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by Cheryl Costa            March 1, 2108             (syracusenewtimes.com)

• From April 29 to May 3, 2013, Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group produced a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. featuring 42 researchers and government witnesses from 10 countries who testified for 30 hours over five days before six former members of Congress regarding UFO events and evidence confirming extraterrestrials engaging the human race. Paradigm sent DVDs of that hearing to every congressional representative on Capitol Hill. Not one Congressional office acknowledged receiving a DVD. Since then Paradigm has tried in vain to organize a Congressional Hearing/ Political Initiative on UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence.

• This article’s writer sought to arrange a meeting with her own New York Senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, in a follow up to her sending them both a letter along with her book, UFO Sightings Desk Reference. Staffers told her that the packages probably got lost in the congressional mailroom. When she asked Senator Schumer to comment on the New York Times article on the Pentagon’s secret UFO program, she received no reply. When she contacted Senator Gillibrand’s office, she related that ‘Gillibrand’s staff began shunning me upon the first mention of the term UFO’.

• You would think that Congressional representatives would be concerned about an issue that affects the defense and general welfare of the United States, which is a Constitutional directive of Congress.

• I his October 2016 resignation letter to Defense Secretary James Mattis, the head of the aforementioned Pentagon UFO program, Luis Elizondo pointed out that UFOs are known to interfere with military weapons platforms, and so “there remains a vital need to ascertain capability and intent of these phenomena for the benefit of the armed forces and the nation.” Elizondo says that the most frustrating part of his former Pentagon position was “the inability to tell senior leadership what was going on because of the hypersensitive nature and stealth posture in the department.”

• All of this shows that a log jam exists somewhere between staffers and the elected or appointed officials at the top, ensuring that anything associated with UFOs and extraterrestrials never reaches those in authority. Senior staffers are determined not to inform their bosses on any vital information involving UFO and ETs ostensibly to protect their bosses’ political integrity. This is a miscarriage of responsibility that is in clear violation of their Constitutional mandate.


Many of us at work have tried to communicate some critically vital information up the management chain of command. But it always seems that either the big boss just never gets the message or the boss does get that information but it has been watered down and made palatable by somebody between you and the big boss.

So to ensure that the boss isn’t made unhappy by bad news, middle-level management and staff do their best to filter, spin and squash troubling information from ever reaching the big boss.

So what does this have to do with UFOs? Everything!

Let’s talk about responsibility.

Congress has authority over financial and budgetary matters, through the enumerated power to collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States.

You would think that congressional representatives would be concerned about an issue that affects the defense and general welfare of the United States. Especially since Article I of the Constitution gives Congress the power to declare war via the War Powers Clause.

From April 29 to May 3, 2013, Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group produced a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The public hearing was modeled after a congressional hearing that had 42 researchers and military/agency/political witnesses from 10 countries who testified for 30 hours over five days before six former members of Congress regarding UFO events, evidence confirming UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The hearing was filmed and webcast.

Paradigm sent DVDs of that hearing to every congressional representative on Capitol Hill. When congressional staffers were polled later for receipt of the DVDs, not a single staffer acknowledged that their office had received the DVDs.

In 2014, Paradigm launched the Congressional Hearing/Political Initiative, which focused on seeking hearings for the scores of military/agency/political witnesses who were ready to testify on Capitol Hill about UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence. Despite Bassett’s valiant lobbying efforts, congressional hearings never came about.

This was a clear example of a civilian group attempting to get the attention of Congress via lobbying. Too bad Paradigm didn’t have the vast financial resources of the National Rifle Association.

On a citizen activist level, this reporter’s own repeated efforts to arrange a meeting with a senior staff member from New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand was a frustrating and wasted effort. For the record, both senators were sent a copy of my book UFO Sightings Desk Reference, which contains eye-opening and pervasive data.

When I asked Schumer’s staff four months later if they had received my letter, they said no and stated that the letter probably got lost in the congressional mailroom. I pointed out that my letter had a 2 ½ pound book stapled to it!

To their credit, Sen. Schumer’s Syracuse staff did request another copy of my letter, and an additional copy of my book, which I personally delivered to them. The staffer told me he’d get it into the hands of the right people in the senator’s D.C. office. In eight months’ time I have yet to receive an acknowledgment of any kind.

Finally, I made a press request for commentary from Sen. Schumer in regard to the December mainstream media coverage of the Pentagon’s, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The senator’s media point of contact never returned my call.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s staff began shunning me upon the first mention of the term UFO and has never answered any letters or press queries.

So much for expecting my state’s U.S. senators to do their constitutional duty: providing for the common defense and general welfare of the United States.

But maybe it’s not the senators’ fault. Maybe their staffs and advisers seem to be functioning like characters from the Hans Christian Andersen 1837 story “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” as the couriers who filtered, spun and squashed troubling information from ever reaching the emperor’s ears.



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James Deardorff

Dr. James.W. Deardorff, a Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science published “Possible Extraterrestrial Strategy for Earth” in the Royal Astronomical Society, Quarterly Journal (ISSN 0035-8738), vol. 27, March 1986, p. 94-101.  Its online link is found at http://adsabs.harvard.edu/full/1986QJRAS..27…94D

Dr. Deardorff’s Summary in “Possible Extraterrestrial Strategy for Earth” reads as follows:

“The arguments are reviewed which hold that our Galaxy is nearly saturated with extraterrestrial life forms, that our existence requires in hindsight that they were and are benevolent toward us, and that our lack of detection of them or communications from them implies that an embargo is established against us to prevent any premature knowledge of them. An inconsistency is detected, in that any sudden lifting of the embargo in a manner obvious to the public would cause societal chaos and possibly touch off a nuclear exchange, while any communications received via radio telescope would likely be either quickly confiscated by government agencies and not revealed to the public, or heavily censored. The inconsistency is that the advanced civilization should be expected to have planned some other strategy, if it is actually benevolent, experienced and intelligent.

It follows that any embargo not involving alien force must be a leaky one designed to allow gradual disclosure of the alien message and its gradual acceptance on the part of the general public over a very long time-scale. A possible strategy for their accomplishing is proposed.”


Dr. Deardorff should be considered a pioneer in exopolitical thinking. As he suggests, advanced extraterrestrial intelligence may abound in the galaxy and UFO evidence suggests that it is quite reasonable to suppose that it is already here operating here on Earth. However, it would be operating under its own terms while using a technology that – under our prevailing understanding – would seem surreal or like “magic.” Dr. Deardorff also explores the idea that societies which develop practical interstellar ‘travel’ may have a tendency to overcome self-destructive behavior and would operate under a more comprehensive ethics respectful of less developed civilizations and that, for this reason, they might not be willing to unequivocally disclose their presence to humanity until we become capable of handling it.

If extraterrestrial life abounds in the galaxy (as it is becoming ever more probable under conventional astronomical research on exoplanets) and some of it is – relatively speaking – at least 100’s of years more technologically advanced than Earth’s humanity, these intelligent life forms may find ways to overcome spacetime limitations (including vast distances, inertia and energy constraints) in a way that would seem ‘magical’ and even ‘impossible’ to many of us. In fact, it would particularly seem way to ‘weird’ and ‘magical’ (and thus completely non-credible) to scientists required to operate with classical, scientifist, materialist, objective mindsets under a politically and socially controlled mainstream institutions expressing a culture that reflects a sense of superiority by distinguishing itself from previous magical and religious ways of ‘making sense’ of reality.

However, the best objective UFO and contactee evidence gathered from around the globe in over 7 decades (an evidence which can be segmented into various categories that reinforce each other) also scientifically and reasonably adds up and provides credence to some version of the “extraterrestrial hypothesis” and, to a sufficiently informed, intelligent, open-minded person, it also reasonably indicates the likelihood that one or more technologically advanced non-human intelligences are already here and, furthermore, perhaps interacting in various semi-covert ways with our planetary and societal systems.

If being able to achieve practical interstellar “travel” is accompanied by a TENDENCY to overcome intra-culture, destructive divisions, these extraterrestrial civilizations (or at least most of them) might be underscored in various degrees by a basically shared, post magical and post classical form of ethical thinking, perhaps essentially based on a practical emphasis on cooperation itself relying on the recognition of an intrinsic level of connectivity fundamental to the existence of physical reality whilst within and beyond it. Thus (perhaps after carefully monitoring our species and its social and psychological responses and after some initial attempts at open contact perhaps during the Eisenhower Administration and early “contactee era” in the 1950’s), in order not to destructively disrupt human society, they (one or more extraterrestrial groups) might generally have chosen to act under a “strategy” which could be called an “embargo strategy” or, more precisely, a “leaky embargo strategy.” They would try to avoid social disruption by gradually manifesting to various persons around the globe without doing it in unequivocal ways that cannot not be plausibly denied by prevailing scientists and other cultural leaders closely associated with effective political power.

The extraterrestrial intelligences enforcing this “embargo” would, nonetheless, also realize that humanity – as a complex living system and “holon” – has reached a threshold in which there’s a need to acknowledge the truth about its origins and position in the cosmic scheme of things in order to evolve into a unified planetary and cosmic civilization which understands itself as participating within an even grander and interrelated cosmic whole.

Perhaps amidst a divided world in which the UN only represented a forum for independent nation-states, as the leader of the most advanced nation-state on Earth President Eisenhower was – in the minds of extraterrestrial representatives – the most adequate person to establish formal contact with. Perhaps for them, his response would weigh heavily on what course of action to proceed.  Perhaps they recognized the need for worldwide education and disclosure but understood that the procedure would depend upon this President’s reply. Thus, maybe even after heeding to President Eisenhower’s alleged rejection of leading an educational, paradigm-shifting revelation of the ET presence inclusive of its operative cosmic principles, these ETs decided to continue “leaking” away their presence in a way that would still allow ruling cultural elites to deny, suppress or rationalize it while gradually cajoling the rest of society to acknowledge them.    

I posit that most or all extraterrestrials capable of overcoming spacetime limitations to practical, long distance interstellar ‘travel’ also enjoy a share, basic ethical understanding and way of thinking, feeling, being and acting which is today quietly arising on Earth in some quarters but which is still not prevalent. It is a step closer to unity and non-dual existence and may express in different forms. For instance, emphasizing a feeling-based, ethical perspective, it could be called a “fourth dimensional level of consciousness” as shared by contactee Sixto Paz Wells. It may also be associated with a higher cognitive capacity as a “5th, 6th (or higher) Order of Consciousness,” as Harvard developmental psychologist Robert Kegan proposes. A “trans systemic,” “multi systemic” or “complex” form of epistemological understanding should be required (“complex” meaning “interwoven” as proposed by French philosopher Edgar Morin). Some of these advanced thinkers emphasize the deep feeling of respect, love and interconnectivity associated with this level of sentient evolution but this level also provides other aspects such as the required meta theoretical or structural map, greater self-identity inclusivity and more inclusive ways of valuing. A humanity, civilization or species cohesive and respectful of its own members and correspondingly protective of its planetary base would have achieved the initial stage of this level of development.

Furthermore, accepting multiple realities, psychic powers and the extraterrestrial presence should also eventually be a crucial part of this so-called “Second Tier” level of development in consciousness or in the capacity for thinking, feeling, being, integrating and disclosing reality co-creatively as proposed by integrative and evolutionary philosopher Ken Wilber. Some individuals may be at ease with the feeling-based aspect or with the psychic, paranormal and extraterrestrial aspects but not with the intellectual aspects coming together in this level of development but, eventually, all of these aspects should be integrated in the human body-mind-spirit complex to wisely relate with our ET “visitors.”

Individuals operating under this (now largely segmented but steadily emerging) level of human development emphasized by these and other thinkers at the forefront of cultural awareness would also have to feel resonant with the non-physical valuing the crucial importance of the existence of multiple interactive realities. By comprising the importance of the psychic, the “paranormal,” the non-physical and the forthcoming universally recognized extraterrestrial presence (the latter unfolding under its own “transdimensional” (or trans-reality) terms we may be able to activate transdimensional technologies and practically overcome physical limitations and along with it the primitive mindset of intrinsic separation that goes with it. Again, promoting the psychic and otherworld as per human faculties and understanding may be quite necessary in order to function “transdimensionally” and to understand what our cosmic “visitors” are about and doing whether it doesn’t coincide with prevailing academic attitudes and expectations. We would need to be at ease with how the non-physical can be used to manipulate the physical. Perhaps non-physical “dimensions” overlap spacetime physical ones interiorly and a two-way exchange is possible. 

Dr. Deardorff’s “leaky embargo” hypothesis is probably connected with extraterrestrial disclosure exopolitician Stephen Bassett’s concept of a “truth embargo” quite likely performed and perpetuated under intelligence and counter-intelligence parameters by powerful (both non-constitutional and semi-constitutional) elements within (and associated to) the U.S. Government and in cahoots with a few other major world governments in association with military-industrial and specific secretive civilian power elites. This “truth embargo” would have occurred after an initial minor level of admittance or of ‘disclosure’ was allowed in tentative ways by a few government representatives in the 1940’s and 1950’s. The “leaky embargo” hypothesis allegedly conducted by extraterrestrials may also be associated with the idea of there being “secret government” factions amicable to a gradual disclosure or educational process through movies and other means (some of which may have been overtaken by the strategy to over-present extraterrestrials as hostile in order to prepare the public to eventually declare a false-flag invasion). This may be due to the fact that – at least since Eisenhower’s alleged first contact (in 1955 at Muroc/Edwards AFB) with a benevolent ET group not willing to hand out technology whilst proposing the suppression of nuclear explosions – there could be a coincidence or concordance between secret, gradual exopolitical disclosure policy (with a spin) and the extraterrestrials policy of gradually disclosing their own presence. This is indeed a complicated situation in which “those in the know” appear to operate perpetuating archaic, “us vs. them,” power-group-competing levels of consciousness.  

Dr. Deardorff’s “leaky embargo” hypothesis would also relate with disclosure and civilian contact activist extraordinaire Dr. Steven Greer and his strong position on the universal benevolence of all extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth. This would be given that in “Possible Extraterrestrial Strategy for Earth” Dr. Deardorff lends credence to C. Sagan and W.I. Newman’s idea that civilizations with a long history might have “impediments against cosmic imperialism and perhaps a Codex Galactica to educate the younger societies on how to behave. Moreover, Dr. Deardorff also echoes astronomer and cosmologist E.R Harrison’s idea that there might exist a “biogalactic law” wherein civilizations which are destructively aggressive tend (my emphasis) to wipe themselves out in the solar system of their birth and do not go on to colonize the galaxy.” However, in the latter case, the word “tend” is important because it is not used to allude to an unequivocal outcome. In other words, some advanced ET civilizations may have avoided self-destruction by strengthening an ethics of internal or intra-cultural, intra-societal coherence but nonetheless be possessed by an expansive nature or other influential elements from their own developmental history that lead them to attempt overtaking other planetary civilizations.

However in Dr. Deardorff’s article there’s a chapter titled “The Degree of Extraterrestrial Benevolence,” in which he highlights that, due to a huge number of civilizations and hugely varying degrees of evolution expected a “wide range of extraterrestrial benevolence should be expected.” He refers to the possibility that “some small fraction of the races in the Galaxy could well be considered hostile by us but be held in check by one or several more benevolent civilizations which for some reason have an interest in either the planet Earth or its inhabitants” and I tend to find this position reasonable. It doesn’t blindly over idealize the extraterrestrial presence or condemns it and quite favorably corresponds with some credible, previous and contemporary contactee messages such as those by Sixto Paz Wells and Ricardo Gonzalez. Moreover, it seems to also correspond well with some of the statistical findings in the four part survey conducted by the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research on Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) in that most of their ET encounters are (thus far by June 2016) not considered as “negative” by experiencer survey respondents. Additionally, the fact that – as far as we know – we have not been overtly invaded, enslaved, attacked or destroyed by an ET civilization could not only be due to the fact that most do not wish act like that but to the possibility that there might be a monitoring, policing and protective alliance preventing rogue extraterrestrial elements from doing it. 

If we consider valid the aforementioned “leaky embargo” hypothesis and also valid some of Dr. Michael E. Salla’s research on the various alleged secret space programs (based on alleged whistleblower testimony), it would seem that some of the extraterrestrial groups associated with at least some of these space program developments would resonate with a more classic form of dichotomous, conflicting and highly polarized human behavior. This would seem to contradict the expectation that beings capable of overcoming spacetime limitations would operate under a more inclusive form of consciousness, logic and ethics but, on the other hand, it might be that we are dealing with entities that sufficiently operate at that level by maintaining internal societal cohesion in a mental manner and still be able to operate transdimensionally to varying degrees by over-relying on consciousness-enhanced technology, even if some may have disconnected their feelings and other qualities also associated with higher levels of consciousness and development.

If – regarding some of the more recent whistleblower stories or, rather, I’d say…sagas – we are not dealing with a typical movie-like, American space age, male fantasy or with some sort of counter-intelligence disinformation combined with some genuine disclosures and/or leaks, some of the ETs would have supplied technology to covert human groups extending classical militaristic human behavior into a post classical space-age. This may or may not be true. There might be actual perceptions of truth talking past each other. I’m attempting to analyze many possibilities without a fixed mindset.

Parts of of the more incredible warring stories by alleged whistleblowers like Randi Cramer and Corey Goode may have been validated by other perhaps more credible whistleblowers like William Mills Tompkins and Clark Mc Clelland. If these reports represent facts (reports which include secret space programs from different human factions also conflicting with each other) at least some of the extraterrestrials associated with some or all of different secret space programs would also represent what has been known as a “service-to-self” mode of being and perhaps others would simply be limited to a level of evolution still too close to old-fashion warring human tendencies. The secret access to initial-level, transdimensional technologies would have linked us with low-level, conflicted ETs.


In spite of serious critics against the “negative ET hypothesis” like Dr. Steven Greer (doing a great job in many respects), the existence of negative ETs or what could be called “service-to-self” extraterrestrials is not only implied in sagas like the Mahabharata but also mentioned by several contactees like Sixto Paz Wells, Ricardo Gonzalez and, more recently by Alejandro Gonzalez and Erick Romero from Mexico. In such cases, these ETs would also be operating “transdimensionally” under a more inclusive form of science and logic, but their negativity would not impede them to do this. Moreover, according to several contact accounts, the logic by which even these extraterrestrials varieties operate force them to respect free will once they have not been able to cajole, deceive or paralyze in fear. 

If we are not simply anthropocentrically projecting all-to-human, war-like expectations on extraterrestrials, then at least some aspects of the alleged secret space programs would have attracted extraterrestrials groups with unresolved human-like problems. It could be an issue of “like attracts like.” Yet still, some other ET groups might have pressing needs such as physical, mental, and reproductive atrophies for which they may have taken upon themselves to utilize human resources obtaining some sort of permission or leniency in exchange for technology. In this latter category might be ET groups associated with President Eisenhower’s alleged 1955 second physical encounter at Holloman AFB after he had allegedly rejected in 1954 the educational offer given by a more service-to-others, benevolent extraterrestrial group of ambassadors. 

What to believe about the variety of interpretations regarding the ET presence? Recent experiencer-contactee polls suggest that MOST ET contacts are not regarded as “negative” by experiencer-contactees. As in many complex things in actual, practical experience, it may not be an issue of “either-or” but of “both-and.” There are many preferences, beliefs and positions within the ufological, experiencer, experiencer research, disclosure and exopolitical communities and we need to be careful not to offhandedly dismiss positions that – due to our own preferences – seem preposterous. Although some information might actually be wrong and some might be disinformation, we need to be able not to react offhandedly for or against these within the disclosure, UFO, exopolitics, experiencer and experiencer research communities. We need to be able to withhold judgment until we have reasonably sufficient information, especially if these explanations appear to conflict with ours. We must avoid becoming “compartmentalized” or “boxed-in” within our preferred interpretations about the whole phenomenon, ourselves unsuspectedly acting like the very closed-minded academics we often criticize for offhandedly dismissing conventional non-conventional ufological evidence and explanations.

ET groups seem to come with many inherent tendencies, needs and intentions. besides being able to function under a deeper understanding of connectivity, they may have overcome their own self-destructive, internal disagreements by various means like genetic engineering out strong emotions, becoming less individualistic or exerting telepathic social control. If we accept the often shared message that they are normally clearly divided into “service-to-self” (“dark” or spiritual energies-“stealing” or absorbing) and “service-to-others” (“luminous” or spiritually radiant) behavioral-existential modes while Earth humanity is unique in that it holds both polarities in an indeterminate manner, our leap forward may require us to demonstrate a way of transcending extreme polarization without losing spiritual-ethical sentiments or feelings and other subtle “heart-based” human qualities that many extraterrestrial civilizations seem to have lost in various degrees. 

Would extraterrestrials not amicable with the highest possible intentions for humanity still be able to come in and interact? Would some of them be acceptable while others possibly harmful? If there were a quarantine imposed on Earth, it may not apply to close-to-human-behavior, conflict-ridden, ET factions (and possible intra terrestrial associates) if they had already been active on Earth before the imposition of that quarantine. They would have a “right” to nonetheless interact with us, albeit with the provision that their actions do not exceed the boundaries that would prevent all other extraterrestrial forces from pursuing their goals. I understand that the last few paragraphs are plain exopolitical speculation but, nonetheless, it is based on the plausible information presented by research such as Dr. Salla’s, a research in which several whistleblower sources with various degrees of credibility (although some may originate in counter intelligence efforts) seem to coincide. Extraterrestrial battles among opposing extraterrestrial groups may be a reality (albeit with multiple degrees of crudeness and sophistication) in transdimensionally functional civilizations IF they are able to follow more meta systemically complex and inclusive rules of engagement. This situation might have been extended to extraterrestrial-related, secret space programs especially if officially non-existent, technological elite groups have obtained their technology by making contact with ET groups closer to human mental and behavioural patterns.

There may be reasonable and truthful ways to harmonize various allegedly irreconcilable extreme views regarding what can be considered by some a plausible or alleged presence whilst by others an actual and obvious extraterrestrial presence. I hope to have been able to illustrate how Dr. James W. Deardorff’s “leaky embargo” hypothesis still provides us with a general conceptual, non-extremist, reconciling interpretive context useful to conceptually harmonize many exopolitical possibilities.

UFOs-over-washington ufos over washington 2

 ufos over washington 3

(Sequence: UFO’s Over Washington DC, 1952. Birds or a more serious reason for the alert that occurred?)



In simple terms, I’ll say that EXOPOLITICS is the field of research and political activism dealing with the cultural and practical implications of an extraterrestrial presence. While serious evidence exists regarding a complex, interacting, intelligent extraterrestrial presence, it is not absolutely necessary to believe in this, but it is minimally necessary to consider the implications of this possibility either in the past, the present or the future. Exopolitics: Definitions by Outstanding Researchers Michael E. Salla PhD: Exopolitics is the formal discipline that studies the implications of extraterrestrial life in relation to public policies. It is the study of the key individuals (actors), institutions and political processes associated with extraterrestrial life.


Dr. Salla’s style tends to be more academic but operating under an extensive conceptual range. http://exopolitics.org/about/founder/ Relying on decades of diverse accumulated evidence with assigned degrees of credibility, at the Exopolitics Institute founded by Dr. Salla, the extraterrestrial presence is already considered to be a concrete reality of immense cultural, legal, political, religious and scientific interest for humanity.


Alfred L. Webre JD: Exopolitics is the study of political processes and governance in inter stellar community. Dr. Webre –a Canadian- coined and-or popularized the term “exopolitics.” On my account, Webre’s style is more “interpersonal” as he values more personal evaluations based on interviews. He may be correct regarding some less verifiable aspects but probably also tend to fall into some exaggerations. http://exopolitics.blogs.com/about.html I think that Dr. Webre and Dr. Salla’s definitions complement each other.


Stephen Bassett: Exopolitics is the art or science of government as concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy toward extraterrestrial-related phenomena and extraterrestrial beings.  Mr. Bassett also refers to “exopolitics” as “exopolitical actions, practices, or policies” as “the exopolitical opinions or sympathies of a person” and as “the total complex of relations between the human race and non-human, intelligent beings.” Stephen Bassett (who organized public audiences for the disclosure of the extraterrestrial cover-up at the National Press Club in Washington, DC) focuses more on political activism, especially vying for the great world powers in the know to reveal to their citizens and to the world what is what they really know and secretly research about the extraterrestrial presence. http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/


Ed Komarek: Exopolitics is the study of politics pertaining to extraterrestrial contact. According to Mr. Komarek “Exopolitics is based upon the understanding that earth is being visited by many advanced extraterrestrial races with diverse ethics, motives and agendas. http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/


Paola Harris: Exopolitics is the convergence of an interdisciplinary science, a political movement and a new paradigm which relate to the vast range of implications regarding extraterrestrial life. Exopolitics also is the study of the contacts and relationships between humanity and extraterrestrial civilizations. http://www.paolaharris.com All the previous mutually enhancing definitions and associated exopolitical research aim at understanding the complexity of extraterrestrial life and at developing adequate, mutually beneficial policies.


The development of well-informed, life-enhancing policies about the extraterrestrial presence so as to peacefully and intelligently integrate humanity in a respectful way within a vast cosmic community of intelligent beings is a crucial goal in Exopolitics.


There also is a short and a longer formal definition of Exopolitics worth mentioning because they were developed within Exopolitics Institute as a group consensus process in 2009. The group participants were Michael Salla Victor Viggiani, Manuel Lamiroy, Pepón Jover, Robert Fleischer, Paola Harris, Neil Gould, Come Carpentier.


The FORMAL DEFINITION: Exopolitics is an interdisciplinary scientific field, with its roots in the political sciences, that focuses on research, education and public policy with regard to the actors, institutions and processes, associated with extraterrestrial life, as well as the wide range of implications this entails through public advocacy and newly emerging paradigms.


The SHORT DEFINITION Exopolitics is the convergence of a new interdisciplinary science, an international political movement and a new paradigm, which all deal with the wide range of implications of extraterrestrial life.


Please go to this link  http://exopoliticsinstitute.org/?page_id=1043 Further Development of the Concept Exopolitics has various aspects. It can be understood as a scientific discipline (as an emerging social science) involving research, education and the creation of policies (focusing upon actors, institutions and processes) in order to treat in a coherent way the implications of extraterrestrial life, including an intelligent extraterrestrial presence.


Another aspect of exopolitics refers to a global, multicultural, multinational and-or grassroots social movement with educational purposes advocating to transform the current (scarce, often dismissive and excluding) management of information on extraterrestrial life. It also advocates the creation of new, democratically and publicly sanctioned national and international policies of research, aperture, contact and education.


Furthermore, exopolitics is in agreement with the necessity of broadening and actualizing our metaphysical and scientific concepts about the nature of reality, basing ourselves on more inclusive and new philosophical, methodological, scientific, ethical and spiritual paradigms which can help us understand in a more complete and profound way the nature of possible interactions with a diverse cosmic community which apparently transcends the classical limits of space-time and an excessively simplistic dichotomous way of thinking.


The shifts and additions in “paradigms,” worldviews and in their implicit metaphysics would relate with increases in the capacity of consciousness to take in more perspectives in first, second and third person subjectivity. Open systems theories, autopoiesis and complexity sciences, “exoconsciousness” (or the role of consciousness in cosmological, organizational, and evolutionary processes), holographic theories (like astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s), information-based physics, alternative non-classical technologies, quantum computing, non-standard, coherent interpretations and applications of quantum and quantum-relativistic phenomena, variations on M-Theory, zero-point energy, possible forms of canceling gravity and inertia as well as studies in relation to a physics connecting consciousness, retrocausality, information, multiple realities, geometry, higher dimensionality and even “subtle energies.”


Deeply related to Exopolitics is the field of Exoconsciousness, a concept developed by Mrs. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright andpertaining to the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of human consciousness. http://rebeccahardcastlewright.com/about/


The very unfoldment of the Cosmos would also be related in a fundamental way to the expressions of consciousness.   Moreover, I think that recognizing the primacy of Consciousness as Non Dual (distinct and prior to subjective consciousness and its simultaneously-arising objective “material” counterparts, processes and mechanisms in multi-tiered levels of “reality”) is crucial not to fall yet into another form of reductionism, however subtle, even if it is based on a post-classical science.  Furthermore, I think that  – in regards to philosophy – it will be important to extend our concepts and practice in a transdisciplinary manner, partially based upon elements of Ken Wilber’s “Integral Theory” (and in other compatible Meta integrative models) which challenge the primacy of a classic materialist realism and-or reductionist materialism contributing to the creation of less dichotomous, more integral and inclusive “paradigms” and rational metaphysical foundations. 


Considering the recent developments in Meta Philosophies and or Integrative philosophies (like Basarab Nicolescu’s, Edgar Morin’s, Ken Wilber’s and Roy Bhaskar’s) I think that Exopolitics should advance beyond (or rather transcend and include) interdisciplinarity becoming TRANSDISCIPLINARY as common axioms and principles behind the various disciplines that contribute to this discipline are discovered.   In this manner Exopolitics will resonate more in accord with the philosophical shift bound to modify other disciplines related to the possibility of a profound transformation and reestructuring of civilization (disciplines like Astrobiology, an emergent consciousness and information-based, hyperdimensional physics and even perhaps Ecology, Economy and the Complexity Sciences). I think that discovering how to integrate qualitative and quantitave conceptual structures and methods under shared axioms, patterns and principles will assist humanity in establishing a less dichotomous and more intelligently inclusive dialogue with extraterrestrial civilizations.  


Currently, Exopolitics primarily uses the more qualitative methods of the social sciences basically to produce evaluations or assessments (akin to intelligence assessments) about different cultural, political, strategic, legal, interactive and social situations pertaining to an actual or to a possible extraterrestrial presence. It aims at being useful for political decision-making in relation to extraterrestrial life and – as an extension – in relation to space law and the actual use of space. In case of acknowledge the discovery of extraterrestrial life (even if microbial) and in contact with ET intelligences working in conjunction with the United Nations would likely be necessary. Find out about the United Nations’ OOSA at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0cOFMgKUFw


The legal status of extraterrestrial beings and even of their alleged bases on Earth and rights to traverse the skies of current modern nation-states is also considered. Whenever possible serious exopoliticians analyze and compare information with (verified or probable) leaked or declassified official documents. The probable motivations behind individuals, institutions and groups are also analyzed. Likewise, probable historical patterns of interaction in what appears to be an ancient human-extraterrestrial relationship are researched and there’s an attempt to elucidate the diverse probable interests and purposes behind policies of cover-up and-or release of information as much as the diverse probable interests and purposes of a variety of extraterrestrial beings.


Also, there’s an attempt to understand which would be the more adequate “paradigms” and rational metaphysical presuppositions needed to constructively assimilate the reality of an interacting extraterrestrial presence. Moreover, there’s an attempt to predict the consequences of a greater degree of publicly recognized contact events with extraterrestrial beings and to educate and (given that representatives from several extraterrestrial civilizations seem to have been continuously interested in establishing various degrees of direct contact with citizens from different countries) promote greater levels of responsible citizen contacts or a responsible “citizen diplomacy” establishing contact protocols based upon the principle of mutual respect.


Although at Exopolitics Institute there’s a provisional overall extraterrestrial typology developed on the basis of observing consistently reported interactive behavior patterns (Helpers, Observers, Manipulators and Intruders),there is also an attempt to study all aspects of these interactions ever more profoundly and to understand how may the cosmic community be organized; a “community” which would probably be interacting with us under norms and principles based on a more inclusive logic. Mr. Manuel Lamiroy gives a good overview about exopolitics in his web site as follows: http://www.exopaedia.org/Exopolitics  and at http://www.exopoliticssouthafrica.org/exopolitics.htm  He also created a good diagram which at a glance illustrates some of the basic areas of exopolitics. It can be found at http://www.exopoliticssouthafrica.org/exopolitics.htm Lamiroy has been a long-time, integrative researcher who has also published an “Exopaedia” with vast information including some possible extraterrestrial typologies, possible planetary origins and more. The “Exopaedia” can be found at http://www.exopaedia.org/Exopaedia




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