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By Giorgio Piacenza

Quantum ElectroDynamics
Quantum ElectroDynamics

Information about “scalar waves” (in fact, longitudinal waves expressing a scalar potential) is being recuperated with practical demonstrations after more than a century of forgetfulness. That is being allowed and that if that is the case (as it seems), it is important – human society transforming – news. These waves may be a key to the future of wireless electric transmission, healing, gravity cancellation and much more.   

Nikola Tesla showed he could send electrical energy without wires. It turned out not to be good for business and it was also classified.  He used longitudinal waves. The field pointer travels in the direction of propagation, much like sound waves and plasma waves do. Their potential is “scalar” but longitudinal wave vectors can be produced from them.  However, they are simply called “scalar waves.” They can be used to send both information and energy. They could be used to heal or to alter a person or perhaps even an entire community. They can be imprinted with information patterns. They cannot be shielded by Faraday cages and apparently go through matter similar to neutrinos. They may even acquire neutrinos and gain energy from them as Dr. Konstantine Meyl posits. Dr. Meyl has reproduced Tesla’s technology of generating electric scalar waves and demonstrates it. He also enhanced Maxwell’s equations and discovered magnetic scalar waves which may affect biological systems and be used by them to communicate with little or no “noise.”


Laplace’s scalar (and longitudinal) wave components can be explained through the vortices Maxwell used as a dampening term. Regarding unique, non-trivial physical effects of longitudinal waves and scalar longitudinal waves, the physical importance of the magnetic vector potential field (also used in relation to quantum mechanics) is also recognized.

These ‘scalar’ longitudinal waves have closed field lines and cannot be easily detected. These longitudinal waves apparently acquire energy from the vacuum as they propagate so the possibility of extracting extra energy from our link as an open system to the vacuum of space, allowing for an (improperly called) “free energy,” exists. Their Poynting vector would coincide with the direction of propagation and – as a particulate aspect – we can visualize them as hidden vortical pulses themselves made of standing vortices and counter vortices.…perhaps expressions of a dynamic double torus geometry multi-fractal level connection and dynamism allowed by Nassim Haramein’s 64 tetrahedron grid and the isotropic vector matrix and vector equilibrium exchange of information and energies beyween deep and exterior levels in the quantum vacuum.


Perhaps, as Dr. Steven Greer says in his lectures, an object can be made to resonate using high voltage, high frequency, low amperage electric energy field, being affected so as to tilt outside of spacetime (its spin?) and made to disappear into another “dimension.” I think that what Dr. Greer calls “dimension” actually is another “parallel” physical reality system stemming from a different ratio of how Subtle-Mental and Physical Realms combine. Perhaps the type of Poynting vector and electric field used to achieve this effect derives from using electric scalar waves. Energy going in the direction of propagation is more convergent and I suppose it attempts to go back into the infinitely small toroidal center of the zero-point vortex just as water tries to find its course donwhill.

Perhaps the Hutchinson Effect is also based on producing a scalar field and effects taking place by means of – for instance – a specific interference or space-time/time-space mutually canceling “clash” of static and alternating current fields. The devices used in this case are several and complicated but the production of basic longitudinal waves seems to be much simpler. Dr. Meyl uses two flat pancake copper tesla coils, each attached to a spherical electrode. He also, like Tesla grounds a device.     

Scalar waves travel faster than light and their variable speed would primarily depend on wavelength and frequency modulation and other factors would be vacuum permittivity and (I suppose) the virtual particle energetic density of the quantum vacuum. Dr. Meyl demonstrates that the propagation speed faster than light varies slightly from place to place around the Earth according to the unitary resonance between transmitter and receiver in slightly different local transmisison conditions of the local intervening medium. However, the vortex swirl velocity would be constant and thus the vortex would act as a frequency converter.

The “knots” or longitudinal wave vortices would change diameter and wave length according to relativistic Lorentz contraction, becoming smaller the faster they go until reaching the speed of light. Also, as other longitudinal waves in nature, its speed should change according to the density of the medium it travels with.

Scalar waves provide communication between the transmitter and receiver as a single or whole system. The transmitter of longitudinal waves “knows” if the receiver is on.  It acts as a connecting whole between parts. It may express the retrocausal connection factor allowed in non-local quantum mechanics and entanglement. It should also act as an expresion of a frequency domain in the physical quantum hologram and be useful to cancel spacetime and reconnect with a more fundamental non-physical realm in which the possibilities for all physical universes is given. 

Through resonance the receiver acquires electrical energy and can operate a motor or perhaps light a LED without the latter being hooked to an external power source or a battery. I think that these waves may have a negentropic effect and serve to produce over unity effects and may be useful to collect “negative energy states” that could help us to open worm holes, distort space time metric through a crystalline (and quasi crystals?) thick  ring-like toroidal capacitor, and/or making them (similar to plasma waves as per their equations) rotate and counter-rotate producing a specific gravity-cancelling resonant frequency.  According to ac reinterpretation of La Place’s equation These scalar component, its vector vortices would exist as an inside component in the overall electromagnetic structure and were even considered possible in Maxwell’s original equations (formulated in his “quaternions” with one real and three imaginary components) but were simplified by Oliver Heaviside in which the vector for scalar field was made  = 0. 

According to Meyl  regular tranversal wave EM emmiter may first emmit scalar waves at the antenna source and thi smight be detected in the “near field” as “noise.” The noise may be a product of the scalar vortices decaying and unfurling into transversal waves in the far field. However, they would re-group back as scalar waves at the reciver’s antenna. I think this would be because scalar waves tend to be negentropic and to converge producing order or building structures. That order could be imprinted with a pattern and be used to heal, to produce over unity or to form a damaging structure, like a tumour.    

With the over-simplification, the possibility of contacts with realities beyond 3 spatial and 1 time-forward dimensions was “normalized.” Something similar happened with the dismissal of the negative square root solution of the Klein-Gordon equation and to a few other counter-intuitive (non-classical) but probably valid proposals in physics. As Dr. Scott Virden Anderson mentions in his “Putting Subtle Energies on the Scientific Map” QUATERNIONS (associated with the loss of commutation algebraic and geometric properties and with autopoietic or self- organizing and self-maintaining systems) may be used to describe the first levels of subtle energy (in between the physical and higher realms). Also, even more complex algebras (like octonions and sedenions) may also be appropriate to represent still higher/deeper subtle realms.   http://www.svamd.com 

As Thomas Bearden and Konstantine Meyl explain, electrodynamic textbooks repeat the simplification and preserve limited future scientific developments and scientists have been repeating that ever since. In my view, it goes along with a temporary tendency and taboo against anything not corresponding classical intuitive perceptions of spacetime-separated reality but this can be overcome. The longitudinal waves were suppressed and speed-of-light-limit-obeying (spacetime limited) transversal Hertzian waves have been used in technological applications until today. Thus, in relation to the competing views between Tesla and Hertz, Hertz won the day for the conventional ‘vanilla’ (other realities, the “paranormal” and parapsychology-rejecting) ‘scientific’ and conventionally educated world. 


The longitudinal waves can be considered as standing wave vortices and I believe that –  in relation to transversal EM waves – they would be more like the counter-rotating, less visible vortex accompanying tornadoes or as the inner vortex of self-sustaining double tori. They would be like the ‘insides’ of the exterior quadrants of Integral Theory. 

If I’m not mistaken, I think that Thomas Bearden understanding about what could be called “pure” scalar waves is that they exist in time. These would not be equivalent to the longitudinal waves which we have also been calling “scalar.” Bearden’s scalar waves would be represented in the time axis but not in the space axis. I’d say that they would perhaps be situated in a universal frequency matrix (and this reminds me of some of the non-local information matrix as per the (Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness). Their effects would not be a few times faster than C (like Weyl’s understandng of longitudinal scalar waves) but instant, in my view perhaps due to instant resonance.

They would affect time density and thus degree of entropy and negentropy. Could these scalar waves also be correctly considered the key connective component of Kozirev’s theory about torsion waves-fields, instantly connecting places in the universe where entropy increases with places where it decreases (as physicist Claude Swanson explains in his book “The Synchronized Universe”)?   

On the other hand, the longitudinal scalar EM component experimented with by Dr. Konstantin Meyl may possibly relate more directly not only with negentropy but with retrocausal influences allowed in quantum-relativistic Klein-Gordon equation. They might be a key to increasing the symmetry  between Direct Space Time and Reciprocal Time Space  by allowing access to the latter, information-frequency predominant domain, including its negentropic qualities. By harnessing the negentropic – normally hidden – aspect we might cancel spacetime and return parts of it to its origin in the non-physical Subtle-Mental (astral) Realm. This could be done in various ratios (allowing greater interaction with that more fundamental realm) or perhaps it can be done completely to transfer completely outside of spacetime (and its complementary reciprocal time-space).   

It is also likely that experiments on inertial cancellation and electrogravitics applied to a gravity field disconnected object were conducted by Dr. Thomas Towsend Brown and the key components also classified. Perhaps pulsing DC current was part of it. Today we are re-discovering this kind of science connecting a hidden level of electromagnetic phenomena not only with how some ET-spacecraft function, but also with a shared mechanism related with many until now called ‘paranormal’ phenomena.

I’ve been gradually developing an integrative explanatory model that might help explain what has been called “the paranormal.” It explores scientific and plausible fundamental metaphysical-ontological concepts attempting to relate them in a transdisciplinary and trans epistemological manner. A link to it is found at http://www.integralworld.net/piacenza39.html   


Specific frequencies and frequency patterns at the “hidden” scalar-longitudinal wave EM level might be able to act as tensors orthogonally (at right angles) cohering zero-point energies, affecting observable, time-forward, space-time and its events. Their retrocausal component might be tantamount to so-called quantum “advanced waves” (in realistic quantum mechanical interpretations) and be used to cancel out time-forward “retarded waves,” thus connecting physical reality (with various degrees of intensity) to a null-time or non-physical information ‘field’.   “Advanced” and “retarded” waves may (from an ordinary linear, time-forward-dominant, classical spacetime perspective) meet instantaneously in each concrete actualization of quantum probabilities. However,they might exist in “actual” and “potential” sttes in relation to each other in different situations. Specifically, in connection with our molar, entropy-dominated, conscious observations of actualized quantum probabilities (perhaps significantly restricted to maintaining the coherence of our “classical,” physical universe), “retarded-waves” would prevail as “actual” and “advanced waves” would acquire a “potential” state.

After partially reading the work of my friend Engineer Enrique Álvarez Vita (to be published with full equations in English, hoping for an adequate peer-review), I dare speculate even further that the particulate aspect accompanying this space-time “cancelation” (based on mutually canceling time-forward and time backwards causally effective temporal frequencies) might also be accompanied by an increase in the number of virtual anti particles. From a particulate perspective, we could say that the “cloud” of virtual particulate anti-matter exists in a fractal sublevel closer to what for us would be a pre-physical level and that this level of anti-matter cancels out the charges/forces associated with our universe’s “real” particles. All of this is highly speculative and I really don’t know but, if our “real universe” of particles whose coherent arrangement is linearly and time-forward, causally perceived in a conscious manner while bound to time frequencies permitted by the basic Planck time unit/frequency of 1043 s, perhaps virtual anti-particles amenable to concentration or dipersion through specific scalar-longitudinal frequencies (modifying “advanced” and “retarded” waves), might be related to a faster basic time unit/frequency proper to a smaller physical fractal universe.


An information aspect of the “quantum hologram” described in the “Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness” might originate in the non-physical information field from which (in a higher symmetry) time-forward, “retarded waves” and “time-backwards “advanced waves” originate. Then again, another information aspect more connected to the quantum and zero point interphase realm might relate with what can – at least in part – be mathematically interpreted in the “Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness” by using a Fourier Transform operation. This latter aspect would interphase with the zero point potential.

It is a possibility that transmitting wireless electric energy , canceling spacetime and perhaps gravity shielding, modification or cancelation was discovered late in the XIX Century by Tesla. Perhaps these inventions were supressed or classified keeping us on a many-decades-long, entropy increasing, fossil-fuel course of events that would maintain a separation-based economics and politics in opposition of the course of action gradually being taken by our hidden exopolitical history. A key component of UFO-ET disclosure will relate to the wide potential use of scalar waves, explaining the security measures behind its cover-up while maintaining them if necessary. However, educating humanity on the metaphysics that accompanies the existence of scalar waves, retrocausality and the connection of a higher non-physical realm will eventually lead to organizing the transition a cultural, social “integrative” transition stage to create a synergistic, non-polluting, “scalar” economy along with a world polity capable of dealing with this power that allegedly overcomes classical spacetime separation.

The integrative education of cultural leaders and humanity at large would have to be seriously undertaken. Initiating this process will be challenging and might be challenging of worldviews, internationalattitudes and so forth but not initiating it…not shifting to a more rational, spiritual and non-predatory society will probably lead to a major loss of human freedom or to a planetary disaster.

According to different kinds of evidence acummulated over years, it is quite reasonable to think that we are in fact being “visited” by extraterrestrials and/or non-human intelligent beings that can manipulate space-time, sometimes mimicking aspects of what have been called “paranormal” events. Conventional academicians shy away from  issues which are deemed as “funny” “ludicrous” “too hot to handle” or “taboo.” But humanity sorely needs to grow up and understand the scientific principles as to how all things are connected and how that connection transcends our experiences within the limits of classical spacetime, limits to which our brain-mind complexes have adapted, generating intricate but, nothetheless, perilously atomized societies.

If you have good scientific ideas about (at least some) aspects of “our visitors” science, please write to miradaintegralperu@gmail.com 

Giorgio Piacenza

Video: Professor Konstantine Meyl re-discovering Tesla inventions and expanding Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory. 

See “Neutrino Power and the Existence of Scalar Waves” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFtU4FVpXVs



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alcubierre drive spaceship with double torus

Image by Mark Rademaker depicting NASA’s IXS Enterprise, a Plausible Double Torus Alcubierre Drive Spaceship

There’s work going on at NASA which might be slowly revealing a shift in mindset from conventional action-reaction, Newtonian science and denial of extraordinary (i.e “non-classic”) events into a more “exotic,”  very useful, no-nonsense science perfectly allowed by the known laws of physics. The “Alcubierre Drive” (based on a paper published in 1994 by Miguel Alcubierre) is becoming feasible.  CNN gave the news on 06/18/2014 but advances had been in the works at least officially for a few years.  The news mentioned travelling “faster than the speed of light” which is not quite accurate but, nonetheless, the possibility of developing technology to reach distant locations like Alpha Centauri within months or even two weeks made the news a bit of a pro (ET presence) disclosure, eye-opener. The “Alcubierre Drive” (based on a paper published in 1994 by Miguel Alcubierre) is becoming feasible.  CNN gave the news on 06/18/2014 but advances had been in the works at least officially for a few years.  The news mentioned travelling “faster than the speed of light” which is not quite accurate but, nonetheless, the possibility of developing technology to reach distant locations like Alpha Centauri within months or even two weeks made the news a bit of a pro (ET presence) disclosure and an eye-opener. The chief scientist working on such important interstellar matters for NASA is Dr. Harold “Sonny” White. At http://www.icarusinterstellar.org/team/harold-white/ we read Dr. White holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Rice University, a Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Wichita State University, and a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from University of South Alabama. Dr. White has accumulated over 15 years of experience working in the aerospace industry with Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and NASA.” “Wormholes” and “Warp Drives” come to mind to practically travel great distances in space as allowed by Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. Both involve manipulating the “fabric” of spacetime and both would require an exotic form of energy known as “negative energy” and-or “negative vacuum energy” which – as of today – is conventionally difficult to obtain. “Warp Drives” refer to encapsulating spaceships inside a distorted spacetime “bubble” (warped or distorted in relation to an exterior spacetime reference frame). They’re about expanding spacetime behind the spaceship and contracting it at its front. The vehicle thus encapsulated inside this “bubble” would “surf” or “slide” towards a destiny focused ahead of the contracting front and since there’s is no limit in principle to the amount of space contraction and dilation, it would be able to “surf” at relative speeds many times that of light. More specifically, in relation to the quantum vacuum (which can have different energy densities), two distinct spacetime energy densities derived from that vacuum can move faster than “C” in relation to each other.


Original single torus capacitor “ring” design warping spacetime with traveling compartment inside

While inside the altered spacetime “bubble,” the spaceship itself never travels beyond “C” (the speed of light limit in the vacuum), but that spacetime “bubble” in relation to the spacetime frame outside of it can indeed “move” faster than “C” carrying along the vehicle inside toward an otherwise unbearably distant destination. Impractical differences in the passage of time occurring through Lorentzian effects incurred when accelerating close to the speed of light (but within the same spacetime energy density) would also be overcome. After the warp field/“bubble” within which “surfing astronauts” are travelling is turned off, the time passed within it would correspond to the time passed outside. Passengers would return to their original time frame without having incurred Lorentzian time-dilation effects. “Eagleworks Laboratories” is the lab working (within NASA’s Johnson Space Center, in Houston, TX) on this promising development and thus far there seems to have been some success in spite of the small amount of funding given for this project (perhaps in the order of 50,000 USD). However, scientists are working in a laboratory that was also used to develop inertial components for the Apollo Missions and which can be isolated from vibrations outside. They also have access to precision instruments because the measurements they are attempting to make (with small warp field-generating prototypes) are very small. The positive effects apparently obtained as of today are tiny but likely about to be replicated and sufficiently verified as “proof-of-concept,” perhaps thereafter eventually “maturing” into a practical application. Still, much needs to be carefully tested but, apparently, these almost “proof-of-concept” experiments are quite promising. For success in inter stellar travel activities, it seems crucial to produce “negative density/negative pressure,” through a charged negative potential “ring” (or torus) perpendicular to the craft. Capacitors are being used with this toroidal topography (or geometric shape). Good general information can be found in “WARP FIELD MECHANICS 101″ and WARP FIELD MECHANICS 102” by Harold White at: http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20110015936.pdf and at http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/20130011213.pdf A question: May current toroidal “ring” forms perpendicular to the section containing the spacehip crew eventually evolve into ellipsoidal forms and double disc, classic UFO shapes? If we continue to surround the central “cabin” with thick rings or torii it look like we could form an enclosed ovoid.

Are both disc-shaped and tubular ET craft structured by combining “rings” or torii? Below photograph by Antonio Urzi

Antonio Urzi-26-8-08a

The warped bubble of spacetime apparently created inside that negative potential “ring” or torus would be FLAT. Thus the craft inside this “bubble” would experience ZERO acceleration and – within its own frame of reference – it wouldn’t in fact go faster than the speed of light. Without feeling/experiencing any acceleration or a challenge to inertia people or objects inside the craft (itself inside the warp or “bubble”) would not crash against the walls. Interestingly Dr. White found (in 2011 and 2012), by making the “ring” (the torus) thicker (like a “life saver” candy) the effects are potentiated; while the flatness of space is decreased (would not be a good thing for crew members) the mechanical ‘strain’ required to manipulate spacetime is decreased; meaning that less negative energy would be needed to achieve the Alcubierre Drive effect. Thus the energy density inside the warp or “bubble” would collapse many orders of magnitude. For a 10 meter diameter craft, by thickening the “ring,” “torus” or “donut shape,” the Jupiter-size mass as energy source once needed can be reduced to, let’s say, the mass the Voyager spacecraft. As shown in the first image perhaps the single torus can be doubled. In a basic presentation found at a Space Vision’s student conference found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKTgNCGhq9Y Dr. White explains that “A series of Barium Titanate ceramic capacitors are charged to very high (DC) voltages to establish a very large potential energy, to establish a blue-shifted frame relative to the lab. The net effect according to the field equations should change the perceived wave length of that leg of the interferometer for a photon as it moves through that (warped) region.” The interference patterns seem to change as a function of time.” Experimenters are trying to find Fourier transform changes. They have detected some interesting but not definitive changes. As of today I’ve found little information about the oscillating charge-discharge frequencies used but suspect that they are a key component also needed to magnify the Alcubierre Drive Effect. Could it be that frequencies that may cancel out and “warp” our 4D regular spacetime (possessing a specific stable energy density framework in the quantum vacuum) would be understood as out of phase multiples of a fundamental spacetime oscillation? With a Helium-Neon laser-based interferometer detecting shifting light interference properties Dr. White and his team are trying to measure a small-scale warp bubble effect to achieve proof-of-concept. The effect to be measured is very tiny (about 1/100 a wave length of light) so it requires much precision and a seismically isolated room and a computer analysis to overcome the signal-to-noise ratio.  Perhaps a larger prototype will show a greater effect. They are also trying to use a Fabry-Perot interferometer to measure it. A spaceship sent to Alpha or Beta Centauri would have to start with a small acceleration in order for its spacetime “bubble” to continue to move forward in relation to the outer frame of reference. The amount of energy required would be a function of the radius. For spacetime to ‘know’ which direction to contract and to expand – if indeed it is “catalytic” – one would need to accelerate with a conventional propulsion system to establish an initial velocity relative to some ecliptic or solar inertial frame. Then turn the field on. Then space expands and contracts as a result, but not itself as a catalyst, contracting up front and expanding behind. The spaceship would then be carried within the “bubble” in the direction of the contraction and spacetime as a reference frame can move faster than “C” in relation to the spacetime frame exterior to the bubble. We would have an oscillating potential field given by the relation dϕ/dt. I wonder about the most adequate frequencies remains open and if a frequency multiple as a rotating or counter rotating field out of phase with a fundamental 4D spacetime frequency would be useful. Another test approach that is being tried at NASA’s Eagleworks Lab: Instead of placing a ring of potential energy around the beam path they tried to put a very high potential region in the middle of the light beam path. So a capacitor was placed in the middle of the beam path and they apparently got even more interesting results.  

Calculations explained by Dr. Harold White show that increasing the thickness of the torus-ring and oscillating the bubble field intensity would reduce the amount of energy required for a PRACTICAL ALCUBIERRE “propulsion” implementation. 

Another method also explored (the “Q Thrust”) works by pushing off against the quantum vacuum’s virtual particles popping in and out of existence in space.  Where fields are stronger there are more virtual particles popping in and out of existence whereby creating such fields would make such a thrust theoretically plausible. I think that creating a warped bubble field would also make the “Q Thrust” more feasible. To me this indicates that a series of technologies based on similar principles reinforce each other. Some questions: As of today I’ve found little information about the oscillating charge-discharge frequencies used but suspect that they are a key component needed to magnify the Alcubierre Drive. Could it be that frequencies that may cancel out and “warp” our 4D regular spacetime (possessing a specific stable energy density framework in the quantum vacuum) would be understood as out of phase resonance-cancelling multiples of a fundamental 4D spacetime oscillation? I wonder if switching the toroidal capacitors on and off with and-or generating a circulating field cycles around them with a specific resonant multiple of a basic quantum vacuum space-time frequency might enhance the effect. I wonder if the appropriate frequency might also relate to a completely out-of-phase resonant multiple of gravity wave frequencies in 4D spacetime? I think that other functions of the torus need to be recognized as a bridge between “dimensions,” branes, realities.

torus and quantum hologram

Connections with the Work of Robert L. Schroeder (previously reported in Exonews) Can these recent advances in Alcubierre Warp Drive generation relate to the model (and predictions) being forged by Engineer Robert L. Schroeder? Schroeder’s model (coming from a particle physics perspective) is connected with RS1 Warped Geometry Theory, a variety of String and Brane Theory attempting to explain the weakness of the force of gravity). It explains ET-UFO effects as gravity cancellation effects in relation to Kaluza Klein Gravitons that may exist in a Five Dimensional “Bulk” and which – in turn – may generate micro black holes capable of canceling normal gravitons in our normal 4D spacetime (See: http://exonews.org/worthy-attempt-solve-enigma-extraterrestrial-ufo-propulsion/ ).

Robert L Schroeder KK Gravitons Micro Black Holes UFOS

To me the answer is “yes it might” and this should be studied further. Above’s depiction may be that of a complementary method emphasizing particicles but also the role of a 5D higher dimensional “bulk” as pero Robert L. Schroeder’s approach. For instance, Dr. White found that expanding the Alcubierre metric into a higher spacetime would change the stiffness of spacetime. Apparently, if the “bubble’s” intensity were also oscillated the stiffness of spacetime would be decreased and this would also reduce the energy requirement.  A minimum, non-trivial amount of negative energy would still be needed to reduce the stiffness of spacetime according to the following basic relation:  dϕ/dt.  However in relation to a higher spacetime frame (like the 5 D “bulk”) a positive vacuum energy density might induce a negative vacuum energy density and warp field. In a paper published by Dr. White and by E. W. Davis titled “The Alcubierre Warp Drive in Higher Dimensional Spacetime” (it can be found at  http://www.earthtech.org/publications/davis_STAIF_conference_2.pdf )we read in the conclusion that there is a “remarkable discovery that a spacecraft’s spacetime expansion boost in the Alcubierre warp spacetime actually represents a movement of the spacecraft off our local brane (3 + 1 dimensional spacetime) and into the higher dimensional bulk space. The Alcubierre warp spacetime expansion boost merely acts as a scalar multiplier acting on an initial velocity. The consequence of this is that the equation of state for the energy density and pressure that induces this effect is equivalent to the dark energy equation of state and the equation of state for the vacuum energy in space. This suggests a conceptual laboratory experiment whereby a toroidal positive energy density induces a negative pressure warp field.” In other words, achieving exotic negative energy effects MIGHT be plausible through positive energy manipulation if we indeed live in a higher dimensional, 5D “bulk.” This may also mean that electromagnetic photons emitted by the spaceship while inside the spacetime warp “bubble” might not be detected in the regular 4D (3 space + 1 time) spacetime frame.  The spacecraft would become gradually invisible as it moves off our normal reference frame (or 4D brane) and into the 5D bulk.

I wonder if generating scalar longitudinal EM waves (Dr. Konstantin Meyl shows how to basically do it) inside the toroidal ring would help inducing a negative pressure warp field. And what if these waves were set at specific pulse frequencies or resonant multiples of frequencies that may cancel or enhance gravity waves?

As we can recognize, many of the unique (beyond Newtonian) characteristics (also listed by Robert L. Schroeder) observed through the best available evidence of what could reasonably be considered as technologically advanced extraterrestrial vehicles seem to be partially explained not only by Dr. Schroeder’s model but by the model being developed at NASA. While NASA uses the so called “Chung-Freese Model” and Schroeder uses Randall-Sundrum’s RS1 Model, both consider that our perceived 4D Universe exists within a more encompassing 5D brane called “the bulk.” I think this two models should be carefully compared, especially if both allow for similar non-classical practical space travel behavior. Interestingly, besides, an annulment of inertial effects, and a way to reach otherwise exceedingly distant locations in 4D spacetime, we may speak of a way to become translucent and even to achieve invisibility. As White and Davis suggest in the aforementioned paper: “As the Alcubierre LIF (ALIF) warps as suggested by equation (7), the photons emitted from it will not be able to intersect the coordinate observer (lab)frame because the photons were emitted off-brane from the ALIF. This is the reverse scenario we discussed earlier where photons on the brane were not able to interact with an electron off of the brane. Unless something acts on the off-brane photons to reduce their boost, they will not be detected by the on-brane coordinate observer. Hence, an Earthbound coordinate observer will most likely see a dimming effect when viewing the ALIF as its spacetime expansion boost increases. Similarly, the ALIF will see his/her surrounding universe grow dimmer and dimmer as photons emitted on-brane cannot reach the now off-brane ALIF.”  In other words, the translucent and invisibility-achieving aspects of UFOs would also be part of the effects predicted by this technology developed at NASA. Moreover, as “proof-of-concept” is finally reached to reasonable satisfaction, overly skeptical scientists (excessively attached to accepting “reality” only in classical terms and unable to conceive that other intelligences may be able to reach Earth from remote locations) will also have to contend with the theoretically canonical and experimentally established idea that some interstellar civilizations may have had enough time and opportunities to develop a form of practical Alcubierre Warp Drive. This and further amounts of high-quality ET-UFO evidence and more scientific advancements will make blatant, closed-minded research extremely untenable. While empirical data forces us to modify our explanations, worldviews, or theories  there’s also a tendency among social structure supporters to ridicule and combat data in which our preferred theories don’t fit…but in the end a plain common sense understanding about the evidence prevails and there’s an inevitable shift. Would fusing multiple torii or “rings” turn Mark Rademaker’s depiction of NASA’s IXS Enterprise into a “cigar-shaped UFO” or tubular space-warping gravity control vehicle? See video of an alleged cilindrical-shaped UFO over Korosten, Ukraine  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XG76xkW5adI

This image was taken by Navcam: Right B (NAV_RIGHT_B) onboard NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 613 (2014-04-28 04:48:22 UTC). Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
This image was taken by Navcam: Right B (NAV_RIGHT_B) onboard NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 613 (2014-04-28 04:48:22 UTC).
Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech


Robert L Schroeder KK Gravitons Micro Black Holes UFOS I felt compelled to make a summary of engineer Robert L. Schroeder’s thinking about the scientific basis for the technology of ET spaceships. If his predictions and general ideas are verified through predicted measurements and further experimental advances in particle accelerators, his work will help demystify the concept that scientific laws related to General Relativity make it impractical to “travel” between great cosmic distances. Here the acronym “UFO” will be basically used as an equivalent to “extraterrestrial space vehicle based on gravity control.”                                      ——————————————————————– Mr. Schroeder usually starts his lectures by affirming that the universe known by standard physics is rather simple in that it has 3 types of main components: The 4 basic particles of matter, the particles that transmit the 4 known forces of nature and space-time. The “messenger” particles that transmit the 4 fundamental forces of nature are: The photon (electromagnetism), the gluon with spin 1 (the strong nuclear force that keeps the nucleus of the atoms together), bosons w+, w- and z neutral (the weak nuclear force responsible for radioactivity) and the graviton with spin 2 (gravitational force). The Higgs particle with spin 0 would be responsible of giving mass to subatomic particles and could be considered as a field. Among the 4 basic particles of matter there are electrons (a lepton), protons and neutrons, but protons and neutrons are themselves made up of “quarks” and in 99.9999% of matter there are 2 basic types of quarks. These are the “up quark” and “down quark.” We also have a ghostly particle called “neutrino” and, including the electron, up quark and down quark and the neutrino we would have the 4 particles that make most of the known material universe. Considering “super symmetry”1 there could exist more energetic versions of these 4 particles, (now called “sparticles”). “Space-time” would be the scenery or background environment in which matter particles and the particles of force interact. Scientists are quite interested in the particles of forces, in the forces of nature that lead us to think that they were all unified in a “super force” during the “Big Bang.” Unifying these 4 forces would be the great goal of physicists. They have already been able to theoretically reunify/explain the electromagnetic force with the weak nuclear force and they call this the “electroweak” force. In particle accelerators they have also recreated this force. They are also trying to reunify (above all theoretically) the strong nuclear force with the electroweak force and this effort is called “GUT” (Grand Unified Theory). The big problem has been that they have not been able to include gravity along with the other forces. The force of gravity is very weak compared to the other forces. What is interesting is that the development of some theoretical approximations could explain both why gravity is so weak and some of the behavior of extraterrestrials spaceships as observed in aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Maxwell’s electromagnetic physics, quantum physics and Special and General Relativity assume that the universe possesses 4 dimensions (three dimensions of space and one of time). Since Minkowski’s work we can use the speed of light as a convergence factor in order to treat time as one more dimension.  Before, particles were thought as points without dimensions but with string theory physics they are thought of as being made by strings with a longitude. However, these string theories require a universe with more than 4 dimensions. Physicists also think that it could require 11 dimensions. This is important because it was previously thought that space ships had to travel through a four dimensional space-time (3 of space + 1 of time) but limited to the speed of light and to the amount of energy needed to approximate this speed. One of the important theories derived from “M Theory” (with 10 dimensions of space + 1 of time) is Warped Geometry Theory which tries to explain why gravity is so weak. Robert Schroeder believes it is key to understanding how UFOs may reach Earth from distant stellar systems. String Theory evolved toward “M Theory” and it is believed that we live in a space-time membrane floating on a vaster pentadimensional space. This other space is referred to as “the bulk” and it would represent our universe as a 5 dimensional anti-de Sitter space. The elementary particles (including 3 force “messenger” particles) would be confined to our membrane of 4 dimensions…except for the graviton. Key Specific Ideas: 1)      According to Harvard physicist Lisa Randall and her RS1 version of Warped Geometry Theory, the space between the membranes would be extremely distorted or twisted, so much so that the number of gravitons in this space would exponentially increase by going into it, to the point in which the force of gravity would increase by 16 orders of magnitude. 2)      Most of the gravitons would be within the “bulk” and not in the space-time membrane where we live. We would live in the weak space-time membrane (also simply called “brane”) which is referred to as the “TeV brane” with energies up to 103 GeV (Giga electron Volts). However, there would be another parallel membrane connected to ours but with a much stronger gravity called the “Planck Brane” with energies up to 1019 GeV (Giga electron Volts). The graviton’s probability function would be greater in Planck’s Brane. 3)      In order for a space ship to be able to traverse great cosmic distances it would just have to go into the bulk a by a tiny amount; let’s say 1/10,000 towards where gravity would be strongest in the “bulk.” 4)      General Relativity Theory says that, if gravity could increase, distances would shorten. Time would also slow down. By going into the bulk 1/10000 of the maximum gravitational force possible the distance to the star Alpha Centauri would shrink to 25 miles in relation to our weak brane. 5)      The UFOs could be very efficient particle accelerators and this would be a reason why UFO types have a circular aspect. Even triangular UFOs have been seen to have circles on the extremes. Nature would provide us with a way to distort space-time without the need of so much energy. 6)      It is believed that particle accelerators like the LHC in CERN will eventually produce Kaluza Klein gravitons (or KK particles). With enough energy, these would be gravitons with mass and would be a manifestation of extra dimensions if these indeed were to exist. Thus, KK gravitons would confirm the existence of these dimensions.   KK gravitons would have a -2 spin and be the result of particles being treated as waves within a superior space dimension. These waves would only be able to oscillate a whole number of times in the extra dimension when it is treated as a curled circle. When the oscillation frequency is very high mass in gravitons may be detected in our 4D brane.   7)      KK gravitons will be able to generate such a powerful gravitational force (with an upper limit of 1016 GeV as mentioned) that they will, in turn, induce the generation of micro black holes that could be detected in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN because – if any energy is missing – and, due to energy conservation laws, there will be signs that something unusual is taking place. These micro black holes would be real. 8)      Schroeder thought that gravitons and photons in 4 D space-time travel at the speed of light and that –just as photons are absorbed by black holes – gravitons in 4D space-time might also be devoured by the micro black holes. He also found scientific articles backing up that hypothesis. 9)      The micro black holes would form an “envelope” around the UFO. They would cancel out both the UFO’s gravitons and the gravitons trapped in our 4D space-time brane which are produced by Earth’s mass (both of which bound by the speed of light). However, generally speaking, all gravitons would be formed by closed strings capable of detaching from our 4D brane and moving through the “bulk.” 10)   If more gravitons are exchanged between the mass of an object and the mass of the Earth, the distortion of space-time where they are located will be greater. If the extraterrestrial spaceships are using micro black holes to “eat up”/cancel gravitons (both of the UFO and of the Earth), what ends up taking place is that the Earth stops “seeing” the UFO’s mass but perhaps something much lighter.  This is NOT “antigravity” (which is also not recognized in modern physics). This pertains to the reduction or cancelation of the force of gravity and generating KK gravitons would admit the UFO into the “bulk” or 5 D space. 11)   The rotation component frequently seen on UFOs may be for stabilizing purposes, much as a frisbee, and it would be due to the fact that they have become very light objects. If a rotating element is not seen it might be hidden perhaps as a ring inside the structure. 12)   The evidence that UFOs produce black holes would be that they would also produce “Hawking’s Radiation.” This radiation includes gamma and X rays. 13)   When micro black holes decay (and they do it quickly) they generate this radiation that resembles the radiation of a rotating black body, with intensity on the “Y” axis and with frequency on the “X” axis. This radiation in equilibrium with its environment may be measured with specialized equipment and spectrographic analysis during UFO waves in order to detect EM emissions. This could be a major contribution from Ufology to science. We would need to learn about the EM frequencies and intensities, especially those of gamma rays. 14)   Micro black holes decay emitting fermions, scalar particles (Higgs bosons) and Gauge bosons (photons, gluons and W and Z bosons). They would also produce gamma rays such as the ones that NASA Engineer Paul Hill and colleagues detected in relation to UFOs. Micro black holes would also produce intense magnetic fields such as those detected by airplanes near UFOs. Interestingly, tritium (a radioactive isotope of hydrogen only produced in nuclear reactors or in particle accelerators) was found in the 1970’s in Sonora, California, in relation to a UFO producing a product called “angel’s hair.” We cannot see the “bulk” (with a 5th lineal dimension) because we see using photons which are trapped in the weak brane. Thus, a UFO leaving behind our weak brane and going into the “bulk” would become partially or completely invisible. Graviton emissions caused by decaying mini black holes would disappear into the “bulk” or 5 dimensional space. When the micro black holes absorb the gravitons located in the 4D brane (according to the portion of the probability wave function in which they also necessarily manifest), during this decay their energies would be emitted in the weak brane as gamma rays, gauge bosons, fermions (leptons and quarks). Their energies would also be emitted as 5D gravitons into the “bulk.” Thus, energy is conserved. If the equivalence principle is correct, by reducing gravitational mass UFOs would also reduce inertial mass. Interestingly, near UFOs there would be an attractive gravitational force; not a repulsive one (it is not anti-gravity). This would be due to KK gravitons generating a strong attractive gravitational field. In some UFO sightings over bodies of liquid water, water was apparently observed being lifted towards the UFO. Kaluza Klein micro black holes may be soon produced at CERN and may show not only that they cancel gravitons but decay quickly into Hawking Radiation (with gamma rays). IF Schroeder’s theory is correct that radiation could be detected coming out of the higher dimensional technology of “UFOs” allegedly capable of moving into “the bulk”.

braneworld 5th dimension randal sundrum

  Conclusions: If KK gravitons are verified in particle accelerators and they are found to indeed cancel out gravity through their production of micro black holes something that would boost the idea that we live in a larger dimensional frame whose properties can be engineered to overcome classic 4D space-time constraints. Moreover, if these KK gravitons can be produced in devices more practically smaller that the LHC at CERN and, if the RS1 variant (or another compatible variant) of Warped Geometry Theory is verified, some of the key features behind UFO “propulsion” may have been discovered. Furthermore, I expect that this scientific approach devised under the geometry of an anti-de Sitter space to explain a plausible higher dimensional “bulk” may also turn out to complement some “universe-as-a-hologram” theories in which information (related to entropy and entropy reduction but also to measurement and a decoding process of consciousness) is fundamental and non-locally shared. I find that the idea of modifying the density of zero-point energy to produce an “Alcubierre Drive” (through KK gravitons if they are found) and the idea about focusing a gravitational “beam” to attract or bring closer a distant region in 4D space-time might also be compatible with the other ideas here exposed. However, those concepts are appropriate for yet another discussion. Sources Schroeder, Robert (2014). DVD: “How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOS” International UFO Congress. Open Minds, Fountain Hills, AZ. Schroeder, Robert (2011). “Solving the UFO Enigma: How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOs.” Create Space Independent Publishing Platform. https://www.createspace.com/ YouTube interviews retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRsMoyloZ0g and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzisQG44OPo Notes

  1. In particle physics, supersymmetry (SUSY) is a proposed extension of spacetime symmetry that relates two basic classes of elementary particles: bosons, which have an integer-valued spin, and fermions, which have a half-integer spin. A central motivation for supersymmetry close to the TeV energy scale is the resolution of the hierarchy problem of the Standard Model.…

  Without the extra supersymmetric particles, the Higgs boson mass is subject to quantum corrections which are so large as to naturally drive it close to the Planck mass barring its fine tuning to an extraordinarily tiny value. In the supersymmetric theory, on the other hand, these quantum corrections are canceled by those from the corresponding superpartners above the supersymmetry breaking scale, which becomes the new characteristic natural scale for the Higgs mass…   Other attractive features of TeV-scale supersymmetry are the fact that it often provides a candidate dark matter particle at a mass scale consistent with thermal relic abundance calculations,[6][7] provides a natural mechanism for electroweak symmetry breaking and allows for the precise high-energy unification of the weak, the strong and electromagnetic interactions…   Retrieved from Wikipedia at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supersymmetry

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