The development of U.S. policy on extraterrestrial life & technology

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Video of presentation by Dr Michael Salla on the development of US policy on extraterrestrial life and technology at the Exopolitics Congress 2012 is now available for free online. The Congress was held in Prague, Czech Republic from May 11-13, 2012, and was organized by Exopolitika Czech Republic and promoted by the non-profit organization Goscha. The video was recorded by Robert Fleischer (Exopolitics Germany) and is available here and embedded below.


Presentation Abstract.
The United States emergence from World War II as the world’s sole nuclear state was a direct factor in the US taking a leading role on issues concerning extraterrestrial life and technology. Historic and contemporary data confirm the high correlation between UFO sightings and nuclear technologies, and the major interest alien life had in nuclear weapons development by the U.S., and later by other countries. The US has endeavored to cover up this correlation while aggressively implementing policies to learn about and monopolize information related to extraterrestrial visitation. Secret committees, protocols, security procedures, etc., were quickly established to manage the entire spectrum of policy issues concerning extraterrestrial life and technology. A psychological warfare problem was designed and led by the CIA to deceive the US and World public opinion about extraterrestrial visitation. International cooperation led to major U.S. allies transferring all knowledge and hard evidence acquired about alien life. Multilateral organizations such as NATO and the European Union became clearing houses for the transfer of recovered technologies or information, and CIA counterintelligence units played a leading role in such transfers. Executive U.S. presidential authority was transferred to appointed secret committees that increasingly used private corporations for running extraterrestrial related projects. Presidents were quickly taken out of the loop of power and knowledge; and, at best, were given limited briefings on the extraterrestrial issue. A pro-disclosure faction in the U.S. military-intelligence community is a major factor behind the unprecedented number of whistleblowers that have come forward to reveal their knowledge about classified extraterrestrial related projects.

Thanks to Robert Fleischer (Exopolitics Germany) for generously donating his time and resources to record and upload this video.

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