Altitude Evolution & Integration to Process Disclosure

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According to Integral Theory, to live well in the modern world we need an ORANGE altitude or way of valuing, self-identifying, thinking. To live ecologically on the planet we need a more GREEN egalitarian altitude. To start living beyond dichotomies in a complex interconnected world we need a TEAL (initial level integral) altitude and beyond. The dysfunction we see in the political world today may be largely caused by a predominance of AMBER and RED altitudes in political leaders and the electorate. Those are, respectively, ethnocentric and self-promoting ways of understanding reality and relationships when, at a minimum, most of the electorate and leaders should at least be on a modern ORANGE, initially worldcentric, facts-based altitude. Thus, the majority of the population could well be “out of phase,” so to speak. The concept of “altitudes” itself derives from a combination of multiple research findings conducted by developmental psychologists.

Altitudes have to do with our predominant self-identities and interpretive capacities. Individuals blend altitudes but are supposed to have a predominant one. How many perspectives we are able to embrace with emotional comfort would depend on how inclusive our altitude is. Our political and exopolitical attitudes and responses to official and/or grassroots disclosure would depend on our altitudes.

To begin to understand benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations that want to relate more openly but are prevented from doing so by our altitudes and levels of awareness; to begin to more openly interact with them on various capacities-aspects (more on equal terms than as ‘primitives’ or as “immature children with dangerous toys”), we would possibly need an initial-level multi systemic TEAL and/or a highly integrative, subtle energies- comfortable, TURQUOISE altitude. But those (and even ORANGE and GREEN) altitudes would also have to be accompanied by a sufficient understanding and acceptance of a plurality of physical and non-physical, multi-level realities and how these may interact. Moreover, we would need to understand and value what is important and truth-based in AMBER altitude understandings in order for this segment of the human population to participate more constructively after Disclosure. These are MAJOR historical challenges but postponing them indefinitely would likely freeze social and cultural adaptation and dangerously bequeath management of a complex extraterrestrial presence into the hands of divisive mentalities.

However, only 3-5 % of individuals may be on a TEAL altitude in the Developed World and we are seeing cultural wars all over due to the predominant AMBER altitude in the U.S. and the rest of the world. However, some political leaders reflect an ORANGE, reason-based, facts-based altitude and some (gaining the upper hand due to a recent backlash) reflect mostly AMBER and RED altitudes in which beliefs trump facts. However, there’s a necessary connection with the sense of the Sacred in Amber that needs to remain. Also, tribal connectivity to all natural and simultaneously spiritual realities and elements should not be dismissed/neglected in ORANGE and other altitudes. Connectivity needs to be preserved.

Collectively, we need Disclosure of the ET presence to evolve but it would challenge us all and, most of all, AMBER and RED altitude experiencers of life. The other main challenge for all “altitudes” would be to accept our interconnecting relations between physical and non-physical existence as well as various “densities” or intermediate realities. A skewed acceptance of this connectivity is somewhat present in Red, Amber, a few Orange and some Teal and more inclusive altitudes. Each altitude has Good in it. Connecting – in fact surrendering – to the Sacred and with His cosmic order can help us express a healthy version of each of our altitudes. It is the LOVE that heals.

Most, even in integrative altitudes (TEAL and higher), reject the otherworldly or are uncomfortable with it or aren’t interested in it. It is a major flaw in any non-reductionist, transdisciplinary, meta theoretical attempt to create an inclusive, transformative, healing worldview capable of enlightening humanity, reconnecting it with Source and Cosmos. We can do it but we need to be much more highly inclusive. Integral Theory’s patterns offer many useful clues (pieces of the puzzle) on how the Cosmos manifests arising from Source. But as we move from altitude to altitude we shouldn’t lose direct experiential awareness that physical reality is not the only one or else our understanding will be even more partial and distorted. Without the otherworldly, without the multi-level connectivity arising from sacred Source and its patterns, the healing role of Integral is incomplete.

Integral Theory deals with single and collective aspects of experiential and objective expressions in body, mind, spirit. It gives us some important clues as to how subjects and things manifest, understand and organize in relations building up on a “part-whole,” relational unit called the “holon.” It brings together aspects of reality previously deemed incommensurable or impossible to connect logically. A an organizing principle, it is something and simultaneously its complementary opposite. It relates subjectivity and matter in individual and plural events, all arising from One Source of Consciousness and Being.

Then again, further developments partially based upon Integral Theory (like Lexi Neale’s “AQAL Cube”) can assist us with even further clues on how physical and non-physical realities may relate and I think that this is also fundamentally important, not as an escapist approach but to learn to truly accept how everything and how all of us are truly related. Please share, thank you.

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Giorgio Piacenza

After a clear UFO sighting with multiple witnesses within 300 feet in the Peruvian coastal town of "Chilca" in 1975, I participated with the Mission Rahma contact group and befriended several contactees from this and other contact efforts. I also researched many aspects of the UFO phenomenon for several decades and feel inclined to contribute in the confluence of philosophical and scientific perspectives.

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