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More CIA documents confirm validity of leaked Monroe JFK UFO document

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Summary of CIA Wiretap Document copy
Summary of analysis of Leaked CIA document in response to critical analysis. Source: Lee Nicholson

On May 19, 2014 Lee Nicholson from the popular Outpost Forum, announced the results of a detailed analysis of more declassified documents from the CIA electronic archives that help confirm the validity of a leaked document allegedly of a CIA wiretap of Marilyn Monroe and her closest friends. Monroe had been under CIA surveillance due to her friendship with the Kennedy brothers and communist sympathizers up to the time of her mysterious death on August 5, 1962, two days after the Wiretap document. The Wiretap document is a summary of her recent phone conversations where she planned a “tell all” press conference revealing President Kennedy’s secrets and knowledge about a retrieved UFO at a USAF facility. In response to a critical analysis of his initial article about his research at the CIA electronic archives, Nicholson analyzed further CIA documents that addressed the criticisms and published the results. His conclusion is that the Wiretap document matches authentic CIA documents so closely “that it could not have been faked without access to CIA archives.” Consequently, the leaked wiretap document is either an authentic CIA document leaked to the public, or a document that was created by some with access to the CIA archives who likely had authorization to do so.

In response to Nicholson’s first article released on April 14, four key points emerged in a critical analysis of his research. These were:

1. All CIA documents from that time frame contained a phrase on the bottom of the page which stated: “Automatically declassified by code xxxx on xx/xx/xxxx.” This is noticeably absent on the Marilyn wiretap document.

2. The classification “Top Secret – Not for publication” never appeared on documents. It is a non sequitur. The ranking of a document as “Top Secret” is and of itself the actual highest ranking, higher even than any document containing other code names or phrases along with the Top Secret stamp.

3. The document is also missing a border color. It should have a blue stripe on it.

4. The CIA was not using typewriters in 1963. By that time everything that was typed came from either teletype machines or by early computers and printers.

Nicholson used newly declassified Information Reports from the CIA’s electronic archives to answer each of the criticisms. In response to the first criticism, he found that Information Reports contain classification information at the very bottom. In the leaked CIA Wiretap document, Nicholson points out:

One thing we can say for sure is that our leaked document has been cropped both top and bottom, it does not contain the words “Information Report”, this may have been done accidently or on purpose by the individual that leaked the document.

Information Report with Multiple Markings. Click image to expand. Source: Lee Nicholson
Information Report with Multiple Markings. Click image to expand. Source: Lee Nicholson

With regard to the second point, Nicholson found multiple classification stamps on CIA documents. This signified that documents are routinely downgraded and stamped accordingly prior to release. He provided an example of a CIA document with multiple security stamps. He wrote:

It is my contention therefore that the Marilyn Wiretap was initially classified Top Secret but was later downgraded prior to leaking, at which time the second “NOT FOR PUBLICATION” stamp was added.

Regarding the third point, of a missing border color, Nicholson points out that it is missing due to the document being cropped prior to being leaking.

Finally, with regard to the document being created using a type writer or teletype machine, Nicholson analyzed the fonts of the leaked document and declassified CIA documents and found them to be virtually identical with each other as he demonstrated in a comparison graphic. He wrote:

Type face comparison between leaked CIA document and a declassified CIA Information Report. Source: Lee Nicholson
Type face comparison between leaked CIA document and a declassified CIA Information Report. Source: Lee Nicholson

Whether the Marilyn wiretap document was hand typed or printed is really as moot point, as either way it is 100% consistent with declassified CIA Information Reports …

Nicholson’s conclusion from his analysis of a number of declassified CIA Information Reports is that the Monroe wiretap document was an Information Report subjected to a review prior to its dissemination. Nicholson suggested:

… either a semi-official declassification process occurred, in the case of a sanctioned release. Or an extremely cautious and experienced archivist sanitized the document before it was passed to Tim Cooper in 1992, if the document was smuggled out and leaked without consent.

The implications of Nicholson’s research are staggering. Authenticating the allegedly leaked CIA Wiretap document shows not only that Monroe was under official surveillance by the CIA, but that her death was more than likely linked to her planned tell all press conference. Monroe’s knowledge that President Kennedy had seen artifacts from a crashed UFO housed at a classified Air Force facility would have shocked the nation then. Today, such knowledge not only helps explains Monroe’s mysterious death two days after the Wiretap document date, but also casts light on JFK’s assassination just over a year later.

© Copyright 2014. Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

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Messages from Space – Past and Present contact


New Course Exo-109 returns to the Contact of the 1950’s

Paola Harris, Med, instructor for the Exopolitics Institute has created a  14 week course with an international perspective that highlights contact with Human –type aliens and also messages given to contactees in a 1950’s  possible nuclear annihilation scenario.

    The return to the southern California Giant Rock Conferences sponsored by George Van Tassel included numerous contactees receiving precise messages and warnings at a crossroads in  our civilization. These writings are relevant even today. According to the communication given by the Venusian space traveler Orthon to George Adamski in the early 1950’s, Humanity could have transitioned from a “war economy” to a “rocket travel among the stars economy” that would have been equally lucrative. By now,we could have entered the proverbial cosmic neighborhood to meet our neighbors and we would have avoided the path to self destruction that we are on today.

   Likewise, according to Dr. Frank Strangess, spokesman for the Venusion Commander Valiant Thor who spent three months advising Eisenhower and Nixon at the Pentagon( Book: STRANGER AT THE PENTAGON), we could  have altered our lifestyle and our diet so we could live longer. But it seems our institutions are based on promoting stress, sickness and ill health as a form of population control and an economic dependence on drugs and pharmaceuticals.

     If we review this material today, we find also that according to messages given to  Howard Menger in Highbridge, New Jersey in 1954, we should keep our blood alkaline to avoid cancer and other diseases, and eat a diet of organically grown fruit and vegetables to prolong life. In those days, these extraterrestrial races walked among us undetected, and according to the Giant Rock contactees and the Giant Rock Convention literature, they were our “space brothers”!

    This events have not only occurred in the American scene of 1950’s, but we know now that similar human-alien interaction was also taking place in Pescara, Italy in 1956 . According to the late engineer Stefano Brescia who wrote the book “Mass Contacts”, recently translated into English, a unique situation was taking place on the Adriatic coast of Italy. To promote and promulgate a friendship experiment, a selected human group of contactees in 1956,were asked to maintain URREDA, a technology of love and harmony created by the extraterrestrials. Appropriately named the W-56’s, this ET group was able to interact with the Italians for a number of years before conflicts set in.  A similar friendship case is recorded in Chile and other places in Latin America where contactees are presently engaging the space brothers.   



Engaging the human population in any kind of relationship seems to have irritated the management group of UFOLOGY who found a chance to switch the contact scene exclusively to the fear based alien abduction scenario after the onset of the Betty and Barney Hill case of 1961. The entire field of Ufology has fossilized into this stereotypical view ever since the 1960’s, alienating us from our possible cosmic relatives.

  However, a ray of light surfaced in 2009, when Vatican Jesuit Astronomer, Father Funes stated that the Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on earth, there can be other beings, even intelligent, created by God. This is not in contrast with our faith because we can’t put limits on God’s creative freedom… “Why can’t we speak of a ‘brother extraterrestrial’? It would still be part of creation…”

Perhaps, is time to return to the past to study the future, to study those past messages and bring back a more balanced perspective to the entire UFO research community.

Information about Exo-109 – Messages from Space – Past and Present contact is available here.

To learn about the Exopolitics Institute Certfication program, click here.

Hard evidence of life on Mars that NASA doesn’t want to discuss

Sequence of three of the five images showing the moving object
Sequence of three of the five images showing the moving object.  Source: UFO Sightings Daily

UFO Sightings Daily revealed yesterday that the NASA Spirit Rover took a sequence of five images over an approximate seven day period that showed what appears to be an animal near a distinctive set of rocks. Two of the five images show an object that appears where other images in the sequence show nothing else was previously there. The object, about the same size as a basketball, had clearly moved, not once but several times in the sequence. The object appears to have a relatively long neck and blends in well with the surrounding rocks. The conclusion drawn by Scott Waring, owner of UFO Sightings Daily is startling. Spirit Rover had captured images of an indigenous form of Martian life that blends in well with the surrounding rocks.

The sequence of Spirit Rover images was first found three years ago by Waring. On May 14, 2014, he decided to post an update on his blog providing more detailed analysis of the moving object in the Spirit Rover images. Waring provided the chronological sequence of images that clearly show an object twice appearing where previously there was nothing there. No alteration of the images occurred which were all taken directly from the NASA JPL website created for storing Mars Rover imagery. Waring’s conclusion, is that the images reveal some kind of animal moving on the Mars surface.


It’s pretty hard to ignore NASA’s own imagery that clearly shows a basketball sized object appearing to move on the Martian surface. So why hasn’t NASA said anything about it? I thought I would give someone from NASA a chance to respond.

On May 15, 2014, I wrote a post on the NASA affiliated science forum,, to get expert feedback about the sequence of Spirit Rover images. was conceived by its owner, Chris Bergin, with the support of NASA spaceflight managers to give engineers from different national space programs a forum to share information about space missions. Here is what I wrote:

There is a sequence of images by the Spirit Rover over an approximate week (Sol 1830-1836) that show a distinctive set of rocks. An object appears in the sequence. Some claim it is an indigenous form of life. I’d like some expert opinion on what it is. I’ve attached a composite of three images in the sequence which show the object (notation is by the life proponent).

Click Image to Enlarge
Click Image to Enlarge

My post was quickly removed by Bergin, and I was banned indefinitely from the forum. The reason given was that the forum does not discuss UFOs, yet in my request for feedback about the Spirit Rover images, I did not mention UFOs or anything flying for that matter. Clearly, space experts do not want to discuss questions arising from NASA’s own scientific instruments that suggest possible life on Mars, let alone the existence of UFOs.

The five images from the Spirit Rover mission show an object that has clearly moved in the sequence. The object appears to be some kind of animal that blends in well with the surrounding rock. Given that NASA experts refuse to discuss such a possibility, it is reasonable to agree with Waring. Hard evidence has been found that there is some kind of indigenous life roaming the surface of Mars.

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