US GOVERMENT: There are 38 Levels above TOP SECRET! UFO

US Goverment secret’s revealed by insiders: There are 38 clearance levels above TOP SECRET. The highest of all is COSMIC. Even the president of the United States does not have access to it. There are approx. 25 people worldwide who have access to that level.   This video brings first hand witness testimony to the public domain. Its all about UFOs, extra-terrestical sightings, recoveries, the NRO, MIC and many other essential disclosures with regard to the ET presence.

Colonel claims he briefed Bobby Kennedy on UFOs

Col. Philip J. Corso served in many important roles during his Army career, among those he was on the staff of President Eisenhower’s National Security Council and would brief the president personally. He also worked at the Pentagon for sometime serving as the chief of the foreign technology division. Here he says he handled debris from the crash of an alien spaceship in Roswell, and was privy to many of our government’s secrets regarding extraterrestrials. In this video he claims that he briefed then Attorney General Bobby Kennedy directly on this issue, who he believes briefed the President, JFK.

UFO: The truth is out there

An amazing number of high ranking military officers, government officials and generally sensible folk believe we are being visited by aliens from other planets. They have seen UFO’s for themselves.

With the New Zealand Government soon to release previously classified material on UFO sightings, reporter Sarah Hall goes looking for the evidence.

Watch the video.

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Producer: Phill Prendeville
Reporter: Sarah Hall
Camera: Belinda Walshe and Arthur Rasmussen
Editor: Paul Enticott

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