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The Missing Times – News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up

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“When UFOs Appear, National News Agencies Fall Silent…” Terry Hansen

Very few if any books written about the mass media and the UFO cover-up display the insight and hard hitting critical analysis as that provided by Terry Hansen in his book The Missing Times – NEWS MEDIA COMPLICITY IN THE UFO COVER-UP.


Although it was published nearly 14 years ago Hansen’s research has withstood the test of time by sustaining and keeping relevant the incestuous relationship that exists between the American intelligence agency infrastructure and the news media.

Hansen describes it best when he quotes Joseph DeTrani, former CIA Director of public affairs:

“In many cases, we (the CIA) have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected national security interests…”

Hansen uses an enthralling assortment of examples to illustrate how the US military and its co-terminus intelligence agencies have constructed a well-orchestrated political strangle-hold on the news. He graphically depicts how exquisite governmental manipulation of public perception is used to under-mind democracy while at the same time deftly sustain the facade of a free press. This theme flows consistently through his work.

President Kennedy – A Media Master

Hansen uses President Kennedy’s interaction with the New York Times as a classic exemplar of government and media complicity.

Little known to the public, President John Kennedy cleverly attempted to utilize covert censorship when he contrived to restrain Times publisher Orvil Dryfoos from publishing details of a controversial CIA program to recruit and train Cuban exiles in Guatemala for what eventually became the disaster known as the Bay of Pigs invasion. Kennedy’s glowing and almost saint-like persona would have been severely tarnished had this kind of news been allowed to seep into the public domain. Moreover, the political price Kennedy would have had to pay had the Times not complied was reason enough to impose his will on Dryfoos.

In another startling revelation Hansen also reveals that during the development of the atomic bomb in the 1940’s, government and military and government officials contrived to have the media communicate to an unwitting public that the horrendously huge first test of the A-bomb was a ‘munitions dump explosion’ that caused little or no damage and; that claims by some journalists about radiation poisoning were nonsense – both as it turned out were blatant government lies.

Somehow they got away with it. Eventually this kind of historical deception in journalism has become an accepted way of doing business among those in the media and between the government interests they are persuaded to protect.

Katherine Graham – A Media Mistress

In altering public opinion by manipulating facts and perceptions over the decades, it has become almost impossible to distinguish the truth from treachery. Regrettably this kind of complicity between the news media and the American political system has continued unabated for decades. It leads any inquiring mind to question the kind of ‘democracy’ we really have – or, even more disturbingly – is there a democracy at all? Hansen provides more specific clarity on this point with a poignant illustration that many may feel borders on sedition.

The one-time matriarch of the American press industry Katherine Graham is quoted as saying, before select members of the CIA, “There are some things the general public does not need to know and shouldn’t.”

This kind of editorial philosophy by a leading American newspaper should be of real concern to the American public.

Hansen goes on to quote Graham in the same address – “I believe democracy flourishes when the government can take legitimate steps to keep its secrets and when the press can decide whether to print what it knows.” This unambiguous statement by a media giant does more than imply complicity between government and media – it guarantees it!

Members of the press who may read Hansen’s work might need to pause to re-assess their role as journalists when they hear one of their own describe how those in the upper echelons of government and media contrive to control the news and succeed at institutionalizing it. The question occurs to this author – what was Katherine Graham doing talking to the CIA in the first place?

Methods of Media Mendacity

As Hansen discusses later in his book, it is of little surprise that US intelligence agency’s propensity to feign disinterest in the UFO phenomenon gives mainstream press carte-blanche to do exactly the same. Even though some foreign news agencies do a fine job of exposing UFO related stories – the powerful American mainstream media seems to be able to pulls its influential trump card to manage UFO news – thus keeping foreign press stories on UFOs from reaching international wire services.

Hansen suggests several methods have been and are used to manage news about UFOs: recruiting influential journalists, monitoring and intercepting UFO-related news, instilling fear through the film industry about ‘evil aliens’, surveillance of UFO organizations, propaganda, misleading information or disinformation or, recruitment of influential people as media spokespersons to name a few.

Hansen goes into great detail to illustrate how these strategies are regularly used to pummel UFO news or evidence of it into oblivion so that no reputable news agency will touch it.

The result is a woefully uniformed and indolent citizenry that ensures the success of an institutionalized form of control through mendacity and complicity.

Hansen also goes to great lengths in pointing out that some of the historical media-control strategies used to manipulate public opinion during the second world war, the war in Vietnam and the Gulf war were re-cycled to tackle the ‘new media-menace’ called UFOs and extraterrestrials. The fact that the UFO issue has never become the massive mainstream story of the century is a testament to the success and over-all effectiveness of these strategies.

Monster Media-Machine

Ultimately what we learn from Hansen’s research is that this mendacity has created a two headed monster media-machine; one funded by tax dollars and one funded by billions in commercial advertising revenues.

We also learn how large corporate-media interests are permitted, in an unrestrained manner, to flood or dilute the essence of the political and national security implications of the UFO matter with fantasy, delusion and, what many call – the ‘giggle-factor’. Fundamentally the UFO issue is the most openly talked-about government secret in history – yet few in the public domain take it seriously.

Under these nearly perfect set of circumstances Hansen depicts why there is little wonder the authentic nature of the UFO phenomenon has virtually no chance of ever being fully disclosed in American mass media.

[Ed. Note: This feature of UFO secrecy has changed significantly since Hansen first published his book. Today – global efforts by many activists and groups to bring UFO/ET Disclosure into the political arena for the public have met with good success but continue to fall short of full government disclosure.]

Hansen goes on to suggest news stories about UFOs circulate with vigour within American intelligence channels. Hansen’s assertion is clearly corroborated by many UFO analysts who have often written about how validated information about UFOs is routinely supplanted by stories on terrorist bombings, war in the Middle-East or the waist size of Jennifer Aniston.

Routinely, the general public satiates itself on a feast of celebrity trivia, the banality of local news and the tireless on-slot of an expensive war economy. With little or no resistance, this news media-monster has come to life. It tramples on the US constitution by employing obfuscation, diversion and censorship as key tools in the dumbing-down of public awareness.

This is the world of the American news consumer – and quite frankly – they seem to gleefully accept it all as a way of life.

The Hansen Alternative

In The Missing Times Terry Hansen reminds us that all information – regardless of how unpalatable or uncomfortable it may be, must be accessible by the public. This is especially true when the source and holder of this information is the elected body known as the ‘government of the people and by the people’. Any other standard for or use of information that restricts the public’s right-to-know is an abrogation of authority and an illegitimate use of power.

Most if not all of Hansen’s book is quite familiar territory to UFO researchers and analysts. However to those unfamiliar with the UFO issue or with the historical techniques used by military and intelligence agencies to control public perceptions about everything from weapons of mass destruction to Monsanto’s influence within the American pharmaceutical industry, what Terry Hansen has to say about government/media complicity may appear quite unbelievable even mind-boggling to the average consumer of news who accepts at face value what the media spews out on a daily basis.

Hansen offers a thoroughly different worldview.

For those who may wish to venture beyond the edge of the worldview of Nightly News, Dancing with the Stars, Kate and William’s baby and who might win the World Series, Terry Hansen has drawn a picture of an alternative, uncomfortable yet very authentic new worldview about our place in the universe – among off-world civilizations who are knocking at our door and, more importantly – why the US government and media refuse to answer the door. The adventure of reading this powerful and professionally researched work by an accredited journalist is as energizing as it is painless for those who wish to know more than what’s on TV or Facebook.

As one reads Hansen’s entire work, the complicity of the diversionary brand journalism he describes so articulately becomes readily apparent in the very first chapter. The careful reader will discover two essential ideas from Hansen’s analysis. First, the UFO cover-up is real and second – the truth is free – not open to negotiation, attack or control by elite factions that seek to define reality for their own purposes.

In its infancy, the press served to protect such attacks on the truth. As the watch-dog for the people the press at one time exposed and challenged attempts by government to control news.

According to Terry Hansen – it appears this is no longer the case.


NOTES: For those who are interested in gaining a full appreciation of  how the media has become an unofficial arm of government propaganda with respect to the UFO issue – The Missing Times by Terry Hansen is a must read.

Sample Topics in The Missing Times:

  • Sources of Silence
  • A brief History of Lies
  • Editing History
  • Perception Management

Web site:


Victor Viggiani

29 July 2013


Victor Viggiani is the News Director of ZNN – the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork

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News of an Exotheology


Jesus Cósmico

Jesus a Being of Love and Cosmic Dimensions 

Is he serving the Creator within all levels of Creation? Is he recognized by extraterrestrials?

We are just beginning to discover the connections between mind, consciousness, dimensions and physical space-time. We need to step out of the box. A worldwide accumulation of objective evidence amassed in more than 68 years since the beginning of modern ufology merits scientific research and considering not only that “they” are here…but that “they” may have probably been here for eons. Considering what some of the extraterrestrials may have told some bona fide contactees and, as a very brief exotheological summary of information harmoniously received since 1974 by those contactees associated with “Mission Rahma” (a contact mission capable of occasionally providing some collectively verifiable evidence), I’ll offer the following outline which may be considered by many as  important “news” or at least as “newsworthy.”

Three contactees: Sixto Paz Wells, Luis Fernando Mostajo and Ricardo Gonzalez have – to the best of my exopolitical assessment – individually experienced various kinds of contacts that supplement and complement each other’s views of the same coherent “exotheology” in which Jesus plays the important role of a most advanced Master, head of Earth’s White Brotherhood of benign and saintly beings following God’s benevolent will; a role allowed by being a/the spiritual representative in perfect unity with the Universal Christ Intelligence. As the story goes, his human physical body was prepared or modified by advanced extraterrestrials for him to incarnate as a human capable of sustaining a direct connection with the Cosmic Christ or Logos, the first Intelligence expressed from the Absolute or “the Father.” As the extraterrestrial transmissions go, his mission was to rescue (or redeem) humanity from completely falling into satanic-luciferian forces, some of which were made of discarnate negative extraterrestrial entities (in large part from Orion) who had perished on Earth after trying to interfere with human evolution. These forces attempting to influence world affairs have allegedly followed their leader “Satanael” who himself had become a follower of a powerful non-physical being in the Mental Universe known as “Lucifer.”

The information given by conscious will-respecting extraterrestrials working for a “Cosmic Plan” following Jesus Christ’s guidance for intervening on our planet and in connection with a spiritual hierarchy (the White Brotherhood of the Star) connected both to Earth, to the Galaxy and to the evolution of numerous civilizations in our local group of galaxies is that, after millions of years of evolution, many extraterrestrial civilizations became stuck on somewhat advanced high 4 or 5th dimensional levels of consciousness without being able to move beyond that as they became overly dependent on technology by being guided by (mostly benevolent) co-creator beings from the “Mental Universe.” After the Luciferian rebellion of a segment of beings from that Mental Universe they also experienced negative influences and severe conflicts but even earlier than that (by becoming dependent on beings from the Mental Universe guiding them along their evolution across the various planes of the Physical Universe) their capacity for deep spiritual sentiment (a subtlety that could reach into the Creator’s “heart”) became atrophied or underdeveloped missing what was necessary to reach the highest echelons of creation (a structure basically composed of a three-tiered Cosmos and various levels of consciousness occupying 7 physical, 3 mental and 2 spiritual planes). These beings (while not necessarily “negative”) needed to work under their respective levels of physicality using their wills, understandings and love in order to evolve. However they sorely needed to go beyond the excessively mental approach to life which the “ultraterrestrials” (those of the non-physical, angelic kingdoms in the Mental Universe) had taught them.

In these circumstances, the Logos; the Cosmic Christ; the first born which had emanated directly from God, the Absolute; that prism through which God the Father (an otherwise unreachable Absolute) proposed a “Divine Plan” which would entail a “fresh start”: to establish humanities in the Physical Universe gifted with a greater range of free will while living in biologically hyper dynamic planets, seeded by Life’s greatest potentials, even if prone to major survival dangers and to large degrees of uncertainty. These humanities would be able to experience a greater depth of feeling capable of connecting with the Spiritual Universe while eventually managing to live in harmony amidst highly life-challenging, physical conditions thus showing previous extraterrestrial civilizations the way to move forward. In these circumstances a large coalition of extraterrestrial civilizations accepted the Christ’s Plan as it had been transmitted to their most evolved individuals/masters and then intervened to contribute genetic and other characteristics. The net result would be more than the sum of the parts.

First spores of life were brought to specific planets to inseminate oceans with the possibility of actual life forms. Life evolved under natural laws which allowed intelligent patterns from the Creator’s Mind to materialize as the Creator worked through a chain of beings from the Mental and Physical Universes. We could say that these beings co-creating eternally exist like us within the Mind of God and their relative existences are sustained by God, the only real Being. More recent contact messages also mention that essential aspects of life on Earth was also assisted by life generating elements brought from Orion’s Nebulae and when humanoid species began to naturally develop on Earth at times they were combined with the genetic factors of various extraterrestrial lineages.

In other words, we potentially possess the combined capacities of several extraterrestrials that listened to the Christ’s Plan and to the Christ’s interpretation of the Father’s will. However, Lucifer and his followers from the Mental Universe opposed to be surpassed by a new and primitive physical species and thereafter also generated followers among many physical civilizations. Apparently, some of the negatively-oriented extraterrestrials known today are descendants of some of those original lineages and under karmic laws are allowed to intervene with restrictions until we become fully aware of who we are and-or command our rights and decide to stop this.

Out of 8 “UR” planets suitable for this major “experiment” 7 were destroyed by various sorts of cataclysms and even the Earth was destroyed millions of years before in its original timeline but a unique permission was granted by a council of the most evolved extraterrestrial masters in order to create an artificial timeline in which to relocate Earth before its destruction.  We are allegedly living in this alternative timeline while having recently crossed point of beginning to merge with the original timeline. There’s great expectation in the Universe on how we will unfold becoming aware of who we are in the Cosmic scheme of things. How we solve our human conflicts, learn to live with technology while respecting “Pacha Mama,” forgive the errors (sins) or mistakes committed by many of our extraterrestrial relatives and learn to live in harmony all of life will be a unique example for the cosmic community and becoming the “harvest” which positive extraterrestrial groups will experience. Our unique “voice” or “note” in the Cosmos is just beginning to blossom as a fruit that has never been known before.

According to the benevolent extraterrestrial group (which involves beings from Orion that left their home worlds avoiding falling into negative warrior-based paths and beings from a higher physical vibration in Venus, certain Pleiadians, a planet called Cerpican, Xilox in the Andromeda Galaxy and colonists in Ganymede, the moon of Jupiter), after humanity began to evolve it was partially interfered by various ‘negativized’ extraterrestrial groups. There were also mistakes committed,sometimes in a paternalistic fashion. Besides that also human-ET hybrid colonies were installed on Earth. Under Satanic influences these colonies (like Mu and Atlantis) also experienced misgivings and conflicts and some of the survivors which remained steadfast to the original benevolent ethical precepts of their civilizations moved into underground bases and occasionally influenced the development of human civilizations (as in Egypt in the African continent and Tiwanacu next to Lake Titicaca in South America).

Before Jesus’ birth it was noticed that if humanity continued developing without a deeply felt reverence for a loving God, the sacredness of life and kindness to fellow human beings, the last surviving “UR” experiment would also fail. Under this conditions the Logos/Cosmic Christ originating the new evolutionary “Plan” “felt responsible” for the human plight and sent Master Jesus (the most evolved human), to show the most direct and deepest path to God (the way of love) and to represent with his teachings and living example a supreme act of forgiveness (in this case as a human when – for a moment – the Christ force apparently abandoned him) in the cross.

With Jesus’ presence on Earth, the course of history inevitably leading to self-destruction was changed and a new dispensation/opportunity was obtained. While service to others or benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations (even if sentimentally under developed) guide and recommend and humbly look forward to learn from what we can demonstrate, those still under the influences of Lucifer tend to denigrate our species and often pretend to forcefully extract or “harvest” our capacities obtaining permission from our subconscious premises and state of ignorance. However, the first ones also want us to remember our ancient and complex earthly and cosmic history and why – as souls – we came to Earth in the first place. They want us to become more aware of who we are in order to choose a conscious return to the cosmic family, being able to contact them by intelligently choice with respect and without dependencies.

In this story apparently transmitted to the three contactees previously mentioned (and to others also participating in the Mission Rahma contacts) Jesus’ role must be understood as compatible with in depth, non-Christian, religious perspectives. I believe that the concept of a “master” is key here and can be understood in a way that satisfies Christians and non-Christians alike. We would have to transcend and include some pre-Nicean Council understandings and come up with a Jesus that is compatible with the idea of a prophet as that of a Bodhisattva and of God’s “Logos” expressed as an “avatar” in human form. This would be a Jesus so infused by divine force that he becomes or – in fact -recognizes his ever-present, timeless unity with the Creator’s supreme Intelligence in such a way that (as a soul and as an expression of that Logos before creation) his relative being and understanding becomes indistinguishably fused with that of the Logos or the Absolute’s first expression. In a way he would still be a man expressing the will of God and in a way an identity with God’s “Logos.”

Furthermore, concepts similar to that of the “Logos” or supreme organizing, uncreated intelligence interpreting the will of the “Father” (perhaps equivalent to the “Para Brahm” in Vedic terms, and to the “Ain” in Jewish, mystical terms) may also occur within some understandings of Buddhism and mystical and philosophical Islam (for instance as “Bodhicitta” in the case of Buddhism and in the case of Islam as Fritjoff Schuon elucidated as an aspect of the a trinity expressed by God when understood with a relative sense). Even within the normally considered non-theological and deity non-compatible Buddhism the least known (and formerly suppressed) Maha Madhyamika/Jonangpa school posits an essence (compatible with the concept of the Absolute) to which the emptiness which all relative phenomena are inherently subjected to doesn’t apply.

Definitely I’m not saying that Jesus was an extraterrestrial or that the Creator is an extraterrestrial. The issues are much more deeper and sacred to minimize them like that! However, there’s a spiritual relationship that  transcends the confines of the Earth and possesses a universal reach.  Have the aforementioned contactees from Latin America been told part of a story and-or history that relates to Jesus because of the receptivity of their Catholic/Christian cultural background? What may be learned from similar contactees in the Far East, India, or perhaps Africa, Melanesia, Eastern Europe, Siberia, Indonesia or the Middle East?  How much more of an exotheology will we have to discover and to carefully integrate under deep and “trans theological” patterns to mature as a planetary species?

If the Mission Rahma’s extraterrestrial messages are a valid account of part of our forgotten or unknown history we’ll have to overcome our exclusivist rejections of different superficially understood theologies to get at the crux of their meaning and of human history and destiny in relation to the Cosmos. We need to remember and to contact beings that respect us and may tell us more of our cosmic history. We also need to compare information from other similar contactee sources like George Adamski. On a deeper level of research we may find that that which connects us is more than that which separates us and that, as Thomas Merton showed, we may be climbing different sides of the same mountain even if the terrain looks seriously different on each side.

Interesting comments beyond a limited understanding of Jesus by Fr. Richard Rohr at

US to create Exopolitics Department to run alien affairs according to insiders

Mockup of Department of Exopolitics Logo. Credit:
Mockup of Department of Exopolitics Logo. Credit:

According to well-informed sources the US Government is set to announce a new department or office that would run extraterrestrial affairs. Today, in his latest installment in the popular Veterans Today website about an undeclared space war, Dr Preston James argues that an internal decision is about to be reached by a secret “exopolitics” committee that manages extraterrestrial affairs. They are on the verge of deciding that the time has arrived to go public – full disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence. The Secret Committee is called Majestic 12 or MJ-12 according to Dr James, and it is about to approve the creation of a formal Department or Office of Exopolitics. Its job would be to formally conduct relations with extraterrestrial life in the same way that the Department of State manages US relations with international governments. Dr James claims several “esteemed” individuals are under consideration to run the first Department/Office of Exopolitics.

Dr James begins with reports he has received from unnamed sources about the deliberations of the secret exopolitics committee called MJ-12 that has run extraterrestrial affairs since 1947. He writes that the decision to go public is being driven largely by younger members:

“some reports have suggested that there has been a deep internal split in this group, with younger members pushing hard for complete USG public disclosure followed by the setting up of an official USG Department of Exopolitics”.

James claims that several “esteemed individuals” have already been considered to run the proposed “office:”

USG is now in the process of setting up an official Office for Exopolitics and considering several esteemed individuals from which to choose a director to run this new office.

There is a major difference between creating a new government Office versus a new Department. There are a variety of bureaucratic models that could be used in creating a government entity to formally conduct exopolitics – relations with extraterrestrial visitors. Here are the three that stand out as the most obvious choices.

First, some existing government departments would argue that exopolitics is merely an extension of their current activities and therefore should be located entirely within their department. For example, the U.S. Department of State could argue that US government relations with alien civilizations is an extension of its current role of managing relations with international governments. Therefore an “Office for Exopolitics” should be set up within the Department of State in the same way in which the “Office for Civil Rights” is located within the Department of Education. The main advantage here is that an “Office of Exopolitics” could be expected to harmonize with ongoing diplomatic relations at an international level. Main disadvantage is that other government departments and agencies could argue that key areas of relations with extraterrestrial visitors fall under their responsibilities, e.g., Department of Defense, Department of Energy, NASA, etc.

A second bureaucratic model would be to set up an “Exopolitics Office” that directly reports to the US President such as in the case of “The Office of Science and Technology Policy” whose mandate is:

advises the president on the effects of science and technology on domestic and international affairs. It also develops, coordinates, and implements science and technology policies and budgets.

The main advantage here is that the US President, for the first time since Presidents Truman and Eisenhower would be directly involved in setting policy on extraterrestrial visitors. Main disadvantage is that relations with extraterrestrial visitors is too important an issue to add to an already overburdened President whose responsibilities are diverted to many government priorities.

A third bureaucratic model would be to create a Department or Agency for Exopolitics that would be a fully independent entity with its own bureaucracy and headed by a Secretary or Director that would be given Cabinet status within the Obama administration. This model has many advantages since it could coordinate policies on a wide range of issues, diplomatic relations, defense, science and technology, energy, health, etc. that involve extraterrestrial life and technology. The main disadvantage is that other more established government departments might compete with and undermine the new Exopolitics Department/Agency in terms of policy and influence over extraterrestrial affairs.

There is no precedent for setting up a Department or Office of Exopolitics in the world. While the United Nations passed Decision 33/426 in 1978 authorizing the creation of a UN Agency to monitor reports of UFOs and extraterrestrial life, the decision was never implemented by member states. The only bureaucratic history that is known with any degree of reliability is that the Majestic 12 committee that originally constituted a de facto Office of Exopolitics was initially set up as a covert program within the US National Security Council system. Here is a description of MJ-12’s reconstitution during the Eisenhower administration:

The most significant institutional reorganization as far as political management of the ET presence was concerned was expanding and formalizing MJ-12 as an autonomous institution fully authorized by executive order to deliberate upon and make policy decisions on the ET presence. MJ-12 became formally embedded in the Covert Operations Committee of the National Security Council – Committee 5412, named after National Security Council Edict 5412. MJ-12’s earlier existence as an ad hoc committee appointed by executive authority, was now transformed into a permanent sub-committee institutionally embedded within the most secret of all the National Security Council’s committees. Evidence from whistleblower testimonies suggest that Truman’s ad hoc committee, MJ-12, was reorganized so as to now comprise two layers. The outermost layer was a group of up to 40 individuals who would form a Study Group (hence the names PI-40 and Special Studies Group also attributed to MJ-12) whose function was to provide specialized studies and policy recommendations concerning ET issues for a smaller decision making group (MJ-12) that would actually make official policy recommendations for implementation after gaining executive approval by Eisenhower.

Initially hidden within the National Security Council system, the MJ-12/Office of Exopolitics has morphed over time into a quasi-governmental entity with significant corporate involvement, and a distinct international element.

According to Dr James’ undisclosed sources:

[Y]ounger members of MJ-12 want complete public disclosure as soon as possible, within 2013 and have actually been providing leaks for over twenty years, helping Hollywood writers and producers by supplying information so that movies can be made and the public can be conditioned in small baby steps to accept the idea of alien visitation.

How credible is Dr James and his unnamed sources? Veterans Today is a highly respected website which has key individuals in its editorial board with deep connections to the world of military intelligence. Dr James is a board certified psychologist with 35 years experience in marriage/family therapy, and claims many contacts with those in military intelligence. His professional background and military intelligence connections suggest his sources are worth taking seriously.

If Dr James’ sources are correct then not only can we expect a formal government disclosure of extraterrestrial life in the near future, but the creation of a US Government Office or Department of Exopolitics to follow soon after. The Director/Secretary of such an Office/Department could be vetted by Congress to determine their suitability in managing the most important policies confronting humanity in the 21st century.

Creating an Exopolitics Office or Department, would be a tremendous step forward in bringing transparency and accountability to how relations with extraterrestrial visitors are being run by elements of the US government, and internationally. For the first time, American citizens would be informed of how covert elements of their government is managing the issue of extraterrestrial life and technology, and will have a voice in how policies are developed and implemented.

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