Why “They” Don’t Contact Us

What is the deepest problem with humanity? Besides the mechanistic, scarcity “paradigm(s)” with which we are collectively operating from and, besides the political self interest, cover-ups, etc, I think that the main reason why even most of the ET beings (among an apparent substantial variety) don’t seem too interested in unequivocal disclosure is that our human minds inevitably generate conflict due to more psychic attention given to physical-biologically defined primordial instincts. This doesn’t mean that there’s no solution besides genetic engineering or, perhaps, a higher dimension ascension-promoting vibration taking over the planet (as some channelers have allegedly transmitted from higher sources), for example. This situation doesn’t mean that we can’t rely up to a point on our own souls, our wills and The Universal Spiritual force to change ourselves. It means that the problem is really DEEP and usually unrecognized, even by most pro-disclosure activists and UFO researchers. It is our own human innate reactions (that may, for instance, manifest as not wanting to know about higher worlds, possibilities and “spiritual evolution” or as becoming simplistically over-enthusiastic if we are open to believe). BOTH are problems of the human mind and naturally arising sentiment attached to a physical-biologically programmed instinct. The physical world tells us that that most anything is not to be trusted and this generates a sense of fear and a need to be selfish or to defend from other genuinely selfish humans or those also acting from a self-defensive attitude.

I’ll say that mentally and technologically advanced (perhaps even Multiverse-shifting inter-dimensional) ETs won’t risk altering us even further. They won’t risk further stranging us from a possibility to reconnect with higher aspects of our natures. I think that “they” have observed us way past beyond our paradigms and those power groups concealing “the truth” from us. They know that the main issue is deeper than these secondary factors and than even what disclosure activists and most advanced integral and-or holistic thinkers normally muster about or suspect. We unavoidably create and re-create unnecessary divisions in many, many painful, life-limiting ways, at personal, local, nationwide, international and inter-species levels and, unless we know why, we’ll continue to do so. We do it primarily because, upon being born, we greatly disconnect from a natural knowledge of higher worlds and of the ways they function.

Power and control groups restricting freedom and information out of selfishness, or fear or patriotism are an important effective factor but, ultimately, they also are products of the main problem. These groups are a natural outcome of our innate, earthly human nature, a nature stubbornly more influenced by a pre-verbal, instinctive sense of limitation than of abundance. This may be why during abductions, some varieties of ET elicit our more atavistic emotions and observe us ‘eye to eye’ closely. They may not only be trying to see or understand our crudest “human emotions” (due to their lack in this area). They may be trying to connect with our hidden, non-physical, higher instincts which still show through in spite of our blockages. This may be why even the apparently spiritual and respectful “space brother” types mostly give us advice, platitudes, warnings and generalities. Probable associations of ET groups and independent groups (either benevolent, needy, atrophied, curious, rogue, too exotic for us to understand and even –perhaps- unkind) may all know that without our pre-verbal connection with instincts related with non physical realities, they’ll not be able to relate.

I think that we may need to learn how to connect with non-physical, non-biological, “higher” Subtle body-related instincts to supersede, include and transcend the mindsets and paradigms associated to the more elemental physical-biological instincts. We need to understand our lives in higher bodies and higher worlds. Who we are in relation to non-physical worlds should not be boring, uninteristing or fear-laden.

Without a pre-verbal and deeply felt connection with our higher body instincts we won’t be able to take spiritual ethical teachings or the  rational (nowadays “ecological”) need to respect the natural world and all living beings seriously. We won’t be able to “love” or respect our “neighbors” and we won’t be able to know ourselves in them, as them.

Thinking other more inclusive, non-mechanistic paradigms may be useful but insufficient. Continuing to develop technological gadgets (however they will change how we physical and social patterns) is insufficient. We need to understand that the origin of the physical worlds and their value is in non-physical worlds and, eventually, in spiritual ones. We need to understand the “cosmic rules” already living in us. We also need to make otherworldly phenomena scientifically understandable to realize that we are part of a much grander Multi Realm Multiverse with multiple Physical and Subtle Realm worlds and interacting sub-worlds. This theoretical “making sense” may help us to become more comfortable with who we are as, up to a point, it would be associated with knowing ourselves and (as Socrates and Plato may have agreed) this is a liberating knowledge which leads to the Good and to genuine happiness.

Advice and holistic or integral paradigms are useful but, in themselves, are not enough without including in a deep, kind feeling (in a deep sense of reality) a recognition that the other worldly already exists in us. It must be a set of realities with which (at this stage in our collective development) we should no more feel distant and therefore in adoration or in rejection by also being so uncomfortable. Being comfortable with the other worldly is crucial; it is key to accepting ourselves, animals, plants, all sentients and, therefore, also thinking-feeling beings from other civilizations…accepting them as equals in spite of their degrees of advancement and intentions. Then respect will promote a sense of natural reciprocity (like in the Inca-Andean “Yanantin” practices) and of equality or brotherhood (like it should be in the Inca-Andean “Masintin” practices). Without accepting that our roots rest in higher worlds (from which even “advanced “ETs equally depend) we’ll generate conflict with “them” as we already inescapably do on Planet Earth among us.

Once again, the issue of preparing for contact is deeper than normally thought (even by most forward thinking contactees, researchers and activists). This is so because it includes re-acquiring or, rather, reconnecting with other instincts that inform our minds and sentiments differently. These instincts tell us that reality at its core is quite different. It is not simply a matter of demanding justice to our authorities or of creating a better paradigm as both of these actions may motivate some progress but still generate more conflict. It is not simply a matter of re-acquiring a sense of spiritual sovereignty and that “we can create our own reality.” It is not a matter of being a good Christian or Buddhist or Muslim or Indian or of surrendering to a “Higher Power”,  if we block out a natural sense of how this “Higher Power” has manifested higher worlds wihin a creative order calling upon us. Without deeply feeling the influence of other more inclusive, spiritually favorable instincts connected to higher non-physical realms, we won’t be able to live up to the expectations and standards set by the most reasonable philosophy, however true it may be; we can’t be sufficiently peaceful and kind to all sentients even if possessign a deeply religious, pious and, even, broadly compassionate sense; we can’t genuinely live in a  “Heaven on Earth” if we are sincere new agers. We won’t be able to do it without unendingly finding or creating good or bogus reasons to have more conflicts in relation with each other.

The only solution I see is connecting with the normally unrecognized instincts associated with the subtler bodies, bodies which we already inhabit and which operate under different laws closer to the expression of universal principles. Otherwise, we’ll just generate and regenerate all kinds of enmity, dichotomic divisions, conflict, pain, further cycles of cruelty and abuse and unfulfilled, unrealistic expectations. The instincts giving us our sense of what is real and what is not, of what matters and what doesn’t, are more crucial. “They” won’t contact us thoroughly, openly, unequivocally even if technology (like quantum computers and what not) blooms on Earth; “they” will contact us thoroughly when our minds, feelings and tendencies are “rewired” and re-informed by connecting to instincts that reflect the greater safety and less scarcity of higher worlds which are not subject to macro inertial, entropic physical laws. Then we’ll know not just theoretically but in a deep, personal sense that the Physical Realm depends upon the higher Subtle, mental Realm and that physical laws are good but not absolutely binding. Then we’ll know that there are in fact other genuinely applicable possibilities and we might be able to use emerging technologies connected with these higher realms without almost inevitably destroying ourselves, our planet or finding reasons to attack intelligent sentients from other worlds.

By Giorgio Piacenza C.

extraterrestrial contact, extraterrestrial life

Giorgio Piacenza

After a clear UFO sighting with multiple witnesses within 300 feet in the Peruvian coastal town of "Chilca" in 1975, I participated with the Mission Rahma contact group and befriended several contactees from this and other contact efforts. I also researched many aspects of the UFO phenomenon for several decades and feel inclined to contribute in the confluence of philosophical and scientific perspectives.

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