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ETs, Sex, Religion, and Secrets

It’s Sunday morning. I could get dressed and go to church. Or not.

Instead, I am going to discuss something sacred with you. A sacred that scares me.

It’s a sacred that sometimes scares me silent. I am going to discuss a connection between ETs—Religion—Sex—and Secrets.

For much of my adult life, I worked in religion and education, where I attended mandatory sexual harassment and sexual abuse trainings. I was a Protestant interfaith university chaplain, faculty member, and counselor. I learned the signs and signals. How to report a predator. How to recognize an abused student. The extent of my legal and moral responsibility.

Today when I encounter the signs and signals of sexual abuse, I speak up. I speak up because the sexual protection of us and our children is a sacred responsibility. I speak up because sacred needs to be heard.

What’s so Scary?


So why feel scared? Because the act of speaking up about sexual abuse is so big. And by big I mean the relationship between children and adults. When a young child is abused by an adult, the child is small and the adult is big. So Big. In abuse, the adult-child relationship is distorted and magnified. The adult feels bigger. The child feels smaller.

Sexual abuse may mark the beginning of a child’s relationship with authority. An authority that intimidates, deceives, tricks and hurts when it involves sexual abuse. But an authority that also shows the child affection and affirmation. The child is left confused by these mixed messages—often for a lifetime.

The Scary Sex Formula

You hurt me. But you love me. You scare me. But you act kind. You force me. But you talk softly. These are seeds of traumatic confusion that take root in an individual life. And those individual lives rooted in abuse eventually meet one another. When abused people gather, they gradually build a power structure. These community structures become institutions inhabited by those who were themselves abused.

Abuse is the secret silent membership requirement. Abuse is the ticket to move up in the ranks of leadership.

Because, when you are abused as a child, then you want to become your abuser. You want to grow up to be powerful. An authority figure.  An expert. A leader. Infallible.  It’s your familiar. It’s your world. It’s your path into adulthood through the only system you know.

Children grow up and as adults, they participate in communities—families as well as sectors of society such as law, finance, religion, business, government, education.

If an organization wants to increase their power and control—then they institutionalize the abuse of children. Start it early. Continually indoctrinate. Even blackmail. The child becomes an adult with a distorted view of authority. They are trained to become abusing authorities when they grow up.

The Big ET Secret Shattered

As an ET experiencer since childhood, I learned to stay silent. Still today I read the “Don’t Share” signs that others hold up. So I hold back. Swallow my story.

Yet, as an ET experiencer, I was also drawn into circles of community with other experiencers. Mostly we talked about our ET self—our visitations, our messages, our guidance. I felt like a plug was pulled. In those groups, all our stories poured out. Because, it was safe.

As I poured out my soul, shared my ET experiences—something grew within me. I matured. I found my voice.

And in the process, my Secrets Shattered.

My secrets shattered and everyone in the ET experiencer community who found a voice shattered their secrets too. Eventually, I heard ET voices everywhere—in books, films, blogs, social media, radio, television, small circles of conversation and large conference presentations.

The Exoconscious Human

The Extraterrestrial-UFO movement is about speaking secrets. Sacred secrets about who we are as humans and how we form ourselves into community.

Exoconscious Humans Speak Secrets. We give voice to the confusion and trauma in our personal life. This releases us from the frames of institutions and authorities that defined us—literally FRAMED us.

Free of framing, the Exoconscious Human first moves within. Not without. We, as ET Experiencers, cannot create outer forms until we know our inner being. That is where our sacred seed resides. Our sacred seed is vulnerable and puny, yet powerful potential when planted and nurtured.

Our awful collective truth is that our sacred seed was scared, tricked, abused and indoctrinated in many Earth institutions. All of these institutions must be identified, dismantled and discarded.

The Brookings Institute’s 1960 report to NASA about Implications of Discover of Extraterrestrial Life was correct.  It claimed that religion and especially science would be “devastated” by the ET Presence.

Since these professions (science) are most clearly associated with the mastery of nature, rather than with the understanding and expression of man.

I would add that devastation will quickly spread outward from science though all sectors of society.  The devastation of disclosure will spread to the old stories we told ourselves regarding our creation, our cosmology and the institutions formed around those stories.

We may wish, desperately wish, to hold together life as we know it. We may wish to cause the least disruption. Some may try to tweak a small change with a tweet, offer a public disclosure proclamation, promote thousands of UFO sightings files online or posture transparency while guarding archives.  All of this is a vain attempt to hold together life as we know it. But, it will not work.

Giovanni di Paolo di Grazia

It will not work. That is our ET disclosure reality.

The Garden of ET

So what will work?

In theology school, I chose the Genesis creation stories as my senior thesis. There are 2 Genesis creation stories. One tells of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. As the story goes, while in the Garden, Adam and Eve learned to cloak themselves. They learned to be ashamed and afraid.

Religions formed around this story. If you make humans feel ashamed and afraid, they will follow your God. Or you and your organization, tribe or sovereign country. The quickest route to accomplishing fear and shame is through child abuse. Institutionalized child abuse.

As we grow into our Exoconsciousness—our ET identity— we gain clarity regarding our power to change our story, cosmology, and institutions.  What can we do?

We, as ET Experiencers, can re-wind the Genesis story. Return to our cosmic origins. Create an uncloaked cosmology. We, as ET Experiencers, can define our sacred on a personal and collective level by taking off our cloak of abuse and indoctrination.  We, as ET Experiencers, can step out of the fear and shame and create a new identity.

The Garden of the Exoconscious Human

The ET-UFO community is a primary force in our collective human unveiling. Uncloaking. We join with other awakening communities.

First step, we take off our individual cloaking. We see who we are. Maybe for the first time in our lives we see ourselves as ET. Star Stuff.  Visible.

ETs are not cloaked. Humans are cloaked. And it’s time to let go of the garments that no longer serve us. 

We drop our confused cloak of another’s authority over us.

We drop our wounded cloak as a victim of abuse and violence.

We drop our drama cloak of dreams shattered by tricks and deceit.

We drop our slavery cloak suspended to spurious stories.

And we stand naked and exposed. To ourselves and to others.

Exoconscious Adulthood Uncloaked

The institutionally adorned Emperor’s clothes—our clothes— collect in a heap at our feet. The Emperor’s clothes we once wore no longer fit. We are the abused who became an Emperor. When we release the clothes—the Emperor disappears. Gone.

In its place stands an Exoconscious Human. In its place gather many communities of Exoconscious Humans.

For a time, for sure, we will feel vulnerable, lost and confused. Then gradually we will awaken enough to come together and try on new collective forms. See if they fit or not. And if they do not fit, then we will discard them.

Our sacred knows our size. Our sacred knows our form.

This human transformation that we ET Experiencers started may unfold beyond our lifetime. The sacred truth is that whether we like it or not—we are transforming, together. Some will be scared. Some will be angry. Some will be in deep despair. Some may long for the old forms that do not fit.

But one by one, all find their mature footing, becoming an Exoconscious adult.

The Catholic Church and Extraterrestrials: An evolving personal view

Filippo Lippi School Madonna St John UFO


Madonna with Saint Giovannino, 15th Century, attributed to Jacopo dell Stellaio or Sebastiano Mainardi, at the Sala d’Ercole, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Italy. Is the discoid object in the background a 15th Century structured, unidentified flying vehicle or is it simply an allegory?


Can exopoliticians orient major institutions if intelligent extraterrestrial life is discovered and announced in a way that cannot be rationally denied by the intellectual leaders of those major institutions? We need to know something about theological thinking outside conspiracy theories. 

Our exopolitical thinking requires not only fine-tuning our understanding about extraterrestrials but also fine-tuning our understanding about major institutions such as the Catholic Church and the Vatican. If either a major (capital “D”) Disclosure or a minor “d” (gradual) disclosure takes place, our conversation must be informed by more than our preferred suppositions. 

The Catholic Church as well as the Vatican is not a monolithic single-headed organism (just like “the U.S.” and “Washington” aren’t) but they are often assumed to be so. After my experience as an advisor to an official institution, I’ve noticed that large, traditional state institutions are naturally and extremely easily found suspect of covering up the UFO phenomenon and the extraterrestrial presence. But the situation is, quite likely, more complex.


There’s a tendency to over generalize on all sides of the human political equation between and among political groups. Outsiders that feel that they are living to promote a non-orthodox cause (like some pro-disclosure activists, left-wing revolutionaries) also almost always speak of “the U.S.” as though it were a monolithic empire where most leaders confabulate to manipulate the rest of the world. But the trees are mistaken for the forest. In other words, as a tendency of the dichotomous mind, judgmental exaggerations about formal institutions of power are way easy to make when one is on the outside. As inheritors of a hunter-gatherer mindset, we tend to distinguish ourselves tribal-like from others in an exaggerated way.


I really suspect that elements within the Catholic Church are privy to information about the UFO and ET presence but, could it be like what the immensely dedicated disclosure and contactee Dr. Steven Greer tells in his lectures that, not even CIA directors are privy to the best information regarding UFO’s if they have no “need to know?”


Now let’s get a bit more philosophical and theosophical. Theoretically speaking, “the Church” is most essentially composed by all baptized individuals but the Vatican curia leads/orients them allegedly guided by the Holy Spirit as per its doctrine. However, if we consider that “the Vatican” or key members within also orient UFO research, its secrecy, considerations and possible disclosure, I suppose that only a few high-ranking members would actually deal with these matters. They might be associated to the intelligence ranks within the Church.

This (parallel or included?) “special” social entity might be represented by those whose opinions would be relevant in case a massive, undeniable sighting were to occur. We may perhaps be referring to some of the most powerful decision-makers such as the Pope, or perhaps only to a few cardinals and bishops, or Jesuit priest researchers but I suppose that, whoever really knows in a transnational sense in association with those in the known in Europe and the U.S. would need to have a “need to know” clearance. Following a patterns from elsewhere, they might even be told that what they are participating in doesn’t officially exist.

So, perhaps asking who in “the Vatican” makes decisions above the official curia is like asking who rules the U.S. as per decisions being (perhaps extra constitutionally) made about the extraterrestrial presence.


Ted Peters, a Professor of systematic theology at the Graduate Theological Union found in a landmark survey that the leaders of several well-known religious institutions (especially conventional and moderate ones) felt at ease with the possibility of discovering an intelligent extraterrestrial presence and I don’t think that most of the intellectual and theological leaders within the Vatican curia and the Roman Catholic Church in general would be any different. Retrieve his explanation at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Vy9y3-jW7I


When I asked brother Guy Consolmagno (astronomer from the Vatican Observatory, curator of the Vatican’s meteorite collection and author of “Would you Baptize an Extraterrestrial?” if he was aware of the possibility the Church is preparing for discovering ET life, ET contact happening right now or even disclosure he said that – judging from a few direct interactions with the highest Pontiff – he surmised that the Pope (back then Benedict VI) most likely wasn’t particularly interested in the ET subject. That was a bit of a cold shower, especially coming from one of the men that affirmed that, if an intelligent, rational extraterrestrial requested baptism, he would baptize him. His book “Would you Baptize an Extraterrestrial” is kindly and emphasizes (in Aristotelian and Thomas Aquinas fashion) the importance of rational capacity.


Pope Francis I also seems to share the idea that he would baptize an ET given the conditions Guy Consolmagno refers to. But we must realize that this has already been thought by theologians in the Catholic Church before and – however important – doesn’t qualify as an astounding “new concept.” The important detail is that they do not find an essential contradiction between discovering intelligent extraterrestrials and the faith or doctrine and this is a favorable position in terms of the possibility of disclosure.  The fact that it has often been said that “religions would crumble” if the truth be known may not be as clear-cut as is often simplistically assumed.

Please go to this link:


It is well-known that the main astronomer at the Vatican Observatory, Father Gabriel Funes, also accepts the possibility of extraterrestrial life (albeit he doesn’t seem to believe it is going to be discovered soon) and that he holds a conservative theological position about Christ’s only incarnation on Earth as a one-time event valid for the whole universe.  Each time he has said anything about this there’s been much speculation and has been interpreted as if the Church were secretly preparing for disclosure or (now that Funes said he doubted ET life would be discovered soon) that – until a gradual educational campaign took place – there were reasons for still keeping it under wraps.


While it is reasonable to posit that some within the curia should know more and deal with the ET subject, it seems that many or most of the public figure leaders are kept “out of the loop” besides, quite simply (as most politicians and academics elsewhere) not being personally inclined to find out or to know more. Moreover, if those “in the know” would have psychologically denied, suppress or repress actual knowledge of ET life on Earth and thus preferred not to have known, and if they are currently making important exopolitical decisions representing a citizenry (and perhaps us all), they may not be the right persons to do it…and they may naturally extend that distaste for challenging truth by ridiculing/de-legitimizing the situation, generating doubt, confusing information and keeping us from clearly knowing about it. It would be a a psychological projection onto us, perhaps acting like “social super egos” to keep us from knowing. Just like they were not ready to know about it when they were “briefed” they project onto us assuming that we would not be able to handle it).


I think that the need to control the truth is not just a psychological projection but also largely linked to a traditional way of thinking and being in the world, a win-lose, dichotomous, two-value way of processing information, feeling and judging; one closely associated with survival instincts adequate for a physical world limited to classical laws. The ET truth challenges that increasingly outmoded, crude, physical survival-based way of thinking which is also present in a theology that emphasizes God as a thoroughly independent and distant-transcendental, perhaps authoritarian, be saved or condemned, strict, law-giving Father figure.


That said, there also are good indications that “special” statements by influential Church representatives have at least been allowed by “those in the know” to continue for some time; the most notable being those repeated statements by Monsignor Corrado Balducci who was allowed to continue speaking theologically about the hypothetical position occupied by (at least some) extraterrestrial beings in the order of creation.

Having had some priest friends from different orders I think that, generally-speaking, they –especially encumbered priests – have enough respect from their superiors and personal freedom to be able speak their own opinion regarding ET life if need be…especially if that doesn’t contradict Church teachings. And for the most part, speaking about intelligent extraterrestrial beings has become a respectable (even if still interspersed, partly avoided and somewhat controversial) tradition.

Theology About Extraterrestrials

For instance, upon researching a little bit, I found that considering extraterrestrials is not something new. Influential Catholic theologian and priest Karl Rahner uses the term “Star Inhabitants” admitting the possibility of other salvation stories and multiple incarnations of the Word.

Influential Catholic theologian and priest Hans Kung also wrote that the possibility of other intelligent life in the Universe had to be granted.


XV Century Franciscan theologian, defender of Duns Scottus’ theology Guillaume de Vaurouillon proposed that Jesus Christ’s sacrifice had a universal value, in case other rational, intelligent beings exist in the cosmos.

The Dominican friar and renowned theologian Thomas O’Meara considers in his works titled  “Vast Universe” and “Christian Theology and Extraterrestrial Life” that Thomas Aquinas left the door open for the possibility of a Holy Person of the Trinity to extend salvation to other intelligent beings in the Cosmos and that we shouldn’t limit what the divine can or cannot do, including the possibility of a further divine incarnation. You can read O’Meara’s “Christian Theology and Extraterrestrial Life” at http://cdn.theologicalstudies.net/60/60.1/60.1.1.pdf


Back in the Middle Ages, Dominican friar Tommaso Campanella said that extraterrestrial civilizations would not have suffered from “original sin” but perhaps of another type of sin proper to them. Tommaso Campanella, along with another Dominican friar, Giordano Bruno were some of the proponents of the “plurality of worlds.” For some of his views, Bruno was burned at the stake but the Church has recognized that as a mistake.


The Jesuit Father Domenico Grasso theologian at the Pontificial University of Rome said “Why would all the perfection that God granted so vastly to the universe be hidden without declaring His glory? Who writes a book that is never going to be read?” He also mentioned famous German theologian and Dominican priest Joseph Pohle who in 1904 wrote “Celestial Worlds and Their Inhabitants.” 

Father Pohle wrote “It seems that the purpose of the universe is for its celestial bodies to be inhabited by beings that reflect God’s Glory in the beauty of their bodies and worlds just as man does it in a limited way in his world.” Commenting on that position Domenico Grasso adds “But these are not angels since angels are pure spiritual beings and can only perceive matter indirectly, just as we can only perceive the world of spirit indirectly.” As a comment I’ll add that, here a distinction is being made between “pure spirits” or incorporeal angels and other types of material beings. And, technically-speaking, since humans can also be considered as material “angels” in the sense of messengers doing good and acting in the name of God, technically-speaking this could be extended to at least some possible extraterrestrial varieties according to their orientations and actions.


XIX Century erudite priest Januarius de Concilio in his book “Harmony Between Science and Revelation” also wrote in favor of extraterrestrial beings as creatures “with intelligent substances united to some type of body.”


Father Theodore Zubek in his article “Theological Questions on Space Creatures” published in 1961 The American Ecclesiastical Review said that the extraterrestrial beings not mentioned in the Holy Scriptures are also not forbidden by them. This recognizes that many things that can be discovered are not necessarily mentioned in the Bible nor precluded by it. Zubek posited that extraterrestrial beings not descending from Adam and his sin would not inherit original sin.


The Dean of the “School of Sacred Theology” of Catholic UniversityFather Francis J. Connell wrote the essay titled “Flying Saucers and Theology” and said “It is good for Catholics to know that the principles of their faith are entirely compatible with the most incredible possibilities about life in other planets.”


Sor Ilia Delio, a Franciscan nun, theologian and scientist accepts the likely extraterrestrial presence in the cosmos and tries to reconcile this and science with faith by creating a new cosmology which she calls “EXOCHRISTOLOGY.” Please read “Christ and Extraterrestrial Life” http://www.michaelsheiser.com/UFOReligions/Christ%20and%20ET%20Life.pdf and see “The Christian Life in Evolution” (video en inglés): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDRvaqUjJkI


Attorney Daniel Sheehan who was General Counsel for the Jesuit Order in the U.S. between 1975-1977 recently predicted that the Vatican would disclose knowledge of an extraterrestrial presence after Pope Francis “Laudato Si” encyclical focused on protecting the Earth ‘s life forms and ecology and condemning excessive, abusive capitalism. His prediction was misstated as saying that he knew the Pope would disclose the ET presence in June, 2015. It was confounded with Mr. Sheehan also speaking about the Jesuit’s general scientific and theological “call” to prepare for the probably discovery of life outside Earth (one of the reasons for which the 2009 astrobiology conference was organized by the Pontificial Academy of Science and the Vatican Observatory). Mr. Sheehan is quite actively participating with New Paradigm Institute in which theological ecumenical conversations preparing for the eventual confirmation of intelligent extraterrestrial presence are taking place.

“The Octave of Worldviews and the Philosophical, Theoretical and Public Policy Implications of Extraterrestrial Contact by Daniel Sheehan”:  https://es.scribd.com/document/313807825/Daniel-Sheehan-Implications-of-Extraterrestrial-Contact-New-Paradigm-Institute

The following is an interesting conference by Mr. Sheehan about his involvement with the UFO subject and the preceding issues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4O55wKY-xg


Whether the Church (does anyone represent “The Church” as a whole?) is – under some circumstances – speaking about human-type aliens, I don’t know but I doubt it. Perhaps contactee and mystic George Adamski did indeed meet with Pope John XXII as he claimed and perhaps that Pope indeed met with human-looking extraterrestrials as his personal secretary Loris Francesco Capovilla is reported to have reminisced, but I don’t have the actual source of that information.


Perhaps some theologians would be able to uphold their faith while considering that the “angels” allegedly encountered by Abraham were flesh and blood and human-looking beings and not “pure spirits.”  I don’t know but I truly hope so as many human-looking ETs (albeit not necessarily all of them) would (according to various contactees) make good friends of the Earth-human family. It would also be easier to initiate contacts with them. Furthermore, I hope that the likelihood of an actual extraterrestrial presence already on Earth is officially (rather than covertly) dealt with besides dealing with the extraterrestrial issues only being backed up by formal astrobiological discoveries.


In Catholic theology and in the theology of other monotheistic religions human creation is considered to be a unique event and in the Catholic tradition, a creation deserving “salvation” by God’s only begotten Son. But what is the deep meaning of “salvation? How far can our interpretations go? Can other beings – similar and not similar to the human form – be legally considered “human?”

If intelligent extraterrestrial life is discovered either through the exploits of astrobiology, contacteeism, SETI, official disclosure, grassroots contact and “citizen diplomacy” efforts or if “they” (the ETs) make themselves known, theology and doctrine will have to accommodate that reality. In doing so, a more common integrative ground will possibly have to be found sharing essential ideas from various religious doctrines and spiritual, scientific, esoteric and philosophical ideologies. A common basis will have to be found to coordinate apparently incommensurable ideas.

Some Personal Evolving Evaluations

I do NOT think that “Jesus was an extraterrestrial” or that “extraterrestrials are going to replace God” or easily accept similarly superficially said blanket statements about the theological implications of discovering extraterrestrial life and – in particular – intelligent, rational, technological extraterrestrial life (however advanced they might be with respect to us). Instead, I think that we need to think more carefully about all these matters. We need to learn to think integratively, with greater nuance, finding a shared essence, shared metaphysical principles, common patterns, connecting (not reducing or subsuming the major tenets of spiritual traditions) under an integrative methodology.

What I agree along with some other theologians is that articles of faith will not be thrown into the bin. Instead, they would expand and mature in order to include the discovery of rationally intelligent extraterrestrial life and of other forms of life in general (a “second Genesis” even if not related to self-conscious, rational and technically proficient life?).

Even if it were true that extraterrestrials intervened our genetics in our past, that wouldn’t mean that they would replace God or that God doesn’t exist or that Creation didn’t happen because, as contingent beings, the former would act “in time” and the latter (GOD) “outside of time” or rather, “sub specie aeternitatis” “under the category of eternity.” Thus, metaphysically-speaking, God (a lofty, non-dual, understanding of this term as Source of all being and existence) would have “created” and, still, continuously creates unchanged, “dreaming the cosmos” (Panentheistically and as per our mental understanding within time).


God would have also created extraterrestrials who may have the capacity to choose to forget their deepest connections with Source, thus to err or to “sin” with various degrees of depth (making spiritual mistakes) thus thinking or acting in ways that may strengthen or dilute their closeness to God.

They would certainly not be perfect and some would be closer to God’s ways than others but – logically speaking – all would truly be our brothers as other intelligent beings dependent on the same Absolute (our common Source) for their contingent existence. However, what would also have to be considered is (from a Catholic perspective) if “original sin” (beyond a literal interpretation) would only apply to Earth humans, to all other types of “humans” (beings capable of rational choice) in the Cosmos and furthermore, if the Logos only manifested in all the vastness of the Cosmos as Jesus Christ on Earth. Or perhaps, a Thomas O’Meara suggests we shouldn’t limit what the Logos can or cannot do, as the Logos can manifest/incarnate through any other limited rational being/also-spiritual-master-and-prophet (in human or perhaps even non-human form) as need be for the spiritual salvation of other specific planetary civilizations. Thus, in a way, the same reconnecting, salvific Intelligence manifesting through different relative, contingent rational vessels could be considered as applicable to extraterrestrial civilizations according to context as need be.  


By reading the theological positions of several theologians as the ones previously listed, I think that (in case either “the Vatican,” another institution, world events or someone else of world recognition and stature reveals the extraterrestrial presence) the concept of humanity’s uniqueness, original sin, and the role of Jesus Christ’s “salvation” will have to evolve, include more, go to the utmost mystical depths of their dogmas and complexify, transcending monotheist Christian traditions and other monotheist traditions in order to allow a conversation integrative space for all benevolent spiritual earthly traditions, also considering the existence of extraterrestrials once it is also recognized that they are neither simply good or evil “pure spirits” nor that all of them are alike.

Regarding who is to be considered as “HUMAN,” the issue goes beyond biology and I think that several theologians (including Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno and Dominican theologian Thomas O’Meara, both inspired by Thomas Aquinas) would agree that it is alright to extend this category to extraterrestrials not only if they are rational but if – as children of the same Source – we and God can befriend, admire, respect and… LOVE them.

Angels versus Aliens

ets-5thdensity-2By Alan Foster

One of the main conclusions that comes with any honest assessment of the Extraterrestrial situation on Earth, by those involved in UFOlogical studies such as the Exopolitics Institute, the Disclosure Movement, the French COMETA report etc., is that once we have full and open Disclosure, this will affect the political and economic situation, but most particularly the Theological situation. Discussions and arguments about the central figures of world religions, and whether they are of Divine or Alien origin, will be hotly debated by spiritual and religious people, by UFOlogists, aetheists, sceptics and the media; particularly in light of the ‘Ancient Astronaut’ theory. This is an emotive subject, so to put this into a wider context, I would like to put forward the reasons why Angels, regarded as being of a Divine spiritual origin, should not be confused with the physical properties and motivations of Extraterrestrial beings. This does not have to be an either-or scenario, as it will be easier for many people to accept Disclosure if it doesn’t come at the expense of their religious beliefs.

Monsignor Corrado Balducci was a leading theologian at the Vatican, and interestingly enough, he was also one of their expert exorcist priests. He ended up speaking out openly, particularly on Italian mainstream T.V., about the fact that he was on a Vatican Commission looking into extraterrestrial encounters. In 1997 he was interviewed by the cultural anthropologist and UFOlogist Michael Hesemann , where he advised that the Vatican was receiving much information about extraterrestrials and their contacts with humans, from their papal ambassadors in various countries such as Chile, Mexico and Venezuela. Father Balducci said that he was on the Vatican Commision looking into extraterrestrial encounters and how to cope with the emerging awareness of the reality of extraterrestrial contact. In August 1998, he said, “It is reasonable to believe and affirm that extraterrestrials exist. Their existence can no longer be denied, for there is too much evidence for the existence of extraterrestrials and flying saucers.” He also made reference to Angels while being interviewed by Michael Hesemann in 1997, when he said, “We know with certainty of the existence of God, of the Angels, and of us. The Angels, God’s messengers, have always concerned themselves with humanity, and it is certain they are still doing this today. Each human being has his or her own Guardian Angel that follows him or her everywhere. There are visible appearances of Angels.” He also emphasised that extraterrestrial beings are like us, they are physical, you can touch them. However, there is a spiritual reality as well. It is important people realise there is a difference.

This is one of the aspects of reality I have also referred to regularly in articles and lectures, and I feel it is imperative we are aware how the spiritual realms differ from UFOlogical and extraterrestrial interactions. The ET technology has anti-gravity capability, seems to be able to go inter-dimensional and super-luminal, even warping space and time, and is able to beam people through solid objects like windows, car roofs, walls etc. This gives them a god-like status. And yet our own ‘mainstream’ technology would make us seem like gods, compared to only 110 years ago, with the first attempts to fly by the Wright Brothers, let alone from the perspective of Neanderthal Man. However, there is a difference between Divine spiritual beings like the Angels, whose purpose seems to be to subtly and unconditionally help souls in their evolution at pivotal moments in their soul existence, compared to the more physical properties of the various ET’s interacting with humanity. The extraterrestrials purpose, briefly, seems to range from those involved with manipulation, control and the taking of our resources and genetic material, to those who are observing as we go through these incredible changes on Earth, to those beings that are more benevolent and also concerned with a higher purpose, morality and a more cosmic evolution. It is a complex scenario.

Features of an Alien.
Kim-Carlsberg-ET-FamilyIn 1964, Command Sgt. Major Bob Dean was stationed as an Intelligence Analyst at the NATO Headquarters, at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), originally in Paris, and then in Brussels, Belgium. With that role he had a clearance above Top Secret, actually ‘Cosmic Top Secret’ clearance. It was while there he came across the ‘Assessment’ Document, that was only for those with a ‘need to know’, as an assessment of the current extraterrestrial situation on Earth. It became clear that the military who were aware of the ET situation knew there were at least a dozen different species of ET interacting with Earth at that time.This comprised different types of the Grey Alien, Reptilians as physical beings, or in some cases as inter-dimensional negative entities, there were Mantid types and also Human types eg: the Nordics. Infact the document made it clear that the ‘Top Brass’ were more concerned with the Human-type of ET’s, rather than the non-humans, because they knew they could walk in the corridors of power, eg: political and military buildings, and not be noticed. Whereas the non-human types, who also had incredible technological superiority, could easily be distinguished as not human. It was with thanks to Bob Dean that we are now aware of this document and the military’s assessment of the situation, even back in 1964. It is generally regarded now that the count of ET species is much higher than a dozen. Once again, it is because of this that when Disclosure happens, and debates are raging about the many types of ET beings, that there will need to be a distinction between physical and spiritual beings, to give the full picture of extraterrestrial reality and hierarchies of heaven, so as not to simply overlay one with the other.

Features of an Angel.
angels1– References to Angels appear in most of the religious texts, from over 600 acknowledgements in the Bible, to references within Islam and Judaism. They have appeared with wings and without wings, physically, and in dreams and visions. The word ‘Angel’ comes from the Greek – Angelos, and the Latin – Angelus, which means Messenger or Courier. ‘EL’ at the end of Angel means ‘bright’, ‘shining’, or ‘shining being’. Within religious texts, Archangel Gabriel is referred to as the Angel who appeared in front of Mother Mary at the Annunciation, and who also, known as Jibra’il, dictated the Holy Koran to the Prophet Muhammed. They are often regarded as heavenly beings that work for God and the Divine ‘Light’, and facilitate the transition of the soul between this world and the next.
– Prior to the first battle of the First World War in 1914, at Mons, there were many witness reports from both the British and German Forces, that a huge Angel was seen over the battlefield with his hand raised, as if to say ‘stop’ to the slaughter that then followed.
– Within the Native American tradition there are references to the Angels, where they are called the ‘Bird Tribes’. It was believed that the Bird Tribes (Angels) would not interfere with their freedom of will without invitation. Extraterrestrial beings were generally referred to as ‘Star Nation People’.
– In David Morehouse’s book ‘Psychic Warrior’ (1996), David relates to his experiences working as a U.S. military remote-viewer for the CIA’s Paranormal Espionage Programme. The covert programme originally started with remote-viewing, but as the accuracy rates become higher, it was decided to also operate a ‘remote-influencing’ programme. It was then that David wanted to get out, as the operation became more nefarious. What is of interest here, is that via remote-viewing operations, he states that all the members of the unit were aware of other races and species of extraterrestrials, many who were more advanced than us. However, through all the trials, tribulations and retaliations from the CIA for trying to get this information to the world, he says that he was saved by his Angel, who helped him, and who he refers to many times in the book.
– In the Oct / Nov 2014 issue of ‘Nexus’ magazine, there is an article by Paul Stonehill about ‘Cosmonauts on UFOs and Strange Phenomena’. On p.43 he refers to the 1984 Salyut incident, where six cosmonauts seemed to have a profound Angelic experience. Outside the orbital station they saw seven gigantic shapes,… “that turned out to be seven heavenly Angels. The Angels looked so much like humans, and yet they were different: they possessed huge wings and blinding haloes. When the Angels gazed upon the Soviet crew, they did so with the most wonderful smiles of joy and rapture; no human could smile like that.” The cosmonauts’ report was classified as Top Secret, and medical tests indicated they were of sound mind.

Angelic Appearances.
The more research you do, and the more eye-witness reports and experiences you have of personal Angelic appearances, the conclusion is that Angels are Divine helpers, guides and messengers, whose remit is to help the greater good as seen from their elevated perspective. And yet, their interactions are subtle, personal and deeply relevant to the situation at that intense moment when they are needed. It is the relevance to the situation in the moment, and the life-changing effect it has, that makes so many people feel they have experienced an Angelic interaction. Below follows just a handful of those testimonies I have been made aware of:-

Two Angels in London.
I spoke to a lady who said that in 2004 she had been to a Conference in central London, and after taking the train late at night to another area of the city, she had a long walk in the dark to her car. She was nervous and asked that the Angels would be with her to protect her. She then instantly saw, next to her own shadow on the ground cast by a single street lamp, two new shadows appear, one on either side of her. She then had an overwhelming sense of peace, and felt that the shadows were cast by the Angels helping her.

Help with the Transition.
I know a lady who worked in a Cancer clinic in a major city, and in 2005 she told me about one case, of the many Angelic appearances she was aware of, that had happened to terminally ill patients and their loved ones. It involved a man who was sadly on his death bed. His wife was there as he was dying. The man said to his wife that he could see an Angel in ‘Light’ at the foot of the bed, who had come to meet him. The reason this seemed a particularly powerful testimony, was because his wife said that her husband was normally sceptical about this subject.

In March 2006 there was a programme on U.K. Television about bereavement and its effects on people concerned. One of the accounts in the programme was of an eight year old boy who died of leukemia. Just as he was dying, he sat up and whispered to his mother, who was by his side, “Angel.” She said, “Can you see an Angel?” He said, “Two of them!” Then he passed away. This incident helped his mother greatly as she had to deal with the bereavement and loss of her young son.

Averting a Driving Disaster.
A lady told me that in about 1999 she fell asleep behind the wheel of her car while driving. She had just been to see her husband in hospital and was concerned and very tired. As she fell asleep, the car drifted onto the verge and was going to crash, she then felt a presence on the back seat and a voice said, “It’s OK, just keep going straight, you’ll be alright.” She felt very peaceful, and was able to calmly drive the car back onto the road. She looked into her rear-view mirror and saw a figure sitting behind her in the supposedly empty car. She said she knew it was her Guardian Angel and he had saved her.

The White Feather.
Over the years, countless people who believe they have had an Angelic experience or feelings of protection, have said they have come across a small white feather that appeared inexplicably as if to acknowledge that there had really been the presence of an Angel. One case involved a lady in 2008, who said that her husband had just died in a hospital in Somerset, U.K. She and her family had gone to the hospital, driving through thick fog to get there. As they stood around the bed they all noticed a white feather on her husband’s chest, on his pyjamas by his heart, and said that it hadn’t been there previously. Simultaneously, the fog seemed to clear outside, and a shaft of sunlight shone through the window and shone on his face. Her daughter, who recently had been suicidal, was so affected by this event that it changed her view of life and she kept the feather and a cutting of his pyjamas. When his wife visited his grave for the first time, there was another white feather on it, which she showed me from her purse. This also gave her great courage and helped with her bereavement, but also with her belief that the soul goes on after death, and that her husband was OK.

Any serious discussion of Angels and their interactions with humans becomes deep and profound, when you genuinely look at the implications. It invariably involves appearances at pivotal times, such as life-changing moments, healing meditation, helping lost souls and ghosts, protection against dark forces, and in many cases at the point of death, when a person is passing over. This seems to be not only to help the person passing over, but also to give faith to those who are left behind afterwards. This is why this goes far beyond physical extraterrestrial encounters with humanity, and to the subjects of life, death, soul, reincarnation, Divinity, God and Holy purpose. A most profound subject. And if we are to truly understand the processes that are at work on Earth, at the most basic level, we also need to respect the eye-witness testimony, and the evidence given. In a court of law the eye-witness to an incident is listened to with respect, but when it comes to Angelic experiences and also to Alien abduction, it is as though the eye-witness has no value. This needs to change.

With Disclosure will come many complex discussions regarding not just the Cosmic neighbourhood but also the Realms of Heaven. By recognising the distinctions between the two, it can help Cosmic and Heavenly truths to co-exist, rather than come into conflict.

Alan Foster. Copyright 2015.
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