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Some images of alleged humanoid remnants (including X-rays) safeguarded at Instituto Inkari in Cuzco, Peru. I think that other remnants are kept elsewhere as well.
Image of a presumably well-preserved skeleton with unknown characteristics. Notice a round object on the left 3-fingered hand.
There is a possibility that some of the alleged humanoid mummies or remains among different kinds allegedly found in Nazca, Perú (perhaps in early 2016 and made publicly known in late 2016) might be of unknown biological origin. That would be extremely important but, apparently, most have been determined to be assembled or fabricated. However, whether this is a recent feat or have been assembled in older, prehispanic times, still has to be determined. If they had been assembled in prehispanic times that would also be a highly important finding as it seems they would have represented humanoid beings unknown to science.
The site where the remains have allegedly been found remains secret but is supposed to be in a non-archaeologically recognized site in the Nazca area close to the Pacific Ocean. As far as I know, scientific tests are underway and in a few weeks, there may be more adequate information.
According to an intermediary (Mr. G. Paul Ronceros Fernandez), the persons finding the site claim not to be archaeological remnants grave robbers (called “huaqueros” in Perú) but to have been walking in that area and found a partially opened stone lid showing an entrance that held a high Inca quality underground stone citadel with large stones and several sarcophagi along with many unique mummified remains. The specimens are of different sizes. They may have been made by current hoaxers by joining human and animal bones and through a binding substance for the covering flesh or may have been made by ancient inhabitants through a mummification process somewhat similar to the Chinchorro mummies from Chile in order to commemorate the presence of humanoid beings in prehispanic times.
Mexican UFO reporter Jaime Maussan and a team of scientists were in Perú last week. There also were some Peruvian scientists present. They went to Cuzco to Instituto Inkari and “Paititi House” led by a French explorer-archaeologist Thierry Jamin who – as far as I know – obtained some of the samples through an intermediary (Mr. G. Paul Ronceros Fernandez) and later on more samples through another contact closer to the persons allegedly making the initial find). I believe that Mr. Jamin has been trying to obtain individuals or organizations interested in collaborating with the research, especially to pay for the DNA, Carbon 14 and other tests that should be carefully performed. It is said that Gaia Foundation has also been involved. Mr.Maussan reports that a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement was signed by the researchers but that they will make the results known perhaps in a few weeks or relatively soon.
And after returning to Mexico from Cuzco, Mr. Maussan now informs through his Tercer Milenio channel (also in YouTube) that, while many samples were found by his research team to have been fabricated, SOME of them have been 99.99% assessed (in person by his team last week) as not being fabricated but that they are genuine, non-human biological remains. Both fabricated and allegedly non-fabricated samples have bone under what seems to be flesh. I hope that the assertion that some of the samples are from bodies that once lived is correct but only careful research will tell.
Previous X-ray images show bones in hands and body skeletons that did not seem to be quite functional. There also are small heads that may have been fabricated with animal skulls and some of them original. I have not traveled to Cuzco where some of the samples are kept but over the last few weeks, I’ve asked a well-known forensic anthropologist (Dr. Guido Lombardi) to give me his opinion on the images available and he thought that they were fabrications.
However, Mr. Maussan now mentions that there are some anatomically correct samples, including a hand and one full body sample that allegedly measures 1.60 meters in length (of which I have not seen in the video reports yet). The research team (not only composed of a well-known forensic anthropologist but also of Russians and persons from other nationalities, I believe), took some tomographies and, allegedly, some smaller samples for analysis and are expected to produce scientific reports in a few weeks.
Mr. Maussan disclosed that, besides X-rays,  tomographies were made and DNA and Carbon-14 tests are being conducted and that results will be presented internationally in Perú, the U.S., and Mexico, hopefully beginning in few weeks.
I hope that the tests are performed very carefully because, if ancient remnants are used to fabricate the samples, Carbon-14 could give spurious results. Also, DNA can be contaminated and -even if tests are properly performed – results may be not what we might expect.
Then again, as of today, I think that we can still be suspicious that all of the samples could still be hoaxes from craftsmen taking advantage of the will to believe while utilizing Perú’s public image as a special and mysterious place. It happened before with the so-called “Ica Stones” most or all of which were fabricated in modern times according to my investigation and that of others.
By the end of 2016, my friend, UFO researcher, Mr. Dante Rios Tambini told me that, after a UFO Conference in the City of Arequipa (which I attended), he had been approached by a person having access to some alleged mummified humanoid Nazca findings. Dante went to Thierry Jamin’s Instituto Inkari in Cuzco and they started the research, trying to send samples abroad and asking the opinion of local physicians and scientists. X-rays were made under different X-ray machine values or calibrations and that would be normal according to Dr. Guido Lombardi (a well-known forensic anthropologist I sent available videos and images to a few weeks ago) because the samples are mummified or dehydrated.  Based on what was being shown on YouTube either by Instituto Inkari, Thierry Jamin or, separately, by Mr. Paul Ronceros, Dr. Lombardi opined that what he saw were fabricated samples. I don’t know what his opinion would be of the samples Mr.Maussan says that his team found not to be fabricated but I hope to have the opportunity to show him these as well.  He also seems willing to see the samples directly in person and not only through images.
It seems that several samples have been acquired by persons other than the alleged original discoverers and that, besides Instituto Inkarri and Mr. Ronceros, at least one other person has some in his possession (Mr. G. Paul Ronceros Fernandez a.k.a. Krawix999 in YouTube) is an intermediary who has more samples and has registered some with the INC (Instituto Nacional de Cultura) but, after initially stating that they were extraterrestrial or humanoid now he states that after studying them more closely he’s found that they were all fabricated/put together most likely by a prehispanic civilization in the Nazca area perhaps to represent non-human beings they had encountered. He claims to be in contact with the discoverers of the site and claims that a large underground citadel has been found in Nazca with large Inca-like stone walls, sarcophagi and 20 species of what seem to be mummified beings. In a recent interview by UFO research-interviewer Dr. Anthony Choy Mr. Ronceros said that he doubted that Mr. Mausan could have found non-fabricated samples. Most of the “players” are suspicious of each other and public opinions tend to be convinced of authenticity and cover-up or of fakery and commercialization. There also are accusations that some persons (other than the alleged one or two those who found the samples) would be making money from this. Moreover, if some of the samples turn out to be genuine humanoid biological remains, their legal status has not been specified in the legal code.
In a recent interview by UFO research-interviewer- attorney Dr. Anthony Choy founder of APU (Asociación Peruana de Ufología), Mr. Ronceros said that he doubted that Mr. Maussan could have found new non-fabricated samples in Mr. Jamin’s possession. But Mr. Jamin may have obtained new samples from the original source itself. There is a person he mentions and calls “Mario.”  Most of the “players” or persons involved are somewhat suspicious of each other’s intentions and (as expected) public opinions tend to be polarized: either convinced of authenticity (and, often, of cover-up) or of fakery for commercializing purposes. But the truth may be determined only with careful scientific procedures and should hopefully come out soon. There also are accusations that some persons (other than the alleged one or two those who found the samples) would be making money with this. Moreover, if some of the samples turn out to be genuine humanoid biological remains, their legal status has not been typified in the legal code.
If we speculate that the “Be Witness” alleged humanoid case that brought big controversy to Mr. Maussan and to Ufology was ‘allowed’ to proceed by the “powers that be” behind the “cover-up” and-or “truth embargo” because it could eventually be plausibly denied (even after forensic expert evaluations) once a clear image of the plaque next to the body (describing it as a boy’s mummy) was digitally sharpened and, if we consider that some of the current samples from Perú (as Mr. Maussan claims) are most likely not fabricated but original and biological and that, furthermore, if no one is interrupting this research, then could we perhaps assume that we are dealing with a pre-formal disclosure strategy? It is just a hypothesis, a possibility. I doubt that we should give more credence to a plaque than to three forensic experts.
I hope that this time we aren’t disappointed once again and that humanity will finally receive genuine, undeniable, evidence of the existence of what seem to be non-human, intelligent creatures. On the other hand, only careful scientific analysis will tell.  In spite of the “confidentiality agreement” that at this stage may be questioned as not being scientifically open, we MUST still avoid jumping to conclusions in favor or against this unfinished research in particular and in favor or against researchers in the UFO, exopolitics and experiencer communities and/or in favor or against particular cases without sufficient evidence or mostly based on scanty evidence that, nonetheless, supports our personal preferences and prejudices.
IF, ( a big IF) this time it’s not another “false alarm,” we might see some kind of disclosure in the works and the “humanoids from Perú” aspect would come from the People, meaning civilians, and researchers. IF these “findings” are proven genuine, the beings shown (either as prehispanic representations or as original mummified biological remnants) may or may not be of extraterrestrial origin. They might or might not add to a disclosure together with other unique cases like the so-called Atacama humanoid, the controversial (but not sufficiently deconstructed) case of the “Be Witness” humanoid and a (similar looking) humanoid killed near Tetas de Cayey in Puerto Rico in 1980. Perhaps also the “Atacama Humanoid,” cases from Russia and others should still be re-considered for further analysis because of the morphology more than the partial finding of DNA also present in homo sapiens (similar structuring genes could be shared by humanoids and apes).
IF at least some of the mummified samples are of humanoid biological entities that once lived and perhaps interacted with ancient native American, pre-Columbian civilizations, we would have the opportunity to study some remnants and artifacts that represent that interaction. Their significance would revive Exopolitics and all other disciplines, expand human awareness of our place in the universe and also the scope of religious doctrines while serving to find more appropriate epistemologies, theories, and paradigms as per the meaning of it all. Since until now I haven’t been privy to this research in person or on site and to date don’t clearly know if the scientific studies have been sufficiently rigorous, I’m still skeptical of the situation. However, like in the “Be Witness” case and the Atacama Humanoid case, I would first seriously listen to adequate scientists conducting adequate research. There is what I would call a “Doug & Dave Syndrome” in which, when many are skeptical and/or uncomfortable about a possibility, a simple explanation validating our suspicions is often sufficient to squelch further research, interest, and genuine critical thinking. And this has been used against the public interest as far as UFOs, Crop Circles and other non-conventional, otherworldly phenomena go. So, let’s wait and see if the scientific research is adequate and what the scientific reports will say.
There are some available images of samples apparently in possession of Mr. Thierry Jamin of Instituto Inkari (I believe that they are in a secure vault).
Here we see some of the X-rays. Again, some samples are not anatomically functional and may be either modern fakes made for commercial purposes or representations of creatures seen in the past. Some may be artificially created mummies and/or modified mummies similar to the Chinchorro mummies from Chile but, according to Mr. Maussan and others, some of the samples may be actual mummified bodies of once living humanoids of unknown origin. Again, let’s wait and see if the ongoing scientific research is adequate and what the scientific reports will say. Besides Jaime Maussan and his associated research team, there may be others looking into this case.
A Test of Our Exopolitical Readiness and Reactions
If genuine, the mummies may or may not be “extraterrestrial” but how we react to the unveiling of the investigations may reflect how “exopolitically mature” not only humanity at large is but also how mature may different individuals within the various UFO, exopolitical and experiencer communities be. Are we too personally subdivided into tribal camps, personal preferences and self-sustaining, mutually exclusive, belief groups to handle final physical proof of the existence of non-human, intelligent beings?
Observing reactions within these various groups may be a way to test how mature and capable of seeking unity and coherence of information we may be as per the extraterrestrial and – perhaps – multi dimensional, transdimensional presence.   We tend to dismiss what we personally dislike because it seems to contradict our preferences. Will there be more persons moving irrationally early into their own conclusions considering all of this as a “hoax” accusing researchers of fraud or perhaps will there be more persons jumping to conclusions that the finding is indeed final proof that otherworldly beings exist?  Will enough persons be willing and/or capable of not passing conclusive judgments until sufficient scientific research has been conducted and replicated?  Will the media and academic groups dismiss it immediately without sufficient evidence? Will they consider it a joke? And, if scientists definitely show that one or more of these mummies are of ancient non-human humanoids will humanity at large get used to the news, perhaps for the most part not wanting to think about its importance or perhaps enter into a panicky mode? Will excessively conservative religious groups say that the findings represent demons? Will the truth be allowed to come out?
My gratitude to Mr.Dante Rios Tambini who kept me abreast of the situation and who shared some of the images.
A skeleton inside one of the alleged mummified samples, also with Instituto Inkari. is this a genuine original biological mummy from a formerly living being or a fabricated one?
Attorney & UFO researcher Dr. Anthony Choy inspecting a sample from another undisclosed collector of the same alleged mummies.
The larger (5 foot 6 inches) mummy (now considered to be a female humanoid) has been given the name of “María.” Forensic anthropologist Dr. José Salce points out that she has 3 fingers in each hand and 18 phalanxes in each hand. That would be 6 phalanxes in each of her 3 fingers.  The question is whether they were made to fit to perpetrate a hoax or whether they fit naturally and whether they would have been functional. 
Human hands only have 14 phalanxes in each hand. It would have been difficult to tamper with a normal mummy and add phalanxes that seem to fit perfectly well in this particular case.  The white powder covering her doesn’t seem to be chalk or gypsum. The internal organs are preserved, including what seems to be a good portion of the brain and these organs don’t seem to have been tampered with. Peruvian reporter Jois Mantilla (physically present with the team of scientists that arrived with Gaia TV and Mr. Maussan) recently informed in Dr. Anthony Choy’s radio program that “María” doesn’t seem to have a vagina or anus, the forearm appears to be missing one human bone and the femur appears to be joined to the hip through tendons. Also, the Peruvian surgeon Edson Salazar considers this a case worth investigating with a careful attitude, also thinking that adding extra fingers would have been very difficult due to the embracing position the mummy displays.
There allegedly is another mummy that has eggs inside her as shown through X rays and/or CAT scans. Perhaps humanoid and reptilian like or like the equidna and platypus mammals.  On July 11 this and other information will be revealed first in Lima, Peru and thereafter in Mexico and in the U.S. Many scientists are extremely skeptical or havent shown much interest.
We must try to avoid ad hominem and a priori, disqualifying accusations and focus upon sincere and adequate research!  And share this information truthfully with the public!
Side view of alleged humanoid female mummy now being called Maria. Covered in a white dust material that according to the research team associated with Gaia and Mr. Maussan is not plaster.
X ray of one of the larger hands (not from Maria but another sample). It is rejected by paleontologist Dr. Roberto Salas Gismondi in a report here in Spanish. He asserts that this sample and all the other samples and mummies do not make any anatomic, functional or evolutionary sense.   He also adds MC letters and other indications to the X Ray to show that this hand shows metacarps that are being mistakenly counted as phalanxes because the hand has been altered. Several experts should consider looking into this. Here is the link https://www.sophimania.pe/ciencia/dinosaurios-paleontologia-y-arqueologia/cientifico-sobre-la-momia-de-nazca-ninguna-de-las-manos-tiene-sentido-anatomico-funcional-o-evolutivo/
I share these declarations to promote further investigations and a serious scientific DIALOGUE. Here is the link. https://www.facebook.com/wcoms/posts/804089006431344:0  
Alleged male and female humanoid mummies. The female one appears to have a slightly bloated belly. The X Ray shows what seem to be pregnant with eggs withing the belly of the female mummy. Posted by investigative journalist Fernando Correa in his Facebook page.   
PLEASE SHARE THIS. and G+ if you wish. After July 11 I will try to make another separate report.
 Various links (mostly in Spanish):
 LINK To “ALIEN PROJECT” also in French(  https://fr.ulule.com/alien-project/
Different images: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMWkY42AlOE&t=31s
Mr. Jamin with large, three-fingered hands, Mr. Dante Rios and X-Ray doctors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Qa3EIUeEYQ
Mr. Thierry Jamin Facebook link for “Alien Project” https://www.facebook.com/thierry.jamin
Dr. Anthony Choy showing a different collection of the same alleged mummified beings and/or fabrications in the possession of an anonymous person https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9jfyFeumjw&t=1s
Mr. Jaime Maussan conversing with Mr. Thierry Jamin after his return from Perú https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hW8C7yIHJo&t=4763s
Mr. Paul Ronceros in ATV News (from Lima, Perú) showing some samples in his possession, claiming that they are all prehispanis fabrications and willing to collaborate with researchers  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP9gSig7TyM&t=85s
Mr. Paul Ronceros YouTube channel. He first thought the samples were of ET beings that had once lived. Now he affirms that they are representations of creatures seen made by prehispanic inhabitants.   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjPFCqoU757S0Cgrj6hPIhw/videos
Mr. Paul Ronceros‘ explanation that they are all fabricated with a translation into English https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIH2OyBhmEY
Interview (in Spanish) from Yohanan Diaz to Jaime Maussan 05/02/2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiC1LKFbFXI

Alejandro Toledo

“Yesterday I had an interview with CNN about a theme that would seem exotic; that would seem to be part of science fiction but it is not. (It was) about the extraterrestrials.” (Alejandro Toledo, former President of Peru).

Thus, former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo recently mentioned the extraterrestrial issue  in a serious – not in a tongue and cheek – manner. After these words were pronounced, there was a brief silence in the room. It all took place at Hotel Estelar (Stellar Hotel!) in the district of Miraflores, in Lima, Perú on Tuesday March 22nd 2016.  A moment before that he was speaking about the military when his discourse suddenly shifted to an extraterrestrial issue. So, he briefly mentioned that but then he didn’t explain it any further. Subsequently, after these short sentences about ‘extraterrestrials’, he shifted gears again and continued speaking about the military, specifically about the need to be honest and therefore to honor the military and not just the police. Following that, he went on to mention other issues pertaining to Peruvian national politics in the context of the upcoming elections.  

Dr. Toledo is a Presidential candidate (for a second term) and is unlikely to get elected because he is low in the polls. His candidate for Vice President is Mrs. Carmen Omonte.  

Interestingly, UFO researcher and psychologist Richard Boylan, PhD lists Mrs. Carmen Omonte as connected to a “MJ-12 Committee” associated with the UN. http://drboylan.com/mj12unoosacss.html   Whether this is a genuine or a spurious list, I don’t know. 

As of today (March 31, 2016), I also don’t know what former President Toledo was actually referring to. It might be about a more “standard” scientific approach (like astrobiology?) that can be blown up out of proportion. I hope it is not another dissapointment. It could all become clear soon.

Off course, I’d like these declarations to be part of a disclosure process; a sincere educational openness for the people of Earth referring to an actual intelligent extraterrestrial presence but – for all I know – he might have been referring to anything else like the role of astrobiology and its formal scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence.  However, it is curious and newsworthy.

Link to the statements by former President Toledo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osWphyPt67A

Another link to the same statements https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jO_5H4FrVf8

Interestingly (and this is also newsworthy),  a few days later, on the late evening of March 28, unknown objects were seen over a low income district in northern part of Lima called “Carabayllo” and they were cell-phone filmed and witnessed by a number of people. Are they man-made, natural or truly anomalous objects? This has to be found. There also were circling search lights on the sky in one of the videos but with blue orbs in the background. Was all of it concocted or perhaps someone pointed the search lights at the blue orbs to get a response? Hopefully, more information will be forthcoming.

OVNIS Carabayllo 28 o 29 3 2016

The image above used in reports of the Carabayllo sightings has been found to correspond to the publicizing of a previous event in Colombia according to my friends Pablo Novoa Álvarez (archaeologist) and Yohanan Diaz Vargas (reporter) and Virgilio Sánchez-Ocejo (attorney and UFO researcher). They tell me that it was to publicize the New X files series. 

Also, when the Carabayllo event videos were placed and reported by online newspapers, they were placed in YouTube together with an older 2015 video from Santiago de Chile but claiming to be from the Carabayllo event in Perú when in fact it was a video dating from 2015 (quite likely showing Chilean Air Force airplanes during a military exercise). This may discredit the Carabayllo event. However, what also needs to be found for sure now is whether tthere are any genuine videos or photos from the night of March 28 in Carabayllo, Lima. 

Link to the Santiago de Chile 2015 video erroneously mixed up with the Carabayllo event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAd3WJ65Fpo

What may have happened the night of March 28 is being investigated by DIFAA, the Peruvian Air Force office that investigates UFOs. They will probably get o the bottom ot it.

The confluence of the enigmatic words from former President Toledo and the alleged Carabayllo UFOs gives us reason to speculate. Hopefully, both issues will soon become clear.

Link to circling searchlights pointing towards the blue orbs (look carefully and tilt the screen if necessary)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCjA1Ie8A0w

By Giorgio Piacenza

Peru Air Force and UFOs-2By Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera (Lima, Peru)

The launch of the DIFAA (Departamento de Investigaciones de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos/Anomalous Aerial Phenomena Research Department) of the Peruvian Air Force was cordial and successful.  It took place within the gorgeous Tudor Style house built in the 1920’s in Miraflores, Lima, Perú and which is the current seat of the DINAE (División de Intereses Aero Espaciales/Aero Space Interests Division) of the Peruvian Air Force.

Even while taking place on a Friday morning, the event was approximately attended by 60-70 individuals, among whom was a small group of academics, people involved in political and cultural life, Peruvian Air Force personnel, a representative of the National Police, a varied contingent of local and international media and even some alleged UFO and contact experiencers (one of which had been associated to the Air Force and briefly stood up speaking up in favor of the new Department). The ceremony proceeded formally, smoothly, mostly on time and with the attendance of Peruvian Air Force Operations Commander, Lieutenant General Carlos Bohorquez Castellanos and the director of DINAE Col. Julio Vucetich Abanto representing the Air Force.

Col. Vucetich announced that the DIFAA was assisted by a team of civilian experts forming the Advisory Council currently composed of Barthelemy D’ans (president of the Peruvian Astronomy Association), Manuel Aguirre Morales (archeologist, philosopher), Enrique Álvarez Vita (engineer, mathematician), Patricia Meseth (librarian, information systems), Marco Barraza (journalist and researcher), Luis Enrique Alvizuri (writer, journalist, philosopher) and I.

Archeologist Manuel Aguirre Morales gave a remarkable presentation on what is scientifically known about the Nazca Lines, their historical timeline, the probably shamanic aspect, their astronomical alignments and the associated Nazca cultural artifacts, debunking undue claims made in popular accounts. While agreeing with him on these explanations (and agreeing with him that these figures were NOT physically made by extraterrestrials), I gave a presentation on evidence for an extraterrestrial presence among a small percentage of anomalous aerial phenomena suggesting that such a presence might have inspired or influenced ancient cultures such as the Nazca whose geometric figures and geoglyphs are better seen from the sky.

I also mentioned that a widespread verification of the extraterrestrial presence – for which there’s serious evidence accumulating – would encourage a reassessment of our cultural premises.  In this context, and after mentioning some UFO sightings in the Nazca and nearby and associated areas (such as Palpa, Ica and Paracas), I briefly mentioned the academic approach to “Exopolitics,” calling it an emerging discipline, mostly based on the social sciences and providing assessments based on objectively comparing multiple sources of evidence. Besides, I also spoke about highly unique, alleged ET implants recovered and analyzed through the efforts of Dr. Roger Leir, mentioned the 1999 COMETA Report from France, the declarations of former Canadian Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer, and the need to demystify and de-stigmatize UFO reporting.

Both General Bohorquez and Colonel Vucetich spoke about the practical need for keeping track, researching, cataloguing and understanding the wide range of events  that constitute “anomalous aerial phenomena,” some of which (like meteorites reaching the ground, falling satellites, or even spy airplanes and probes) might pose more prosaic threats to civilian population or to national sovereignty. From what I’ve seen there’s a genuine interest to objectively understand all aspects of these phenomena, yes, including the possibility that some might refer to the extraterrestrial presence. I evaluated that neither these gentlemen nor most people in the audience discarded the possibility that a small percentage of observations and events might even refer to extraterrestrial vehicles. I think that the latter idea – while still generating some uneasiness – is gaining recognition as a perfectly rational option in some cases.

Almost immediately after the official launch of the DIFAA some credible witnesses of anomalous aerial phenomena (even bringing along some interesting supporting evidence) have come up to provide their report. All were thankful that there was an office willing to take their reports in and after evaluating them be willing to look into chosen cases more deeply.


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