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US GOVERMENT: There are 38 Levels above TOP SECRET! UFO

US Goverment secret’s revealed by insiders: There are 38 clearance levels above TOP SECRET. The highest of all is COSMIC. Even the president of the United States does not have access to it. There are approx. 25 people worldwide who have access to that level.   This video brings first hand witness testimony to the public domain. Its all about UFOs, extra-terrestical sightings, recoveries, the NRO, MIC and many other essential disclosures with regard to the ET presence.

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  • Those with COSMIC level clearances need ( and have) a  clear strategy to disclose that which we demand they disclose. Beyond the very fact that simply having such a clearance makes them sincerely believe they are  special poeple who are somehow more entitled than then balance of the population, they need to have (even more) reasonable data which convinces them that making   these disclosures will not endanger them personally.  The  obvious opening of the spiggot  of information now occurring is surely one facet of just such a strategy. Once they are at a point where they are convinced that they will not be held accountable for some very agregious acts,  they'll be just about "there". Don't waste  your time trying to get the White House  or Congress to help with this. They have been out of the loop for decades… for reasons somebody once thought were good.

  • The prohecies that URi Geller and others to many to count, have said that UFO are alredy here and this new era of the comming of 2012 is near that the ET themselves will let themselves be seen.Without any type of government athuority.
    Mr.Philip James Corso was a brave man, that only in heaven he will be rewaded for his freedom of knowledge that he has created in many peoples minds.

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