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Michael Salla Delivers Valuable Overview of the Secret Space Program

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Dr. Michael Salla has presented a valuable Big Picture overview and history of the Secret Space Program currently manifesting itself in both President Trump’s Space Force and, collaterally, with the Hillary/Podesta To The Stars Academy soft disclosure efforts that have accelerated in recent months.

Salla makes clear that these current revelations are part of the long history of this phenomena as William Bramley (The Gods of Eden), Jim Marrs (Alien Agenda) and many other excellent researchers have described.

Salla continues to lead the way in this controversial field which has seen the unofficial taboo disappear thanks to a variety of factors.  Those include the Clintons involvement with the Rockefeller Initiative; the work towards Disclosure of Dr. Steven Greer; Paradigm Research Group leader Stephen Bassett’s relentless campaign to end the Truth Embargo; the excellent research of Richard Dolan; the seminal work in Exopolitics of Alfred Webre in the late 1970’s; the New York Times publishing front page articles on the topic; Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt’s in depth investigations; and the willingness of the military to share some of its secrets.

These individuals often disagree or even clash, something to be expected under the circumstances. But each new day brings fresh revelations that appear to corroborate the possibility that we have been visited by alien craft even if most of what is seen in our skies is merely our advanced technology on display….possibly reversed engineered….but still of the Earth.

An excellent example of that occurred last night on the Jeff Rense Show when Dr. Bruce Cornish talked about a little known crash retrieval event in Wales in which meta material was recovered.  Scientists evaluating the debris think its strange patterns and composition may allow for Newtonian physics to be changed in such a way that gravity is suspended (bent) to enhance propulsion without crushing the spaceship’s occupants, thus allowing for interstellar travel.

Richard C. Hoagland is predicting that the special number of 19.5 related to his theory of hyper-dimensional physics may lead to a stunning announcement at yesterday’s mid-point of the 19th year of the 21st century, 7/1/19 (19.5)!

In his interview, Salla brings us up to date on the competition between the US Air Force and Navy and their parallel programs that are likely to converge within the new Space Force.

It remains to be seen whether any of what we are now learning is overt disinformation; a limited hang-out/soft disclosure effort to distract from the missing Pentagon trillions or some other nefarious plan possibly connected to establishing a One World Government.

What Salla, Dolan, Bassett, Greer, Hoagland and others have done is augment a serious conversation about a crucial subject as well as help lift the veil of secrecy that has come to dominate modern life.  This is a valuable contribution that hopefully will lead to a positive transformation of our world and a far better future for us all.

Rich Scheck
July 2, 2019

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Space Is The Place – There’s GOLD In Them There – Asteroids!

Is this what President Trump’s Space Force is really all about?

Love him or hate him, the former New York realtor is a shrewd businessman with a long history of dabbling in every kind of enterprise from airlines to vodka and sport’s teams to high quality meats.

News of a nearby asteroid worth $700 quintillion in precious heavy metals no doubt has gotten his full attention and fueled his enthusiasm for promoting NASA’s ambitious plans to return to the Moon by 2024…. and then go to Mars.

The recent craze about tic-tacs, puffs of methane gas on Mars, strange lights on the Moon and other unusual events related to UFOs has gotten those who are eager to see an end to The Truth Embargo about ETs all excited.

But the real deal about Space may have more to do with hard cash and endless amounts of Gold than alien autopsies, leaked notes about downed ET craft, faces on Mars and the other mysterious doings that have made the headlines in recent weeks.

And when it comes to Big Deals, Trump can smell the money from 3 AUs away! That’s why he assigned son-in-law Jared Kushner the new technology portfolio in his Administration.

It is likely the father of Donald’s grandchildren by Ivanka has positioned himself to benefit from whatever transpires in the emerging space economy that Catherine Austin Fitts has described in great detail.

It was rumored that Kushner and Sheldon Adelson were among the private investors who financed the Israeli probe to the Moon, Beersheet, that made it into lunar orbit before apparently crashing due to technical glitches.

The new club of space billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Elon Musk are eyeing the heavens like the pick and shovel ’49ers of old.  But they will rely on robots, new rocket ships, advanced propulsion systems, AI, quantum computers and all the other paraphernalia of modern science instead of pack mules to get the job done.

The High Frontier of Space rather than the hills of California or the mountains of Alaska are where those in search of massive wealth have set their sights.  As Fitts, Joseph Farrell, Richard Dolan and other writers have stated, the missing trillions from the Pentagon may have already been siphoned off into a Secret Space Program as part of a Breakaway Civilization.  

The nerdy scientists, Tin Foil Hat crowd and those who indulge their Fortean forte for the esoteric and mystery school teachings regarding Disclosure and Ascension can keep on trucking with their books, conferences and impressive videos.

The literal smart money will probably be in Space where greedy Wall Street types and their ilk like President Trump pursue space commercialization with giant aerospace corporations like Lockheed, Boeing, Grumann and Raytheon privatizing their profits via secrecy and patents while socializing most of the cost into orbit which is financed by the taxpayers via NASA and the military.

Whatever intention Trump had to echo the sentiments of President Kennedy, who wanted to go to the Moon with the Soviets, or President Reagan, who reminded Gorbachev and the world at the UN that a common external threat from off-planet forces might require cooperation to save the Earth, Trump Derangement Syndrome and the Russiagate scandal probably have undermined that agenda.

Trump has shown himself more than willing to discard international law and reject treaties that he feels block making America great again.  It is safe to say that at this point he would have no reluctance to ignore or withdraw from the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 that proscribed privatizing the resources of space.

Yup:  Space is the Place for the future soldiers of fortune and businessmen willing to undertake the journey whether through their investment dollars or on-board like Han Solo!

Rich Scheck
Mount Vista, WA
June 27, 2019

2020 Foresight:  Are We Headed for World War III, Full Disclosure or Both?

Gerald Celente is famous for predicting that currency wars lead to trade wars which lead to shooting wars.  That’s the pattern that preceded both world wars of the 20th century and that’s what we have now.

In fact, one can make the argument that it is all one Long War like Dick Cheney predicted or that it is a continuation of the Crusades that Bush, Jr. let slip once soon after 9/11.

Can you say Clash of Civilization or Albert Pike?  James Redfield alluded to this process in Chapter 2 of The Celestine Prophecy entitled “The Longer Now.”

For those who have read William Bramley’s The Gods of Eden, you will recall that the book started out as his exploration of the causes of war before ending up as an overview of ETs and UFOs.

In other words, there is a clear connection between war and space because the same advanced technology that allows countries to go off planet has enormous potential for use as powerful weapons.  Can you say Star Wars (SDI), Space Force or the Nazi Bell program?

The latest crisis in the Middle East once again sees an escalation of tensions that could readily boil over into a global conflagration even more dramatic than what we saw in the first half of the twentieth century.

Simultaneously we have an increase in the observation of UFOs and a semi-official form of soft disclosure wherein the government is finally admitting they are real with the military tracking them.

To the extent that the official narrative couches the phenomena as a threat, it serves as justification for keeping the endeavor secret as a way of protecting national security.  Even the alleged attack on the Japanese tanker involved an “Unexplained Flying Object” reinforcing the theme that serves the MIC/Deep State agenda for more funding and virtual secrecy.

My suspicious mind keeps flashing red that the entire TTSA and ATTIP process including the Wilson leaks is a highly sophisticated, well-coordinated psychological operation serving the Deep State’s Agenda for more weapons and funding.

I am so wary of the seeming coincidences and convenient events that on some level I suspect that Trump coordinated the latest crisis with Prime Minister Abe during his recent visit to Japan.  There’s an outside chance that the Iranian Mullahs are also part of this “conspiracy” in which tensions are ratcheted up prior to the G20, thus laying the foundation for Xi, Putin and Trump to meet in a Yalta like Summit to work out the New World Order and save the day with no more bloodshed.

Such a bold scenario on the Grand Chessboard might entail a whole range of agreements reflecting the need for a new global financial architecture to replace the petrodollar; an end to the trade wars wherein the US joins OBOR; environmental concessions to address pollution issues; some sort of recognition of Palestinian rights as a first step to ending Middle East wars; and not least, some form of Disclosure with a plan for space cooperation rather than the militarization of the New Frontier.

All these things are possible, although unlikely.  The current situation has been aggravated by Trump Derangement Syndrome that has blocked whatever good intentions Trump had towards improved relations with Russia and China.

To the extent that Russiagate is being masterminded by VERY Deep State elements that prefer the continuation of the status quo with Space privatized and weaponized to insure imperial domination by the West, it is important for those who are so enthusiastic about soft disclosure to provide as much or more attention to the CONTEXT of the recent leaks as they do to their exciting content such as the Wilson/Davis notes describing a crashed alien craft.

Such a deep dive into who and what are behind the leaks and who benefits might yield the name of Robert Swan Mueller, 3rd as a key MJ12 type figure pulling lots of strings to the benefit of a select few.

I remain hopeful that the G20 will yield positive benefits at this most dangerous moment since the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It is also possible that things might rapidly deteriorate as push comes to shove with the war-like instincts of ego-driven leaders and military men eager to prove who is top dog.

We can also continue to muddle through in our current state of hostile rhetoric, proxy wars, a dubious soft disclosure and the immiseration of the middle class with trillions wasted on endless wars and funds secretly siphoned off by the Deep State as described so well by Catherine Austin Fitts.

Another scenario might see full disclosure and WWIII followed by the creation of a dystopia such as  portrayed in the Hunger Games, Blade Runner, Elysium and other sci-fi classics.

The immediate future is fraught with great danger and the potential for major breakthroughs that can lay the groundwork for peace and prosperity for billions of Earthlings.  Our fate is in the hands of flawed leaders but we are not helpless.  Our prayers, vigilance and activism can play a role in guiding them to make the right decisions.

We may be even receiving assistance from off-planet or interdimensional entities some call angels, others  label ETs and some consider demons.  It is a complicated situation.  May God have mercy on us and see us through to a better day!

Rich Scheck
Vancouver, WA
June 22, 2019

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