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Mary Rodwell RN- Video: My Mum Talks to Aliens – full Documentary

4 December 2010

Mary Rodwell RN is Australia’s leading abduction specialist and hypnotherapist, with over 1600 alien abduction cases to her credit. Chris Rowell, Mary’s son is a vetinary surgeon, and self-confessed alien skeptic; their relationship has reached a critical point and something has to give. Mary’s beliefs led to a divorce. Chris scarred by the family breakup has agreed to take a look at Mary’s world so she can prove to him that aliens exist. They endure tough meetings with scientists; abductees who are put through rigorous polygraph tests. Chris watches his mother take part in a heated debate with university professors and the viewer is brought face on to heart wrenching discourse between mother and son. The final interview with an abductee brings about an enormous surprise; it’s so far out, yet proven true by a polygraph test. This documentary is at the edge of abduction research. Mary has given us yet another incredible insight into the reality of Aliens interacting with humanity, with the empirical evidence sort for by her skeptic son.

Disclose.tv - My Mum Talks to Aliens (full doc) Video

Mary Rodwell RN and Son Chris, break ground in new ET TV Documentary

Mary and her son Chris

Mary Rodwell RN a world leader in alien abduction counselling will feature in an SBS documentary alongside her son – a self-confessed UFO sceptic. Mary, a former nurse and midwife  and  clinical hypnotherapist founded ACERN in 1997 and has since investigated over 1600 cases of ET encounters worldwide. Acern helps alien abduction victims deal with their traumas with the support of qualified medical doctors, psychologists and therapists.

In the documentary My Mum Talks to Aliens, to be aired in Australia on Tuesday at 8.30pm, Mary Rodwell and her son are followed on their journey of discovery as they travel the country in pursuit of solid evidence of an alien presence on Earth.

“I believe these advanced intelligences have been visiting this planet since the dawn of time, and I believe they’re here to assist evolution to another level,” Ms Rodwell said.

For more information please go this link:  http://www.news-mail.com.au/story/2010/11/26/agnes-alien-expert-to-star-in-documentary/

Jim Sparks in Hong Kong – 2nd Jan 2011

As part of the 2011 Hong Kong Disclosure process, Jim Sparks has been invited to Hong Kong to speak to an audience of over 700 people about his abduction experiences. Sparks Author of  THE KEEPERS will bring an ecological message to the audience and explain his plans that will encourage the US Government to agree to an amnesty for those involved in the Black Projects; that have  kept the planet in a state of scarcity, fear and exploitation for over 60 years.

Trailer for Jim Sparks event: Filmed by Cheuk Fei with Zak Gould as [young]  Jim Sparks

Facebook Page with daily updates:  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=109541159108339

The event is held in Hong Kong on 2nd Jan 2011 at the HITEC Centre in Kowloon Bay from 2.30 – 6.00 pm

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