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Experimental Contact Exopolitics: Contacteeism & Scientific Colaboration

November 17, 2014

Introduction To develop Exopolitics we need to know who the ETs are. Developing a more proactive-interactive approach which is both verifiable and trust building we could find out more. We need to RELATE with them more and with greater equality. Let’s try it! Discard it if its false but also accept it and change our prejudices […]

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Programmed Sighting at Chilca Desert March 30-31 2014

April 1, 2014

Top image : Night time Fotogram  by Gino D’angelo. Marco Barraza reporter/researcher & a Telemundo Network cameraman were present. They may have filmed more with a better video camera. More images or film should be upcoming. March 31st 6.40-6.45PM Canon Power Shot SX20is Underneath image: March 30 2014 day time photo by Gino D’Angelo also […]

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September 12, 2013

This is a news report which I’m translating from contactee Ricardo Gonzalez. Citizen contacts with benevolent beings are indeed happening and increasing in Latin America. Talampaya is a special energy vortex and mystical-spiritual place in Argentina. Information of friendly and BEAUTIFUL contacts like these should also be known to counteract so much negativity and information […]

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A Mayan Long Count Calendar ends in 2012

September 14, 2012

Perhaps the Mission Rahma Contact Experience Offers Snippets of What Might be Going On By Giorgio Piacenza Many interesting themes were covered in an interview made to Richard Hoagland by the dedicated, independent exopolitical research journalist Paola Leopizzi Harris (click here for list of interviews) go to: However, most people (and Richard seems to be […]

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