenger” particles that transmit the 4 fundamental forces of nature are: The photon (electromagnetism), the gluon with spin 1 (the strong nuclear force that keeps the nucleus of the atoms together), bosons w+, w- and z neutral (the weak nuclear force responsible for radioactivity) and the graviton with spin 2 (gravitational force).


The Higgs particle with spin 0 would be responsible for giving mass to subatomic particles and could also be considered in terms of a field. Among the 4 basic particles of matter, there are electrons (which is a lepton), protons and neutrons, but protons and neutrons are themselves made up of “quarks” and in 99.9999% of matter there are 2 basic types of quarks. These are the “up quark” and “down quark.” We also have a ghostly particle called “neutrino.” Thus, including the electron, up quark and down quark, we would have 4 fundamental particles which make most of the known material universe.


Also, considering the possibility of a super symmetry1 there might exist more energetic versions of these 4 particles, (now called sparticles). “Space-time” would be the scenery or background environment in which matter particles and the particles of force interact. Scientists are quite interested in the particles of forces, in the forces of nature that lead us to think that they were all unified in a “super force” during the “Big Bang.”


Unifying these 4 forces would be the great goal of physicists. They have already been able to theoretically reunify/explain the electromagnetic force with the weak nuclear force and they call this the “electroweak” force. In particle accelerators, they have also recreated this force. They are also trying to reunify (above all theoretically) the strong nuclear force with the electroweak force and this effort is called “GUT” (Grand Unified Theory). The big problem has been that they have not been able to include gravity along with the other forces. The force of gravity is very weak compared to the other forces. What is interesting is that the development of some theoretical approximations could explain both why gravity is so weak and some of the behavior of extraterrestrials spaceships as observed in aspects of the UFO phenomenon.


Maxwell’s electromagnetic physics, quantum physics and Special and General Relativity assume that the universe possesses 4 dimensions (three dimensions of space and one of time). Since Minkowski’s work, we can use the speed of light as a convergence factor in order to treat time as one more dimension.  Before, particles were thought as points without dimensions but with string theory physics they are thought of as being made by strings with a longitude. However, these string theories require a universe with more than 4 dimensions. Physicists also think that it could require 11 dimensions. This is important because it was previously thought that spaceships had to travel through a four-dimensional space-time (3 of space + 1 of time) but limited to the speed of light and to the amount of energy needed to approximate this speed.


Key Specific Ideas related to Robert L. Schroeder’s thinking:

One of the important theories derived from “M Theory” (with 10 dimensions of space + 1 of time) is Warped Geometry Theory which tries to explain why gravity is so weak. Robert Schroeder believes it is key to understanding how UFOs may reach Earth from distant stellar systems. String Theory evolved toward “M Theory” and it is believed that we live in a space-time membrane floating on a vaster pentadimensional space. This other space is referred to as “the bulk” and it would represent our universe as a 5-dimensional anti-de Sitter space. The elementary particles (including 3 force “messenger” particles) would be confined to our membrane of 4 dimensions…except for the graviton.


1)   According to Harvard physicist Lisa Randall and her “RS1” version of 5-Dimensional Warped Geometry Theory, the space between the membranes would be extremely distorted or twisted, so much so that the number of gravitons in this space would exponentially increase by going into it, to the point in which the force of gravity would increase by 16 orders of magnitude. She works with the idea of extended dimensions and suggests that the reason why particles have the masses that they have (instead of many orders of magnitude heavier as expected by quantum mechanics) might be related to “extending the symmetries of spacetime into the quantum regime” the idea that “gravity changes in other dimensions.” 


2)     Most of the gravitons would be within the “bulk” and not in the space-time membrane where we live. We would live in the weak space-time membrane (also simply “weak brane”) which is also referred to as the “TeV brane” with energies only up to 103 GeV (Giga electron Volts). However, there would be another parallel membrane connected to ours but with a much stronger gravity called the “Planck Brane” with energies up to 1019 GeV (Giga electron Volts). The graviton’s probability function would be greater in the Planck’s Brane. Most gravitons would be located here. Each “brane” would be like a lower dimensional surface located in a higher dimensional space.


3)   In order for a spaceship to be able to traverse great cosmic distances it would just have to go into the bulk by a tiny amount; let’s say 1/10,000 towards where gravity would be strongest in the “bulk.”


4)      General Relativity Theory says that, if gravity could increase, distances would shorten. Time would also slow down. By going into the bulk 1/10000 of the maximum gravitational force possible, the distance to the star Alpha Centauri would shrink to 25 miles in relation to our weak brane. 


5)      Thus, UFOs could be very efficient particle accelerators and this would be a reason why most UFO types have a circular aspect. Even triangular UFOs have been seen to have circles on the extremes and/or the center. Nature would also provide us with a way to distort space-time without the need of so much energy. 


6)      Lisa Randall et al believe that particle accelerators like the LHC at CERN will eventually produce Kaluza Klein gravitons (or KK particles). Hopefully, the current LHC will produce sufficient energy. A much more powerful one that was planned was not built. However, with enough energy, these (hopefully produced) KK particles would be gravitons with mass and would also be a manifestation of extra spatial dimensions if these dimensions indeed were to exist. Thus, KK gravitons would confirm the existence of these dimensions.  

KK gravitons with mass would have a -2 spin and be the result of particles being treated as waves within a superior space dimension. These waves would only be able to oscillate a whole number of times in the extra dimension when it is treated as a curled circle. When the oscillation frequency is very high mass in gravitons may be detected in our 4D brane.  


7)      KK gravitons would be able to generate such a powerful gravitational force (with an upper limit of 1016 GeV as mentioned) that they will, in turn, induce the generation of micro black holes that could be detected in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN because – if any energy is missing – and, due to energy conservation laws, there will be detectable signs that something unusual is taking place. These micro black holes would be real.


8)      Robert L. Schroeder thought that gravitons and photons in 4 D space-time travel at the speed of light and that –just as photons are absorbed by black holes – gravitons in 4D space-time might also be devoured by the micro black holes. He also found scientific articles backing up that hypothesis.


9)      The micro black holes would form an “envelope” around the UFO. They would cancel out both the UFO’s gravitons and the gravitons trapped in our 4D space-time brane also produced by Earth’s mass (both of which are bound by the speed of light). However, generally speaking, all gravitons would be formed by closed strings capable of detaching from our 4D brane and moving through the “bulk.”


10)   If more gravitons are exchanged between the mass of an object and the mass of the Earth, the distortion of space-time where they are located will be greater. If one of the methods for overcoming classic spacetime limitations is that the extraterrestrial spaceships are using micro black holes to “eat up”/cancel gravitons (both of the UFO and of the Earth), what ends up taking place is that the Earth stops “seeing”/interacting with the UFO’s mass but perhaps now interacts with something much lighter.  

This is NOT “antigravity” (which is also not recognized in modern physics). This pertains to the reduction or cancelation of the force of gravity and generating KK gravitons would admit the UFO into the “bulk” or 5-D space.


11)   The rotation component frequently seen on UFOs may be for stabilizing purposes, quite like a frisbee, and it would be due to the fact that they have become very light objects. If a rotating element is not seen it might be hidden perhaps as a ring inside the structure.


12)   The evidence that UFOs produce black holes would be that they would also produce “Hawking’s Radiation.” This radiation includes gamma and X rays and would be detectable.


13)   When micro black holes decay (and they do it quickly) they generate this radiation that resembles the radiation of a rotating black body, with intensity on the “Y” axis and with frequency on the “X” axis. This radiation in equilibrium with its environment may be measured with specialized equipment and spectrographic analysis during UFO waves (or in the presence of a programmed UFO sighting) in order to detect EM emissions. This would be a major contribution from Ufology to science. We would need to learn more about the EM frequencies and intensities, especially those of gamma rays.


14)   Micro black holes decay emitting fermions, scalar particles (Higgs bosons) and Gauge bosons (photons, gluons and W and Z bosons). They would also produce gamma rays such as the ones that NASA Engineer Paul Hill and colleagues detected in relation to UFOs. Micro black holes would also produce intense magnetic fields such as those detected by airplanes near UFOs. Interestingly, tritium (a radioactive isotope of hydrogen only produced in nuclear reactors or in particle accelerators) was found in the 1970’s in Sonora, California, in relation to a UFO producing a product called “angel’s hair.”


We cannot see into the “bulk” (with a 5th linear dimension) because we see using photons which are trapped in the weak brane. Thus, a UFO leaving behind our weak brane and going into the “bulk” would become partially or completely invisible. Graviton emissions caused by decaying mini black holes would disappear into the “bulk” or 5-dimensional space.


When the micro black holes absorb the gravitons located in the 4D brane (according to the portion of the probability wave function in which they also necessarily manifest) there would be decay and, during this decay, their energies would be emitted in our weak brane as gamma rays, gauge bosons, fermions (leptons and quarks). Their energies would also be emitted as 5D gravitons into the “bulk.” Thus, energy is conserved. If the equivalence principle is correct, by reducing gravitational mass UFOs would also reduce inertial mass.


Interestingly, near UFOs there would be an attractive gravitational force (perhaps re-directed to its underside or to other sections). It would not be a repulsive force as in the idea of “anti-gravity”). This effect would be due to KK gravitons generating a strong attractive gravitational field.


In some UFO sightings over bodies of liquid water, water was apparently observed being lifted towards the UFO. Kaluza Klein micro black holes may be soon produced at CERN and may show not only that they cancel gravitons but that they decay quickly into Hawking Radiation (with gamma rays). IF Schroeder’s theory is correct that radiation could be detected coming out of the higher dimensional technology of “UFOs” allegedly capable of moving into “the bulk” it can be tested.

braneworld 5th dimension randal sundrum

  Conclusions: If KK gravitons are verified in particle accelerators and they are found to indeed cancel out gravity through their production of micro black holes it would also be a finding that would boost the idea that we live in a larger dimensional frame whose properties can be engineered to overcome classic 4D space-time constraints. Moreover, if these KK gravitons can be produced in devices more practical and smaller than the LHC at CERN and, if the RS1 variant (or another compatible variant) of Warped Geometry Theory is verified, some of the key features behind UFO “propulsion” may have been discovered.


Furthermore, I expect that this scientific approach devised under the geometry of an anti-de Sitter space to explain a plausible higher dimensional “bulk” may also turn out to complement some “universe-as-a-hologram” theories in which information (related to entropy and to entropy reduction but also to measurement and to a plausible decoding process of consciousness) is fundamental and non-locally shared.


I find that the idea of modifying the density of zero-point energy to produce an “Alcubierre Drive” (perhaps through the production of KK gravitons if they are found) and the idea about focusing a gravitational “beam” to attract or bring closer a distant region in 4D space-time might also be compatible with the other ideas here exposed.


However, these other concepts are appropriate for yet another discussion.



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  1. In particle physics, supersymmetry (SUSY) is a proposed extension of spacetime symmetry that relates two basic classes of elementary particles: bosons, which have an integer-valued spin, and fermions, which have a half-integer spin. A central motivation for supersymmetry close to the TeV energy scale is the resolution of the hierarchy problem of the Standard Model.…

  Without the extra supersymmetric particles, the Higgs boson mass is subject to quantum corrections which are so large as to naturally drive it close to the Planck mass barring its fine tuning to an extraordinarily tiny value. In the supersymmetric theory, on the other hand, these quantum corrections are canceled by those from the corresponding superpartners above the supersymmetry breaking scale, which becomes the new characteristic natural scale for the Higgs mass…   Other attractive features of TeV-scale supersymmetry are the fact that it often provides a candidate dark matter particle at a mass scale consistent with thermal relic abundance calculations,[6][7] provides a natural mechanism for electroweak symmetry breaking and allows for the precise high-energy unification of the weak, the strong and electromagnetic interactions…   (Retrieved from Wikipedia at http: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supersymmetry


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