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Rational Defenses Against the Irrational Bashing of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

June 20, 2015

The good news unbeknownst to many is that much of the debunking criticism against ufology, exopolitics, experiencers and the extraterrestrial hypothesis can be considered as rationally flawed. Inductive reasoning is most fundamental to the advancement of SCIENCE because experience is what brings in data and information that requires new explanations. Science advances when theories adapt to […]

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Experimental Contact Exopolitics: Contacteeism & Scientific Colaboration

November 17, 2014

Introduction To develop Exopolitics we need to know who the ETs are. Developing a more proactive-interactive approach which is both verifiable and trust building we could find out more. We need to RELATE with them more and with greater equality. Let’s try it! Discard it if its false but also accept it and change our prejudices […]

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