Trillion dollar lawsuit exposes secret Bilderberg Gold Treaty & funding of extraterrestrial projects

Financial Instruments seized at Chiasso, Italy

A mysterious trillion dollar lawsuit filed on November 23, 2011 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, claims that 134.5 billion dollars worth of gold was secretly given to the U.S. government in the mid-1930s by the then Nationalist government of China for safekeeping. The lawsuit claims that 1934 U.S. Federal Reserve notes were issued to the Chinese government, and the gold transferred to the Federal Reserve Bank. It is claimed that a total sum of almost one trillion dollars representing both the principal and accumulated interest of the 1934 Federal Reserve notes was fraudulently taken from the plaintiff, Neil Keenan, an agent for the owners, a mysterious Asian entity called “The Dragon Family.” What makes the lawsuit worth paying attention to is that involves the unresolved June 2009 case of two Japanese citizens caught on a train in Italy while traveling to Switzerland with 134.5 billion dollars in US Federal Reserve notes, bonds and other financial instruments.

The U.S. District Court lawsuit has aroused considerable controversy over its authenticity and the ownership of the 134.5 billion in Federal Reserve notes, bonds and other financial instruments. The lawsuit was filed by William Mulligan Jr and Justin Gardner from Bleakley Platt and Schmidt, a reputable New York law firm. The principal plaintiff in the lawsuit, Neil Keenan, claims to have been defrauded by a number of official government agencies and political figures including a little known organization called the Office of International Treasury Control (OITC), and its principal officers Dr Ray Dam (President) and David Sale (Deputy Chief of the Council for Cabinet of OITC). On the other hand, Sale claims that Keenan and his accomplices fraudulently gained possession of the bonds from the OITC. Importantly, neither of the two parties contesting ownership of the bonds dispute their validity.

The U.S. District Court lawsuit supports claims by David Guyatt, author of The Secret Gold Treaty, that missing World War II era national gold reserves have been intentionally kept out of public circulation (“black gold”). Furthermore, the lawsuit reveals a coordinated international effort to launder, trade and defraud owners or investors of bonds and other financial instruments issued against the “black gold”. At the heart of this internationally coordinated effort, according to Guyatt, is the Bilderberg Group – which in 1954 played a key role in the passage of a Secret Gold Treaty.

A detailed study of these events has just been released by Dr Michael Salla, a former university professor and author of two books focusing on U.S. foreign policy. What the study will show is that what lies behind the Bilderberg Group’s involvement with “black gold” is to provide long-term funding for a globally coordinated ‘second’ Manhattan Project. The ultimate goal of this globally coordinated project is to comprehensively deal with a subject so vast and complex as to dwarf the resources of any one nation – extraterrestrial life and technology.

The 7500 word study is available for free here.

Ron Paul’s Plan to Restore America challenges secret trillion dollar Black Budget

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Ron’s Paul’s strong second place finish in New Hampshire’s Presidential Primary greatly raises his prospects in the Republican Presidential race, and will lead to more attention on his policies. Paul’s policies are laid out in his “Plan to Restore America” where he targets five cabinet level departments for elimination: Energy, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Commerce, Interior, and Education. The resulting cuts would enable Paul to attain his economic goals of balancing the U.S. budget in three years and cutting the budget by one trillion dollars in his first year. The pros and cons of Paul’s radical economic plan is likely to be vigorously debated in the mainstream media in the months ahead during the Republican Presidential primary. Unlikely to appear in these debates is discussion of the community that is likely to be most impacted if Paul succeeds in implementing his Plan to Restore America – those benefiting directly from America’s deepest held secret. Ron Paul’s “Plan to Restore America” is a direct challenge to America’s secret trillion dollar Black Budget.

Paul’s growing popularity and increasing possibility that he may emerge as a dark horse candidate to win the Republican nomination has led to increased scrutiny of his voting record and past associations. That has led to some controversy over decades-old newsletters published under his name, and support for conspiracy theories that go too far in the opinion of the mainstream press. The key behind Paul’s growing support are his firm libertarian views about cutting back on the size of the Federal government, supporting individual liberties and ending foreign U.S. military interventions. The heart of Paul’s economic message is outlined in his “Plan to Restore America” Paul’s plan to eliminate five cabinet level departments and trillion dollar budget cut appeals to a cross spectrum of American society, while also alarming some Americans that benefit from a host of programs funded by these Federal departments. It will be surprise to many that among those likely to be most alarmed by Paul’s “Plan to Restore America” are not private citizens; but powerful corporate, government and military entities that use excesses, inefficiencies and waste in these five government departments as a cover for secretly funding a vast network of classified projects. A secret trillion dollar Black Budget has been created to fund this network of projects, which has all been hidden from most Americans, the media, the U.S. Congress, and even the President himself!

The ‘official’ black budget comprises single line items in the Department of Defense (DoD) budget that don’t refer to any real weapons system. These single line items are covers for a Congressionally sanctioned and publicly funded ‘black budget’ – a top secret slush fund for intelligence organizations such as the CIA, and classified weapons programs by the DoD. There is, however, a second black budget that is not congressionally sanctioned, but it is nevertheless publicly funded – America’s ‘unofficial’ black budget.

The conventional political view is that covert operations are funded by Congressional appropriations authorizing the DoD to use U.S. Treasury funds for classified projects and intelligence activities that appear as vague single line items on the DoD budget. Subtracting the cost of known weapons systems and intelligence programs from the total DoD budget gives Congressional analysts a means of estimating the size and scope of operations of the covert world of ‘black projects’, without knowing their precise budgets or activities.

There is however compelling evidence that the covert world of highly classified projects is primarily funded by a black budget created by the CIA rather than the DoD. Rather than being a beneficiary of a Congressionally sanctioned DoD ‘black budget’, the CIA has its own ‘unofficial’ black budget. The CIA’s black budget is a conduit for funds secretly siphoned into the various military intelligence agencies and private contractors associated with both the CIA and the DoD, for intelligence activities, covert operations, and weapons research and development.

The CIA has the unique legal ability among all U.S. government departments and agencies to generate funds through appropriations of other federal government agencies and other sources “without regard to any provisions of law,” and without regard to the intent behind Congressional appropriations.

Every year, according to Catherine Austin Fitts, a former Assistant Secretary of HUD (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development), billions of dollars of Congressional appropriations are diverted from their Congressionally sanctioned purposes to CIA and DoD based intelligence agencies without knowledge of the public and with the collusion of Congressional leaders. The covert world of ‘black programs’ acts with virtual impunity, overseen and regulated by itself, funding itself through secret slush funds, and is free of the limitations that come from Congressional oversight, proper auditing procedures and public scrutiny. The departments from which many of these black budget funds are secretly siphoned from are the very same as those proposed by Ron Paul for elimination: Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Interior, and Education.

The key to uncovering the true size of the black budget is the chronic accounting anomalies in the DoD budget. In the three year period from 1998-2000 when the DoD was audited by the Office of the Inspector General, it was found that an average of 1.7 trillion dollars per year could not be accounted for. These auditing anomalies is evidence that over one trillion U.S. dollars annually is being siphoned by the CIA into the DoD for secret distribution to various military intelligence agencies and corporate contractors, and the ‘deep black’ programs they support. Such siphoning, with dubious constitutional status, is made legal by various Congressional enactments, senior Congressional officials, and the Executive Office.

The size of the Black Budget, the secrecy surrounding it, the extent senior Federal officials and agencies go to in targeting individuals and companies threatening to reveal where Congressional appropriations are ultimately going, point to a vast network of ‘deep black projects’. This network collectively forms a highly classified second Manhattan Project whose existence, goals and budget are kept secret.

As Ron Paul proposes balancing the federal budget within three years and cutting one trillion in costs in his first year with his “Plan to Restore America”, he directly challenges those that benefit from America’s “unofficial” black budget. If the experiences of Catherine Austin Fitts are any guide, then the more success Paul enjoys during the Presidential primaries, the more likely he will be targeted in covert ways by beneficiaries of America’s black budget. The stakes are very high for Paul’s campaign as he threatens congressional funds flowing through cabinet departments that are most involved in secretly funding a trillion dollar black budget.

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Pillars of the Worldview – Where is ET?

7 Pillars of the Worldview

by Neil Gould, 6 Nov 2011

It is just as difficult for the uninitiated public to comprehend the word “Disclosure” as it is to comprehend the words “UFO” and “ET”; why? Because of the various “elitist” driven processes put in place specifically designed to misdirect public attention through manipulation of societal institutions, preventing a revolution involving free energy and exotic technologies, powerful enough to unmask, unseat and destroy the “military metaphysic” and its complicit oil industry partners, who coat every aspect of geopolitical activity on this planet.

It is estimated that around 4.5billion people are deliberately left out of the world economy, kept poor, squashed under the weight of an economic feudal pyramid, within which pharmaceutical companies have used humans as lab rats, countries exploited, mineral wealth stolen, governments corrupted and bonded as slaves through the fractional banking system that prints money out of thin air, simultaneously creating a never ending debt.


During the recent Philippines UFO Conference, hosted by Tony Israel and Ed Neri, founders of the UFO Society of the Philippines, the writer’s presentation, titled “Pillars of the Worldview” was designed to shock the attending audience of spiritual leaders, retired army personal and the general public, into realizing just why it is that the whole world including the Philippines are in a state of financial and economic chaos with limited perspectives on all matters relating to the global media truth embargo with regard to the ET presence here on planet Earth. The presentation put into place the fundamentals that cocoon the UFO and ET reality and methods used by the global elite to obfuscate information associated with the ET issue.


2nd Philippine Conference 2011

In explaining the seven pillars of the worldview it was important to explain firstly, the meaning of “elites” and how they are able to move with impunity between three important structures; Military, Financial and Political, holding interlocking directorships between all. “These elites in the “big three” institutional orders have an “uneasy” alliance based upon their “community of interests” driven by the “military metaphysic,” which has transformed the economy into a ‘permanent war economy”.

Harvard Professor of Psychiatry, Dr John Mack described the “politics of ontology”, how a small group was able to determine what was real and what was not real within our reality. The writer chose 7 pillars that he thought would be enough to prove that the politics of ontology had caused almost irreparable damage to the psych of mankind, effectively holding up his spiritual, cognitive and technological evolution.

1.Religious Institutions

Planetary division though belief in a God spell.

Religious leaders acting as intermediaries between man and the Gods, just as they did during the Sumerian era.

Religious dogma used to keep people in a state of fear and obedience.

The Catholic Church once believed the Earth was flat, the solar system revolved around Earth; control of 1.2billion minds.

The unsavory behavior between priest and children; “do as I say, not as I do”.

My God is better than your God.


2. Educational Institutions

Every museum has 2 doors.

The removal of historical artifacts.

Promote Angels, not ETs

Elite control over Universities.

Carry out religious agendas in schools

Carry out policies formulated within the Condon report, Robertson Panel and other false flag operations to demystify UFOS.

Only brightest students are recruited into Black Ops or special military programs.


3. Financial Institutions

CFR – Control of the Federal Reserve.

FED is privately owned.

Fiat currency – world loans for geopolitical control.

Central banks control transfer of world money, drawing governments into debt.

US$1.7 Trillion drawn from US treasury by military – Black Ops; without congressional oversight.

Elites leverage humanity into a predetermined worldview.


4. Global Elites

Weave between the Politics, Economic and Military structures, holding interlocking directorates.

Economic, Politic and Military have an uneasy alliance based on a community of interests “Military Metaphysic” creating a permanent war economy”.

They are members of CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission and secret societies.

Create scarcities; maintain our addiction to oil and a world of shortages.

They receive the benefits of back-engineered ET technology; some used as exotic weapons.


5. Military  Industrial Complex

Made up of military subcontractors – some are household names.

Guardians of back engineered ET technology.

Operate without congressional oversight.

Part of the Shadow Government

“Can take ET home” – Ben Rich – CEO of Lockheed Skunkworks


6. A controlled Press

Censors and directs world news on behalf of the elite.

Promote elite’s favorite election candidates.

Used to ridicule break-through discoveries that threaten ‘elitist’ interests i.e. cold fusion

Ridicule UFOs and Contactees to protect the oil industry.

Keep humanity in a state of fear and obedience.

The Press shapes society’s Worldview.


7. Intelligence services

Operate a world wide web of ET craft surveillance, telecommunications and anything that poses a threat to the elites.

Operates counter intelligence programs against contactees, including military abductions [MILAB]

They comprise of several covert agencies within their compartmentalized organization.

NSA has remote neural monitoring systems that can track the electromagnetic footprint of individuals as well as influence brain patterns.


Processes within the chosen 7 Pillars of the Worldview, overlay the others, forming an impenetrable psychological barrier which retards human cognitive abilities; the knowledge that higher life forms exist, that we are and have always been visited by ETs, that ET technology is being back engineered, that technology transfer programs are taking place between humans and ETs, that our press censors most of our reality and is owned by the elites, that the Federal Reserve is private and our intelligence services have been running counter intelligence programs [COINTELPRO] since the late 1940’s; the crash at Roswell , new Mexico in 1947 and the arrival of the Space Brothers in the early 1950’s.

The audience realized that as soon as they left the auditorium, they would be stepping out into a controlled environment, now armed with the exopolitical knowledge that the future depends on their own actions and how they would disseminate what they had learned. Some attendees questioned Project Bluebook, The Robinson Panel, the Condon report and many other false flag operations designed to keep the illusions in place. They wondered if they actually played a part in the entrapment of humanity by being politically passive.










G. Aartson, Ed Neri, Stan Ho, Tony Israel, N.Gould & D.Weir

A retired military officer approached the writer, concerned that there had been no Exopolitical conferences in the Philippines that could have educated the public earlier; “It could perhaps have saved us from exploitation by our own leaders, who have plundered our economic wealth and natural resources into their own pockets, whilst keeping us poor and ignorant of possible relationships with other more advanced friendly worlds””. The writer agreed with the retired officer that Disclosure of the ET presence could never come from the Governments, most of all the US Government. The power structures of the 7 Pillars ensured that. The Officer then stated; “nobody in power would ever give up that power for the benefit of humanity”.  He then placed his hand on his chin clenching it in frustration and said;

“Think of the green revolution and technological change in paradigm that would take place on this planet; think of all those billions of poor people with hidden talent that could be brought into a new world economy if only the people were told the truth. It is unfathomable for me to even guess what technology the military have from the ETs, hidden to prevent the world from having fresh water, food and jobs for all and end the reliance on oil; Some of these points that you mentioned in your Exopolitics lecture would end scarcity and war on this planet – our universities need to introduce Exopolitics as an essential part of their syllabus”.


The final speaker was author of the book, “A Herald for the Space Brothers”, Gerard Aartson who delivered  an uplifting and extremely informative presentation on Adamski, the Space People and Ascended Masters; a tonic for the audience and gateway to a new climate of optimism for the future. Aartson explained historical aspects of positive ETs and how they operate using advanced physics with which they can transition from one frequency of existence to another and of their understanding of physical matter, not just our 3D solids, liquids, gas and plasma but a further 3 etheric states of matter.

Gerard Aartson

The Conference ended with Aartsen’s assurance that one day we would all benefit from our mentoring ET brothers, who would enable every family to be in possession of a small power unit in their homes to provide unlimited free energy from the cosmos. Aartsen assured all that the ETs would make themselves known to the public at the right time, speaking to all in their own language.




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