Lafayette Had Its First ‘Close Encounter’ in 1890’s

by Bob Kriebel             May 4, 2018              (

• This is an account of a UFO sighting in Lafayette, Indiana as reported in the local newspaper, the Morning Journal, on May 9, 1897.

• A young man bicycling on a dark and deserted road near Stockwell IN on Saturday night, May 7th, between 8 and 9pm. He was startled by a loud hissing noise and an object passed over his head, so close that it blew his hat off. Reaching for his hat, he fell off of the bike. He looked up and saw in the sky a cigar-shaped craft, about 20 feet long and 8 feet in diameter. There was a box or car underneath the craft about 6 by 3 feet in dimension, suspended by a “network of tubular wires”. At either end of the cigar craft were bright, multi-colored lights.

• “Two men were standing on the ground by the side of the strange object and seemed to be busy with several of the wires leading from the lower part of the queer object to the upper part. They spoke occasionally and I heard one remark, ‘I wonder where we are?’ He spoke with a foreign accent and I thought at the time that he was some French scientist. His companion replied in excellent English and I supposed he was an American.”

• “I was still lying on the ground on my back and the strangers had not noticed me. I decided to go to the men and make some inquiries.” As soon as he stood, the two men saw him, the lights on the craft lit up on either end, and ‘in an instant’ the craft rose into the sky and flew away. “I watched it a moment and then rubbed my eyes to assure myself I was awake. Then I picked up my wheel, took a small pull at an amber-colored fluid I had purchased at Lebanon and then I pedaled for home as fast as I could.”


The phenomena of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, in America popularly dates back to the summer and fall of 1947 when cigar-shaped objects, blinking lights, strange sounds, odd creatures and what-have-you made headlines.

Many books have been written about UFOs over the years since then, a television series and one of the 1970s’ biggest hits, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” based on a fictional UFO sighting near Muncie, Ind.

The close student of history of Lafayette, though, would leap in amazement at a geniune UFO story printed in the Morning Journal on Monday May 9, 1897.

It is based on an account of a young man bicycling near Stockwell on Saturday night May 7.
Here’s the newspaper’s account:

A Strange Story

A Well Known Young Man Says He Saw the Mysterious Air Ship

“The strangest experience of my life,” said a well known young man in conversation with a Journal representative last evening, “came to me so unexpectedly Saturday evening that it startled me almost out of my wits for a moment.

“I had been out wheeling and was on my way home. I was on the road between Stockwell and Crane, the new name the post office had assigned to Culver station, and was treading at a pretty lively pace to get home in time to make a few purchases before the stores closed.

“Night had fallen and it must have been between 8 and 9 o’clock. The road was deserted and the only break in the monotony of my lonely ride was the occasional glimpse of a light shining fro the window of a farmhouse.

“My eyes were bent on the road in front of me and my thoughts were busy with matters common to the thoughts of most young men. I was conscious of the fact that it was dark, that I was alone and that I was moving. Beyond these conditions my mind had but little to do with the materiality of my surroundings.

“All at once there was a change in my mental status. I was brought back to a realization of earthly things by an unearthly occurrence. A loud, hissing noise very similar to the escape of steam from a locomotive sounded so near me that I was startled into alertness. I looked for a railroad and the headlight of an engine, expecting to see the latter at my elbow, but saw neither.

“Before I could get the engine idea out of my mind my hat was almost lifted from my head by the wind of an object passing over my head. I released my hold on the handlebars of my wheel and threw my hands to catch my hat. Just then my wheel struck a rock or something and I was dismounted in a trice, falling on my back on the road.

“As my eyes turned upward they met a sight that made me wish I had fallen into a deep hole with a cover on it. Only a few yards away to my right in a small meadow I saw the strangest object that any mortal has ever seen.



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Mr. Luis Elizondo’s MUFON Interview (salient points and comments)

In the article “LUIS ELIZONDO: MUFON’s Exclusive Interview” that came out in the May 2018 issue of the MUFON Journal, I found important points to think about and which relate with AATIP (The DOD’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) and with TTSA (To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences). The article authors were Chase Kloetzke, Kerry McClure and Roger Marsh.
Elizondo’s POINT 1) It becomes unclear whether TTSA will be allowed to reveal details of the metamaterial allegedly obtained from a UAP. After explaining that it is a mistake to call it a “metal alloy” Chase Kloetzke and MUFON colleagues-authors write:
“Lue (Luis Elizondo) was unable to answer if the material was used to develop anything, but added, “One would assume that we want to analyze and try to exploit as much as possible any type of new material that we find. So, we’re most likely not going to hear too much more of that, much like all of a sudden we have Velcro or Teflon.”
My COMMENT: To avoid dangerous technology from reaching the whole world I think that at least a few highly credible scientists should sign a non-disclosure agreement and verify the unique, non-earthly characteristics of the metamaterial(s) and publicly testify under oath to Congress that what they’ve seen and scientifically verified is unlikely to have been manufactured by any known country. This would give more credence to the confirmation/disclosures thus far given. It’s been 73 years+ of skeptics and scientists asking for a “physical evidence” related to genuine UFOs and now that it has been announced it should not be considered “evidence given” based only on the credibility and authority of the TTSA members. Civilians and various institutions should assist TTSA in research. This is a great opportunity for the scientific community to rise up to the challenge. The more social forces care about the subject the more information will be released and processed in a healthy manner.
Elizondo’s POINT 2) MUFON researcher Chase Kloetzke asked Mr. Elizondo if they learned anything that keeps him up at night. The reply was “I think it’s not necessarily negative. I think we are in the precipice of potentially understanding a new paradigm. You know, mankind, our evolution has been marked by moments of clarity….I believe we are on the precipice of understanding a little bit more of our place in the cosmic neighborhood and I think that should be exciting and thrilling. We must remain cautious and diligent, but I’m not sure we necessarily need to be afraid. Concerned, sure. I’ll buy that. Afraid, I don’t think so.”
My COMMENT: I’m glad he has not seen signs of danger in the UAP, intelligent phenomenon (besides its use of unauthorized airspace as modern nation-states legally think about “their” airspace). This coincides with about 90%+ of the survey responses by experiencers in the F.R.E.E. survey. However, IF other reports (based on more specific testimony) of a space fleet needed to defend Earth against intruders (with the assistance of other benevolent civilizations) is true, the issue would be more complex than expected.
Elizondo’s POINT 3) MUFON QUESTION: Is there a space force? ANSWER: “Lue smartly answered, “Next question. Can I buy a vowel?”
My COMMENT: What does this mean? Does it mean that, yes, there is a secret space force that he is aware about but cannot mention? If so, is it elementary-initial level or super advanced as some insiders claim? How is TTSA going to sort out this issue in the future? How far does the “rabbit hole” go?
Elizondo’s POINT 4) MUFON asked: “MUFON has had many cases with Government intervention, reports and even investigations that included military jets or helicopters chasing UFOs….Is there any desire for To the Stars Academy to look at some of this evidence?” ANSWER: “To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science intends to look at…all of these incidents.” Lue answered, “No matter how serious or how ridiculous, we want the full spectrum. We want chips to fall where they fall and let the data speak for itself while we develop and fully implement this community of interest. It is going to be every bit as capable as Google or anything else.
This is the first time we can analyze data nearly in real time, in a manner that allows us to determine very quickly: is it something legitimate or is it a hoax?”
My COMMENT: Great! The “full spectrum” is a truthful attitude especially for a complex subjects with many interrelated aspects.
I believe that TTSA will be allowed to reveal more IF the TTSA community and the human community at large becomes interested and shows that it can handle the information constructively. This seems to coincide with the overall attitude of most UAP intelligences. However, “full spectrum” should include the psychic and consciousness connection, the contactees and experiencers, their alternative histories of mankind, how the cosmic community is structured, possible interventions on humanity (genetic and cultural) and the human community should be able to digest this constructively after its various narrative probabilities have been studied and sorted out with as much scientific methodology as possible.
Elizondo’s POINT 5) When Mr. Elizondo was asked “What is your best guess on the intelligence behind these craft?” He replied, “I think there’s lots of possibilities. But as I said before, it could be from outer space, inner space or the space in between. …But let’s look at another paradigm here: the present is nothing more than an infinitesimally small point in space-time.
Probably measured in plane-time, in which elements of the future become elements of the past, right? And everything that we do as human beings is experienced in that infinitesimally small moment of space-time; by the way, it’s not static, it’s moving. In fact, one could use the analogy, time is like a fuse, and the parts of the fuse that have already burned that are ashes – that’s the past. The part of the fuse that remains intact – that is the future, and this moment, this flash right where the future becomes the past, is really hard to define, because if you were to zoom close enough, you would see parts of the fuse burn unevenly.
Parts of the future and parts of the past are kind of lying over each other, and we’re now seeing this in the quantum world….the electron is actually going through the fabric of space-time and is actually ebbing in and out of existence and reappearing at an infinitely fast rate. And so, therefore the electron is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.
So, if we experience everything through this tiny little optic, everything we’ve built, everything we’ve learned, every emotion, love, fear, hate, every experience as a human being is through this tiny little moment of space-time as we are moving forward. What if there were other species or even humans, where their understanding of the present, that optic, that spark, is maybe a little bigger?
Rather than being a point, maybe it’s a range. Mabe the understanding of the present isn’t a point, but it’s a range, and maybe there’s elements of the future and the past that are experienced as the present, and, therefore, what we perceive as linear space-time maybe others don’t. In fact, maybe these are things that have lived here forever, before us. Maybe, we share the space with them.”
My COMMENT: Yes,I also think that UAP intelligences may be able to experience a “wider present,” probably because they are capable of being consciously in contact with the atemporal…to see, let’s say, from above, more simultaneous probable futures and even one’s temporal line specific past and the probable pasts that did not specifically connect with our preferred temporal line frame of reference.
I consider the fact that these issues (whether correct or not) are being told by a former official, no-nonsense, accredited person that researched UAPs for several years as very important and mind-opening. Thank you Mr. Elizondo!! It is basically a more sophisticated admission of the serious possibility that we are in fact being “visited” by (in some ways) more advanced intelligences (simplistically known as “extraterrestrials”). Inner, psychological, experiential space and physical experiential space may connect in a more useful manner for these intelligences and our civilization needs to understand how this comes to be.
While the word “consciousness” was not mentioned, it was implicit as being able to perceive a wider range of “the present” relates with consciousness as the capacity to experience. Also, if we share the same space, perhaps our legal concerns about other intelligences manifesting in our detectable space would be concerns about the right to maintain our reduced experiential space-time (including its national atmospheric air space, oceans, inside the Earth’s crust space) without being interfered with. But what if there are other ranges of space-time on Earth that we have no access too? Shouldn’t we also recognize them as legitimate for the use of these UAP intelligences? Should we also legally accept their appearance in the specific space-time segment which we normally perceive? These legal issues are a sobering and beautiful challenge.
More of us really need to grow up (meaning to expand our views and identifications) and to personally work with these issues constructively in order to create a new civilization as demanded by wider facts; generating values to live with respect toward a more connected form of existence…a connection of experiencing consciousnesses in the deeper layers of reality which overcome less ontologically real space-time separations.
Meeting the challenge which involves these more formal “revelations” requires from us to successfully come to terms with the reality world of the “UAP intelligences” as a reality which is not separate from us, especially as their technology and the cultural, political and exopolitical implications of true UAPs and their intelligences become undeniable.
Mr. Elizondo also asks us as individuals in a society to “ask the hard questions and pursue the truth.” To become involved, to care about these issues and to recognize their importance. He said that that kind of inquiry should be done by true patriots; that To the Stars Academy should not be composed by “yes people.”  I heartfully agree.
After speaking (in the 2018 Contact in the Desert Conference) with Mr. Peter Levenda the chosen writer for TTSA and (in the 2018 joint IRVA/SSE Conference) with Dr. Hal Puthoff a well-known physicist working with TTSA, I found them to be sincere, well-intentioned, reasonable and cautious in what they declare. I think that they are sincerely working with the information available to them even though they may personally suspect that other programs have been researching different issues and aspects at since since the so called “Roswell Incident.” I don’t think that most members of TTSA are necessarily pushing the idea of “an alien threat” or the continuation of a cover-up in order to further a deeply-seated mindset and some self-serving powerful individuals and entrenched interests within the military industrial complex. I think that this group of people are simply trying to understand what is going on in a moderate, rational, scientific way that can responsibly educate the public and I think that they are simply a bit weary of some (often insufficiently validated) less moderate declarations within the UFO community.
I also tried to speak with Mr. Elizondo in a conference organized by A.J. Gevaerd in Porto Alegre, Brazil but he didn’t arrive. There were questions which needed clarification and had been sent to me by other researchers…for instance why it was not mentioned from the very beginning that AATIP was in fact a secondary name for a program whose official code name was AAWSAP (The Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program). It would have facilitated obtaining validation that the Pentagon-DIA research indeed existed.
As much as TTSA needs to reach out not only to the general public but to serious – more rational and scientifically careful – researchers in the UFO community, I think that the UFO research community also needs to overcome excessive suspicions and to be more supportive of the effort led by TTSA members, even if the latter (understandably) consider the possibility of a ‘threat’ as something that has to be logically considered, especially in connection with the Pentagon. I think that the UFO community needs to extend bridges towards TTSA with a friendlier attitude and for – all of us together – to expand our personal identification psychological barriers so as to carefully sort the wheat from the chaff.

‘Ancient Aliens’ Host Giorgio Tsoukalos Talks, Aliens, UFOs, and Memes

by Rachel Bryant          April 26, 2018          (

• Friday, April 27, 2018 marks the 13th season of the History Channel show Ancient Aliens. The premiere episode is entitled ‘The UFO Conspiracy’ and will deal with the Pentagon revelations that came out in December of 2017 revealing that the U.S. Government has been researching and exploring UFO’s for years. Not only has the U.S. Government admitted to it, but they allowed the release of video footage that shows how fast and maneuverable are these UFOs. This UFO video footage will be featured in this premiere episode.

• ‘Ancient Aliens‘ host Giorgio Tsoukalos is one of many who have been telling us for decades what the Pentagon is just now admitting – that we are not alone in the universe. In the 1950’s and 60’s the question was whether extraterrestrial intelligence exists in the universe. Today, most astronomers will concede that intelligent life must exist elsewhere, and the question has become do they interact with us now on Earth? The answer, says Tsoukalos, can be found by the evidence here on Earth.

• “I am 100% convinced that our history goes back much much [earlier] than what accepted archeology teaches us,” says Tsoukalos. “Our ancestors… were meticulous in writing down their history as it happened to them at the time… [T]he origin of all the stories were the same – someone came and taught mankind.”

• “There is no question in my mind that our worldwide history goes further and deeper into time than we currently accept as the mainstream idea,” says Tsoukalos. For example, by studying the erosion marks of the Great Sphinx in Egypt, geologist Dr. Robert Schoch, believes that it dates back to 12,000 BC. This coincides with ‘The Golden Age’ of ancient Egypt, in 12,500 BC when so-called “gods” with a lower case ‘g’ (ie: technologically advanced extraterrestrial beings), mingled with human beings on Earth.


In the last several decades the topic of whether we are “alone” in the universe has always been a controversial one. As long as there have been reported “sightings”, the government has been denying that the “sightings” were true. However, in 2017 the New York Times released a story that proved that the US Government has been more concerned about the possibility of UFO’s than they lead the citizens of the country to believe. The New York Times reported that the US Government did indeed have a program called Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The program lost its funding in 2012 but experts believe it has found funding under another name.

As the story of the US Government finally breaking their silence on one of the biggest and most tight-lipped topics in Washington DC hits major news sources, we turn our focus to the men and women who have been telling us for decades what the Pentagon is just now admitting. We are not alone in the universe.

I had the distinct honor of speaking with one of those brilliant minds today, ‘Ancient Aliens‘ host Giorgio Tsoukalos. I was so honored and excited to do this interview. It is not every day you are able to hold this kind of discussion with someone with the kind of passion he has for his work and I was extremely moved to learn as much as I could in our short time together.

                 Giorgio Tsoukalos

RB: What convinced you that the Ancient Alien theory could    be valid and that it needed further research and exploration?

GT: I was very lucky growing up with parents who were avid travelers. Ever since I was 6, 7 and 8 years old, my parents would travel to various countries and they would always carve out time to go the museums and to great gigantic monumental archeological sites. Also, my grandmother was a very open minded woman, and instead of reading ordinary bedtime stories to me, sometimes she would read would read Edgar Cayce ‘Atlantis‘ and ‘Chariots of the Gods‘. So the seed was planted fairly early in my life. Then, when I was around 14 or 15, I discovered the books by Erich von Däniken on my own, and as they say, the rest is history.

RB: Do you feel that the topic of Aliens and UFOs has become more accepted in the recent years-not just by the general public-but in the scientific field?

GT: Absolutely. I also think ‘Ancient Aliens‘ has been a huge influencer on that opinion today than, let’s say, in the 50’s and 60’s. There were only a few astronomers who were toying with the question if extra-terrestrial intelligence exists in the rest of the universe.

However, here we are 50 years later, and you would be very hard pressed to find any astronomer denying the idea of extra-terrestrial life. Even though the big question they have now is whether or not that life has had interactions with us here on Earth. That, of course, is answered through the ancient astronaut question. Bio-astronomers are at universities doing research and trying to find whether or not there are remnants of extra-terrestrial visitations in our solar system and on other planets. The question is, “Why are you looking at other planets, when the true evidence is right here in front of our eyes?” We should be looking right here on planet Earth.

RB: You have visited so many of the ancient sites, for example, Tribal and First Nations. They seem to all have similar creation accounts. What are the most common threads that stand out?

GT: That is a wonderful observation, and thank you for that question.

Let’s say we look at 20, just for argument’s sake. 20 ancient cultures dating back 3000 years. All the creation stories for each culture would be different, but most of the creation stories are the same. They talk about a silver egg, or a silver orb, arriving from the depths of nothingness that lands on Earth. Then, the egg or orb opens, and people emerge. From there on out, civilizations have begun. So, one has to ask the question, “Is this a figment of our ancestor’s imaginations or did they actually witness something.”

The one thing we have to remind ourselves is, it’s not me or the Ancient Aliens show that are inventing these stories. We can read these ancient accounts of someone descending from the sky on ancient text and also in oral traditions.

So, the fact is that our ancestors are the ones who say they have been visited. It is not us today who are just now saying it. It is our ancestors who were meticulous in writing down their history as it happened to them at the time. Of course, things were added over time. Stories were embellished, but the origin of all the stories were the same-someone came and taught mankind.

RB: Do you think it is possible that ancient civilizations much older than we think existed here on Earth, and they may have been some species other than human?

GT: I can’t answer to the question of other species because I am not aware of that, but, I am 100% convinced that our history goes back much much later than what accepted archeology teaches us.

I am not saying these things lightly. I am basing these ideas on research of scientists, because I don’t have a degree in science. I am a journalist. I talk about these ideas. For example, Dr. Robert Schoch, a bonafide scientist (a geologist) tells me that physical evidence, (the erosion marks of the great Sphinx in Egypt, Gisa Plato) indicate to him that the Sphinx may date back to 12,000 BC. I shall listen to a Geologist who has come to that conclusion.

There is ancient text that speaks of The Golden Age of ancient Egypt, back in 12,500 BC. It was a time when so-called “gods” with a lower case g, mingled among the human beings, so, there is no question in my mind that our worldwide history goes further and deeper into time than we currently accept as the mainstream idea.



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