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Duke Brickhouse is a former trial lawyer and entertainment attorney who has refocused his life’s work to exposing the truth of our subjugated planet and to help raise humanity’s collective consciousness at this crucial moment in our planet’s history, in order to break out of the dark and negative false reality that is preventing the natural development of our species, to put our planet on a path of love, light and harmony in preparation for our species’ ascension to a fourth density, and to ultimately take our rightful place in the galactic community.

Brit Amateur Astronomer Captures UFO Leaving Moon

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by Callum Hoare               October 3, 2018                  (

• Jason Callum from the town of Bracknell in Berkshire county, southeast England, was using his telescope to look at craters on the Moon. To his astonishment, a black object moved across the lunar landscape from right to left. (see 10:26 minute video below)

A British skywatcher got the surprise of his life when he spotted a UFO flying past the moon and now conspiracy theorists think it could be a secret NASA cover-up.

Video footage shows the moment Jason Callum aimed his telescope at the lunar surface to get a better look at the craters.

But what he ended up uncovering left him stunned.

The clip, captured from Bracknell, Berkshire, shows the moment a small black object made its way across the screen, zooming from right to left.

Jason attempted to follow its journey, but once the light from the moon had gone, it was impossible to track.

So he uploaded the footage to his YouTube channel, asking followers what they thought it could be.

10:26 minute video of object passing over the Moon surface



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Elon Musk Plans On Sending People Past The Dark Side Of The Moon: Will They See Bases?

by Arjun Walia                      September 27, 2018                    (

• Elon Musk plans to take his SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to the Moon and Mars. Tom DeLonge of the ‘To the Stars Academy’ wants to tell the world that UFOs are real. Is this part of a plan by the world’s elite to further their own selfish agenda? Or it is truly intended to disclose the truth?

• Donald Trump has announced the United States’ intention of putting a base on the Moon. Private corporations are jumping on the opportunity for some type of space “tourism.”

• A Tokyo-based lunar exploration startup named Ispace has signed up for launches on Musk’s SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in 2020 and 2021. The first will carry a lunar lander into orbit around the Moon, and the second aims to put one on the moon’s surface so it can deploy a pair of rovers. And a Japanese billionaire has signed up for he and his guests to be the first paying passengers to travel around the Moon on a SpaceX rocket in the year 2023. Elon himself may even go on this voyage.

• Col. Ross Dedrickson is one of approximately 500 members of the United States military who have revealed the presence of extraterrestrials on the Moon. Dedrickson claims that in the late 1970’s extraterrestrials destroyed a nuclear weapon before it could be deployed on the Moon.

• Strange artifacts and bases have been said to exist on the ‘dark side’ of the Moon. The Society for Planetary research (SETI) has identified “Unusual Structures on the Far Side of the Moon in the Crater Paracelsus C”, which non-human beings may have built.

• Remote viewers like Ingo Swann and Dr. Paul Smith from the Stargate program have ‘seen’ strange structures and humanoid creatures on the Moon.

• Will Musk be allowed to go to the Moon? If so, what will he find there? Will Musk be allowed to talk about what they find?


Elon Musk is making a lot of noise with regards to space. His latest announcement that he plans to send multiple people not just to Mars but also to the Moon is making headlines in the alternative news community for several reasons. One of the reasons is because there has been a tremendous amount of controversy surrounding what exactly is going on in space.

This confusion was further sparked when the To The Stars Academy, founded by Tom Delonge, revealed a plan dedicated to letting the world know that unidentified flying objects are real, despite the fact that it is well known. This is for the mainstream. They’ve released several videos in cooperation with the US government, and the team consists of world-renowned scientists, recently retired defense employees from the US government, former senior intelligence officers, and a recently retired Director of Lockheed Aerospace, who has stated that the technology utilized in these objects can actually alter space & time. You can read more about that here.

UFO Disclosure

We are in the midst of mainstream UFO disclosure; whether this is coming from good intentions that have humanity’s best interests at heart is another question. The global elite has always used major phenomena, like terrorism, to create solutions and implement political actions that best meets their needs. And since world domination seems to be at the top of the list, some have even suggested that mainstream UFO disclosure is driven by an elitist desire to stage a false flag alien invasion. Of course it’s also possible that it’s driven by good people from within, who actually want to get the truth out to the public. Is that what we’re now seeing?

The fact remains, we now have credible testimony from hundreds of military people, scientists, and academicians. We also have actual radar data, and materials have been retrieved from these objects. This is no longer taboo, and a large portion of the world seems to be well aware that many of these strange objects might actually be extraterrestrial in origin.

To The Moon

But what about the Moon? Will Elon Musk actually be allowed to venture to the Moon if something ‘out of this world’ is really going on there? For years, the lore surrounding the dark side of the moon, strange artifacts, bases and more have all been hinted at. Reports of artificially made structures on the moon are both common and persistent. Among the first were from George Leonard’s 1976 book, Somebody Else is on the Moon.



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Top Five Pilot Encounters With UFOs

by Robbie Graham                   September 27, 2018                (

• Cases of pilot encounters with UFOs stand among the most credible and dramatic ever recorded. Here are five of the most compelling:

1. Japan Airlines – On November 17, 1986, daytime, at 35,000 feet over northeastern Alaska, Japanese Airlines Boeing 747 cargo plane en route from Paris to Tokyo suddenly found itself facing two pairs of squarish arrays of pulsating “amber and whitish” lights each the size of a commercial jet, side-by-side, hovering directly in front of the aircraft. The objects lit up the cockpit where Captain Kenju Terauchi could feel heat on his face. Then the pilot noticed a third much larger “mothership” UFO eight miles away, toward which the two bright UFOs were heading. All of this was confirmed by radar at Anchorage flight control and a nearby Air Force base. After a half hour, the UFOs were gone. Years later, an FAA investigator publicly testified to a CIA cover-up of flight data relating to this event.

2. Frederick Valentich – On October 21, 1978, at 7:12 pm, 20-year-old Frederick Valentich vanished while was flying a Cessna 182L light aircraft over Australia’s Bass Strait. Just before his disappearance, Valentich had advised Melbourne air traffic control that he was being orbited by a large shiny craft with a green light 300 meters above him. Then he made is final statement, “[the] strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again. It is hovering and it’s not an aircraft.”  This was followed by a metallic scraping sound. No trace of Valentich or his aircraft was ever found.

3. Thomas Mantell – On January 7, 1948, 25 year old WWII vet Captain Thomas Mantell of the Kentucky Air National died while in pursuit of a UFO. The UFO was 300 ft. in diameter, white with a red border at the bottom. Against orders to break off pursuit, Mantell chased the UFO and got close enough to it to radio that the object was “metallic,” and of “tremendous size.” Then he lost consciousness, and his plane spiraled to the ground and crashed.

4. The ‘Tic Tac’ UFO – On November 14, 2004, (over the Pacific Ocean, off of the coast of San Diego), around noon on a clear day, the USS Princeton of the US Navy’s Nimitz carrier battle group instructed a pair of unarmed FA-18F Navy jets to intercept a radar blip. When pilots David Fravor and Jim Slaight reached the position, they noticed a disturbance in the ocean water below them, and then an object hovering 50 feet above the disturbance. The pilots described the UFO as resembling a large bright white “Tic Tac” (the breath mint) between 30 and 46 feet in length, with no visible engine or exhaust. As Fravor descended toward the object, it began to ascend, mirroring the Navy jet’s maneuvers. Then the UFO accelerated and was gone in two seconds.

5. Alderney, England – On 23 April 2007, Captain Ray Bowyer was flying a routine passenger plane from Southampton, England, to Alderney in the Channel Islands. For fifteen minutes, he and his passengers watched two very large, cigar-shaped UFOs, each a mile in length and emitting a brilliant yellow light, hovering stationary about 55 miles away. Peering through binoculars, Bowyer could distinguish their solid form. The plane flew to within 12 miles of the objects before the pilot flew away and landed. Another aircraft also confirmed the sighting.


If you’ve never done any research on the UFO topic, you might be forgiven for thinking that the only people who see them are hicks with worrying family trees; certainly this is the stereotype that has been perpetuated by Hollywood. In reality, however, UFOs are reported by men and women from all walks of life, and from all social and economic backgrounds: from burger-flippers to bankers, sex-workers to surgeons, pot-washers to politicians. With this in mind, it should come as little surprise that those who spend their working days in the skies above us also see their fair share of anomalous aerial phenomena. Indeed, cases of pilot encounters with UFOs stand among the most credible and dramatic ever recorded in the history of this enduring enigma.

Here are five of the most compelling…

#5. Alderney Sighting, 2007

Captain Ray Bowyer got the fright of his life on 23 April 2007 while piloting a routine passenger flight from Southampton, England, to Alderney in the Channel Islands. Over a 15 minute period, he and his passengers witnessed two UFOs so large and imposing that Bowyer–a pilot with 18 years of flying experience–wanted nothing more than to land his aircraft as soon as humanly possible “and have a cup of tea.” Typical Brit.

Bowyer’s aircraft gradually converged on two stationary, cigar-shaped craft, each emitting a brilliant yellow light. To the naked eye, the objects appeared unnervingly large, despite initially being some 55 miles away, and Bowyer would later estimate that the two mystery craft were each up to a mile across. Bowyer also viewed the objects through 10X magnification binoculars, through which he could distinguish their seemingly solid form, which grew clearer still as his aircraft drew nearer to them.

Bowyer would later recall: “I found myself astounded but curious, but at 12 miles’ distance these objects were becoming uncomfortably large, and I was glad to descend and land the aircraft. Many of my passengers saw the objects as did the pilots of another aircraft, 25 miles further south [a plane near Sark, which confirmed the presence, general position and altitude of the first object from the opposite direction].”

The encounter was thoroughly investigated but remains unexplained. Bowyer conservatively maintains that what he and his passengers witnessed was “definitely nothing from around these parts.”

#4. USS Nimitz Radar/Visual Encounter, 2004

At around 12:30 EST on November 14, 2004, an operations officer aboard the guided missile cruiser USS Princeton contacted two airborne US Navy jet fighters from USS Nimitz, instructing the pilots to change their course and investigate an unidentified blip that was showing up on the Princeton’s radar. The first fighter aircraft was piloted by Commander David Fravor, with his weapon systems officer in the back seat. The second jet was piloted by Commander Jim Slaight.

The weather conditions that day were near perfect: blue sky, no cloud cover, calm sea. When the jet fighters–both FA-18F Super Hornets–arrived at the site of the radar blip, the crew of four could see nothing untoward in the air. Below them, however, on the surface of the sea, they noticed an area “the size of a Boeing 737 airplane with a smoother area of lighter color at the center,” as if the waves were breaking over a large object just under the surface. Moments later, the crew noticed a strange object hovering erratically some 50 feet above the disturbance in the water. Both pilots later described the unidentified object as resembling a large bright white “Tic Tac” between 30 and 46 feet in length, with no visible engine or exhaust plume.

As Commander Fravor started a circular descent towards the object, it began ascending along a curved path, keeping a safe distance from the F-18 and mirroring its trajectory. Fravor then attempted to plunge his fighter below the object. No chance. The UFO accelerated “like a bullet from a gun” and was lost from his sight in less than two seconds. The nature and origin of the object remain a mystery (at least officially).

In 2017, Fravor spoke publicly about his “Tic Tac” encounter as part of a broader and ongoing public initiative to draw attention to the Pentagon’s shadowy UFO study program (now allegedly shut down), officially titled the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).



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