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World Disclosure Day declared by Paradigm Research Group Director

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Toronto –  [ZNN] – The era of the UFO has ended. This – according to Stephen G. Bassett, Director of PRG – the Paradigm Research Group in Washington DC – is why he has declared July 8, 2011 World Disclosure Day.

In his July 2, 2011 statement Bassett said, “The truth embargo is not about preventing citizens from learning about frisbees, balloons and bird flocks.  It’s about withholding acknowledgment of non-human, intelligent beings flying about in Earth’s skies and much more.”

In his statement Bassett went on to say, “Disclosure – the formal acknowledgement by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race – is the primary goal of a growing international truth movement. The purpose of World Disclosure Day is to provide a focal point for people and organizations to come together to assert their right to know extraordinary information being withheld from them by their governments – the truth embargo.”

For complete details on World Disclosure Day click on: World Disclosure Day

Contact Mr. Bassett for interviews at: prg@paradigmresearchgroup.org - Telephone: 202-215-8344

Media Disclosure Resources and Documents:

Laurance S. Rockefeller’s draft letter to President Bill Clinton requesting that he release to the world his government’s knowledge of Extraterrestrials visiting the planet: http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/Rockefeller%20Documents/RID-11-1-95-2.htm#2

Read all letters within the Rockefeller Initiative to bring forward Disclosure:http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/Rockefeller%20Documents/Rockefeller_Initiative_Documents.htm#OSTP

The Canadian government’s disclosure of UFO files: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2009/03/prweb2264574.htm

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Comments (2)

  • There is no arguing anymore but that the majority of people accept the notion the universe is populated. The trend is well-documented and well established. There is one underlying truth which warrants consideration.
    Much effort, money and more has gone into “keeping the secret”. This secret can be outed at any moment by the ones doing the visiting. (‘They’ may recognize that many people will be justifiably outraged at the stunning abuse of law and of people that has been going on and ‘they’ have seen many times how the masses treat leaders who treat them as badly as we have been treated on this issue. This potential for bloodshed and violence may be unacceptable to ‘them’.)
    Our leaders play a sort of Russian Roulette with every sunrise that nothing will happen today that exposes just what they have done. How little it would take for the right bullet to be in the chamber at the right moment. Yet, each day, they resume this little game.
    So there is the truth. Our leaders have the opportunity every day to play the trump card first. Yet,each day they do as they have done for decades (or longer)and they take the chance that nothing will happen which will be beyond their ability to control or manipulate. At any moment they could lose their ability to control the story and to have to take a very defensive posture, to deflect, obfuscate, what have you.


    World Disclosure Day could end up being the sort of unifying event which springboards nearly the entire population of Earth to a state of mind which accepts and welcomes
    new relationships from the universe. This will happen only if the event itself turns out to be a positive experience…which leaders have the ability to create (now). IF WDD turns into the day the leadership got caught with its pants not just down, but nowhere in the room, it could become the anniversary of a total PR and human disaster.

    Is it simply ego that allows our leadership to take this gamble every day? Maybe. (How pathetic would that be?)Is it the fear of not being able to assess world reaction with any degree of confidence? Is it that they have been ordered to remain silent until further notice?

    Personally, I hope for a WDD which becomes a joyous anniversary of the day our oldest and most pressing question finally was answered. Not only would it mean that we are not alone, but it could mean that on a fundamental level THAT was the answer we longed for, which we eagerly accepted and even welcomed…even if it meant that ultimately much of what we thought was true about our own history, purpose or place in the universe was not correct.

  • SO, how do we reconcile our desperate need for governmental transparency (to rebuild so much lost trust)with our need for security generating truly staggering amounts of secrecy? We need both, but our efforts to find a healthy balance seem to widen the chasm, doesn’t it? Who, exactly thwarts the efforts to attain that balance?

    The continued stonewalling of our own leadership and the leadership of others allows us on the ‘outside’ to conclude that the secrecy serves the needs (or wants) of someone.

    Any visiting race must look upon our situation with true confusion. Some 200 countries, each with their own government, yet not one of them comes forward to say,”They are here.” So, we must ask ourselves, “Why don’t they simply remain in sight long enough for all the world to get a real good look, a real long, hard look…the sort of look that shuts up the naysayers and hoaxers for a while. That is all they really need do.” No need to shore up this leaky Pandora’s box anymore.

    Why don’t they? What stops them? It’s a good bet they have good reasons. Would it be unreasonable to think maybe they have seen this sort of situation elsewhere and they know a thing or two about what the wrong moves to make might be?

    Can we, the humble, lowly majority, make our desire known in an intelligent, unified way that we are ready and willing to embark on a new relationship with ‘everyone else’. Can we do this in a way that is desirable to those from other points in space? Can we state loudly and clearly that the military industry, which clearly is running our side of the table, does not speak for all? Is there enough manpower and self-respect for each other to take control of the board?

    And in the end, what do we have to offer the universe that could make the universe want us? There must be something. “They” never seem to just go away, now, do they?

    Regardless of whether or not anyone on earth will finally see fit to make an “official” disclosure, there is no denying at this point that some form of disclosure is well under way. It was very slow at first, but it is much faster now and we’re all hanging on just fine. World Disclosure Day is a good idea. Anything that supports a unified effort to introduce us and to bond us to those who can open our eyes and minds further has found a very fertile field. Picture yourself on an Earth that opens its doors to the people of the universe, see us as a worthy host, imagine what we might learn from people who are free to share the sort of science and metaphysics we routinely choke off with ‘tenure’, threats of courts-martial for insubordination or imprisonment for non-disclosure violations, imagine not having to pay so dearly to have all of this kept under wraps year after dismal, opaque year. Surely there are many better ways to spend all that cash.

    World Disclosure Day is a good thing.

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