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by Jon Austin        February 1, 2018         (express.co.uk)

• Steve Bassett, UFO disclosure lobbyist and founder of the Paradigm Research Group, was recently interviewed on a Russian TV program watched by 120 million viewers. (see 0:00 video below) Basset said that global governments are engaging with extraterrestrials on Earth and keeping it top secret from the public. He believes there is more chance of Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking out about the existence of extraterrestrials than Donald Trump.

• Bassett says that the main reason that alien-controlled UFO’s are here is to prevent us from initiating a major nuclear holocaust. He related that UFOs have been seen hovering over missile silos in both the US and Russia as launch computers were inexplicably shut down. The Russians say that in one instance, the launch sequences began to start up by themselves, then shut down.

• A new theory suggests that in the December 1980 ‘Rendlesham Forest Incident’ (Suffolk, UK), UFOs visited RAF Bentwaters because nuclear weapons were being stored at the US Air Force base.


Steve Bassett, founder of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG), is one of the most senior UFO campaigners based in the US, and is the only registered lobbyist in the US on the “aliendisclosure” subject.

Mr Bassett claims global governments are engaging with extraterrestrials on Earth and keeping it top secret from the public.

He believes there is more chance of Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking out than Donald Trump.
Mr Bassett spoke to Natalia Pryguina for Russian TV programme Most Shocking Hypotheses on Ren TV, one of the most watched networks in Russia with a viewer base of 120 million.

He has now released segments of the interview on the PRG website.

Mr Bassett said there was a wealth of testimony from witnesses about UFOs seen hovering over nuclear facilities in both the US and Russia.

And he revealed his thoughts on the main reasons “aliens are here.”

He said: “Number one, nuclear weapons tampering. There is evidence all the way back to the sixties, but the media would not deal with it.

“The ETs come down and hover a craft over a nuclear site and turn all the missiles off.

“That was impossible. These are all individually siloed, they have individual support, you would literally have to affect each one separately.

Steve Bassett

“When a SAT-based officer or personnel try to turn them back on, they run through three sequences and as soon as they turn them back on, they are turned off again and they cant turn them back on until the craft leaves.

“This has been happening in the US, we have got scores of witnesses capable of testifying, SAT-based officers with top-security clearance.”

He then detailed a more disturbing event said to have happened in Russia.

Mr Bassett said: “There was one event where there is some evidence, I am not saying it has been proved and that is an event of a different kind. We believe it happened in Russia.

“It was not a case of turning the missiles off, what happened, is, I understand the Russian nuclear facility, usually a series of missiles within a site, all of a sudden the launch sequence began within that facility and it shouldn’t have happened.

“The people that worked there didn’t initiate that.”



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WeThePeopleGovernment, Agency and Political witnesses prepared to testify under oath before Congress on Extraterrestrial related events and evidence

Press Release

 Toronto [ZNN] Stephen G. Bassett Executive Director of the Paradigm Research Group is extending PRG’s world-wide influence to once again challenge the White House on the ET question. This challenge is a re-assertion of actions taken by PRG over the last several weeks to test the metal of American democracy.

First – the distribution to all members of the US Congress and Senate of the entire DVD set cataloguing the proceedings during the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure on the ET question held in May of 2013 at the Washington National Press Club.

At the week-long hearing before former members of Congress and the Senate, Bassett brought forward 40 former government, military and agency witnesses to present over 30 hours of compelling testimony about their knowledge of and involvement in specific incidents, briefings and research attesting to the reality of an extraterrestrial presence.

 Actual government documents, threats and intimidation by senior military officials towards military personnel and accounts of and interactions with the phenomenon of craft of unknown origin were brought forward each day in unrelenting waves of evidence. This evidence challenges the White House assertion that this phenomenon and the entire matter of an ET presence do not exist.

 Former Congressional and Senate members were unanimous in their call for the US government to hold open hearings and make public all files in their possession on these matters.

 Second –  Now Bassett, in his most recent We the People Petition, challenges the White House to do the same: Support open congressional hearings that will allow former US military officers, government agency and political witnesses to testify under oath before a committee of the US Congress.

 Many have questioned Bassett’s relentless pursuit of the entire matter of the existence of UFOs and a so-called ET presence on Earth – saying it’s falling on deaf ears. Others say Bassett is doing something historic and difficult but very concrete about government secrecy and intransigence.

Those who do question Bassett’s ET pursuits – particularly a timorous mainstream media and an imperious elite within the US government – know full well they are playing a fruitless political game of ‘truth or dare’ with Bassett – one that can only be ended by the sheer magnitude of the evidence and the force of the truth behind that evidence. 

There is no question Bassett has revealed the truth with bona fide and irrefutable witness testimony and documentation on the ET question. He has presented this truth to Congress and the Senate on a silver platter in the form of HD DVD coverage of witness testimony. With that in their hands, Bassett is now daring Congress to acknowledge what he has given to them by holding open hearings to let the truth be known to the American people.

 This is why Bassett is counting on public support to sign the We the People Petition at: THE PETITION. Bassett needs 150 signatures to gain visibility of the petition on the We the People web site and 100,000 before February 6, 2015 to get a public response from the White House.

 When asked what his basic message to Congress is, Bassett stated: “The message will be the same: open and review the Citizen Hearing DVD sets, meet with PRG’s lobbyist to discuss the content, and hold hearings for military, agency and political witnesses to testify.”

ZNN Editorial Comment

We the People Bassett

Will Bassett succeed? The determination of all who seek the truth could be the determining factor for Mr. Bassett. One can only imagine what will happen next if or when Bassett gets the 100,000 signatures. This eventuality raises three plaintive questions of a moral nature about the fate of American democracy:

•   Will the compelling desire for an open dialogue about the ET question and interspecies ethics materialize should elected officials in Congress and the Senate come to a conscious understanding of their sworn duty as servants of the people?

•   Or, will the dialectic between YES and NO continue – leaving citizens helpless in the amorphous middle-ground of uncertainty where the power of the State continues to assert its dominance over citizens’ rights to know about their place in the cosmos? 

•   Will the miasma choking American ‘democracy’ and the futile ramblings of a gutless President be somehow resolved if the people were to react and actually decide to give Bassett his 100,000? 

 ZNN supports PRG in its efforts to bring forward the truth. What are your plans?


 For more information go to: http://www.citizenhearing.org



StephenBassettExopolitical activist Mr. Stephen Bassett has come up with a worthy revision of key terms and concepts inherited from “Ufology,” the media and allegedly from some government tactics. However, they are inaccurate but are still used in “Exopolitics.” I find the revision of terms and concepts necessary. Remaining focused upon a limiting and inaccurate set of terms we probably contribute to keeping these fields limited to non-serious, popular accounts. We reassert a poor treatment of a most crucial event in human history: Recognizing the extraterrestrial presence and its implications. Thus, to enhance acceptance and respectability we need to think more clearly and to use more exact terms. Here are some points shared by Mr. Bassett at a conference called “Experiencers Speak.”

 “Disclosure” = Formal acknowledgement by governments of an intelligent extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. Some candidate governments for this would be France, Russia, China and the U.S.  It should be distinguished from small “d” disclosure or the gradual release of information (often with a “spin”) gradually suggesting that an intelligent extraterrestrial presence is a valid proposition.

“Cover-up” = While it represents hiding the truth of an ET presence it also connoted an illegal action. However, according to Bassett it was a legal action. Therefore, “Truth Embargo” would be more accurate and is the term created and preferred by Bassett.  I think that the legality and constitutionality of the secrecy can be debated either way even if it was initiated by an Executive Command from the President: How far can something so important extend without adequate checks and balances?

What is clear for Mr. Bassett (and I concur) is that unending secrecy and lies over things that matter to us all are a “toxic poison” to the social contract.

According to Mr. Bassett the word “Alien” should go. I agree because it implies disconnection, extreme difference and a distance not conducive to the possibility of improving mutually agreeable relations. On the other hand, he prefers the term “extraterrestrial” which – although lengthy – is more appropriate. However, I think that a new term may have to be invented to take into consideration the possibility that in many cases we may be dealing with beings coming from alternative physical universes including other physical densities connected with ours.

Mr. Bassett proposed that the acronym “UFO” would also have to go as it always refers to an unknown or unidentified object while in some cases we can be sure that some UFOs are vehicles. He prefers (I suppose when applicable to some cases only) “ET vehicle” or “ET craft.” The word “flying saucer” would also have to go and for accuracy’s sake I agree. Definitely these vehicles are not “saucers” and such terms decrease the chances of others taking them seriously. If we drop the limiting tern “UFO” Mr. Bassett also logically suggested we should replace the term “Ufologist” suggesting “Extraterrestrial Phenomenon Researcher.” It makes sense to me.

In the same vein, Mr. Basset suggested that “Believer” should be dropped because it is an epithet and also a classical government prop to make people interested in the reality or possibility of extraterrestrial presence sound too deficient or weak of mind. “Truther” would be alike. Instead of speaking about us as “believers” we should say that we are “convinced by the evidence” as that opens the stage for speaking about evidence thus showing that such conviction can be substantiated by reasonable individuals.


Also Mr. Bassett said that the word “paranormal” should be eliminated because – as Mr. Bassett asserts – there is nothing in this universe which is not NORMAL. “Paranormal” is only that which has not been explained yet by current science (or rather scientists) and this current understanding doesn’t have to be the last word.

This reminds me of a common mistake which many regular individuals and even committed skeptics make. I think that when they can’t understand what may be causing a phenomenon quite habitually they erroneously say that they “can’t find a logical explanation.” They should in fact be saying that they “cannot find a conventional explanation” because in some cases the presence of extraterrestrials capable of producing advanced space-time manipulation effects can be a perfectly logical possibility. Saying that we can’t find a “logical” explanation commits us to treating the phenomenon forever outside of the realm of reason and understanding.

Regarding the geometric formations appearing every year on cereal fields Mr. Bassett mentioned that “Crop Circles” was basically harmless even if inappropriate. However he preferred the more precise term “agriglyphs” which I also prefer (along with “agroglyphs”)from a more technical standpoint.

Finally, Mr. Bassett mentioned the words “contactee,” “abductee” and “experiencer.”  As a practical person Mr. Bassett preferred the word “contactee” as a unifying term. But since there are different kinds of contact experiences, shouldn’t we distinguish “abduction contactees,” “voluntary contactees” “mental contactees” and so forth or lump these and other variations together under the term “experiencer” as Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John Mack used? I don’t know which term or classification system would be best but I also think we need to distinguish among types of experiences.


In “Experiencers Speak” Mr. Bassett also suggested that the varieties of beings interacting with us (at least those most commonly seen) may be our “near peers.” That is an interesting observation with which I tend to concur. Given the long time other civilizations may have had to evolve in the Universe, the ones interacting with us may not be so advanced. However, he also proposes that the odds of “them” being physically similar to us or to some Earth-based species must be low so that the types of being observed may be enhancements of beings previously taken from Earth. I’m not so clear about this; it could be that certain forms are adaptable and reappear in similar environments.

However, the issue of how far our species already exists in some form or another beyond Earth has to be considered. If we are a combined product of a divine blueprint inhabiting local anthropoid-hominid biological vessels enhanced by various ET groups we may already be a universal species. Aspects of our humanity may exist as other beings in the Cosmos. Also, who qualifies as a “Human” with all the rights to be treated as such? Are there Earth humans and otherworldly humans some of which are closer to the way we are as mammals and some which may not be? According to a theological perspective being created in “God’s image” refers to having a self-conscious intelligence, being able to recognize other beings with those qualities and being capable of making conscious free will choices. In that case whether we have a torso, head, two arms and two legs or eight slippery tentacles and three eyes would not be the essential fact that matters. What do they sense and feel? How refined their feelings and emotions can be and how self-reflective and free they are to make choices above and beyond their evolutionary bio-psychological tendencies may be more important to keep in mind to come up with new definitions.

 Please visit Paradigm Research Group at http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/Update7-8-14.htm


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