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Hawking: Exopolitical Didactics

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By Neil Gould

This article provides compelling evidence that the statement made by Hawking with regard to “avoiding contact with ET life” may well have been one of Hawking’s last great contributions to humanity by using didactics [or reverse psychology] ensuring that the subject matter would be palatable to, and enter the mainstream media stimulating Exopolitical debate amongst academics and scholars worldwide. This article begins with a statement by Canadian ex Minister of Defense, a proponent to the view that ET life is engaging our planet. Hawking’s credibility, underpinned by the mainstream academia includes research into Cosmology and the physics which deal with the manifestation of life in the universe [Top Down Cosmology]. He used this sturdy platform to explode his message into the public domain; by stealth. Finally the article introduces other great minds, all of who lay testimony to the fact that they received downloaded information, some from Ets that have served to advance humanity’s technological abilities. One of whom, a Rocket Scientist testifies that he was told by Hawking that he too had received complicated mathematical formulas by way of dreams.

“Former federal defence minister Paul Hellyer, 86, believes not only that aliens have visited Earth but also that they have contributed greatly to human technological advances”.

Paul Hellyer nailed it in one, so did Paola Harris [in personal communications with me] and Dr Salla in an Examiner article [see: ] The focal point of Hellyer’s statement is: “Alien contribution to our technical advances” because therein reside the clues to the intentions behind Hawking’s missive.

Stephen William Hawking, CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA (born 8 January 1942) is a British theoretical physicist and amongst his many other attributes, the author of A Brief History of Time.

“If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans,” said Hawking. He advocated that, rather than try to establish contact, man should try to avoid contact with alien life forms”

His statement sent ripples across the mainstream media networks worldwide and encouraged debates amongst academics and scholars all of whom are in full physical health except that their minds are nailed to the limitations of an imposed and skewered world view.

Ripples were felt across Asia and in Hong Kong I was awakened the very next morning to join a discussion on RTHK 3; [mainstream radio in Hong Kong] guests included an Australian Astrophysicist and two Anthropologists. [Begins after 5mins of news]

The resulting debate affirmed just how short sighted and brainwashed these academics/professors really are with regard to ET life and/or UFOs engaging our planet. An apt term used to describe some of the reasons behind this syndrome was once given to me by Author of Sapiens Rising, Neil Freer; called “tenure tetanus”. I never forgot it!

We know that efforts by Exopoliticians in getting Exopolitically related news, such as Hawking’s references to ET life, [irrespective of whether Ets are good or bad] into the mainstream is dam near impossible, therefore we should be looking closer at exactly what the intent might have been behind Hawking’s statement. Was it to get Exopolitics into the mainstream media? Perhaps this was a final contribution to humanity from a man whose cosmic mind is embedded in a frail, degenerating and dieing body [Hawking has a neuro-muscular dystrophy a condition that has progressed over the years and has left him almost completely paralysed] who paradoxically created a wormhole or portal right through the ET truth embargo at light speed, simply using nothing but the energy of his great mind? If it were so, well it certainly worked! Hawking’s had spent a lifetime contemplating the fabric of the universe and trying to find a unified theory that took into account the larger objects such as the planets as well as the quantum particles such as photons and electrons.

“Hawking’s many other scientific investigations have included the study of quantum cosmology, cosmic inflation, helium production in anisotropic Big Bang universes, large N cosmology, the density matrix of the universe, topology and structure of the universe, baby universes, Yang-Mills instantons and the S matrix, anti de Sitter space, quantum entanglement and entropy, the nature of space and time, including the arrow of time, spacetime foam, string theory, supergravity, Euclidean quantum gravity, the gravitational Hamiltonian, Brans-Dicke and Hoyle-Narlikar theories of gravitation, gravitational radiation, and wormholes””.

At a George Washington University lecture in honor of NASA’s fiftieth anniversary, Hawking theorized on the existence of extraterrestrial life, believing that “primitive life is very common and intelligent life is fairly rare. His physics tutor, Robert Berman, later said in The New York Times Magazine:

“It was only necessary for him to know that something could be done, and he could do it without looking to see how other people did it. […] He didn’t have very many books, and he didn’t take notes. Of course, his mind was completely different from all of his contemporaries.”

This brings us to the very point of this article; how do ET’s contribute to our knowledge and technology and was Hawking aware of this phenomenon or indeed was he party to Technology Transfers from Ets through a process called “quantum entanglement” a subject that he had investigated. Hawking had found entropy within the chaotic universe; such entropy included consciousness, or the observer, a key component perhaps, in operating DNA and driving the primordial soup into life forms; including advance life.

I had heard the term many times before; “A flash of genius”. Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 ? 7 January 1943) was an inventor and a mechanical and electrical engineer. Tesla was ultimately ostracized and regarded as a mad scientist; yet he was the father of commercial electricity and known for many revolutionary steps in electromagnetism which helped usher in the second Industrial Revolution. Tesla reported seeing flashes of light and was able to download information [allegedly from Ets] which contributed to his numerous inventions. Tesla was able to hold images of full working models in his mind in the same way today’s modern CAD engineers do on industrial design computer screens using complicated software. It was the antics of JP Morgan which brought Tesla down when JP Morgan realized that he could not put a meter on radiant energy, invented by Tesla.

Another brilliant mind, John Searl, an electrical engineer has been thrust forward into the limelight. Regarded by many as ‘The Godfather’ of free energy or zero point energy science, Professor John Searl believes his magnetic generator, the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), can save our planet from economic and environmental disaster. Searl alleges that he was downloaded with “squares” which represented configurations for his coils in dealing with his inventions within the realms of electromagnetism.

In his book, ‘America’s fall from Space,’ David Adair tells the story of the U.S. space program through the eyes of a child prodigy turned top rocket scientist. Building his first rocket at the age of 11, David soon had progressed to the point that he was drawing attention to his exploits by people such as General Curtis LeMay and Werner Von Braun.

His complicated mathematical formulas found their way to Dr. Stephen Hawking, who at that time had just received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Astrophysics and was at the beginning of his own career. When they met and David was asked for the source of his formulas, he sheepishly replied that many came to him in dreams. To that Stephen Hawking replied, “I get a lot of my ideas through dreams also. We dream on the same wavelength; therefore, that makes us brothers.”

It has always been so, that mankind is mentored by extra terrestrials, [See Dr Salla article] perhaps intent on seeing us through the nuclear age unscathed, perhaps also in assisting us with the technology required to preserve our environment [a new world if you can take it ? an ET told Col. Philip Corso]. Human consciousness has propelled itself through the medium of Hollywood, prodding our consciousness, manifesting as great movies in particular AVATAR. Hawkins has faith that by the end of the debate we will have overcome the knee jerk xenophobia, as we come to terms and confront “his ugly didactic wolf” and replace it with the newborn lamb of common sense. Any hostile civilization could have taken us out long ago. We would not need to search and contact ET; they know we are here; their technology would have alerted them to the presence of fledgling civilizations eons ago. Mankind has to reflect back upon himself that indeed we are the wolf; Hawking is hinting that the true threat to galactic harmony are we humans, who have polluted their planet and weaponized space; a danger to other cosmic cultures.
Perhaps the quote by Martin Luther King Jr sums up Hawkins concerns for humanity.

Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.

Neil Gould  is a Member of the Board of Directors
Exopolitics Institute

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In Defense of Exopolitical research and Study

By Neil Gould

Subject: Videos [fake] vs Research and Witness testimony
The field of Exopolitics enables the exopolitically minded/educated researcher to not hyper focus on quantitative evidence [can be tampered with] but to use time for a more scholarly approach to the UFO issue. The emphasis within the forum discussions about “fake videos” carries a negative bias that could discard the baby with the bath water. [Such as a genuine sighting or even Nick Pope]. However, we know UFO’s are real from whistleblowers testimony; an example the Donald Keyhoe interview by Mike Wallace in the 1950’s

We are with full knowledge that many people have seen UFOs and in certain cases have interacted with the occupants of craft; [Travis Walton, NeilFreer, Jim Sparks, George Adamski, Meier, Orfeo Angelucci etc]. There are others on this forum that have first hand experience. Photos and videos play an important part for the optical physics [Bob Oechler, Bruce Maccabee etc] but witnesses, pilots, military, contactees etc give testimony that is up to western legal standards as to their reality. Researchers conducting face-to-face interviews with witnesses are key elements in validating the evidence. A further study of the psychodynamics between the researcher/clinician and witness help validate the experience.

There are red herrings in this field that have tripped up many a
well-meaning ufologist, inhibiting the progress of their research. If the video had been proven genuine. Well,we might well have been watching a terrestrial John Searl disc; then what? The Ufologist would be satisfied I guess; but then what?

We are blessed to have the field of exopolitics and even more blessed to have the Institute’s educational programs essential for those who really want to get out there to do the research. To some ufologists, Exopolitics is seen as the red rag to the bull; this reaction is to be expected when any new field of study is introduced which supercedes the old. [The description given by Copernicus of the field of astronomy that Earth is in daily motion about its axis and in yearly motion around a stationary sun was rejected by the Catholic Church].

Exopolitics has subsumed Ufology and provides for multidisciplinary studies of UFO related phenomenon. “Through collaborations and meetings with clinicians, “experiencers”, psychologists, epidemiologists, historians, physicians, philosophers, anthropologists, physicists, theologians, and political scientists, Dr. Mack has encouraged members of different disciplines to bring their talents to this exploration”.

You know, things in our reality that reinforce the worldview are either fabricated scarcity, media truth embargos, holographic illusions, super technology, CGI or brainwashing and control mechanisms [Rockefeller; war of the worlds; social research project] and we are all victims of the politics on ontology. This pales the validation of a UFO video into insignificance, compared to how the reported story [THE SUN, Il Corriere della Sera] bashes against the worldview and how it serves to awaken a humanity on the brink of an ecological disaster; That’s exopolitics, the study of the political and social implications.
As for exopolitical researcher, Torbjorn Sasserson in Sweden; his predicament is a reality, the very worldview that I mention is skinning this man and other heroes alive and I think the UFO video, fake or not, is a symptom and manifestation of that which we are not allowed to know about. So the ufologists should be investigating the fabric of this construct and making more positive contributions, rather than making mountains out of molehills.

Neil Gould is a Member of the Board of Directors
Exopolitics Institute

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