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Blue Whales, UFO’s, and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012

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By Richard O’Connor. M.D.

A blue whale, the largest animal that has ever existed.

The blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) is a marine mammal belonging to the suborder of baleen whales (called Mysticeti).[3] At 30 metres (98 ft)[4] in length and 180 metric tons (200 short tons)[5] or more in weight, it is the largest known animal to have ever existed.[6]

We are told that blue whales exist, but I have never seen a blue whale. Unlike UFO’s, there is no information war, or truth embargo, currently in place which attempts to obscure the reality of the existence of blue whales. We are told that blue whales, living at this moment throughout the oceans of this planet, are the largest animals that have ever existed! Other people have seen and photographed them, confirming their real existence for us, and there is really no reason that we should doubt that blue whales do in fact exist. There are many photographs and videos of blue whales. I doubt that the presence of a blue whale has ever been documented by radar, but UFO’s certainly have been so documented through photos, videos, and on radar many, many times. It is estimated that Earth’s population of blue whales currently stands at 5000 – 12,000 worldwide, yet I (and probably you) have never seen a blue whale. We are talking about the largest animal which has ever existed and is claimed to still be living today, yet neither you nor I have ever seen one. How could this be? I have swum and even snorkeled in the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea, but I have never had the good fortune to find myself in the physical presence of a blue whale, and no one that I know personally has ever seen a blue whale. I hope to and would be thrilled to see a blue whale one day, before I am gone or before they are gone, but so far I have never been in the right place, at the right time, to actually see one with my own eyes. Think about these things, and then contemplate the following.

Ongoing and Unexplained Phenomena

We have several ongoing and as yet unexplained categories of events, or phenomena, occurring in our world today. These recurring events are not rare and virtually every single day, if one cares to look at sources beyond our mainstream media, a report will be found from somewhere around the world which strongly suggests the real existence of the UFO phenomenon, the Crop Circle phenomenon, the animal dissection (aka “cattle mutilation”) phenomenon, and the alien abduction phenomenon. The details of these phenomena are ignored by many because we have been deliberately and methodically seduced (defined: “act of leading aside”) into the belief that these events are mutually unrelated and that these are fringe topics which we should perceive to have little or no relevance to our daily lives in which obtaining an education, advancing one’s career, raising a family, saving for retirement, maintaining a social life, or simply paying the rent must, of necessity, remain our primary focus in order that we and those we love may continue to thrive. Through our mainstream media this social engineering has been very effectively implemented in an effort to preserve the normalcy of our nation’s society and the very foundations of our global civilization in their present form for as long as possible, and there are many compelling reasons why those who have controlled this information have chosen this path for us. For those like myself, who daily follow new developments with regard to these phenomena, it is becoming increasingly evident that the winds of change are blowing and that we will, in the very near future, find ourselves in the midst of a gale. We need to be prepared for this.

There is no debate that the evolution and maintenance of our present day human civilization has been a very necessary and long-term project, sometimes painful, and oftentimes difficult. Civilization is an ongoing enterprise that should not to be taken for granted and should not be profoundly amended without due cause but, as recent events such as Occupy Wall Street demonstrate, changes in the underlying foundations of our civilization are sometimes wise, justifiable, and in fact necessary as we strive “to create a more perfect union”.

UFO’s and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012

(Wikipedia): The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) maintains that “the breadth of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act’s (NDAA) detention authority (by the U.S. military of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil) violates international law because it is not limited to people captured in the context of an actual armed conflict as required by the laws of war.”

I propose that the recently passed US Defense Authorization Act of 2012 may be considered as a pre-emptive preparation for the coming gale which will result when Disclosure of the reality of the above listed phenomena, and of their relevance to the present and future of our civilization, is either officially announced or, when it simply unfolds as, perhaps, in some type of District 9 scenario. If you haven’t seen the movie, a large UFO quietly parks itself over Johannesburg, South Africa, with no further contact for three months. Imagine if such an event were to actually transpire tomorrow.

Those who have had a “need to know” fully realize that Disclosure is not completely under their control, and that Disclosure may be precipitated on any given day by the Extraterrestrial Intelligence(s) which have arrived here and which are in fact the group(s) most likely responsible for these otherwise unexplainable yet ongoing phenomena listed above. The specific provisions codified in the NDAA of 2012 manifest unprecedented and blatant infringements upon several amendments in the Bill of Rights of our U.S. Constitution which we have all taken for granted as our protection against actions being taken against us by our own U.S. military in the absence of due process. Now, one decade after 9/11, and with no additional major incidents of terrorism having occurred upon U.S. soil, what imaginable anticipated event could and would motivate, and in fact truly warrant, the passage of the these new and specific provisions of NDAA 2012 which have been willingly signed by our President Barak Obama? And, what nature of event would enable those military personnel so ordered, who are also U.S. citizens, to feel justified in following an order to take military action against their fellow U.S. citizens? One does not need to stand ready the entire U.S. military to deal with a single terrorist, or a small group of terrorists, on U.S. soil. The particular and curious provisions of the recent NDAA of 2012 imply that the ground-work is being laid in anticipation of an event of such profound significance to U.S. national security that the passage of this NDAA 2012, with its blatant disregard of several provisions within our U.S. Constitution, is clearly regarded by our nation’s leadership as justified and necessary.

Those “in the know” have thus far successfully dissuaded the majority of our citizenry from any concerns linking the growing base of evidence which confirms the real existence of these phenomena. These ongoing, recurring phenomena now clearly indicate at least this: we are not alone in this universe and we are currently being contacted by likely more than one alien civilization. Our nation’s leadership must insure that they will always remain one step ahead in order to effectively provide for our nation’s security. They must realize the inevitability of an event which comprises an inescapable tipping-point of irrefutable and undeniable evidence of ongoing visitation of Extraterrestrial Intelligence to our planet is just around the corner, as this is most certainly the reality. Video cameras are now everywhere and a single event, obtained under just the right circumstances and with an adequate ensemble of willing-to-testify eyewitnesses, is all that stands between a normal today and Disclosure tomorrow. Those who believe that Exopolitics is of little concern among those who participate in the think-tanks of Washinton D.C., I believe, are gravely mistaken. Through steps such as NDAA 2012, which are now being taken by the U.S. government / military, when Official Disclosure occurs, or, more likely, when unofficial Disclosure self-manifests, the recently passed provisions of NDAA 2012 will insure that the necessary legal means are already in place to maintain law and order through (now legal) U.S. military action against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. While there is no question that the specific provisions of NDAA 2012 constitute an obvious and blatant disregard of several amendments within our U.S. Constitution, and while many have for many years disagreed with the philosophy and means by which the “truth embargo” regarding these phenomena has been deliberately manipulated and obscured by those with an officially declared “need to know”, we must also realize that official or unofficial Disclosure, when it occurs, is going to bring a day unlike any other day which has ever dawned for mankind. Our U.S. federal government and our U.S. military are the only extant agencies which will have the mandate and the means to effectively maintain our nation’s security and deal with the potential firestorm which will very likely ensue when our world comes to a full measure of conscious realization of the following:

The Short List of Concerns and Grievances post-Disclosure

a) We are not alone in this universe.
b) We have been deliberately misled about this fact for decades. Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group refers to this situation as the “truth embargo”.
c) Many thousands of solid U.S. citizens have been victimized by this truth embargo through the psychological battering that they have sustained after having personally experienced interactions with ET.
d) Our tax dollars have been used to fund the truth embargo which has been a very expensive program tasked to dissuade us, its financiers, from becoming consciously aware of the truth.
c) Our scientific paradigms have, as a consequence of the truth embargo, been deprived of an awareness of certain realities which would have resulted in highly significant and in fact critical modifications of our current scientific world-view. Due to the truth embargo, our scientific progress has been deliberately stifled for decades.
d) We are not the most intelligent species in this universe.
e) We are not the most technologically advanced species in this universe.
f) The necessity of petroleum for energy (the very foundation of our world’s global economy) has been an artificially sustained requirement. We may have been able to jettison our use of petroleum for energy decades ago had we been made aware of the truth.
g) Wars have been fought and many we love have died in order to secure and insure our nation’s access to oil.
h) ET’s have likely played a major role in the evolution of mankind.
i) Our world’s religions are misinformed regarding our true source of origin.
j) We have misinterpreted and misunderstood much of what has been written in our most sacred books.
k) Modern air transportation (Boeing and Airbus) is suddenly rendered obsolete.
l) The alien abduction phenomenon is admitted to be really happening.
m) The entire world’s population will feel existentially vulnerable to these technologically superior visitors. Our very survival, and those we love, is perceived as dependent upon the good will of these visitors.
n) The world’s auto industry will be quickly rendered obsolete.
o) Every nation’s government will feel (has felt) its sovereignty threatened by this new reality.
p) Wall Street and other world markets will spin out of control as investors are completely clueless regarding the investment implications of this new reality.
q) The U.S. military is recognized to be impotent to prevent incursions (or invasions) of these visitors. The U.S. military is no longer regarded as the “toughest kid on the block”.
r) Lastly (and this is out there but not inconceivable), Jesus is revealed to have been a hybrid ET- human, the Star of Bethlehem was in fact the guiding light of a UFO, and the Immaculate Conception was an ET abduction which involved the artificial insemination of the Virgin Mary. In light of the evidence as I see it, this scenario makes much more sense than what I have heard so far.

Any one of these realizations might potentially result in a major and possibly violent uprising from a previously unsuspecting and unprepared populace. Taken together these revelations, suddenly presented to a world in which yesterday everything seemed to be normal, on track, and in balance, are a recipe for a complete breakdown of our civilization. We will need to have measures in place and plans made to deal with what may ultimately devolve into utter mayhem in the streets of our nation and around the world. Thus, I believe that the provisions set forth in NDAA 2012 are warranted and are in fact necessary for our nation’s political and military leadership to be able to deal legally and effectively with what is coming when official or unofficial Disclosure comes about.

The body of evidence corroborating the reality of the UFO phenomenon, the Crop Circle phenomenon, the alien abduction phenomenon, and the animal dissection (“cattle mutilation”) phenomenon is growing daily. When considering the motivations behind the curious and specific provisions of NDAA 2012, we must all realize that Disclosure, either Official or unofficial, is very likely just around the corner. Our nation must be prepared, through all means possible, to make an orderly transition into a new reality when this day arrives.

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UK Daytime TV Show Demonstrates Why Formats Are Shifting Perspective

The UKs most popular daytime TV program decided to allocate a whole 10 minutes for an issue which needs several hours to even scratch the surface of -  The ET Contact and UFO issue. Despite the time constraints -  something more was demonstrated – insofar as the invited ‘rational’ academic failed to make any significant headway in attracting interest for his views.

Present for the session were UK contactee and speaker at the 2011 Leeds Exopolitics UK conference Brigitte Barclay. Police detective Gary Heseltine and Professor from Goldsmith’s College in the “Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit” – Chris French.

In recent years there’s been a notable shift in the format of both mainstream treatment of the issue and also the more specialised documentary style programs such as UFO-Hunters made for the History Channel.

Direct Link to Video

The latter series, along with its follow-up series Ancient Aliens, was one of the History Channel’s highest rated series viewing wise and simultaneously ended the TV formula of  featuring a mandatory “Rent-A-Skeptic” – often utilised at the end of a discussion to trivialise and debunk the evidence found as well as the experience of those directly interfacing with the wide array of UFOlogical phenomena involved.

The daytime TV show, which can be seen in the video above, is part of the slower media forms to react to this shift -  hence the use of Chris French – one of a handful of British skeptics that are  wheeled-out to counter what by now is an over-whelming set of evidence and testimony for the reality of intelligent life interacting with this planet. However -  even when a program features such an old modality, it seems to now do more damage to the skeptics and debunkers case than ever. UK personalities such as MoD national Archives commentator and ‘Folklore’ academic Dr David Clarke, Professor Chris French or British author and regular debunker Andy Roberts [who once claimed a serving police officer hallucinated a double-decker bus]  now appear increasingly desperate in justifying their rather mundane position. To a more aware, internet savvy culture, it really seems as if the regular skeptics are caught in some strange time-loop where their mantras of “it was venus!” and  “little green men” makes them look somewhat ignorant and perhaps even foolish.

As Yorkshire police sightings database operator Gary Heseltine amply demonstrated, even in a 10 minute slot it’s not hard to challenge the skeptical line -  especially when it’s an inflexible approach as we find so often with the TV skeptics. Additionally, as can now be seen by regular news coverage of the issue, the majority of the population have a growing interest in this area even if they’re not fully sure what’s going on. My prediction is that we’ll continue to see the trend expanding where rational discussions of this issue can take place without the need for the classic, hired debunking line. There’s a difference between useful skeptical enquiry in this topic and debunking via ridicule and/or for the sake of pushing people away from a necessary field of enquiry.

In reality, whether it’s the type of testimony from someone like Brigitte who’s experienced an event first hand, a collection of statistics such as the PRUFOS database or national security episodes such as nuclear missile bases being temporarily rendered ineffective by hovering craft – only one of these situations has to be “real” for the skeptical line to collapse.

Note: – Popular TV shows as we’re all aware can often be re-viewed on the channels associated website. It appears that just this section in the video above was removed from the ITV “replay” website -  you can essentially watch the whole show [and poor me just has to make sure this was the case] but it pretends that the UFO discussion section never took place.

When they lose,  they edit.

This recent article from the Editor of The Columbia Tribune adds a similar theme to the shift that we can see taking place -  the decline of the ‘giggle factor’. It’s worth pointing out that we could add an additional 1000 quotes from well respected historical personalities…

UFO ‘non-gigglers’ are in good company

Editor, the Tribune: During some 40 years of study and discussion of the UFO phenomenon, I have encountered numerous academicians, politicians, social activists, journalists and others who have seriously ridiculed any mention of the serious investigation of the problem. Such ridicule was frequently demonstrated by what UFO researchers call the “giggle factor,” including self-satisfying smirks, rolled eyes and occasional outright belly-laughs. On the other hand, non-gigglers, and their views on the matter, include:

  • “Unknown objects are operating under intelligent control. … It is imperative that we learn where UFOs come from and what their purpose is.” — Adm. Roscoe Hillenkotter, former director of the CIA
  • “The evidence points to the fact that Roswell was a real incident and that indeed an alien craft did crash, and that material was recovered from that site. We all know that UFOs are real.” — astronaut Edgar Mitchell
  • “Of course it is possible that UFOs really do contain aliens as many people believe, and the government is covering it up.” — Professor Stephen Hawking
  • “The possibility of reduced-time interstellar travel by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations at present, or ourselves in the future, is not fundamentally constrained by physical principles.” — physicist Harold Putoff
  • “It is quite strange that while our best modern physics and astrophysics theories thus predict that we should be experiencing extraterrestrial visitation, any possible evidence of such in the form of a subset of UFO reports is ignored or ridiculed.” — astrophysicist Bernard Haisch

Article: David Griffin -  david[AT]

China US trade imbalance: bad policy or payback for CIA use of stolen WWII gold?

One of the enigmas of U.S. trade policy is the willingness of policy makers to allow China open access to U.S. markets while China throws up many obstacles to American imports. This has predictably led to the US China trade imbalance becoming an issue in the U.S. Presidential Republican campaign. In an interview on Fox News on February 2, 2012, Republican Presidential front runner, Mitt Romney, declared:

On my first day in office, I will label China a currency manipulator and under US law once that label has been affixed the president is able to apply tariffs to any of their goods … I’ve made it very clear to the Chinese that’s where we’ll go if they continue the practices they’re pursuing right now.

Romney’s get tough on China rhetoric impressed Donald Trump who promptly endorsed Romney for the Republican Presidential Primary. According to Trump: “I love what Mitt was saying about China and the rest of the world, which is just absolutely ripping us off and trying to destroy this nation with a smile. And I think that Mitt Romney really sees China for what they are.”

It is a fact that China maintains a huge trade deficit with the U.S. The exchange rate of China’s currency, the Renminbi, is kept artificially low making it very difficult for U.S. products to compete with cheap Chinese imports. Imports of Chinese products have devastated the U.S. manufacturing industry. To make matters worse, China establishes tariffs on a range of key U.S. export products, such as automobiles, making it even more difficult for the U.S. to reverse the trade deficit which continues to grow. Compounding the issue is China’s flagrant violation of intellectual property laws where Chinese firms pirate many U.S. products with almost total impunity thereby removing another means of balancing the trade deficit.

The trade imbalance has led to China accumulating vast reserves of US dollars, becoming the biggest purchaser of U.S. treasury bonds, and becoming America’s chief creditor. According to the U.S. Treasury, as of November 2011, China held 1.1 trillion dollars in U.S. treasury securities. All this has U.S. Republican presidential candidates and many economists speaking out loudly against China and calling for retaliatory measures such as tariffs, getting tough on Chinese violation of intellectual property laws, and pressuring China to revalue its currency. So are Romney, Trump and a host of prominent economists correct about China? Do they make a compelling case for abandoning a bad China trade policy?

The problem is that what Romney, Trump and other China trade policy critics miss is that the trade deficit is not a result of a poorly thought out U.S. trade policy. In fact the U.S. trade policy with China has been meticulously thought out. There is growing evidence that it is payback for the CIA’s decades long covert use of China’s “black gold” – gold that does not appear on any international gold registry. China’s “black gold” has been hidden for over six decades in order to fund a globally coordinated set of covert projects hidden from public view by the CIA and a consortium of national intelligence organizations and transnational corporations – a global Manhattan project.

Two very recent court cases and a June 2009 incident on the Italian/Swiss border involving high denomination 1934 Federal Reserve notes reveal a remarkable historical fact. During the Second World War era, vast quantities of Chinese gold reserves were either looted and hidden by the Japanese Imperial Army in the Philippines, or transferred by the Chinese Nationalist government to international safe havens. The biggest beneficiary of this vast historical movement of “black” gold was the U.S. government which arranged for a significant portion of China’s “black” gold to be transferred into the US. Federal Reserve system, and Federal Reserve bonds and/or notes issued in return.

The holders of these high denomination Federal Reserve bearer bonds/notes – often the descendents of Chinese/Asian royal families– could only redeem these bonds after lengthy periods of time, e.g., five decades. As a safeguard to ensure the “black gold” would not become publicly tradable, the Federal notes/bonds were printed with spelling errors and other abnormalities that would make them appear fraudulent. Attempts to redeem these bearer bonds have been unsuccessful. This has led to court cases and financial incidents that have drawn media attention over the high denomination bonds in dispute and their validity. Most public media attention wrongly concludes that these bonds are fraudulent as outlined in a recent Bloomberg article focusing on bonds found in the Philippines. Two recent court cases citing meticulous fact checking and documentation of these high denomination 1934 bonds, suggest otherwise.

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