Month: April 2010

In Defense of Exopolitical research and Study

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By Neil Gould

Subject: Videos [fake] vs Research and Witness testimony
The field of Exopolitics enables the exopolitically minded/educated researcher to not hyper focus on quantitative evidence [can be tampered with] but to use time for a more scholarly approach to the UFO issue. The emphasis within the forum discussions about “fake videos” carries a negative bias that could discard the baby with the bath water. [Such as a genuine sighting or even Nick Pope]. However, we know UFO’s are real from whistleblowers testimony; an example the Donald Keyhoe interview by Mike Wallace in the 1950’s

We are with full knowledge that many people have seen UFOs and in certain cases have interacted with the occupants of craft; [Travis Walton, NeilFreer, Jim Sparks, George Adamski, Meier, Orfeo Angelucci etc]. There are others on this forum that have first hand experience. Photos and videos play an important part for the optical physics [Bob Oechler, Bruce Maccabee etc] but witnesses, pilots, military, contactees etc give testimony that is up to western legal standards as to their reality. Researchers conducting face-to-face interviews with witnesses are key elements in validating the evidence. A further study of the psychodynamics between the researcher/clinician and witness help validate the experience.

There are red herrings in this field that have tripped up many a
well-meaning ufologist, inhibiting the progress of their research. If the video had been proven genuine. Well,we might well have been watching a terrestrial John Searl disc; then what? The Ufologist would be satisfied I guess; but then what?

We are blessed to have the field of exopolitics and even more blessed to have the Institute’s educational programs essential for those who really want to get out there to do the research. To some ufologists, Exopolitics is seen as the red rag to the bull; this reaction is to be expected when any new field of study is introduced which supercedes the old. [The description given by Copernicus of the field of astronomy that Earth is in daily motion about its axis and in yearly motion around a stationary sun was rejected by the Catholic Church].

Exopolitics has subsumed Ufology and provides for multidisciplinary studies of UFO related phenomenon. “Through collaborations and meetings with clinicians, “experiencers”, psychologists, epidemiologists, historians, physicians, philosophers, anthropologists, physicists, theologians, and political scientists, Dr. Mack has encouraged members of different disciplines to bring their talents to this exploration”.

You know, things in our reality that reinforce the worldview are either fabricated scarcity, media truth embargos, holographic illusions, super technology, CGI or brainwashing and control mechanisms [Rockefeller; war of the worlds; social research project] and we are all victims of the politics on ontology. This pales the validation of a UFO video into insignificance, compared to how the reported story [THE SUN, Il Corriere della Sera] bashes against the worldview and how it serves to awaken a humanity on the brink of an ecological disaster; That’s exopolitics, the study of the political and social implications.
As for exopolitical researcher, Torbjorn Sasserson in Sweden; his predicament is a reality, the very worldview that I mention is skinning this man and other heroes alive and I think the UFO video, fake or not, is a symptom and manifestation of that which we are not allowed to know about. So the ufologists should be investigating the fabric of this construct and making more positive contributions, rather than making mountains out of molehills.

Neil Gould is a Member of the Board of Directors
Exopolitics Institute

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