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The Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (F.R.E.E.) is Launched

 talampaya ufo

UFO illumined during a contact experience in Talampaya, Argentina (2013)

F.R.E.E. (the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters) is being launched. It is being organized to bring together psychotherapists, hypnotherapists and other dedicated researchers in the field of general “experiencer” (contactee and-or abduction) research. It also gathers natural scientists and lay researchers under the aegis of astronaut and cosmologist Dr. Edgar Mitchell, PhD.

F.R.E.E. is a step forward toward legitimizing not only UFO research but also the recognition of the possibility that there may actually be interactions with extraterrestrial intelligences ocurring under ways that have not been seriously considered by most academics.

F.R.E.E. is also open to the contributions of academics like social scientists and its explorations and exchanges would benefit from the sincer, well- informed  input of philosophers and theologians. Exopolitics and capable exopoliticians are also welcome in a field that requires open-ended but compatible and healthy integrative collaboration.

F.R.E.E aims at understanding “encounter experiences” in their multiple aspects; a class of human experiences which – due to multiple layers of evidence acummulating over several decades – cannot be simply tossed aside anymore either from a scientific or from ethical point of view. As a unique, real phenomenon experienced by human kind it is significant and the scientific, cultural, ethical and political implications also are quite significant.

F.R.E.E. aims at providing psychological & community support for those individuals that may need it.

F.R.E.E. is open to consider a wide-range of perspectives on a variety of encounter experiences. Moreover, F.R.E.E. also aims at shedding new light into physics (a physics which includes consciousness, ufological “high strangeness” and other “classical reality-challenging” phenomena associated with alleged contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences). This more complete physics is needed to understand how might technologically advanced intelligences reach and interact with us overcoming space-time limitations. Regarding it, the concept of a “quantum hologram” is now being particularly explored  by physicists at F.R.E.E. as it begins to provide an explanatory mechanism that connects non-locality with macroscopic structures as well as quantitative and qualitative aspects of experience.

F.R.E.E. can be considered  a “think tank” and a collaborative space for scientists, lay investigators and first hand experiencers to learn from each other more about the nature of the various kinds of contact experiences which have been reported in earnest for several decades – if not for centuries – around the world. It is a space where individuals unable to speak openly about their experiences and-or interests may find a receptive environment.

The mass of unconventional, yet well-researched, experiencer evidence (in addition to objective UFO research plus whistleblower and documentary evidence) indicates that contact experiences through methods transcending conventional astronomical and radio astronomical means are quite likely taking place. Evidence should trump over our pet theories about how this should take place. The psychic and reality-modifying aspects of these experiences are meant to be understood by responsible, ethical scientists, researchers as well as by cultural and political leaders willing to reassess their premises about reality if need be. Something unique, real and life-changing to individual humans (albeit different and strange from a conventional perspective) is taking place. These (sometimes information-laden) experiences may be reaching segments of humanity as a way of announcing a vaster reality ahead of the discovery (and official announcement of) exoplanets with detectable organic molecule signatures in their atmospheres or of  intelligently coded radio astronomical signals.

F.R.E.E. is about improving our understanding about who we are as a species in relation to the Cosmos. A greater understanding of the Extraterrestrial Encounter Experience – achieved through serious research standards combined with an open-minded attitude– may  contribute (along with other compatible integrative efforts) to generate more inclusive, politically harmonizing cultural foundations useful to develop a more intelligent coexistence in a highly interdependent planet.

Please visit:  http://experiencer.co/

Alien Implants in People – Physical Characteristics Found

By Giorgio Piacenza

Supposedly this X-Ray shows an alien implant that was later removed from a mans spine.
This X-Ray shows an alien implant that was allegedly  removed from a man’s spine.

Is this old news or current news? Well it is happening now. And how many people know of the latest findings (PHYSICAL EVIDENCE) of extraterrestrial implants?  From the research of podiatric surgeon Roger Leir , chemist material scientist (and nano tube technological expert) Steve Colbern and physicist Robert Koontz I’ll summarize it for you. A good reference is found here. Grey Alien Implants: A worldwide phenomenon or perhaps localized by zones but in many cases they are physically detectable. Have you noticed a strange object after a strange dream or sleep paralysis?


Prosaic answers will most likely suffice but in some cases…actual advanced alien implants have been detected. What are they made of? Quite often Meteoric Iron (with non-earthly isotopes) with cobalt and significant amounts of iridium. They have isotopic ratios that do not occur naturally on Earth. One was of a class of nickel-iron meteorites called hexahedrites.  Speculatively: Heavier isotopes might have been formed near the galactic core and-or due to supernovas. They are normally irregular and covered with an oily shell+ hard coating that prevents body rejection. Produce no immune response. Biological tissue grows from the metal. This was seen with EDX Electron Microscopy. Some of the implants  emit FM electromagnetic radiation radio signals  before removal in scalar-related frequencies 93 MHz, 15 MHz, even a frequency used in sattelite space communications.  Seem to have a surface coating, sensitive to phonons in order to retransmit soundwaves.


If you break them they reassemble (Bob Koontz). There are carbon nano tube electronics in these devices not found in nature (Steve Colbern). They seem to be single-wall nano tubes. Steve Colbern, chemist material scientist, nano technician finds them far advanced from formal Earth  (and possibly covert Earth) technology.  Roger Leir mentions that they are often found in many places, rather superficially in the body but also near bones.  Nerve cells connect to the devices!! Some of the objects have strong magnetic fields of over 10 milligauss. Some 15% of abductees show significant fluorescent glows on skin area for up to 1 month (detectable with UV-A, but more with UV-B and UV-C). Small metal detectors and X-rays and Gauss meters can detect them in the body. Off course if with X-rays it’s difficult to locate them CAT scans can locate them more precisely. No visible signs of entry/no known portal of entry. If entry signs are detected right after an implant event they close up and leave no mark in a day or two. About 24 implants have been recovered. Some have regular ortho rhombic crystalline structures of sodium chloride that are rectangular and varying in size (Steve Colbern). Perhaps they are used to generate scalar radio frequencies (Bob Koontz). Often when podiatric surgeon Roger Leir tries to remove them with surgical steel they move away from the scalpel. If about 2% of U.S. population with various signs of abduction is really indicative, perhaps the number of implanted people is -relatively speaking- quite large. If this is real. How many individuals are being implanted or monitored in other ways by non-grey ET beings? This is constantly news because it is still happening and new evidence is always coming up. See this evidence directly obtained by Joanne Summerscales from AMMACH at the 2013 IUFOC (see embedded video or click here).


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