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Quantum Cosmology – Developing the Road to Disclosure

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Quantum Cosmology - Exo-106

If indeed 2012 is the year of the quantum shift, then we need to be educated to what of our greatest thinkers, and writers including our astronauts believe concerning the creation of the new paradigm. Quantum Cosmology is a term that was created by Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut. He talked to be about it  in an interview I  did with him  in 2006.

“I think I’ve reached the point that I‘m convinced enough of the reality of the ET presence and I’m not going to deny it and shy away from it…  It is time to open this up to the public.”
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14

In the belief that we should learn from our great thinkers and metaphysical teachers, I have created this unique course for Dr. Michael Salla’s Exopolitics Institute. On-line Education for the general public is the wave of the future The synthesis of innovative ideas may cause that very shift that is so crucial for this planet to survive. The new theoretical physics, quantum thinking and the acceptance of a dimensional reality may be the key to facilitating this shift. It is a shift of focus. As Dr. Mitchell tells us,

“We may eventually have several theories that can tie together nicely but there is not a single theory of everything. That originates from Quantum processes. That is, the quantum fluctuations within a zero-point field can start the process that quantum fluctuations within a zero-point field can start the process that builds the process, which builds into matter, an irreversible process. We have some evidence that suggests that. We don’t have a Big Bang but we have a lot of little pops! A continuous set of little pops!”

Little “pops of awareness and heighten sensitivity, and positive intent may replace a world  “Scientific Materialism” a term coined by Harvard Professor Dr. John Mack. We have been shackled by our false values far too long and it is all starting to collapse or reconfigure. This mental shift gives the human race infinite possibilities and great freedom. It will take us out of the ghetto of fear and disinformation. It will reconnect us to the earth, to a planet, a live entity, that we have betrayed with our carelessness.

This course will expose the reader to the innovative thinking of credible people, like Dr. John Mack, Dr. Stephen Greer, Timothy Good, Admiral Lord Hill-Norton, Former Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer, Dr Michael Wolf Kruvante and Jacques Valle. It is “timely and stimulating.”

Everyday whistleblowers like Clifford Stone are adding to the body of research by revealing interaction with Et races. It is for this reason that libraries and students of this course will receive Clifford’s new book: Eyes Only- The Clifford Stone Story as a gift upon registration.

Edgar Mitchell with Paola Harris
Edgar Mitchell with Paola Harris

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell sums it up appropriately when he says” “intent” creates action. The intent creates our reality, which makes us who we are. If that is true, then that makes us powerful on a planet that has always been undermined by great powers trying to put down the masses. So, is the idea that “intent” creates, and we can create realities, and we can also create events?” It is time to create new events and we certainly need all the help we can get.

Paola Harris, M.Ed.
Instructor for Quantum Cosmology – Exo-106


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Trillion dollar lawsuit exposes secret Bilderberg Gold Treaty & funding of extraterrestrial projects

Financial Instruments seized at Chiasso, Italy

A mysterious trillion dollar lawsuit filed on November 23, 2011 in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, claims that 134.5 billion dollars worth of gold was secretly given to the U.S. government in the mid-1930s by the then Nationalist government of China for safekeeping. The lawsuit claims that 1934 U.S. Federal Reserve notes were issued to the Chinese government, and the gold transferred to the Federal Reserve Bank. It is claimed that a total sum of almost one trillion dollars representing both the principal and accumulated interest of the 1934 Federal Reserve notes was fraudulently taken from the plaintiff, Neil Keenan, an agent for the owners, a mysterious Asian entity called “The Dragon Family.” What makes the lawsuit worth paying attention to is that involves the unresolved June 2009 case of two Japanese citizens caught on a train in Italy while traveling to Switzerland with 134.5 billion dollars in US Federal Reserve notes, bonds and other financial instruments.

The U.S. District Court lawsuit has aroused considerable controversy over its authenticity and the ownership of the 134.5 billion in Federal Reserve notes, bonds and other financial instruments. The lawsuit was filed by William Mulligan Jr and Justin Gardner from Bleakley Platt and Schmidt, a reputable New York law firm. The principal plaintiff in the lawsuit, Neil Keenan, claims to have been defrauded by a number of official government agencies and political figures including a little known organization called the Office of International Treasury Control (OITC), and its principal officers Dr Ray Dam (President) and David Sale (Deputy Chief of the Council for Cabinet of OITC). On the other hand, Sale claims that Keenan and his accomplices fraudulently gained possession of the bonds from the OITC. Importantly, neither of the two parties contesting ownership of the bonds dispute their validity.

The U.S. District Court lawsuit supports claims by David Guyatt, author of The Secret Gold Treaty, that missing World War II era national gold reserves have been intentionally kept out of public circulation (“black gold”). Furthermore, the lawsuit reveals a coordinated international effort to launder, trade and defraud owners or investors of bonds and other financial instruments issued against the “black gold”. At the heart of this internationally coordinated effort, according to Guyatt, is the Bilderberg Group – which in 1954 played a key role in the passage of a Secret Gold Treaty.

A detailed study of these events has just been released by Dr Michael Salla, a former university professor and author of two books focusing on U.S. foreign policy. What the study will show is that what lies behind the Bilderberg Group’s involvement with “black gold” is to provide long-term funding for a globally coordinated ‘second’ Manhattan Project. The ultimate goal of this globally coordinated project is to comprehensively deal with a subject so vast and complex as to dwarf the resources of any one nation – extraterrestrial life and technology.

The 7500 word study is available for free here.

Open Letter to Extraterrestrial Visitors

Dear Galactic Family,

It is a great joy to know that your cloaked star ships are now orbiting Earth. We understand that they will become more visible when you make open contact with Earth citizens soon. I hope this letter quickly reaches you through some trustworthy means.

In a recent channeled message through Greg Giles, you stated “Your mission at this time is to help spread light, which is information, and help to calm the fears that may spread throughout your societies upon the announcements of our presence here. You have the tools at your disposal. Many of these have been purposely seeded into your culture for just this purpose. Use them well.”

Yes, we have the tools to spread your messages, but they are not being used as productively as they could be. We do not have the kind of information to share that is viewed as credible by the masses.    We have sayings like “Seeing is believing”, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, and “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” – Carl Sagan.   Telepathic messages and blurry UFO photos are not convincing to most Earth humans.

In the spirit of helping each other to create the best outcome, I humbly offer some requests. In short, we need true to life videos and photos of you. The content must clearly show human-looking extraterrestrial beings. It could include tours of your natural environments, star ships, and homes.

Comments from you about your life and view of Earth would be wildly popular. Ideally, you should speak in your own languages and also Earth languages. We wish to know about your education, music, art, recreation, and sports. We would especially like to see your technologies for cleaning up our planet, curing our health problems, and providing non-polluting energy.

Access to your “viewing screen” would enable us to see important historical events in our cultures exactly as they occurred. Only a few citizens of Earth claim to have seen this fascinating technology on your star ships.

Live web cams showing your normal daily activities would be spectacular. We want to see activities on your ‘streets’ and at your cultural events. Interactive live chats with you by video and audio would be groundbreaking.

Sharing such tangible and persuasive evidence with the masses would greatly increase the number of your Earth family who are eager to welcome you. It would also lessen disruption to our services and supplies that you have warned us about if people are not well informed about you and your arrival.

News of your lives would reach hundreds of millions. This happened in May 2008 with the “alien in the window” video shown in Denver, Colorado. It created a flood of headline news worldwide.  Merely tens or hundreds of thousands seem to read channeled messages. A greater number of people would believe visual content.

Authentic videos of you would help us know what is true. They would be the most exciting and enlightening videos ever seen on Earth. We would share them with everyone we can. They would become immediate ‘viral’ sensations on the Internet.

Watching videos of you before your star ships uncloak would greatly reduce fear and panic about your upcoming visit. You would not face the risks of showing up as a total surprise to most Earth humans who did not read or believe the channeled messages.

Time is of the essence. Compelling videos would empower us to show the masses a ‘clear picture’ of your benevolent intentions. Will you please help our mission by providing video content of your civilizations?

With love, gratitude, and highest regards,

Jeff Peckman

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