Washington DC activist leaves door open for WikiLeak’s Assange UFO documents release

December 6, 2010
N e w s   R e l e a s e For Immediate Distribution Toronto – (ZNN) Political activist Stephen Bassett – Director of the Paradigm Research Group in Washington DC – is quoted in the Washington Times today concerning WikiLeak’s guru Julian Assange’s threat to release UFO files should he be arrested for releasing classified State Department cables. Assange is already on record as saying cable leaks in his possession do include government references to UFOs. � Mr. Bassett told Jennifer Harper of Inside the Beltway: � “The prospect that WikiLeaks may publish UFO/ET-related documents is now in play in the public’s mind. This is notable. While Paradigm Research Group has never encouraged anyone to illegally release classified files, if such documents do turn up in future WikiLeaks releases, UFO/ET researchers will study them carefully for their impact on the disclosure process.” � Read the complete article by Jennifer Harper at: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/dec/5/assange-call-home/ Mr. Bassett can be reached for further comment and interviews at: PRG@paradigmresearchgroup.org � [Ed. Note – If the documents alluded to by Assange do contain other classified information regarding ICBM missile shut-downs at US nuclear installations by UFOs that may discuss the threat this matter poses to US national security, it will be an American military public relations nightmare. It is noteworthy that declassified government documents about incursions by UFOs over US and UK nuclear installations have already been released to the media by researcher Robert Hastings and US Air Force Captain Robert Salas (Ret.) at a Washington DC press conference on September 27, 2010 with no comment from the Pentagon. Would a WikiLeak about this matter force the Pentagon’s hand to back-peddle on information that every Secretary of Defence since the mid-1960’s would have been apprised of? Military officers’ notarized affidavits concerning these UFO incursions are available upon request through Mr. Hastings, Capt. Salas or from ZlandCommunications.] # # # ___________________________________________________________ Contact Information E-mail | zland@sympatico.ca | Tel: 905-278-1238 For News Releases visit ZNN – ZlandCommunications News Network Toronto – Ontario – Canada A News Service that takes you to the edge and beyond…



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