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Video: Jim Sparks in Hong Kong 2011

Abductee Jim Sparks’ visited Hong Kong on the 2nd Jan 2011 to give a Lecture on Galactic Diplomacy at the HITEC Centre to an audience of over 500 people. The executive organizers were Exopolitics Hong Kong and Meoow Guide [an internet radio portal]

In these videos Neil Gould interviews Jim Sparks, questioning him about the Science, Spirituality and Politics of extra terrestrials. A few other challenging questions are thrown into the mix. An interesting introduction contrasts the delicate balance between our ocean life with mankind’s vibrant markets; a representation of “Supply and Demand” which is depleting and ruining our planet’s food chain.

Jim Sparks has not finished his mission as yet. Determined to get the word out that the covert groups within the Black Ops are given amnesty in order for us all to evolve. Sparks addresses the issue of whether mankind will survive the forthcoming earth changes; he states that humanity has decided to destroy itself in cycles over million and millions of years.

The title of this video [The Science, Sprirituality and Politics of extra terrestrials] compliments the Exopolitics Certification Program which offers a wide variety of Exopolitical courses throughout the year.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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