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Only three days after MacDill Air Force Base reopened from a mandatory evacuation due to Hurricane Irma, UFOs were once again photographed near it. This time, the UFO’s were cigar-shaped, and at least 100 meters in size according to the photographer, JP (a pseudonym), who I have known for nine years and is a very credible source.

On September 14, at around 3 pm (EDT) JP took a series of 11 photos and also video of the cigar-shaped UFO which appeared approximately two miles from MacDill AFB. Several orb-like objects were also moving around the cigar-shaped ship, which first appeared coming out of the clouds, according to JP’s eyewitness account.

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Three more photos of a triangular UFO taken near MacDill Air Force Base were taken around 9:50 am, on September 4, about 10 miles from MacDill, which is the home of US Special Operations Command. The photographer, JP (a pseudonym) says that he took the photos over a three second period, and observed the craft for about 9 seconds in total.

The above is the video version of the article “More Photos of Antigravity UFO near MacDill Air Force Base” published on Exopolitics.org on September 4.

Six successive photos taken on August 31, 2017, show a triangular craft near MacDill AFB “powering up”. The way in which the craft moved and the energy pulse it created suggests it is not an airplane, but an antigravity craft similar to a TR-3B, as described by Edgar Fouche, who worked at Area 51.

The above video was published at ExoNews.TV on September 5, 2017. It is the audio version of an article published on Exopolitics.org on September 1.

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