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British Scientists Claim ET Life May Have Been Found in the Stratosphere

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A research team working with the University of Sheffield claims they may have found extraterrestrial life in the stratosphere at approximate altitudes between 25-27 KM. The results are found in the Journal of Cosmology http://journalofcosmology.com/JOC22/milton_diatom.pdf

Milton Wainwright et al analyzed samples taken over northern England by a stratospheric balloon on July 31, 2013. Their article “Isolation of a Diatom Frustule Fragment from the Lower Stratosphere (22-27Km)-Evidence for a Cosmic Origin” includes photographs of the remains of what may be extraterrestrial microorganisms.  Because Earth-based diatom-size organisms do not survive for a long time at these heights the scientists give as their probable origin a comet.

A “frustule” is the hard shell or cell wall of “diatoms” and they are normally composed of silica. “Diatoms” are unicellular organisms normally representing a form of phytoplankton. Phytoplankton are wondering (autotrophic), photosynthesizing micro organisms typically found in the oceans. The balloon had a video camera, an electron microscope and a collecting stub designed to avoid contamination. What would a frustule be doing in the stratosphere at about 25 KM in altitude? The research team used an aseptic electron microscope onboard the balloon and claims that it is the first time an isolated diatom frustule has been obtained from the stratosphere. Moreover, they report that the size and mass of the specimen were especially significant.  The sampling was conducted during the Perseid meteor shower. However, a comet origin is more specifically suggested.

No known Earth-based source at the time of the sampling (as volcanic eruptions may have been) would have sent a diatom to the stratosphere so the possibility of an extraterrestrial origin is given. The team of scientists (also including Christopher E. Rose, Alexander J. Baker, Briston, K.J and N. Chandra Wickramasinghe, Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Leonardo Centre for Tribilogy, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK; and Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, University of Buckingham, UK) is trying to determine whether the diatom frustule corresponds to a known earth species but they are quite serious about the possibility of it being of extraterrestrial origin.

Commentary: Even the scientific finding of an extraterrestrial diatom fragment would be a significant step toward the acceptance of extraterrestrial life. This acceptance would contribute to a more open-minded attitude on the current scientific and exopolitical evidence that self-aware, intelligent, extraterrestrial life is already found here among us.




 Scanning Electron Microscope image of a DIATOM FRUSTULE found in the stratosphere


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Contactee Enrique Castillo-Rincón dies



CIO (Centro Investigaciones OVNI) located in the UFO-enclave of Capilla del Monte, Argentina shared this news today through its director Luz Mary Lopez.  CIO was directly in touch with contactee Enrique Castillo-Rincón & family and announced that today in the morning our friend Enrique left his physical body. He was one of the “good ones,” meaning, one of the really good contactees of our times.


Enrique Castillo-Rincón was one of the “classic” contactees that rose to world attention in the 1970’s (like Eduard “Billy” Meir and Sixto Paz Wells).  He was part of a new wave of contacts with human-looking ETs, this time outside of the U.S.  Enrique was a straightforward man that clearly showed that easygoing, positive, mutually respectful,  friendly contacts with ETs are possible. Through his no nonesense and candid style he demystified the contact experience and made it more accessible for the common man or “down to earth.” He also reported his encounters in an objective manner and maintained a consistent narration. Enrique Castillo-Rincón was very courageous and accomplished his work adequately for all of us. He will be missed although we know that his work will be honored and in the years to come will continue awakening people to intelligently join our cosmic community/family in peace, harmony. Enrique led the way to speak courageously and speak up for those willing to listen in spite of his wife asking him for divorce and not being understood by many others close to him.
Enrique Castillo-Rincón was born in San José, COSTA RICA. He was an electrical engineer. Enrique had a UFO sighting in 1963 on Irazu Volcano, Costa Rica and was contacted by human-looking Pleiadians in 1973. Among others he contacted an extraterrestrial named “Krishnamerk” also known as “Cyril Weiss” who was similar to Earth humans and whom he had previously met in Caracas, Venezuela. He also contacted an extraterrestrial named “Orion” and others.
Enrique moved to Bogota, Colombia and was not inclined to mystify or turn contacts into pseudo-religious events. He avoided mysticism leading to fanaticism. He led the Instituto Colombiano de Investigaciones de Fenómenos Extraterrestres (The Colombian Institute of Investigations of Extraterrestrial Phenomena).
His group in Colombia helped him to go to the telepathically arranged physical encounters. Some of the ETs were 6′  – 6’2″ tall. Some were exceedingly blonde. The light that took him up into the air into a space ship was “solid” to the touch. After his first contact he was elated but his wife didn’t understand. His contacts lasted from 1973 to 1976. They told him over the phone that they had come to him to give him specific information and since that had been accomplished the contact period was over (both telepathically and physically). He lost his job for speaking about ETs. To survice he needed to start charging money for conferences.
Fabio Zerpa from Argentina was the first researcher that saw him and then came Andreas Faber-Kaiser. In the begining some researchers didn’t believe him but later on (and after four more physical encounters) they did.
For Enrique Castillo-Rincón and the ETs science and consciousness and spirituality must combine without getting into fanaticisms.
In 1974 he also contacted Nordic looking, human-looking Venusians that were just shorter in height (5’2″) and was taken to a high place in the Andes of Perú and to a magnetic vortex located somewhere between Marcawasi and Macchu Picchu. The Venusians were in the same organization as the Pleadians: The Great Solar Cosmic Brotherhood. Enrique didn’t understand why some of the ETs told him they were “Venusians” since Venus is known to be uninhabitable. However, he thought that perhaps they had originally been from Venus and then moved to another place.
Enrique gave lectures in several UFO congresses including the International UFO Congress. He reported being invited by human agents from the U.S. Embassy and taken to Washington DC where he willingly submitted to an interrogation and a regression under truth serum (sodium pentotal).  He did it to validate his experience. He thought it was a formal event as he probably saw CIA and perhaps FBI agents. Dr.  J. J. Hurtak later told him that two of the physicians that had participated in this procedure died under mysterious circumstances. The fact that he was interrogated was later corroborated by whistleblowers.
The ETs gave Enrique much information of a scientific, spiritual, prophetic, esoteric, technological character. While showing him a space ship they told him that mental energy is converted through “living memory crystals” to a discharge used for instant translation in space-time. They told him that the future and prophecies is malleable and negative events can be modified by humans joining in groups focusing their positive intention. He was given predictions that came to pass and predictions that didn’t but he didn’t like or understood well why. He didn’t like to have been given predictions that didn’t come to pass.
Enrique thought that the ETs contacted a simple non-powerful person like him precisely because they know what they do and are highly intelligent. It wasn’t a casual affair. Enrique understood that the ETs obey a great “plan” and much will become clear soon, without giving a specific date.
Recommended book   Ufos: A Great New Dawn for Humanity (available in Amazon regular and Kindle).

A video translated into English http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xklTTn4A24

Did Apollo 17 find a Stargate on the Moon? Exonews TV (S01E13)

Title-page-Stargate-MoonThe latest episode from ExoNews TV examines a high resolution photo from the Apollo 17 mission (AS17/AS17-151-23127) that shows a strange glowing object on the surface of the moon. The object appears to be a space portal of some kind with an eery blue glowing ring around a central darker portion. The object looks similar to the travel device depicted in the fictional television series – Stargate SG-1. The photo was taken from the vantage of the Apollo lunar lander. Could Apollo 17 have photographed a stargate on the surface of the moon, or is it just a strange anomaly caught on camera?

Video examines the theoretical basis for traversable wormholes and the claims by South American contactees that extraterrestrials use stargates called “Xendra” for transporting themselves and contactees large distances through space and time. Sixto Paz Wells for example claims that in 1974 he walked through a Xendra created by extraterrestrials that instantly transported him to Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons. The stargate only existed temporarily as a projection from the extraterrestrial ship. Watch episode to learn more.

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