USAF Declassifies Project Blue Book Files held at the National Archives

January 16, 2015

Blue Book 3

USAF declassifies Project Blue Book files held at the National Archives. (USAF por fin libera antiguos archivos OVNI del Proyecto Libro Azul)

I think it’s a step forward. They are so old and admitted to exist for so long. Still, it should be a step in the right direction of transparency on an issue that cannot (and should not!) be hidden for ever. Other countries have already been open about much of their files as very few of them may be of direct security interest.  I would say in some Latin American countries an average of 2-3 out of 1000-1500 files may be of at least conventional security interest. In the U.S. part of the reason given for the debunking and  classification was fear of disruption of emergency channels that the Soviet Union could take advantage of.

Is it just that enough time has passed to allow for declassification or could it also perhaps be the combined work of Dr. Edgar Mitchell, several other astronauts over the years, the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure DVD’s already delivered to Congress, the numerous recent astrobiology-exoplanet discoveries with the new astronomical observatories ready to be deployed, Dr. Roger Leir’s research with physical evidence (which should continue!), members of the Vatican admitting they would baptize an extraterrestrial given that they ask for it and if have rational intelligence and free will. These factors and the continuous research going on  all may be contributing besides the educational channels covering of UFO cases around the world  + the ever more obvious worldwide anomalous flying object presence.

The government should be applauded for this and encouraged to further treat these themes as ones of genuine political and scientific importance, democratically informing The People without too much ‘spin’ to perpetuate the same old conflict-generating mentality based on fear and dichotomous, binary thinking. Also The People as witnesses to anomalous aerial objects and possible genuine encounters with unknown intelligences should not be afraid to speak out. We are not in the Middle Ages and a careful look at the whole range of evidence shows that the flying saucer situation is not limited to misidentifications, visionary, imaginative events, pathologies or lies.

Even reviewing these old Project Blue Book files related with what may be “average” types of sightings as normally reported worldwide would be of scientific interest today as conventional explanations could not be found to explain away a remarkable % of them. The percentage varied according to how much freedom the Blue Book researchers had or how much they were expected to debunk as much as possible. A fair review of the UFO cases reported could still be helpful even today when we have no access to any other investigations that might be secretely accruing somewhere else.

Hopefully, more events pointing towards the reality of an intelligent extraterrestrial presence (besides this “about time” declassification) will keep coming en force to change the psychological discomfort, scorn, fear and shame which so many of our political and cultural leaders experience about taking a serious look on “anomalies” that indicate that our classical concepts about reality (and therefore our personal and political arrangements) are way our of phase with that reality.

More Sources:
The Black Vault is a good source for these and other UFO-related declassified files
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