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The Unsolved Death of a Conspiracy Theorist

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by Tatiana Calzado                    January 30, 2018                   (hebronhawkeye.com)

• In this article, the writer recounts the mystery surrounding the death of British UFO researcher and conspiracy theorist, Max Spiers (1976-2016).

• Spiers’ recent investigations had involved government and military cover ups and how it ties in with the ET presence and UFOs. In July 2016, Spiers was in Warsaw, Poland to speak at a conference where he would speak on the use of black magic in politics (e.g. pizzagate), extraterrestrials and mind control.

• Some years back, Spiers fractured his pelvis. He became addicted to opiate pain killers, and then to heroin. In an interview that he gave just before his death, he appears inexplicably high. Spiers was later found unconcious in his friend’s Warsaw apartment. He had reportedly vomited copious amounts black ooze. A British autopsy determined that he died of natural causes.

• Spier’s mother, Vanessa Bates, suspects foul play. She says that several days before her son’s death, Spiers told her “[I’m] in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.” When the British authorities gave her Spiers’ belongings, she noted that his laptop had been wiped clean of it contents, including Spiers’ research.


“Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.”

This was a text British conspiracy theorist Max Spiers sent to his mother just a few days before his death.

Spiers had many investigations regarding government/military cover ups, extraterrestrial life/UFOs, etc. Spiers was passionate about his research and believed in many conspiracy theories; he wanted to share his research with the world. On July 16, 2016 in Warsaw, Poland, Spiers was found dead on the sofa in a friend’s apartment.

Spiers was in Poland because he was scheduled to speak at a conference. Colleagues and friends of Spiers believed he was going to expose most of the information he knew regarding black magic involved in politics, his experience with extraterrestrial life, and how he believed he was being mind controlled.

The idea of being abducted and examined by extraterrestrials was something Spiers believed he had experienced. He also believed he had supernatural powers since birth.

Throughout the years, Spiers had some drug issues. He was in an accident while he was living in the U.S and cracked his pelvis. He was given a prescription of opiate pain relief and later developed an opioid use disorder. When Spiers was no longer able to receive opiates, he used heroin. According to his actions during an interview, where Spiers appeared to be drugged, it seems he may have relapsed, but I have a theory about this I will get to later.

When Spiers died on his friend’s sofa, his friend had called for an ambulance. But when the paramedics arrived, they were unable to revive him. The Polish authorities then handed Spiers’ body over the the British authorities. The Polish police never conducted an autopsy; the British authorities, on the other hand, did. Mysteriously, they ruled that Spiers died of natural causes. Does vomiting amounts of black liquid seem natural? Not at all.

The case was said to be closed, but Spiers’ mother, Vanessa Bates, would not let the case die.

Bates believed her son did not die of natural causes. Bates would investigate, as her son told her to in that text a few days before his death.

When Bates was made aware of Spiers’ death and was given her son’s belongings, including his laptop, she discovered the laptop had been wiped clean. None of Spiers’ research was found on the computer, nothing was left to indicate that this laptop belonged to Spiers’ at all.

Bates believes her son was killed on purpose. It is not known by who exactly, but she believes someone or some group of people, wanted Spiers’ research to remain a secret.



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