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Video of Roswell UFO crash witness released

Video has just been released of Gerald Anderson who was five years old when he and his family came across a crashed UFO near Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. In his testimony, Anderson describes how his family were the first to reach the scene and found four extraterrestrials outside of a crashed flying saucer. Two were dead, a third was injured, and a fourth appeared uninjured. A university archeologist with five students, and a map surveyor soon joined them. Finally, the U.S. military arrived and quickly removed them from the scene using threats and physical intimidation to ensure their silence. Anderson described how the soldiers did not appear surprised by the crashed extraterrestrial vehicle suggesting that this was not the first time a UFO had crashed. Anderson remained silent for 43 years before going public in 1990. In the two part video that follows, he is being interviewed by Stanton Friedman.

More information about Gerard Anderson is available here:

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