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Princeton University astrobiology certificate explores potential for extraterrestrial life

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Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

A Montage of Life Born in the Astronomical Context. Graphic by Keren E. Fedida: Planets and Life Certificate

Princeton University has just announced a “Planets and Life” Certificate program in astrobiology that offers students an interdisciplinary approach to the possibility of extraterrestrial life existing throughout the universe. Astrobiology, or ‘exobiology’ as it first developed, is a scientific discipline that by definition is interested in the biology of life beyond our planet. Astrobiology is attracting growing student and scientific attention due to the ongoing discovery of exoplanets. A recent announcement from scientists working on the Kepler Space Telescope that rocky earth-like planets are more prevalent than gas giants such as Jupiter and Saturn, has fueled scientific speculation that suitable life-bearing conditions are far more common than previously thought. This has led to the realization that due to the advanced age of some solar systems, older and more advanced intelligent life very likely can be found elsewhere in the galaxy. Astrobiology conferences organized by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Science in November 2009, and the Royal Society of London in January 2010 began the task of exploring the implications of extraterrestrial life found elsewhere in the galaxy. According to the Planets and Life Certificate program Director, Astrophysics Professor Adam Burrows, “Biology is experiencing a great renaissance … there are a lot of people making this the focus of their scientific work … It’s the fastest growing field in astronomy.”

The student body at Princeton, a private university that relies on student tuition for operational expenses, was a key factor in the development of the Life and Planets astrobiology program. It was students who had earlier completed one of the courses taught by evolutionary biology professor Laura Landweber, that formed an Astrobiology Club and pushed for the creation of the certificate program. Professor Landweber’s course, AST 255 “is an introduction to astrobiology and explores topics like the origin of life on Earth and the possibility of extraterrestrial life on Mars and Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.” Clearly, the question of life on Mars and elsewhere in our solar system is something that continues to inspire keen student interest.

A key aspect of the new astrobiology program is that it will be interdisciplinary. According to the Princeton University News Release, the program allows “students to take cognate courses in nine departments: astrophysics, chemistry, ecology and evolutionary biology, geosciences, molecular biology, mechanical and aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, chemical and biological engineering, and computer science.” Noticeably missing from the list of departments are the social sciences of political science and sociology.

Most recently, Professor Stephen Hawking, a member of the Royal Society of London that sponsored the January 2010 astrobiology conference, took scientific speculation on extraterrestrial life to its logical conclusion by introducing political and sociological questions. He asked what would they be like in terms of their motivations, and would their political agenda involve resource acquisition to the degree that they might threaten the earth? Hawking’s introduction of political and sociological questions to the study of extraterrestrial life is part of the nascent field of exopolitics which has yet to be formally acknowledged by Princeton or any other university. While Princeton’s astrobiology certificate for the moment emphasizes the natural sciences in its interdisciplinary program, it’s hard to justify the exclusion of exopolitical questions when the world’s foremost astrophysicist, Stephen Hawking, is explicitly raising such questions. Princeton University is to be congratulated for creating a pioneering interdisciplinary certificate program in the growing field of astrobiology. With time, however, the program will need to expand its certificate program in order to systematically address exopolitical questions, that cannot and should not be excluded from an interdisciplinary study of extraterrestrial life in the Galaxy.

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Hiding the truth in plain sight – Hollywood’s coverage of extraterrestrial visitation

On Monday night, September 20, NBC premieres its new show – The Event. The Event is a high powered television mini-series that shows a black U.S. President who is given possession of a highly classified file about a program that he officially had not been made aware by his national security officials. In the NBC trailer (see below), he has a confrontation with his CIA Director, who informs the President that only those with a need-to-know were informed about the classified program. The President declares to the CIA Director that by virtue of the office of the President, he has need-to-know. The President learns that the program involves 97 prisoners or mysterious ‘others’ being held in a secure facility in Alaska. He travels there to meet them and their leader. He then announces a major Press Conference and a failed assassination attempt then ensues. While the NBC trailer of The Event does not explicitly mention the ‘others’ as extraterrestrials, the context does point firmly in that direction.

A number of UFO researchers claim inside knowledge of who the ‘others’ being held in Alaska are. Larry Lowe, a veteran UFO researcher, claims: “I can assure you that the viewer will be treated to the unprecedented visualization of the President of the United States finally admitting to the public that ET exists—and that some of them look a lot like us and are here on the planet already.” We will have to watch the series to learn who the ‘others’ are and what The Event is all about. If it is about an officially sanctioned UFO cover-up, the Event would be the latest in a long line of Hollywood productions that hides the truth about extraterrestrial visitation in plain sight. Putting the truth out in the open through various movies and television series makes the public aware of a possible official cover-up of extraterrestrial life while simultaneously making it appear to be science fiction.

Hiding the truth in plain sight is not limited to Hollywood and the entertainment industry putting out movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Star Trek, The Day the Earth Stood Still; or television series such as X-Files, Stargate SG-1, Battlestar Galactica, and most recently V. There has been a decades long series of testimonies by whistleblowers from the government, military and corporate sectors; and leaked official documents that all point to secret government and corporate involvement with an extraterrestrial presence. Such testimonies and documents typically suffer from the same mix of a lack of supporting hard evidence, inconsistencies in whistleblower testimonies, and even character flaws making it all hard to accept. This is despite the obvious sincerity of those disseminating the information who are typically convinced of its earth shaking significance. Many of these testimonies and documents ultimately find their way to a Hollywood scriptwriter who puts out another compelling movie/TV series that many believe must be close to the truth, but which skeptics can easily dismiss as science fiction. If an observer from another world visited our planet, they would be intrigued at how well the truth about extraterrestrial visitation is hidden in plain sight.

Unraveling the truth about extraterrestrial visitation, government, military and corporate cover-ups, and the extent to which Hollywood and the entertainment industry is involved is no easy task. Fortunately, some do specialize in exposing the link between Hollywood and extraterrestrial visitation. Paola Harris holds a Master’s Degree in Education and has been researching UFOs for over 30 years. She has written a series of books detailing the testimonies of many of the hundreds of whistleblowers and witnesses she has personally interviewed. Some of their testimonies reveal the very important role played by Hollywood in hiding the truth in plain sight. In an online course titled “The Role of Hollywood and the Media in the Disclosure Process,” Ms Harris reveals how Hollywood and the entertainment industry is gradually preparing the public for the truth about extraterrestrial life. If you want to learn more about how Hollywood is part of a gradual disclosure process, then you’re in luck since her Fall Semester class has just begun.

If you want to learn what The Event is and who are the mysterious ‘others’ held secretly in Alaska, then tune in to NBC on Monday at 9 pm EDT. If The Event does indeed feature a black President officially announcing the existence of extraterrestrial visitors that look just like us, then Hollywood may finally go a step beyond hiding the truth in plain sight, and be actually preparing us for an impending government disclosure of the truth.

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

[Further info: Hollywood and the Media in the Disclosure Process or here for related article]

UFO Uprising concert in Denver coincides with extraterrestrial Ballot Initiative

CD cover for Muse hit single, Uprising

On October 2, the popular British Rock group Muse travels to Denver for a concert that is part of their North American Resistance Tour. Muse is best known for its number one hit Uprising and other songs featuring themes of revolutionary change, ending UFO secrecy, and government mind control. In their recent two night concert stint in Wembley, England before a combined audience of 150,000, a giant UFO appeared as a prop with Muse singing Exo-gensis from their 2009 Resistance album. Muse’s Resistance Tour arrives in Denver during a truly revolutionary event. The proposed creation of an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission through a ballot initiative officially titled Initiative 300. The brainchild of Denver City resident Jeff Peckman, Initiative 300 aims to educate the citizens of Denver about issues concerning extraterrestrial life. Debate about Peckman’s Extraterrestrial Commission heats up around the same time as Muse’s Resistance Tour hits town to inspire a North American uprising against UFO secrecy.

Muse is a three person rock band with a number of songs referring to government secrecy over UFOs and extraterrestrial life. The most explicit was titled exo-politics and featured on their 2006 album, Black Holes and Revelations. The exo-politics song featured lyrics about a false flag operation where the government would imitate the Zeta, extraterrestrials from Zeta Reticulum, in a staged invasion.

When the Zetas fill the skies
it’s just our leaders in disguise
fully loaded satellites
will conquer nothing but our minds. (Exo-politics)

Such a scenario is not far fetched as evidenced by Dr Carol Rosin who has claimed that a staged alien invasion was privately revealed to her by Dr Wernher Von Braun shortly before his death in 1977. According to Rosin, Von Braun warned that an extraterrestrial invasion would be staged after a shadowy transnational governmental corporate group had exhausted other threats to manipulate the world public. These were successively international communism, rogue nations, global terrorism, and asteroids.

In its latest album, Resistance, Muse advocates full scale uprising against government institutions hiding the truth behind UFOs and its nefarious mind control activities. The lyrics in its number one hit single Uprising, which won an MTV award for special effects on Sept 11, 2010, says it all:

Another, packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed
And all the, Green belts wrapped around our minds
And endless, red tape to keep the truth confined
(so come on)
They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious
so come on

Muse’s popularity and influence as a cultural force can’t be underestimated. The revealing lyrics and revolutionary fervor have hit a chord with a generation of youth disenchanted with government lies over UFOs and mind control to dampen down public awareness. With over 350,000 followers on Twitter, Muse could easily inspire the revolutionary fervor featured in its song lyrics.

Peckman’s (exopolitical) approach is less confrontational than Muse’s clarion call of revolutionary uprising against a global system designed to keep the public in the dark about the truth behind UFOs and mind control. Peckman wants to begin with a modest educational reform program led by local governments in control of Extraterrestrial Affairs Commissions. He has created an eight page education ‘newspaper’ that will printed for mass public distribution during the run up to the November 2010 election. In it he cites a book by  Michael Luckman, Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection, that reveals how earlier rock stars such as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson were strong supporters of government coming clean about the extraterrestrial origins of UFOs. Luckman’s book  goes into great detail into why Presley, Jackson along with John Lennon, David Bowie and other rock stars became fascinated by UFOs and the extraterrestrial issue. Peckman designed his extraterrestrial initiative (officially called Initiative 300) so it wouldn’t cost Denver tax payers a dime. Still, opponents with the help of the mainstream media are distorting the intent behind Peckman’s Initiative 300, and claiming the City of Denver can’t afford such a Commission in the present economic climate.

Despite strident opposition from skeptics and even some UFO groups, Peckman succeeded in getting his initiative on to the November elections ballot. If the initiative is passed, the resulting Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission will spark a series of similar local government initiatives. While the odds have been against him from the start, Peckman’s muses have smiled upon him so far. Muse’s Denver Resistance concert comes just in time for Peckman’s ballot efforts, and may kickstart a real UFO uprising!

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For more info visit: Extraterrestrial Affairs Campaign Website

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