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The U.S. Navy Received Advanced Technologies From An Alien Race, Book Claims

by Elizabeth Gail                 January 28, 2018                  (inquisitr.com)

• William Tompkins, 2015 book Selected by Extraterrestrials is, sadly, his last book as Tompkins died in August of 2017. But his book tells of a life that began with debriefing American spies embedded in Germany for the Navy in San Diego as a teenager during WWII. After the war ended Tompkins became an influential aerospace engineer with Douglas Aircraft , designing spacecraft for the US Navy’s secret space program, “Solar Warden”, including a 2.5km spacecraft carrier and a 1.4km spacecraft battle cruiser.

• The Navy spies brought back stories of the Nazis working with an extraterrestrial race of Reptilians showing the Germans how to build anti-gravity spacecraft. According to Tompkins’ book, Reptilian aliens have attacked numerous planets, colonizing and enslaving its inhabitants. The US Navy countered by allying with a Nordic-looking extraterrestrial race to build its own secret space fleet during the 1970’s, and deployed the Solar Warden fleet in the 1980’s.

[Editor’s Note] To learn all about William Tompkins, do read Selected By Extraterrestrials. But keep in mind that was written by a 92 year old man who hadn’t written anything for a long time. For instance, when he refers to Admiral Rick Obotta, he means Admiral Rico Botta. For excellent analysis of Tompkin’s work, read the wealth of ExoPolitics.org articles by Dr Michael Salla, and also the 2017 book by Dr Salla on this very topic entitled The US Navy’s Secret Space Program & Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance.


               A teenage Bill Tompkins

The U.S. Navy has in the past cooperated with an alien race to develop technology that can be used to defend the planet against invasions from reptilian alien attacks. This is according to claims made by William Tompkins, a U.S.-based writer, in his book Selected by Extraterrestrials. Having worked for the Navy as an aircraft designer during the ’50s and ’60s, he apparently had access to highly classified information and bases that offered sufficient evidence of the existence of an alien race that provided technological knowledge to the human race.

He was reportedly based at the San Diego’s Naval Air Station, and was during WW2 in contact with Nazi Germany’s moles who worked in top secret aerospace facilities. According to the book, U.S. spies in Germany discovered that the Germans had received sufficient info on how to create antigravity aircraft, beam weapons, and more from reptilian aliens. They apparently gave him this information so he could conquer the world.

               William Tompkins

Reptilian aliens, according to the book, attack numerous planets and aim to disrupt planetary life, colonize, and enslave its inhabitants. Meanwhile, another alien race, he dubs “The Nordics,” worked with the U.S. to counter their rivals’ advances. His book features sketches of spacecraft he designed. He personally came up with designs for five spaceships and dozens of support ships that were created to fend off invading lizard aliens.

They include a 2.5km Naval Spacecraft Carrier and a 1.4km Naval Spacecraft        Battle Cruiser. The aforementioned ships were built decades later in the 1980s, but construction began in the ’70s. According to his revelation, the project was under a highly classified program called Solar Warden. Apparently, wars with reptilian aliens were, and still are, very short-lived and The Nordics had similar ships and equipment as the ones built for the Navy. They were also involved in wars to protect our planet.

William apparently worked for the Douglas Aircraft Company for 12 years and joined the company in 1951. Douglas Aircraft had been contracted by the government to undertake various projects for the Navy. It was while there that he supposedly worked with The Nordics to create antigravity aircraft. Tompkins’ descriptive evidence has had conspiracy theorists citing it as additional evidence that the U.S. government has been involved in a cover-up involving the existence of aliens, as reported by the Daily Star (August 29, 2016).



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Photos of Flying Saucer Craft & Alleged Nordic Extraterrestrials

On January 12th, a photo was taken of a flying saucer craft with a large rectangular shaped porthole window apparently showing two occupants. According to the photographer, who uses the pseudonym JP to maintain anonymity, the occupants are two Nordic “human looking” extraterrestrials who were telepathically communicating with him.

JP says that he received a telepathic communication while at a residence about 10 miles outside of Orlando, Florida where he was told to go outside and look up into the sky. This is what he says he was told in the communication:  

Today at 6 o’clock I had an amazing contact… I was getting telepathic messages inside the house asking me if I wanted to see them. So I was negotiating with them if I could take a picture. I told them that this was really important for Disclosure.

The voice in my head that I heard was the Nordics that picked me up in Brazil. [Note: I was first contacted by JP in 2008 about his extraterrestrial encounter in Brazil. M.S.]

They are working with the United States Air Force – doing missions around Antarctica in outer space, giving a technology to the Air Force that’s overwhelming…

…that can manipulate any point in the air and open a wormhole to other planets by giving coordinates. This technology works in flashes, gives a flash like a lightning [bolt] but no noise.

So I go outside and I hear the voice that tells me to look up. I saw them. I was taking photos but it was not working. My phone was being blacked [out] by some hacker. But I did manage to take some pictures and save it in my phone.

JP provided a sketch of the two alleged Nordics he saw in the spacecraft.

He also supplied three photos of the craft he witnessed which are found in the following video.

Click image to enlarge

The final photo in the sequence appears to validate his claim of witnessing two Nordic extraterrestrials – original photo is available on right.

What’s also pertinent in JP’s above telepathic communication is the claim that the group of Nordics in the spacecraft captured in the photos is working with the US Air Force, providing different types of technological support.

On September 14, 2017, JP supplied photos of a cigar shaped craft flying near MacDill Air Force base.  He says this craft belongs to extraterrestrials working with USAF Special Operations. JP has also supplied photos of triangle and rectangular antigravity craft flying out of MacDill Air Force Base, some of which have taken him on board.

In one incident on October 23, 2017, he recognized the insignia of the military occupants of a rectangular shaped craft as belonging to USAF Special Operations.

JP recently moved from Tampa to Orlando, Florida, and continues to liaise with the special operations community that wish to recruit him due to his relationship with Nordic extraterrestrials who have provided him information about advanced technologies.

The January 12 photos provided by JP is evidentiary support for his alleged contacts and communications with Nordic extraterrestrials, and may be among the few photos capturing the mysterious occupants of alien spacecraft.

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[Note: Only hours after sending me the photos of the above craft and its occupants, JP’s daughter began experiencing convulsions, turned blue and had to be rushed to hospital with a 103 degree F. temperature. Please send your thoughts and prayers to JP and his family.]

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