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Mary Rodwell RN – Landmark USA – UK Speaking Tour.

 Mary Rodwell RN

Available NOW for media interviews ahead of her landmark US-UK tour


She’s affectionately known as Australia’s “Alien Lady” – one of the world’s most sought after and respected experts on all things to do with the UFO phenomena. But there’s much more to Mary Rodwell than meets the eye. A former midwife and nurse, grief counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist, author, narrator, documentary director and loving grandmother, in 1997 she founded ACERN – the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network, the largest organisation of its type specialising in helping alien abduction victims deal with their traumas with the backing of qualified GP’s, psychologists and therapists.

To date, ACERN has supported some 1,600 cases of ET encounters worldwide from countries including the US, Japan, Russia. All are ordinary people – mums and dads, children, nurses, doctors, police, psychologists, lawyers, teachers and farmers – but with an extraordinary story to tell. Says Mary: “For those with encounter experiences, my work offers them validation and an understanding in their own personal journey as well as the opportunity to share their experiences with others”.

A compelling raconteur with controversial subject matter, Mary Rodwell has previously been invited to speak at Oxford University in England as well as at UFO symposiums in Hong Kong, USA, UK, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. In 2006, she joined the Former Canadian Defence Minister, Paul Hellyer at the World Peace Conference in Hawaii to call for greater understanding of the UFO phenomena and compile an historic mission statement on Exopolitics, the political implications of an extraterrestrial presence.

Now the former Brit from Staffordshire, England who today resides in Agnes Water in central Queensland is in demand again. This time for a landmark US-UK speaking tour in which she will address organisations including the National Press Club in Washington, DC and the prestigious International Institute of Integral Human Sciences (IIIHS), a non-governmental organisation affiliated with the United Nations. Both events are testament to the world’s mounting interest and increasing maturity in the UFO-ET phenomena.

Explains Mary of her unprecedented access to UFO-ET experiencers: “It is a huge responsibility for me to speak on behalf of so many thousands who are experiencing encounters. I am just a normal everyday woman who just happened to be exposed to the most amazing and incredible of human experiences. To be part of an historic expose with courageous individuals who are prepared to put themselves and their lives on the line and face potential ridicule is very humbling and a great honour”.

Mary’s fascinating topics of discussion include:

· Her previous career in England as a nurse and midwife and how extraordinary stories from patients forced her to seriously examine the UFO and alien abduction phenomenon

· Alien abduction based on ACERN’s 1,600 case studies worldwide – What happens when someone is abducted? Where do they go? What do they see? What do aliens look like? What lasting effects are there on those who are “taken”? How can you overcome the trauma?

· Hard evidence on the existence of UFOs including implants recovered from alien abductees

· Historical evidence of UFO’s in paintings and indigenous drawings

· How world governments have the ability to produce free energy thanks to reverse engineering from alien technology – and why they won’t use it

· Her theories on genetics and how aliens have manipulated and altered human DNA

· The Star Children or Indigo Children – examples of kids the world over with exceptional abilities which Mary says are the direct result of alien genetic interference

Says Mary to the sceptics: “Over 78 % of people in a recent US Poll believed we are not alone in the Universe. On a daily basis we are shown video footage and photographs of craft by the cart load from credible people from all over the world. Military whistleblowers confirm they have seen craft and also shot down UFO’s. Astronauts including Edgar Mitchell admitted to seeing craft and even Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan had their own personal encounters. Just recently Miyuki Hatoyama, the wife of Japan’s premier-in-waiting Yukio Hatoyama claimed to have ridden in a “triangular-shaped UFO”.

In addition to her work as an alien abduction counsellor and international speaker, Mary Rodwell is also a respected clinical hypnotherapist and metaphysical teacher. Following her many years in counselling and hypnosis, she has produced and voiced six collections of mind, body and spirit meditational CDs in association with internationally award-winning composer, David Sandercock, B.Mus. (Hons.), L.Mus. From the Inner Alchemy, which explores our body’s secret healing powers to Take Ten, quickie meditations for busy people and Natural Mother, a pregnancy body and soul workout, Mary and David’s CD’s are popular sellers in retail outlets all around Australia.

Previously, Mary Rodwell has appeared on programmes including The Oz Files (Australian documentary series); The Paranormal Files (BBC Television); Animal X (Cryptozoological series on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel); George Negus Tonight Programme (ABC Australia); BBC radio (Birmingham); Today Tonight (Current Affairs programme, Seven Network, Australia). Her work has also been featured in the Australian Doctor Focus Magazine, a prestigious Australian medical journal.

For further information or interviews contact:

Denise Blazek, Blazek Communications

Phone 08 9228 9940, 0407 980 249 or 0407 448 675

Email dblazek6@bigpond.com

For more information on Mary Rodwell, please log onto www.acern.com.au


Dr. Steven Greer – Contact: The CSETI Experience July 10-12, 2010 – near Rennes, France

A special 3-day workshop with the world-renowned founder of the global Disclosure movement to end UFO secrecy
Steven M. Greer, MD.
As the founder of CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence), Dr. Greer has led expeditions around the world for 19 years to make contact with ET civilizations visiting earth, and has done briefings for US Congress, CIA Directors, senior Pentagon officials, international heads of state, and senior scientific leaders.

    • Learn what Dr. Greer has told them, and what he is telling the new Obama Administration.

    • Learn how Dr. Greer is advising the head of state of a G7 country on how they should end secrecy NOW and make open contact!

    • See and hear stunning new video and electronic audio evidence of ET contact from recent CSETI expeditions.

    • Hear a review of the innovative energy technologies that will give us a new and sustainable civilization on Earth!

We will gather each afternoon to learn remote viewing, meditation, and CSETI’s ET contact protocols, and each night will gather under the stars to practice these revolutionary contact techniques using advanced concepts in the science of consciousness as well as lasers and electronic tones beamed into space. We have been given exclusive use of an ancient 2000-acre French estate to use as a private and secure location for Contact. On this estate, multiple close encounters have been observed and documented over the years. This will be a truly unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

MORE INFO HERE: http://www.cseti.org/programs/france2010.htm

Invisible Residents – Ivan T Sanderson

By Neil Gould.

Invisible Residents, written by Ivan T. Sanderson, in 1970, with a forward by David Hatcher Childress, (the real live Indiana Jones).

A prolific UFO investigator during the sixties and seventies, a Zoologist by profession with experience in the Navy, was best suited to examine anomalous reports on physical objects both at sea and in the sky.

Ivan’s interest was in USO’s, under water submergible objects. The book examines cases, as far back as the 1600’s. Sanderson states two thought provoking conundrums, firstly, if it is not physical, it is not real, but then electricity is not physical and secondly that we do not have the vaguest notion of what is 100ft beneath our land and sea and nothing of Hydrospace. There in begins his journey, churning out many a mystery for the reader to take stock of his own reality.

Sanderson states that over 50% of UFO’s are of an aquatic nature. He separates the phenomena into, those that use rivers, lakes and fresh water, lochs, gulfs or steep sided mountain edges where bases could have been built by ET’s, ancient humans or the military in the deep oceans.

Planes arrived at their destinations faster than they could fly. Ships with dead or no crew, here Sanderson calculates the odds of foul play. Clearly some deaths are ET related, when a dead dog is found on deck, stiff as nails in a growling position as if frozen in its last moment. This is the Bermuda triangle, where Sanderson himself experienced various anomalies.

The book investigates many a ships log from hundreds of years ago, which predates the current truth embargo. Evidence is such that readers are left to conclude that some comets falling into the sea without a splash are intelligent objects; not of this earth. He coins the terms UAO or under water aquatic objects. 

Aeronautical engineers analyze a small North Columbian golden artifact in the shape of a plane. It appears to have been an object capable of vertical flight as well as flight underwater. The problem is that it is 1000 years old.

Interaction with Military and Navy officials clearly shows the extent of the UFO cover-up during the 1960’s.

Sanderson’s profession as a biologist enabled him to analyze Thor Hyderdahls encounters with objects just below the surface. He could discern a whale from submerged vessel and luminescence from phosphorescence. He concludes that pulsing electro-magnetic waves could account for some blinking luminescence seen in aquatic bacteria.

In summing up, readers are left spellbound when Sanderson drops his bombshell describing the possible existence of OINT’S (other invisible intelligences). He puts into perspective the Earth’s water capacity at 25% and land capacity at 75% (not to mention it habitable volume). He adds that we humans carry our salt water on land within our bodies; we are not as old as the sea creatures that could be twice or more evolved that we are. Then again, he hits us with the obvious… Welding, building and tunneling can be done underwater?

Neil Gould is a member of the Board of Directors

Exopolitics Institute

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