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Trumping the Truth and Exopolitics amidst Illiberal Democracies

“To Trump” used to mean “to blow a trumpet” and then referred to an “overriding factor” (like a “trump card” in a game of cards). However, it could now mean to topple, to upset, to overthrow using false or distorted information presented in an enticing manner. But what would it topple, upset, overthrow?

The social order.

The rules of engagement, implicit social agreements, especially the modern reliance on facts and objective truth upon which modern liberal democracies, along with modern science, blossom.  And it is for the most part withing these liberal democracies that exopoliticians hope to elicit recognition of an extraterrestrial presence or promote an intelligent response when that extraterrestrial presence is publicly recognized and/or disclose.

While it’s true that the irrational and emotions are part of our voting patterns and political affiliations and behavior, the modern political system itself requires (for its structuring and continuity) sufficient respect for a rational system. Otherwise, a pre-modern, essentially pre-democratic mentality will make use of the modern, liberal, democratic system…”trumping” it.

The truth and a hallowed respect for it is crucial for the existence of America as a Republic and a healthy democracy but – as many intellectuals and media analysts are observing – Trump trumps the truth! He is making it not only RELATIVE as post moderns but even more subservient to POWER. It’s as if when you are against something Trump states or stands for you are against truth itself!  Now facts serve the CAUDILLO/CHIEFTAIN personality that twists the truth backed by many truth-seekers aligned with  mythic, religion-like beliefs! And he can con and intimidate and motivate enough individuals apparently seeking to increase his personal POWER “to make things right” only as he sees it. It’s as though he had the magical authority to turn lies into truth.

Imposing a belief system not based on the best possible assessment, experience and analysis could be as disastrous (or more) as dismantling all civility within the international order so as to unilaterally impose an aggressive regime’s doctrine. Exopoliticians should remain – to the best of their knowledge – highly respectful of facts so as to orient exopolitical policies under careful assessments that critically and integratively consider all possibilities under many sources of data and information with a careful search for objectivity.  From an Integral Theory perspective, we need to preserve classical reason in order to evolve to a higher stage of reason inclusive of the previous stage. And we will likely need that higher stage of reason in order to deal with the connectivity and complexity of extraterrestrial matters.

But what can we expect when politically actionable narratives based on beliefs and desires are imposed over facts? During the 2016 U.S. elections, many frustrated people wanted an anti-Establishment change and that feeling was taken advantage of. But, so far, we have been retracting into totalitarianism as a narrow recognized option to regain security and order. And, what if an elected President were not just narcissistic and cunning and, nonetheless, motivating but also delusional enough as to pose a serious national security threat? And what if those civil servants (like the Vice-President) who can (according to the Constitution and Amendments) initiate the Presidential impeachment process were deluded enough not to notice what is going on (or not to want to notice it) thus continuing in a state of denial and/or irresponsibility blindly supporting this President? Is there anything LEGAL anyone can do?

Mind and consciousness expansion are not recognized, wanted or accepted in this conventional environment. But new options must be found to educate and prepare the American electorate for today’s highly interconnected world. We need to enhance and expand our cultural foundations for the vision of Democracy to live on in a perfected way. We also need to submit future candidates to non-partisan psychological tests.

While America should be put first in an American President’s mind, the phrase “America ONLY” is pre-fascistic, perhaps even pre-imperialistic amidst what is perceived predominantly as an international competition and perhaps some international alliances among similar thinking regimes around the world. As more well-established liberal democracies fall into a pre-fascistic, nativist, illiberal mindset, the tendency to exist as though each were a planet unto itself and to take unilateral actions against other states multiplies. This speaks against a unified intelligent response toward intelligent extraterrestrial entities if their existence is officially disclosed. We need to think what may the role of Exopolitics be in an international order turned more illiberal. Can exopolitics provide a practical new direction for the future, for preserving the best of the past while structuring the possibility of an open future under more inclusive premises and paradigms?

Greater levels of connectivity for instance understood under quantum holographic and other theoretical frameworks inclusive of consciousness, psychic and non-physical interactive realities and unity consciousness are simply labelled “weird” and left out of any ‘mainstream’ options. This emerging understanding of a practical, connective spirituality is left out under traditional politics and culture. Can exopoliticians and experiencers become a sizable influence to revert this now that humanity on earth needs more unity and solidarity than ever? As Suzanne Hansen mentions in her 2015 lecture at the Exopolitics Conference in Denmark, the main body of the river (to me an allegory of the mainstream) is dirty because we have soiled it. But inasmuch as mainstream perpetuates problems supplying few if any solutions to our current state of affairs, then mainstream is lunacy unless we save the original intentions of modern liberal democracy (the liberation and advancement of Man through self-organization in civil society) and move on with it into a more adaptive stage. But power politics, capitalism running mostly wild of the leash has distorted the meaning of individual liberty and is destroying our beloved collective home, a living, conscious planet Earth…where America exists.

Outrageous statements by Trump distract and become habitual until people don’t care for facts and objective truths anymore. Critics may tire of tactics by which rational criticism is differed, reversed, squashed and nullified. Like Putin manipulating the media with distraction techniques. Like under previous right and left wing populists and authoritarians with loudspeakers (trumpets if you will), half-truths and non-truths when emphatically asserted and defended are taken seriously and seriously engaged by modern mentalities, academicians, thinking persons, critics until they become worn-out because the non-rational “trumps” the rational as per public opinion. In fact we are talking about a battle to influence public opinion at all costs. At root it is the pre-modern against the modern and – in the long run – both and/or the continuity and future of humanity as a cosmic sovereign species can lose.

And Trump is an expert in re-framing the narrative. His assertions quite simply still convince too many (true believers and those that want to believe) even if inaccurate or – quite simply – false. Untruths said with a straight face works! Many want to jump into the leader’s bandwagon now to see what they can get from it. Partisan, dogmatic voting there is but no independent thinking. A global, self-serving mafia-like behavior among individuals forming all kinds of organizations trying to breach the system of law and order is implicitly telling us “align with us or lose.”

Republican politics is – for the most part – “mythic” and mythic level politics doesn’t care too much for objective truth (OT). Objective truth is part of the modern mindset and values as much as Democracy itself is part of the modern mindset and values. Balance of power and moderation among republican ranks has eroded due to many factors beginning with a missionary ZEAL to recompose a traditional vision, returning to a conservative greatness situated in an imagined past. Local legislatures political districts have been re-drawn,  job losses (mostly due to automatization but also linked to neoliberal globalization) have been blamed to democrat policies although both parties aligned with corporate priorities. While speaking to frustrated mythic consciousnesses it’s easy to blame and demonize against “others” (the Democrats, Mexicans, the Chinese, some non-Christians). On the other hand, perhaps most Democrats have been for too long out of touch with the poor, working class and Middle class.

Quite likely, since institutions are reflecting a decay both in traditional and in modern-rational values they need fresh new integrative principles that can reinforce the best of the past but assist in the shift toward clear understanding about a deeply interconnected reality. We need to understand life and consciousness and spirit and levels of existence more clearly and how they interconnect. We need to grow up intellectually, ethically and as a species gaining greater degree of understanding about who we are and exopolitics should have a role in this (inasmuch as it may promote disclosure and work along with emerging new paradigms).

As Ezra Klein, author of “How Politics Make Us Stupid” shows, quite often facts do not win arguments because many individuals reason in order to get the answers they want to be right.  I think that when this tendency dominates politics in our world today the evolution of modernity into processes suitable for a unified world based on connectivity and of the role of consciousness is endangered. When mythic consciousness-based constituents are politically “motivated” by a charismatic leader with an essential pre-modern, authoritarian identity their votes can support an illiberal, pre-modern government functioning within democracy but inimical with it.  Under charismatic leaders, their more rigid or focused “Identity Protection Cognition” (a term by Yale University researcher Dan Kahan) for which facts are made to fit group and identity beliefs in order to avoid dissonance is even more activated. 

Is Protectionist Nationalist Capitalism a Solution over Neo Capitalist Globalism?

While a return to protectionism is a challenge to the Establishment corporations influencing policies generating a form of globalized neo-capitalism with positive and negative consequences (the latter criticized by left-wing academics and politicians), that same protectionism is a challenge to international cooperation during a time in which for the most part we truly need to learn to connect and to collaborate, rather than to impose. It can signal a similar path to follow across the world atomizing international cooperation.

As the U.S. seeks to DOMINATE the world due to its sheer economic and military power, other countries will quite likely try to emulate this inasmuch as this is possible to them. It is a recoil or a regression to a previous, more local, mythic, pre-modern, tribal, ethnic, mentality, not friendly with environmental concerns and other concerns that require GLOBAL UNITY and COORDINATION.

Will neo-liberalism/neo-capitalism suffer or simply adapt to a more isolationist and aggressive phase? Will the largest transnational corporations lose sway by having bilateral agreements instead of multi-lateral agreements? In both cases transnational corporations can benefit and exert influence. For the Trump government to make agreements more favorable to the U.S. these agreements could be imposed to less powerful countries like Brazil, Peru or Mexico. Will this benefit or harm the U.S. and the rest of the world economically?

Perhaps the sentence best describing the current administration’s mindset would be “You either do it as per our terms or be left out.” It’s a dichotomous, win-lose mindset more proper to a dogmatic, religionist, pre-modern mindset than with the more modern (but also lobbies and corporations-influenced) Democratic Party politics. The latter should have led American society truer to their basic principles to preserve the continuity of social and cultural evolution from modern to postmodern and to integrative. Now we may well be in for a cultural setback and for a resurgence of intolerance from which I hope we’ll recuperate and retake the evolutionary path enriched by more experience.

The path towards a more unified humanity participating in the “global commons” is crucial not only for preserving life on Earth but also for constructively adapting (as a more conscious, free and coordinated species) to an intelligent extraterrestrial presence currently evidenced mostly beyond any reasonable doubt among ideally neutral and rational individuals.

How will EXOPOLITICS respond amidst illiberal democracies (democracies that no longer guarantee civil rights)?

For the most factual and exopolitically useful information from whistleblowers, experiencers and high-quality Ufology to be rationally processed in a socially useful way, we at the very least need modern, rational, people in governments run by modern, rational thinkers. However, precious, pre-modern truths ought to be preserved and understood in modern and postmodern stages of development. 

I hope that that progress towards the greater universal tolerance required for a harmonious, intelligent exopolitical response to the discovery and/or disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence is also not seriously “trumped.”

Perhaps individuals aware of an important, culture-shifting reality that is still officially rejected or denigrated in formal institutions  must simply hold on to their awareness and the clearest information they might have for it may serve first to preserve the ideals of modern liberal democracy and also to develop a platform for commencing an updated cultural understanding about the reality and our place in the universe, especially if modern and pre-modern and modern institutions, premises and values also denigrate each other proving themselves perhaps partially correct but sorely insufficient for the highly connective mindset humanity needs to grow into.

An informative article by Jeff Salzman on how worldviews and degree of aperture in consciousness is related to how much we tend to trump facts: https://www.dailyevolver.com/2014/04/when-worldview-trumps-facts/

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Giorgio Piacenza

After a clear UFO sighting with multiple witnesses within 300 feet in the Peruvian coastal town of "Chilca" in 1975, I participated with the Mission Rahma contact group and befriended several contactees from this and other contact efforts. I also researched many aspects of the UFO phenomenon for several decades and feel inclined to contribute in the confluence of philosophical and scientific perspectives.

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