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November 3, 2017      (rt.com)

• In response to the recent publicity of the advent of ultra-realistic humanoid robots, famous mainstream scientist Stephen Hawking warns that robots could one day replicate themselves, out-perform humans, become a new life form and entirely edge out human beings. Last year Hawkings said that humanity has only about 100 years left on this fragile planet and we all need to find another planet to inhabit. “We are in danger of self-destructing.”
• Hawkings suggests that humankind needs to come up with a space program to colonize suitable planets for habitation.
• [Editor’s Note] Stephen Hawking must know more than he is letting on. He must know that the AI threat is real, that we already have a space program that is colonizing off planet worlds, and that humanity is indeed in danger of self-destruction. This must be his way of letting us know that he knows through a soft disclosure.


One day robots could entirely edge out human beings and become a new life form that is even capable of replicating itself, Stephen Hawking has warned, once again predicting a rather grim future for humankind.

“I fear that AI may replace humans altogether,” the renowned physicist told Wired magazine, as cited by the Cambridge News. “If people design computer viruses, someone will design AI that improves and replicates itself. This will be a new form of life that outperforms humans,” Hawking added.

However, humanity itself has already reached “the point of no return”and may destroy itself first, the 75-year-old academic predicts. “Our earth is becoming too small for us, global population is increasing at an alarming rate and we are in danger of self-destructing.”

To avoid this apocalyptic scenario, Hawking suggests that mankind should come up with a space program “with a view to eventually colonizing suitable planets for human habitation.”

This is not the first time Hawking has spoken about the potential threat of robots becoming self-conscious and exceeding human intelligence. Last year, he warned the AI “could develop a will of its own – a will that is in conflict with ours,” adding that the rise of machines could become “either the best, or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity.”



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by Jason Offutt October 8, 2017 (mysteriousuniverse.org)

• A 27-year old in Wyoming claims to have come from the year 2048 to warn us about an alien invasion that will take place in 2018.
• The alien’s time travel device only works when he is drunk.
• Police in Casper, WY arrested the man for public intoxication.
• While many time travelers have been exposed as frauds, some time travel accounts are simply unexplained.
• Physicists concede that mathematically time travel is possible.
• In 2009 physicist Stephen Hawking held a party for time travelers. No one came.

When police responded to a disturbance call at a house on East Second Street in Casper, Wyoming, in early October, they found 27-year-old Bryant Johnson with a message for them. He was from the future, the aliens were coming, and he was drunk, according to radio station KTWO.

Bryant claimed he was from the year 2048 and was in Wyoming to warn the “president” of Casper of an impending 2018 alien invasion. He was drunk because that’s the only way the alien’s time travel device would transport him back in time. That’s also apparently why the machine missed the intended target of 2018 and landed him in 2017.

Police arrested Bryant for public intoxication and took him to a nearby hospital.

As silly as this story sounds, what if Bryant is right?

Stories pop up on occasion of people claiming to be from a different time. The mysterious John Titor and his dire warnings from 2036, the late Al Bielek who said he travelled in time with his brother Duncan Cameron in the Philadelphia Experiment, and Håkan Nordkvist, a Swedish man who said he journeyed into the year 2042 and met himself – just by crawling under his sink.

Great stories, but none are true. Serial hoaxer Joseph Matheny claims to have been part of the Titor hoax, Bielek has been labelled an attention seeker, and Nordkvist? His story was a viral marketing campaign for an insurance company.

However, physicists like Albert Einstein, Michio Kaku, and Stephen Hawking have all said time travel is mathematically possible. The faster an object moves, the slower time passes for it.

To prove this, in 1975 Professor Carol Allie of the University of Maryland synchronized two atomic clocks. One stayed on Earth while the other was loaded aboard an airplane. The times were checked at the end of the experiment, and the mobile clock revealed time aboard the airplane traveled slower by a smidgen of a second than it did for the clock on the ground.

It works for people as well.

While spending 803 days, 9 hours, 39 minutes on the International Space Station, Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev circled the Earth at 7.66 km/s – and traveled in time. When he returned to Earth in 2013, he was 0.02 seconds in the future, according to Universe Today. This was just what Einstein predicted with his Special Theory of Relativity way back in 1905.

“We have a hard time perceiving how time can bend just like other dimensions, so Einstein’s predictions seem strange,” Princeton University astrophysics professor J. Richard Gott told ABC news. “But this appears to be the world we live in.”


FAIR USE NOTICE: This page contains copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. ExoNews.org distributes this material for the purpose of news reporting, educational research, comment and criticism, constituting Fair Use under 17 U.S.C § 107. Please contact the Editor at ExoNews with any copyright issue.

By Neil Gould.

This article discloses a dark reality behind mainstream science that misrepresents to humanity, so called changes of attitudes towards the reality of intelligent life in the universe. The true agenda is to seek confirmation of ET life, unintelligent life, which includes microbes and viruses. Mankind does not read the small print. The article focuses on scientific hero, Dr Paul Davies, a contributor to recent conferences hosted by the Royal Society and the Vatican. Recently interviewed by a popular radio show it becomes clear that the mindset of Dr Davies is nailed to the existing imposed and skewered worldview dominated by the politics of ontology. The credentials of Davies are presented, but so are his views on intelligent life in the universe. Davies debunks ET visitations, abductions and UFOs but prescribes processes, which include multidisciplinary studies on the phenomenon, and dares to ask people to keep an open mind whilst being skeptical.  A conundrum is it not?

Early this year there was immense excitement amongst Exopoliticians: 

 “The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences  had organized a 5 day conferences involving physicists and Astrobiologists on subjects as varied as how life might have begun on Earth; what newly found microbes living in harsh places on our planet might tell us about possible life on others; and how life forms might be detected in our solar system, or how their bio-signatures might be found on and around the many distant exoplanets.”

 There was further elation at the announcement by the Royal Society that they too would be holding a 2-day conference on extra terrestrial life.

 “A line-up of world-leading astronomers, biologists and astrophysicists including SETI founder Dr Frank Drake, principal investigator for the British Beagle 2 Mars lander project Professor Colin Pillinger and Director of the BEYOND: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science Professor Paul Davies, will be discussing man’s search for extra-terrestrial life and the consequences for science and society”.

 Professor Paul Davies  a British-born theoretical physicist, cosmologist, Astrobiologist and best-selling author.

“He is Director of the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science and co-Director of the Cosmology Initiative, both at Arizona State University. Davies’s research interests are focused on the “big questions” of existence, ranging from the origin of the universe to the origin of life, and include the nature of time, the search for life in the universe and foundational questions in quantum mechanics. In astrobiology, he was a forerunner of the theory that life on Earth may have come from Mars.”

Listeners to his interview on Coast to Coast radio,  were treated to a typical case of “blindfolds and earplugs” by a self centered scientist who chose to ignore the overwhelming qualitative evidence on ET life already in the public domain. [The evidence will be discussed in Part 2 of this article]. Dr Davies made it clear that Astrobiology is the search for life beyond earth, distinguishing itself from SETI; the search for intelligent life beyond earth. Despite SETI 50 yrs of eerie silence Davies gives them a pat on the back and believes we should extend the search for ET beyond looking through telescopes because the clues might be very subtle. Davies advocates that we should look for any signature or technological footprint of technology that shows up such as beacons and possible ET probes.

On this topic of Fermi’s paradox and ET beacons, here is what Davies had to say in the Astronomy Now magazine :

“What I think is a big lacuna in the search so far is that beacons have not been actively searched for. It is much more probable that we would pick up a multidirectional beacon than random messages between civilizations or domestic radio traffic or anything deliberately directed at us. All those scenarios don’t stack up, but beacons do. [..]There really has been no systematic search for them, and yet we have the technology to do that.”

Davies described Hawkins recent remarks  as Foolish; “There is no way of knowing if there is intelligent life out there. On the claim that aliens want to come here to use the resources of the planet, they could have taken them billions of years ago”. When asked by a caller about those who believe they saw UFOs or had been abducted Paul Davies reply was; “Little green men and flying saucers belong in the realm of fairy stories”. In defense Davies explained that he knew Alan Hynek, who for 20 yrs assessed thousands of reports, some of which he personally had been able to account for. Davies went on by saying, “Most alien abduction is explained by sleep paralysis, sleep disorders” and he has had personal experience of this himself. He was keen to place his peg into the sand and stated unequivocally that “the lights in the sky are weather phenomenon” and that these reports tell us more about ourselves as humans than anything else.

Davies was asked about artifacts left behind by ET civilizations. “We cannot find any historic relics from the last 100 million years. The surface of our earth is restless, tectonic activity, glaciations, and erosion impact by asteroids”. When pressed on the emergence Sumerian civilization with the associated ET intervention [as seen on the 5000 year old Sumerian Seals and Cuneiform tablets], a civilization with knowledge of the planets, Davies quashed any speculation of Ets arriving 400,000 years ago as he would be astonished that it would happen within this period which in astronomical terms is to close to the present. “Why would they come especially when the human civilization is just beginning? Too much of a coincidence”

 The arrogance of Dr Davies continued in two messages to his audience; the first being that scientists must draw from a list of all the scientific disciplines and the second message was that Scientists should always be open minded but also skeptic; but never close our minds that one day the evidence might be forthcoming! 

This mindset ensures humanity never sees the light of day whilst drowning in their own smog, addicted to fossil fuels and never being allowed to grasp the essence of a universe teaming with beneficial intelligent life which in all probability are responsible for the seeding of life in the universe; Is Davies a typical example of the gatekeepers that Hawking sought the human race to circumvent? In Part 2  of this article I present to Dr Davies the Exopolitical Prescriptions that will lead mainstream Astrobiologists, anthropologists, Cosmologists and physicists into the new paradigm; arguably the most important juncture ever, for mankind.

Neil Gould is a Member of the Board of Directors

Exopolitics Institute.

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