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ADHD – Always Dialed into Higher Dimensions

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This film is more about the interviewer, Joe Bilbow, than the interviewee, Neil Gould. Joe Bilbow is Neil Gould’s nephew who is challenged with ADHD and Asbergers Syndrome and under the care and support of the local council.

In this interview it is clear that Joe is exoconscious and more suited to the new and forthcoming cosmic reality, a stark contrast to the mundane and depressing skewered world around him which he rejects and challenges for all the right exopolitical reasons.

Joe tackled the exopolitical questions in great depth challenging his uncle, covering the ET issue; abductions, super technology, disclosure, holographic universe and religion. His challenged mindset leads the interview into areas, which include ADHD cosmic awareness that the very people who support him, are unable to even perceive.

Well done Joe Bilbow, you are truly out there!



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Exo-Education: Hong Kong UFO USA Tour 2013










Tour Master Jake Gould, Cheuk Fei and Neil Gould, with the Chinese Group.


On 12th October 2013 a historic event took place in Exopolitical arena, a group of 20 Chinese UFO enthusiasts departed from Hong Kong and China en route to the USA under the tutelage of Neil Gould – Director of Exopolitics Institute, Cheuk FeiHK media host MJ13, Jake Gould –Exo-filmmaker and Stan Ho – Exo Cert., for the exo-tour of a lifetime. The objectives were to engage in discussions with top exopolitical researchers, contactees and experience the paranormal at the infamous Bradshaw Ranch, UFO sightings and to take part in human initiated ET contact -CE5 (close encounters of the fifth kind), a program endorsed by the Exopolitics Institute Certification Program.


2 weeks before departure workshops were arranged in Hong Kong to train the participants in CE5 protocols and to prepare them in facing new and altered realities. The CE5 was performed inside an office on the 14th floor in Cheuk Fei’s WebTV studio downtown Hong Kong. Stan Ho had provided reading material beforehand. He then prepared a series of lectures to the group, which included, Contact, 6th man on the moon Dr Edgar Mitchell’s work on the Quantum Hologram and historic aspects of Exopolitics including a document on Einstein and Oppenheimer. Stan Ho holds an Exopolitics Certificate; he is working towards his Exopolitics Diploma. Neil and Jake led the CE5 and within seconds each of the radars went off individually, indicating an ETV lock-on. After the group meditation was over half the participant were dizzy and several reported vivid dreams.












Bigalow’s Aerospace Complex with Alien Insignia



Upon arrival in the USA the first visit was to Janet airlines, then to Bob Bigalow’s  aerospace complex, then finally ending up at Area 51. The secret airline ferrying staff to and from Area 51, the Alien insignia on Bungalow’s rooftop; the shocking discovery that a shadow group was in control of a facility where should one cross the line, the use of deadly force is authorized; these issues stunned the Chinese group. Many simply became angry, some were deeply upset as they were forced to reevaluate their worldview. They now understood the structures and constructs that allowed the CIA to operate at Groom Lake; under the cover of “Indian Territory” to facilitate secrecy and its quasi legality.







ETV Following the Tour Bus – Credit Stan Ho



The following day the destination was Sedona; almost immediately as the coach left the luxurious Luxor Hotel in Vegas, silver daylight disks followed the bus the whole 3 hour journey, hovering both sides of the bus at perhaps a few thousand feet altitude; the group taking as many pictures as the “visitors” would allow. Upon arrival at the Enchantment Resort the group pondered the many rumors surrounding this controversial resort then headed for a group initiation and welcoming by the Sky-People through a local Shaman; his dancing and clapping rituals were physically exhausting leaving most of the group out of breath.













Shaman initiating the Hong Kong Tour Group



Up early in the morning the group headed for Sedona’s “Energy Vortices” and “Portals”, taking the opportunity to meditate and climb to the highest possible point hoping to adjust their minds in preparation for the CE5 that evening. Just before sunset the convoy of Jeeps led by Cheuk Fei headed for a clearing to set up for human initiated contact. Kim Carlsberg and Jake Gould set up the boom box to broadcast the “Call Tones” and the TV monitor and over the next few hours over 50 craft flew high up overhead; some craft were quite low facilitating good video opportunities. The following night the second CE5 produced 17 further sightings and a transdimensional manifestation on the ground less than 20 meters from a small group. As the dome shape object twinkled on the ground it attracted Kim Carlsberg to walk over followed by Andrew French, a student at the Exopolitics Institute Certification Program. The outline of a life form leaving the ship was clearly visible to those standing nearby.












CE-5  Galactic Diplomacy Preparations.











Neil facing an Interdimensional Being – Bradshaw ranch




















Stan Ho Captures on Film a Grey Manifesting through Syncronicity at the Bradshaw Ranch



Tom Dongo, Sedona’s veteran UFO and paranormal researcher held the group spellbound with accounts of anomalous events around Sedona and on the Bradshaw Ranch. This prompted a visit by the group to the Bradshaw Ranch; interdimensional beings were photographed and videoed walking in front of Neil Gould; Stan Ho caught the beings in photographs as synchronicities pulled at the fields of consciousness drawing out the ET faces from the local scrub. The group caught orbs, lights and faces that formed from a smoky etheric substance. All these events were topped when Kim Carlsberg appealed to the beings to give a sign that they were truly there; the group’s attention was transfixed on the windmill, which was stationary. At the end of Kim’s plea, the windmill began to turn without any evidence of wind. These phenomenon’s will be available in the video release of this Exo-tour.












Abductee – Travis Walton and Silian Wong



An encounter with Travis Walton shed tears amongst the Group; a painful account of his life and the years of having to come to terms with being accidentally hit by an energy beam from an ET craft. Travis spent the afternoon with the Group and brought them to the actual site of his abduction.












Cheuk Fei, Dr Kitei, Neil Gould, Paola Harris, Yan Jin


There was one last stop before returning to Hong Kong and China; Phoenix, home of Dr Lynne Kitei who gave a superb presentation on the Phoenix lights. This was followed by a huge surprise for Stan Ho and Andrew French, both are students of Paola Harris  a well known researcher, instructor and  Director at the Exopolitics Institute Certification Program; in walked Paola, unannounced, hugging her students, their jaws dropping to the ground, they were blown away, a surprise prepared in secret by the hosts.













Paola Harris meeting her students; Stan Ho and Andrew French during the Exo- Tour.






Neil Gould & Cheuk Fei with TOUR MASTER: Jake Gould  [Farewell at Airport in Las Vegas]


The Exopolitical tour had been a total success, each of the participants had confirmed that they had experienced a true shift in consciousness and each person realized that they had a difficult journey ahead to convince their friends and family about what they had experienced…….however….they have it all on film!



The UFO USA TOUR will be made into a Chinese TV Documentary with cutting edge footage never caught on film before.


The CE5 on this exo-tour was part of a qualifying program at the Exopolitics Institute Certification Program towards the Exopolitics Diploma.

Galactic Diplomacy: The Greys

j-rod-sketch_013By Neil Gould

Continuing in this series of video interviews on Galactic Diplomacy Neil Gould and Cheuk Fei of Hong Kong Media platform MJ13 provide exopolitical commentary, this time, on a species of extraterrestrials known as the Greys.


[This video is in ENGLISH with Chinese subtitles. Please wait

5 minutes for the ENGLISH to begin]

Neil Gould and Cheuk Fei  –  THE GREYS


Discussed are the analytical shortfalls within “Ethnocentrism” in analyzing the social structures of this ubiquitous species – “Greys”; a humanoid species perhaps poorly understood as being one homogeneous race sharing the same agenda/scientific imperatives, abducting and gathering human DNA. Testimony from abductees, military, whistle-blowers and contactees have shown that there are many species of Greys, brilliantly illustrated by Exopolitics Institute Certification Programe Course instructor Manuel Lamiroy at website. Manuel pushes the boundaries on exobiology using a mind map to depict the different “Exophenotypes” across a range of ET species.

The discussion and analysis includes the “Hive Minds” of the Greys and alleged abilities at “topological thinking” at speeds faster than the fastest computers known to mankind. The neurological superiority of Greys with discussion on the various cases, that specifically depict humans fearing Greys [per Dr David Jacobs] and Greys that have worked lovingly and positively with contactees, such as Suzanne Hansen [per Mary Rodwell]; Greys who have been seen with Annunaki such as the case involving Futant and Contactee Neil Freer.

The lack of Exopolitical education and lack of interdisciplinary processes within our educational institutions coupled with a media truth embargo and government secrecy are totally responsible for mankind’s lack of understanding of the greater cosmic ecology, embedded within a convoluted multiverse comprising of infinite frequencies and densities.


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