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The Ring Miners of Saturn

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Angela Thompson Smith, Ph. D.

Mindwise Consulting



In 1994 I was commissioned by a remote viewing applications group in California: Intuition Services. The project involved a “stream of consciousness” method called Extended Remote Viewing (ERV), to remote view an off-planet target: the Rings of Saturn. RV is most often carried out “blind” with no up-front information to the viewer, especially in training and research situations. In some operational cases, when unknown information is sought, the viewer receives minimal frontloading, this is termed being “legally blind” to the target.

In 2004, NASA’s Cassini Probe reached Saturn and sent pictures and data back to Earth. This data was documented in 2005 by a science magazine Science News that provided feedback on the initial 1994 remote viewing of the planet.

Then, on March 18th, 2014, selected NASA/JPL Cassini images were collated by Streetcap1* on YouTube  to show anomalies within the Rings of Saturn. This new data further confirmed my initial viewing: 20 years later!  In remote viewing, until a project receives feedback, it is deemed speculative, especially if it has a “high strangeness” factor.




The International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), in an effort to standardize the term remote viewing, defined it as:  “….a parapsychological technique whereby a person can describe people, places, or events that are perceived mentally but are separated from the viewer by distance, shielding, and even time.”  Basically, remote viewing is the trained ability to mentally describe distant locations and events using something other than the known five senses. Remote viewing has a 40 year history of research, development, and applications and now has training schools, researchers, and practitioners around the world.

There was an important precedent to the rings of Saturn viewing: in 1973, Ingo Swann (the originator of the term remote viewing) completed a remote viewing of Jupiter noting many unique features, including a ring that was only discovered decades later**.

Cassini Probe: 2004

In November, 2005, the science magazine Science News *** published an article entitled”Groovy Science: Cassini gets the skinny on Saturn’s rings” that provided feedback for the Intuition Services rings of Saturn project. On July 1, 2004, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft performed the SOI (Saturn Orbit Insertion) maneuver and entered into orbit around Saturn. The primary mission was slated to end in 2008, when the spacecraft had completed 74 orbits around the planet. Ron Cowen, a Science News writer, wrote, “Now, [2005] the Cassini spacecraft, which entered orbit around Saturn last year, has completed the most thorough examination ever of the rings. . . . Until last May, the craft has spent most of its time orbiting Saturn’s equator. That orientation is great for close-up studies of the planet’s moons, but provided only an obscured, edge view of the intricate ring system. Then, Cassini got a ringside seat. Just as scientists had planned, the craft rose out of the equatorialplane and for the next 5 months viewed the rings from above and below the planet’s equator. From those perches, it has studied the full breadth of the rings in unprecedented detail.”

Cassini scientist Joshua Colwell of the University of Colorado has said that, “It’s amazing to me that something as prominent in the solar system as the rings, still has so many fundamental unanswered questions.”

The following section documents the original Intuition Services tasking questions (Q), my responses (A), and corroborating data (Feedback) from Science News and the Cassini footage.

The Saturn Data

After two unsuccessful attempts to approach Saturn through the rings, I approached the planet from a vantage point a few thousand miles above its “north pole”, and viewed the rings as a flat circular area.

Science News Feedback: The Cassini craft also took up this orientation when it first arrived at Saturn in order to view the rings.

From this vantage point I was able to view the various elements of Saturn, its rings, and planets.

Q:  Are there natural phenomena that would account for bright luminous light sources in the rings, or in the vicinity of Saturn?

A: There are some very bright “hot rocks” circulating in the outer rings that have been attracted by the intense gravitational pull of Saturn. These rocks are both thermally and atomically “hot”. They circulate in the outer rings for varying periods of time while their constituent elements are broken down and distributed according to their degree of breakdown, between the rings.

Science News Feedback: “Cassini has identified a new moon in the outer rings of Saturn, provisionally named S/2005 SI; the tiny, newfound moon has a diameter of about 7 km and reflects about half the sunlight that falls on it, similar to the brightness of the neighboring ring particles. Some of Saturn’s moons are particularly effective in sculpting the rings….

Science News Feedback: “The whole (F ring) region is probably just a chaotic bumper car zone of moonlets that are getting scattered, suggests Jeff Cuzzi of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California.”

A:  Also in the outer rings are unmanned anomalous craft. Within the inner rings are vehicles that have been captured by the gravitational field and are in various stages of disintegration.

Cassini Footage Feedback: In Streetcap1’s 2014 YouTube compilation of images from the Cassini footage, appear several elongated, tubular and other anomalous shapes that are both static and moving.

Q: Are there rings that are incomplete? If so, how did the missing ring segment disappear?

A: The main factor that describes Saturn is “cyclic”. Due to its intense electromagnetic pull, space debris is constantly, but erratically, attracted to the planet. This debris initially rotates in the outer rings and undergoes a process of degradation, and then the various elements are distributed among the rings according to degree of molecular “weight”. Much like a gas spectrometer that distributes elements in a banded strip. Except in the case of Saturn the strip becomes circular. Because of the random and irregular nature of the space debris that is pulled into the gravitational field, the rings fluctuate in their completeness and cycle from open to closed along both their length and width – the rings are not uniform in their density. This cyclic nature of the rings is dictated solely by the nature and amount of debris that enters the gravitational field.

Science News Feedback: Carl D. Murray and his collaborators at Queen Mary University in London have performed simulations that suggest that “Saturn’s moon Prometheus approaches and recedes from the F ring every 14.7 hours,” confirming the cyclic nature. The team’s simulations indicate that each time that the moon begins receding, it pulls out strands of particles from the narrow, twisted ring. One orbit later, … Saturn’s tug distends the region from which the strands were stolen, creating the channels seen in the Cassini images.”

Q: Describe the nature and origin of the planet Saturn? How will the planet evolve and eventually die?

A:  Saturn evolved from a collection of electrically charged rocks that became attracted to each other and formed a nucleus. Gradually, as the mass became more magnetically powerful, it attracted an increasingly greater number of similar elements. These initial, charged rocks may have come from an earlier Saturn-like planet that became too “over-charged” and disintegrated. This may possibly be the future fate of the planet we now know as Saturn. We tend to think of Saturn as static but it has a decidedly cyclic and dynamic nature.

Science News Feedback. “‘There’s an enormous time variability in the rings. New clumps of material have appeared in rings since July 2004, when Cassini began orbiting the system. Rubble-pile moonlets—small, loosely bound collections of icy particles—appear to be continually assembling and breaking apart in the rings.” Also “Astronomers have proposed that the rings formed when an icy Saturnian moon got smashed to bits by a meteoroid or when a comet or moon that came too close to its parent planet was torn apart by gravitational stresses.”

Q: Describe and sketch the number, size and orientation of unusual anomalies in the rings of Saturn and how long have these anomalies been there and what is their main mission or goal?

A: Active within the outer rings of Saturn, and inactive within its innermost rings, are numerous, immense metallic, tube-like unmanned craft that are basically mining vehicles. They are hollow internally and space debris flows constantly through the interior. This debris passes through many sheet-like fields which act as transparent membranes which sort the various elements before they are attracted and degraded by an internal collection and storage ring, which is off-loaded periodically. These mining craft are silent and non-mechanical. They are powered by a very small amount of the elements they collect and the overall yield of these mining operations is a tiny fraction of the incoming collection and does not contribute significantly to the cyclic density of the rings. These craft have been here for at least the last hundred years and possibly long before that. It is difficult to date the craft. Occasionally, a large “hot rock” will enter the mining craft and destabilize its function. The inactive craft within the inner rings are mostly casualties of this accidental process and are basically left to disintegrate to their constituent elements.

Cassini Footage Feedback: As previously mentioned, Cassini captured images of large, cylindrical objects, and other anomalous objects, stationary within the outer rings as well as other cylindrical objects moving out of the rings of Saturn.

Q:  Why have they chosen Saturn and have they explored other planets of our solar system?

A:  Basically, Saturn is an enormous, concentrated resource of raw elements and this is the main reason the unmanned craft are in place. Periodically, other unmanned craft come to unload the yield. The craft that are seen within the region of Saturn and its moons are dedicated craft, whose sole purpose is the mining of elements from these areas and have not explored other planets of our solar system. The area was chosen by an intelligent species that directs the mining operations and they have explored other planets of our solar system including Earth. All of the planets of Saturn are not inhabited by this species, except the sixth, Titan. This species (humanoid, thin, tall, pale, smooth, and hairless) inhabit an underground/underwater region on Titan where they are able to enter semi-fluid (mud-like) surfaces. They live in cold, underground areas which contain a great deal of moisture. The walls are metallic but resilient to the touch.

Q:  What, if any, relationship, do the ETs working the rings of Saturn have to do with Earth?

A:  Very little. The ETs operating the mining activity in Saturn’s rings are aware of Earth as a potential mineral resource. However, its populated status, and the fact that the majority of the Earth’s minerals are not easily accessible, deters the ETs from active interaction with Earth. Earth has been extensively mapped and explored by this species. However, it is far easier for them to access the concentrated resources of Saturn.

Q:  Is this a cooperative intergalactic/inter-civilization alien activity in the rings? Or is it just one race or group?

A:  This is basically one race or species. However, they have knowledge of, and have interacted with other groups. The intergalactic term is a human-generated concept and does not apply to the majority of those groups outside Earth. There are some groups that have formed some sort of mutual coalitions but an all-encompassing intergalactic cooperative is not evident from this viewing. Other ET groups have explored and mapped the rings as a potential resource.

Q:  What makes the rings of value to these people?

A: An easily accessed source of concentrated mineral elements that are needed for manufacturing, medicinal, and other purposes. It is possible that they may also trade off some of the yield. The use of unmanned mining craft ensures the safety of the operation for the ET species and the loss of an occasional craft is expected.

Q: Are the gaps in the rings natural or created by the extraterrestrial intelligence?

A: No. The gaps in the rings are the effect of the cyclic nature of the rings themselves and the debris that they attract. The amount that is mined is negligible and cannot account for the gaps in the rings. Gaps will continue to occur and close in the rings at cyclic periods.

Science News feedback: “Recent Cassini observations [2004] are providing new clues about the past and future evolution of Saturn’s rings. Cassini images released by NASA in September 2005

reveal changes in Saturn’s D ring, the innermost ring, over the 25 years since the Voyager craft took a look at the system. One of the strands, or ringlets that make up the D ring, is now only one-tenth as bright as it appeared in 1981, and has migrated towards Saturn by 200 km.”

Q:  Are any of the moons of Saturn operating as ET bases? If so which ones?

A: Only one, the sixth, Titan. The eighth, Phoebe, may have been used at one time but a natural disaster caused it to be abandoned as a stable environment.

Q: Describe any new currently undiscovered aspects about Saturn that modern Earth science would find important.

A: A rich resource of readily-available raw minerals, including several new elements in combination. This combination could have potential as a new form of lightweight alloy. I am not sure if this has already been manufactured by Earth science. (This element was further examined in 1994, using remote viewing, and its possible production described to Intuition Services). Termed Element Z, the team tried to manufacture the alloy from identified Earth elements but blew up a garage in the process!


Seeing the close-up footage of the anomalies within the rings of Saturn (posted by Streetcap1) was an exciting confirmation of the remote viewing done 20 years earlier. Sometimes project feedback comes 11 years after the viewing, in the case of the Science News information, or 20 years later. Without feedback, remote viewing data is often deemed invalid: however, most cases will have eventual feedback: sometimes immediately, sometimes much later.





*** Science News  (2005) Vol. 168, pp. 328-29


Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D. has 30 years experience in the psychology, parapsychology and remote viewing fields including 5 years working at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory and 20 years in the RV field as a trainer, researcher, and in consulting. Dr. Smith is also a published author, an ordained shamanic practitioner, and currently lives and works in Boulder City, NV.




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Remote Viewing at the 2014 UFO USA Tour

Angela Thompson Smith, Ph. D.

Mindwise Consulting

One-Day Introduction to Remote Viewing


UFO USA Tour 2014

The hotel conference table is littered with water bottles, paper, manuals, and packets of soft clay, pens, coffee cups, and workbooks. The 10 adult students, intent and engaged, are bent over sheets of templates and plain white paper, using black ink pens, and attempting to “see” a hidden picture target that has been identified only by a random alpha-numeric, a coordinate, 730ORQ.

The majority of the students have travelled over 7,500 miles from Hong Kong to attend the 2014 UFO USA Tour in Sedona, AZ. The week-long Contact in Sedona Tour has been organized by Director Neil Gould and Tour Master Jake Gould, in conjunction with the Exopolitics Institute, and runs from February 28th through March 4th, 2014. On the final day of the Tour, the team gathers in the hotel conference room for an accelerated introduction to the mind-skill of remote viewing.   Basically, remote viewing is the trained ability to mentally describe distant locations and events using something other than the known five senses. Remote viewing has a 40 year history of research, development, and applications and now has training schools, researchers, and practitioners around the world.


angela 2
Dr Angela Smith – Remote Viewer, Mindwise Consulting.







Dr Angela Smith – Remote Viewer, Mindwise Consulting.

The class begins each training session by identifying their name, location, date and time, on their paper – – because you have to know where you are before zooming off into the cosmos to locate another time and place! In this case, the random coordinate is the “address” of a specific event at a specific location at a specific time that the students are asked to identify.










neiljakeThe students have already been through remote viewing exercises that morning, learning to identify colors, shapes, and form; they have mentally tracked a member of the class out-and-about in Sedona; and receiving just a geographic coordinate, latitude and longitude, used this cue to remote view a specific location and event in the past. Now they come to something a bit more complex: they are given an “encrypted coordinate” of a hidden location and an event that they are asked to identify and model.

Cheuk Fei straightaway starts getting logical things going through his mind: he writes that this must be a photo/image, a newspaper image, reporters, all actual images from the previous picture target, and he shuttles these off to the side of the paper as analytical overlay or AOL.  Then he relaxes and lets his “inner vision” take over. He identifies a shape and begins to model it in clay: the shape is complex: convex and curved on one side and indented several times on the concave side. He doesn’t know what he is modeling, just whatever feels right. He takes only 5-10 mins to get his impressions, then write them down, and make his clay model.

Once all the students have completed their short session, they are given feedback: in this case the coordinate 730ORQ was linked to a hidden question: “What did Kenneth Arnold specifically see on June 24th, 1947 near Mount Rainier that he described as like ‘saucers skipping across the sky?’” What Kenneth Arnold sketched after his encounter were not “saucers” but 9 objects, like oddly-shaped boomerangs, traveling around 1,200 miles per hour.


Cheuk Fei models Kenneth Arnold’s target

There were other successes in the class, too. Using just an alpha-numeric coordinate and “stream of consciousness” remote viewing, students were able to identify other events, locations and individuals. Even an historic event that was described in a 16th century woodcut prompted correct images. At sunrise on April 14th, 1561, citizens of Nuremberg, Germany reported that “The sky appeared to fill with cylindrical objects, red, black, orange and white discs and globes emerged. Crosses and tubes resembling cannon barrels appeared whereupon the objects promptly began to fight one another.” The 16th century artist Han Glaser memorialized the event in a colorful woodcut. Students described the colors and shapes of the hidden picture target and Tour Leader Neil Gould actually described and drew cannon shapes in his session.


Nuremberg, Germany 1561

Where do we go from here, students were eager to read and learn more about remote viewing and were each given a copy of UK researcher Daz Smith’s book: CRV – Controlled Remote Viewing: Collected manuals and information to help you learn this informative art, as well as published articles on remote viewing applications. Another UFO USA Tour is planned for Roswell, NM in October, 2014 and I plan on returning to teach another Introduction to Remote Viewing course. Hope you will join us there for an experience that is “out of this world”!


Angela Thompson Smith Ph.D. has 30 years experience in the psychology, parapsychology and remote viewing fields including 5 years working at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory and 20 years in the RV field as a trainer, researcher, and in consulting. Dr. Smith is also a published author, an ordained shamanic practitioner, and currently lives and works in Boulder City, NV. Her website is

Citizens safely sedated – Thou shalt not believe in UFOs


“Participation in North American democracy is largely based on the belief that citizens should never be released into the world until they have been properly sedated.” This quote, taken from an unknown convocation address, not only magnifies the state of denial and ignorance in which a massive proportion of North Americans live; it is also an historical testament to the lies we are all prepared to accept for the sake of convenience.

neil-armstrong Digest that for a moment before we proceed – because, quite frankly, it doesn’t get much better.

No UFOs or elephants allowed in the dining room
Few issues are as stigmatized or ridiculed as the UFO/ET issue. Its reality is marginalized – its existence, as a viable mode of reasoning – that we are not alone in the universe – is disallowed. For those unfamiliar with UFOs, beginning around 1947 or perhaps earlier the UFO/ET issue burst onto the scene.


The matter since then has been investigated, scrutinized, ridiculed, stigmatized, written about and tossed around like a piece of red-hot coal for over 60 years.

Generally, world governments, their military and intelligence agencies have managed to ignore, cover-up and otherwise cauterize this issue from the consciousness of just about every politically astute human being on the planet.

Richard M. Dolan, one of the UFO research community’s finest authors, puts it best in his seminal work UFOs and the National Security State – Chronology of a Cover-up 1941 to 1973, “… the analysis [of the UFO issue] leaves us with the distinct impression of the ET hypothesis as the elephant in the dining room that no one would acknowledge.”

As it stands today, in the year 2014 the state of affairs in the UFO/ET issue will one day be looked back upon as a simplistic, naïve and perhaps awkwardly nascent search for what was before our eyes all the while. However for the time being humanity remains anesthetized to the political and anthropological imperatives-of-knowing within the UFO/ET reality.

Political spin-doctors and media schemers administer this seemingly harmless series of daily sedatives courtesy of our government, religious, scientific and educational institutions. The dosage – in a perfect drip formulation – removes the need for any belief in or consideration of the UFO/ET issue. A faint echo – as we spiral into our drug-induced siesta – it whispers – ‘thou shalt not believe in UFOs.’

History will show we were too blind, well sedated and collectively too stubborn to see what is happening to us along the way. Complicit with our handlers in the so-called democratic way of life we pretend to be part of, this collective ignorance spends its time around every kitchen table, in every newsroom and university lecture hall on the planet – ‘shalt not even try to understand what the UFO issue really means.’

But give your head a shake – let’s look at who and what we are and have become as a result of this politically induced sedation – it might explain how and why we have reached this point in our addiction.

All too familiar forms of sedation
Knowingly and in some cases, wantonly, we choose to eradicate a species of animals or plant life virtually by the hour. We permit and otherwise turn an infected blind-eye to the fact that every 45 seconds a child dies of malaria in Africa (W.H.O. Statistic) while we ensure the existence of an economic system that hordes the distribution of wealth and medical care into the bulging pockets of the ‘already rich’.

We build weapons platforms in space, stuff fossil fuels into the mouths of any machine capable of work, remaining oblivious to what comes out the other end. We deify celebrities beyond our own God, (movie theatres have become the churches for the worship of strange gods with lipstick, make-up, guns that carry the ammunition of fear and male homo sapiens with bizarre levels of testosterone) shall we go on – perhaps not, lest we identify too closely with one of these churches or another form of self-medication.

Lest those who are more familiar with the UFO/ET issue and its huge body of research conclude this assessment is too harsh – peer for a moment at our plight for the full Disclosure of the facts surrounding the ET presence. At each turn, as we inch forward and even after small Disclosure victories – a member of the sedated, be it media, government or even one of our own – manages to snuff out the light.

The only redeeming attributes we hold dear are our collective, internally-driven courage to relentlessly seek the truth but more powerfully, celebrate the reality that somehow we have been inoculated against the insidious vaccine forced upon most in a world who are consumed by the dumb-down messages of politics, religion, education, science and the mass media. These attributes just may be our deliverance.

Sadly though and still, a pathetic majority of humanity sits and stares at the passing parade of human events – hoping for that one really nice float at the end of the procession that will ease our conscience because we’ve sat on our hands for so long and at times covered our eyes and ears in the hope – ‘there must be something better coming soon.’

Like the perfect social sedative, indolence and inaction have compelled us to become inert; much like a deer frozen in the headlights of an on-coming car – knowing it must not stay to witness what might come next but is still, petrified and captivated by the sheer awe and magnitude of the ensuing collision.

Somehow all of this may hit a little too close to home for some.

These all too familiar forms of sedation are so cutely insidious – their administration is like a mosquito bite – irritating but soon forgotten when another itch takes its place. So – in a way we may not be totally to blame for our ignorance and inert posture because our handlers are so good at sedation.

But does this remove all culpability? No.

But it certainly explains why and how we have become so cleverly mesmerized by the sedative. We appear to have little time to ponder the rational argument and the deluge of documentation that the UFO /ET reality is as real as the air that we breathe and that sustains us.

When the sedation wears off
There is another murmur about the UFO/ET reality-question residing in the desk drawers of our handlers. ET is here and they seem to be, for whatever strange reason, willing to, wanting and waiting to help when the sedation finally wears off or an enlightened nurse enters our chambers to turn off the drip. Luckily, our handlers – in the midst of their own sedated stupor – have left behind clues about this fundamental truth.

This, in the final analysis could render them powerless and their sedatives a mere placebo. Let’s start with a simple piece of the truth or misdirection depending on your perspective or one’s reactionary tendency to disbelieve the written word. As we all know it’s hard to tell the difference these days. In a 1952 CIA web site document entitled “Flying Saucers” it states,

“Pursuant to your request for overall evaluation of the “flying saucers” and associated reports, the following is pertinent. Notwithstanding the foregoing… facts, so long as a series of reports remains “unexplainable” (interplanetary aspects and alien origin not being thoroughly excluded from consideration) caution requires that intelligence continue coverage of the subject. It is recommended that CIA surveillance of the subject matter, in coordination with proper authorities… be continued. It is strongly urged, however, that no indication of CIA interest or concern reach the press or public, in view of their probable alarmist tendencies to accept such interest as confirmatory of the soundness of ´unpublished facts´ in the hands of the U.S. government.” [EDWARD TAUS]

Choose to accept it or not, but as part of the American CIA web site this and other similar documentation cannot be dismissed. Many documents similar to this one, fully explain to those who are attentive to the UFO/ET matter – the how, when and why covert operations will be conducted and the strength of the sedative administered. Thousands more documents exist that we may never see – all bearing the same sniff of sedation.

Are we to believe that since 1952 we have been so well sedated that anything significant said about the UFO/ET issue would be so soaked in doubt and tainted by disbelief or disinformation that we are willing to disregard it outright because nothing, no-thing, can be trusted as a representation of reality when it comes to reaching some understanding that we may be being visited by off-world civilizations?

Any UFO researcher, politician or media journalist who cannot see that this CIA memo clearly indicates there is very good reason to believe that a recommendation was put in place by the American Central Intelligence Agency to obfuscate the UFO issue decades ago, and, who fails to investigate it in public, is either incompetent or stupid (in the true sense of the word – stooped with eyes cast down) or is part of the same obfuscation process which originated the memo in the first place.

They may also be more heavily sedated than the rest of us.

Where does the truth reside today?
Some maintain the truth sits in the bottom drawer of the sedators – a powerful elite. Others feel the truth has been embedded in our own cosmic sub-consciousness by our visitors eons ago and it is only now – as the sedation wears thin and we awake from our slumber, some of us have actually begun to catch a small glimpse of the truth.

The only way that drawer will be wrenched open is by a combination of persuasive Extraterrestrial intrusions, an amplified public awareness and a media that wakes from its slumber. The truth, being as pervasive as we know it is, also resides in the collective consciousness of those who diligently toil to over-throw secrecy and a pale government-entity that has somehow usurped democracy while the media remains numbed by the glitz of the trivial.

It is not surprising then that many of us feel we have been so cleverly lied to for so long. As a community we do not know what to believe any more. This has been the success of the sedators – to keep us thoroughly confused about the UFO/ET issue, keeping it cleverly hidden in the simple light of day under a canvas of secrecy.

Like a tarpaulin covering a car, it yields to the sedated mind a silhouette that tells us ‘yes it is a vehicle’. We see it before our eyes yet we are unable to discern details of its year, make, colour and model or whether it can be driven forwards or backwards; a very frustrating situation for our purportedly sophisticated intellectual human acuity.

Especially when we are being told it’s an elephant or… nothing at all.

Victor Viggiani M.Ed. News Director ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork


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